December 31, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide: Most Popular Topics of 2009

Everyone other news source is giving their stories of the year, so here we go - the top 5 most commented posts on Mafia Wars Strategy and Leveling Guide this year:

Side note: I disqualified that one post where everyone posted their Facebook profiles, since I would not consider that discussion.

#5 Moscow Loot Preview (80 comments) - The loot preview weekend for Moscow was definitely a pretty exciting time. Mafia Wars Cuba was very easy to work through compared to New York and as a result most players at that point had been finished it for quite some time. I wonder if the first commenter on that post ended up getting an impression from the gift safe house?

#4 Becoming a Master Boss (82 comments) - Once upon a time, before anyone had their first energy account, this was a big deal. You couldn't trade a dozen moscow loot pieces for a hundred blackmail photos, there wasn't 30 different +energy collections to help ease the leveling process, finding an 11% Wheelman was like finding a needle in a haystack, and you had to walk 1o miles through the snow just to get to school.

Life was rough!

#3 Mafia Wars Bank Heist Strategy (84 comments) - This actually managed to beat out the strategy guide summary, namely because a few months ago the experience points pay out for the Bank Heist job was cut ~12%. If there is one thing I've learned from spending way too much time playing video games, it is that players hate getting nerfed.

#2 Mafia Wars Collections (93 comments) - The collections post is like a cockroach - it made it to the second spot on the list simply by refusing to die. Between new collections with Cuba, the Lotto Collection, then Boosts, then the Moscow Collection, and then finally the Money Laundering collection, the collection post continues to draw comments.

Overall, collections are a great addition to the game. They're fun, they're easy to develop, and everyone likes them.

And that leads us to the most commented story of the Mafia Wars year:

#1 Mafia Wars Lotto Info - Remember that one time when players were supposed to "win an energy pack" for matching 1 number in the lotto? And then it turned out that the energy pack you "won" really meant that just in case no one sent you an energy pack, you had a spare waiting?

The players really weren't too happy about that. That was the most commented story of the year, with over 100 questions, comments, and complaints on the post here covering that issue. Players so upset over their lack of energy packs that it was the most discussed topic of the year, despite the fact that at the time, Mafia Wars Guide was only getting half the traffic it does now!

That's all for 2009. I had a good time with this site over the past year, here's to 2010. Happy New Year!
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December 30, 2009

Preparing for Mafia Wars Bangkok & Life After Moscow; Strategy Guide

One of the most common questions I have been getting in the recent weeks is what players should do while waiting on Mafia Wars Bangkok to come out. This is intended for players who have already finished Moscow. If you haven't, you can just continue to work on doing that and ignore the advice below.

The transition to life after Moscow can be rough for some, I know, so I have put together a checklist of things you can do while waiting for Bangkok to come out:

1) Get the Lotto Collection - This is something everyone should do!

If you don't have the lotto collection yet, get it. You can trade the highest quality Moscow loot pieces for lotto collection pieces on the official trading forums (called the "Gift Giving" forums for some reason).

Lotto pieces are currently going for 25-50 pieces of Moscow loot. I picked up the 6 of 8 pieces I needed for 188 total top-end Moscow loot pieces.

While this may sound like a lot, just remember Bangkok could be coming out within a week, at which point your Moscow loot will be worthless. If the developers do a rolling start like they did with Moscow, your Moscow loot pieces will still only be top dog for another month. Why not just dump them now while the stock is high, vault the lotto collection, and as a result make yourself able to collect Bangkok loot at a quicker rate?

I think the Lotto collection is grossly underrated, particularly for items that have a really low drop rate. The bonus, +10% item drop rate, is additive rather than multiplicative. Here is how it works:

Item A has a 5% drop rate (you will find it on 1/20 job times doing the job).

- By mastering the tier all three times, you get +10% drop rate. This brings Item A to a 15% drop rate (you will find it on 3/20 times doing the job).

- By vaulting the lotto collection, you get another +10% drop rate. This brings Item A to a 25% drop rate (you will find it on 5/20 times doing the job)

Just by having the lotto collection, you can get a huge increase in drop rates (in this example, 60%-300% drop rate increase), especially for rare items.

If you are playing multiple accounts, your highest level account with the largest energy pool should vault this collection.

2) Get the Money Laundering Collection - Something everyone should do, but only after vaulting the lotto collection.

While I understand the vault boost (-3% on banking fees) is only useful if you use the bank, odds are you are going to be using the bank a lot on Bangkok launch day, at least for the first two episodes. If money is anything like it is in Cuba (low totals), you might even use it a lot more.

You can get the money laundering collection pretty easily just by helping 5 friends launder money each day. You can then trade your excess collection pieces with friends or on the forums to complete your set.

If you're really lazy or impatient, you can also trade high quality Moscow loot for money laundering collection pieces - usually 1-2 pieces of Moscow loot is enough to get money laundering collection items.

Extra Credit

If you already have the 2 collections listed above, here are three more things you can do prior to the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok:

1) For the most dedicated player: you can collect Faberge Hens and save them on a second account. You might have to trade for some of the eggs, though!

2) For those using Mafia Wars Compendium: Get a collector account up to speed and save it for the release of Bangkok.

3) Call your mother. It's the holidays after all!
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December 29, 2009

Mafia Wars Q&A: What to Spend Godfather Points on?; Strategy Guide

I got a question today that I figured would be good to share with everyone:

Michael writes:

Love your reads on buying profile points vs. special loot. Hard to tell if the game still considers the extra 4 points towards def as 4 x 501 for 2004 or if its just worth 4. Any input from your users recently on this subject?

Originally, I had mentioned that the only good use of Godfather points was buying +4 stats because loot was worthless. However, since then, the combat calculator has changed, I've experienced more game situations, and as a result, have changed my position (albeit slightly).

While it's true that stat points are weighted a lot lighter than they used to be, it's definitely not directly additive to your equipment score (i.e. +4 attack stats point is not just +4 onto your total offensive loot score).

The fact of the matter is that loot is not and most likely will never be a good investment of Godfather points. Unless there is an item you particularly want to add to your collection, it's just not worth it; if you are going to spend 15 points, it's better to spend them elsewhere.

The real reason for this is that loot is transient, stats are forever (deep, I know). If you're still playing this game in a few months, any loot you would have bought now would now be second-hand to Mafia Wars: Bangkok loot. If you're still playing in 6 months any loot you purchased post-Bangkok release would be secondhand to Las Vegas loot. However, if you had picked +stats, you would still be reaping the rewards long after the seasons change.

My answer? If you want to improve your character, the only option is still either +4 stat points or an energy refill, depending on the situation.

Situations where an energy refill might be superior than +4 stats:

- You are about to finish a content piece that will let you level up faster (i.e. about to master the Boss tier for the 3rd time). This way, the time you save by not waiting for your golden throne will become more time you spend generating 2x energy, making this use of an energy pack better than normal.

- You are a really high level energy-based account. For example, my level 1300 energy account has over 7,000 energy. If I spend 10 Godfather points to fill up 2,000 of that energy, it would take me 500 levels or 400 energy packs before +4 stats became better than the energy refill, and that's a long time. I'm not even counting the fact that energy refills are cheaper!

Situations where +4 stats would be superior than an energy refill:

- Pretty much every other time not listed above (though there may be an occasional exception). I will say though that if your maximum energy pool is less than 1/2 of the amount of XP required to level up next level, an energy refill is almost never worth the stat points.

Personally, I'm saving my Godfather points for Bangkok, at which point I will probably spend them all on energy refills because I want to finish the content first!

Of course, you can buy whatever you want with your GF points - I'm not going to be mad if you buy a limited edition loot piece instead of +4 stats. As I think about it, I'll actually be quite happy with that, because I am going to beat you in fights!

An Important Exception:

If money is as tight in Mafia Wars Bangkok as it was in Moscow and Cuba, you may want to consider spending some godfather points on currency rather than on energy refills, depending on your character level.

The amount of currency you get for 10 godfather points depends on your level rather than how much content you have done - it makes no difference whether or not you are on episode 1 or episode 6.

So if your level is high enough, you could buy enough cash to make it through all of the early content and get a huge headstart on the competition for a relatively small investment. If Baht (new currency) is tight in Bangkok, I'm also planning on spending 10-30 godfather points doing this as well, rather than spending those points on energy refills.


Have a question? Submit it to me and it just might end up on the next Q&A post!


In an unrelated but interesting story, Mafia Wars Autoplayer has been shut down. Apparently Zynga was threatening a lawsuit for copyright infringement!
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December 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Faberge Egg Oddity; Strategy Guide

On a completely unrelated note, I've noticed something strange going on with collections in Mafia Wars Moscow, and I'm not alone.

Something is wrong with this picture.

Note that I only have 1 Pansy egg, and that was a gift from a friend. You can only hold 5 of each collection piece, and for some reason, I hit the cap on every other item but never can find a single Pansy egg. This isn't new either, this has been plaguing me since Moscow's release.

Sometimes kind souls give me Pansy eggs I send myself Pansy eggs from a second account, at which point I vault the collection and start over, but in the end I am always just waiting on another gift. I've found at least 30 of each of the other types of eggs and have only found at best 3 Pansy eggs. At first I thought I was crazy, and random loot is random, and all that stuff, so I just brushed it off.

I then later noticed the same phenomenon on another one of my accounts, but with a different egg. Same thing though - 5 of everything and none of another. I still thought I was just imagining it and that the RNG was infallible, but then I received this e-mail from Scott, a reader of the blog:

On top of that, they seem to have made one item from each collection far rarer. if I pull up my Moscow Vault Collections page, I note that I have far less (in most cases, zero) of the third item (starting from the left) than anything else. Everything else is capped at 5.

On a whim, I dumped all my Eggs to a different account, and went back into Ep. 6 to get Carbon Blades. All of a sudden, I started getting Eggs again. Except for the Military Egg, which is 3rd from the left.

I don't know how much of this you already knew, or whether any of it's worth posting, but thought I'd pass it along.

Scott, this is definitely worth posting. The people.. they need to know the truth. The only question left is, how many countless others out there have experienced a similar devastating decorated egg drought?


Look at this trading post on the forums. This guy has 30 of every egg type for trade except for one egg, which he only has single digits of. Top that!

Double Edit:

Well, I was topped. Take a look at this picture that a reader named EiĆ°ur sent in:

I'm guessing this is someone's alt account that they sent over eggs from their main account, and since the main account never found the Jade Egg, this is what they ended up with.
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Mafia Wars Last Score of 2009 Update; Strategy Guide

Something I missed in the last post but I feel should be highlighted: you can get 10 free godfather points by clicking links on your wall:

Just click on the "score big" link in the bottom right.

By completing the 100% mastery, you get a Corkscrew - a weapon with 33 attack, 22 defense.

While the items associated with this event are pretty weak, personally I'll take access to these jobs with great XP:energy payout and 10 free godfather points any day over a couple minor upgrades!
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December 27, 2009

Mafia Wars The Last Score of 2009 Limited Time Job; Strategy Guide

The new Mafia Wars limited time job, The Last Score of 2009. As advertised, there will be 3 different jobs you will have to choose between.

Each time you do a job, you get a little bit of job mastery. I am assuming there will be a nice item available once you reach 100% mastery.

After you do a job one time, you will be locked out either 5 minutes, 4 hours, or 8 hours, depending on which job you picked. After that time has passed, you can collect your reward and choose a different job.

Steal a Bottle of Champagne: Cost: 30 energy. Reward 45 + 15 experience points (2 xp: energy ratio) and 10% chance of getting 2 Champagne Bottles (+25 attack).

Crash the Mayor's NYE Part: Cost: 60 energy. Reward: 120 + 30 experience points (2.5 xp:energy ratio) and 50% chance of getting a "special item".

The "special item" is a "Party Balloon", a vehicle with 6 attack, 18 defense. While there are a lot of other items that people have found in the database, so far everyone seems to have been getting party balloons. Perhaps the "special item" will change each day.

Steal the NYE Manhattan Ball: Cost: 100 energy. Reward: 300 + 50 experience points (3.5 xp:energy ratio) and a 100% chance of getting a rare item.

The rare item is the "Manhattan Ball Drop" - a weapon with 19 attack, 30 defense.

Thanks to John for some of the item stats.

For getting the Job Mastery to 100%, you get a "Corkscrew". This is a weapon with 33 attack and 22 defense.


With all those options on the table, doing the "Steal a Bottle of Champagne" job is the fastest way to complete the 100% mastery. If you did that job every 5 minutes as it was available, you would make it to 100% mastery in just over 8 hours. The downside is that the XP:energy for the "Steal a Bottle of Champagne" is the lowest and an attack boost just isn't something that impresses me too much.

As far as the rewards for the other jobs, there is no particularly good items. I'll be doing the ball drop job over and over again because the XP:Energy ratio is so good.

I will update with loot pics and stats as someone gets the job mastery item. Feel free to post anything you find in the comments and I will update accordingly!

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Mafia Wars New Year's Job & Gift Safe House Loot Wrap-Up

Just a quick wrap-up on the Gift Safe House and a note on the new limited time New Year's Job.

In case you did not pick it up between previous posts or the comments, you can get 5 unique items from the gift safe house:

Top to bottom, name and stats:


GrowPet: 27 attack, 12 defense
Lump of Coal: 22 attack, 14 defense


Fruitcake: 13 attack, 15 defense
Bobble Head: 13 attack, 23 defense
Economy Pack of Socks: 10 attack, 20 defense

For opening 10 gifts, you get the Gift Wagon (vehicle; 18 attack, 29 defense) as a reward. For opening 20 gifts, you get another Gift Wagon. There is no special reward for opening all 50 gifts.


New Year's Job

A new limited time job for New Year's will be available starting "December 28th". I'm not sure if that means late tonight or late tomorrow night. According to the developers, this will be a unique limited time job in that players will have to choose between "different missions with different payouts".

I'll have updates as soon as possible either way.


Also, note that every post I make, especially with Mafia Wars Bangkok right around the corner, is going to fit into the right-hand side bar. The search function works great though, so if there's an odd item you are looking for the stats of or an old post you remember, you can bring it up quite easily with the search tool (also on the right hand side bar).
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December 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Guide Contact Info

If you have any questions, concerns, or even content to submit, feel free to drop me a line at mafiawarsguide at (replace the at with an @).

I'm not always able to get to each comment posted. If your specific question goes unanswered, feel free to drop me a line.
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December 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Bangkok and Robbing News & New Year's Updates; Strategy Guide

According to the official Mafia Wars blog, Bangkok is set to release in January of 2010.

Some time after that, robbing will be added back into the game in a new and improved format. Strangely enough, this was announced as I was working on my own thoughts on the state of player vs. player in Mafia Wars. I encourage everyone to read that post, and check it out. I think these changes would really benefit the rest of the Mafia Wars community. Read it, discuss, and pass it on, and who knows, maybe some good things will happen!

By the way, Social Gaming Pulse is my new gaming site project. Expect a lot of new content to be added to that soon - I just wanted to get out my Mafia Wars post while the topic was still fresh and before it got lost in Bangkok mania.

In other news, multi-gifting (i.e. sending more then 1 item at once) functionality will also be added, which is a nice change. There is no ETA though on the re-implementation of robbing and multi-gifting, so it could be awhile before these are added to the game.

Additionally, we will see a new featured New Year's job with different missions and different payouts. It looks like some of the loot has already had the coding put into the game (you just can't get it yet):

While we wait for the new job on Sunday, enjoy the holidays and if you have some spare time, I implore you to read and engage in some discussion over the Mafia Wars post at Social Gaming Pulse.

Come back in a few days for updates on the New Year's limited time job!

Oh, and five free godfather points for clicking here - courtesy of the official Mafia Wars twitter page.
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December 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Gift Safe House; Strategy Guide

With the recent Mafia Wars holiday update came the addition of the Gift Safe House. At the Gift Safe House, you can give and receive presents to and from your friends. After doing the limited time "Bring the Family Together" job for the first time, you are greeted with this message:

Your Gift Safe House can hold up to 50 gifts from your friends. However, getting gifts is a bit backward this time - you have to send a request to your friends, asking for them. When your friends accept your request, you will get a gift. Since you can only send out 20 gift requests per day, you will not be able to get more than 20 gifts per day.

Make sure you pick who you send requests to carefully; your friends have to accept your gift request in order for you to get your gift, so make sure you pick well!

How it Works

You can ask your mafia for gifts (send in game requests found on the Gift Safe House page). When they respond, your gifts will appear in the Safe House. You can open up 50 gifts total - 25 on the 5th and 5 more each day until the subsequent gifts are open. Alternatively, you can pay 2 godfather points to open up each gift early.

It really gives no advantage to open up your gifts early - you can't open more gifts if you open them early, you just get them earlier.

When you accept a gift request from your friend (i.e. send them a gift), you will get the option of selecting one of three bonuses:

The XP is variable based on your level. On multiple accounts I have seen 50 energy and 10 stamina though (but others have reported different numbers). What I do know is, is that if you are a high level like me, a 427 XP bonus is really sweet. I can get a few extra levels each day thanks to that! For me, this XP bonus is certainly much better than any free gift I could get.

Bonus Item

If you open up 10 gifts from friends, you can get a gift wagon (vehicle; 18 attack, 29 defense):

Not really worth anything, but it is something to do while we patiently wait for Mafia Wars Bangkok!

Gift Contents

Gift contents are completely random and the loot pool it draws from seems to very large. I would guess it would be close to 50 gifts since you can open up up to 50 gifts. I ended up getting an Impression from my first gift (35 attack 15 defense), which was originally from the Moscow Loot Preview event over the summer!

Here is a list of items people have found so far in boxes from this forum post, let me know if you have anything to add:

El Tigre
Garza 12 Shotgun
Pretty Boy Floyd's .45 Cal.
Economy Pack of Socks
Tora Assault Rifle
Cooked Goose
Gravity Gun
Lump of Coal
Food Coma
Ornamental Tommy Gun
Balloon Boy
Low Rider
PPSH 41 Submachine Gun
Samurai Sword
Lever Action Rifle
GrowPetBobble Head
Saturday Night Special
10 Gallon Hat
Nail Gun 28/12
Sawed off Double Barrel Shotgun 35/15
Bonnie & Clyde's B-400 32/19



New Items

There are a few new items that have been found so far:

GrowPet (27 attack, 12 defense)
Economy Pack of Socks
Lump of Coal (22 attack, 14 defense)

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Mafia Wars Holiday Blowout Sale & Haitian Drum; Strategy Guide

Mafia Wars is now having a Holiday Sale over the next week, similar to the Black Friday sale. The format is the same - consumables now cost 20% less godfather points and you can buy a variety of previously released limited edition items for 20% less godfather points than they were originally offered.

In addition to old limited edition pieces, there are three new pieces available:

Knuckle Trimmer (31 attack, 23 defense)
Red Boa (19 attack, 38 defense)
Trio Mesa (16 attack, 34 defense)

Furthermore, there is a "special Holiday Sale Reward" for buying 10 items during this sale period. The reward is a Cherry Picker, a weapon with 36 attack and 13 defense (I think):

Nothing special IMO - though I suppose some people buy 10 items anyway throughout the course of the week and will just end up getting a free item.

If you aren't up for the holiday sale, you can also grab the Haitian Drum, a new limited edition loot piece available for 25 godfather points.

This is an armor. The developers say that 50% of the sales of this item will go to charity.
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Mafia Wars Bring the Family Together Limited Time Job; Strategy Guide

With last night's Mafia Wars update came the addition of a new limited time job - "Bring the Family Together":

Here is the progression for the job:

Step 1: Bust a Wise Guy Out of Jail. Reward: Tommy Gun Ornament (weapon; 20 attack, 13 defense) and you unlock the Safe House (more details on that in a later post) and 20% job mastery.

Step 2: Sneak an Exile into the Country. Reward: Getaway Car Ornament (vehicle; 6 attack, 23 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 3: Help Shake Police Surveillance. Reward: Grenade Ornament (weapon; 19 attack, 10 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 4: Settle a Family Dispute. Reward: Nutcracker (weapon; 25 attack and 12 defense) and 20% job mastery.

Step 5: Obtain a Governor's Pardon. Reward: Holiday Star (15 attack, 20 defense) and 20% job mastery.

For finishing the job, the final reward is a Decorated Tree (4 attack, 26 defense).

Thanks to Mayor of Wingville for the picture!

About the "Bring the Family Together" limited time job:

The job is on an 8 hour timer, which you can now spend godfather points on to lower the timer:

If you click on the "Want to do the job faster?" button, a pop-up menu will come up asking you if you would like to spend 1 godfather point to lower the timer by 1 hour, 4 for 4 hours, and 8 for 8 hours (i.e. reset the button).

In other words, for 8 godfather points you can do each step in succession. For 32 godfather points, you can finish the limited time job instantly.

After completing the job, instead of staying at 100% like before, it restarts back at 0%. Not sure if this is intended or unintended! We will find out if it stays like that in a few days.

While the items are not exactly the best ever, you can get some free godfather points out of this deal. With each item you get, you can post a link to your news feed which your friends can click on for 2 free godfather points. The limit is 10 free godfather points.

More info to come soon on the other additions this update!
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Mafia Wars Spy Crates; Strategy Guide

In addition to new gifts, there is a new crate available in Mafia Wars: Spy Crates. Here is the loot list:


Radio Controlled Detonator 23A 16D
Explosive Watch 29A 12D
Motion Sensor Explosive 39A 25D
Remote Controlled Sniper 35A 20D

Bugged Cell Phone 19A 19D
Infrared Scanner 9A 22D

Loose Caboose 17A 30D
Rigged Model Airplane 13A 41D
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Mafia Wars Holiday Gift List; Strategy Guide

There are some new free gifts available in Mafia Wars. As usual, these are vanity items for collection purposes, so don't worry about collecting them in large quantities. Thanks to Marc for the holiday free gift list:


Ice Skates: 16 attack, 20 defense
Snowballs: 11 attack, 18 defense
Black Roses: 20 attack, 14 defense
Mistletoe Launcher: 23 attack, 13 defense
Candy Cane: 20 attack, 12 defense


Holiday Scarf: 13 attack, 24 defense


Bobsled 15 attack, 24 defense
Surprise Mobile 11 attack, 23 defense
Snowboard 8 attack, 22 defense

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December 18, 2009

Mafia Wars Ugly Sweater; Strategy Guide

There is a new loot shipment up - the Ugly Sweater:

You can try force starting it with this link:

Also, Mafia Wars will be down tonight for maintenance from 8 PM-11 PM PST. It's reported that it is just for general server problems rather than for Mafia Wars Bangkok.
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December 16, 2009

Mafia Wars Bangkok Loot Preview; Strategy Guide

Here are some "pictures" of some new loot items from Mafia Wars Bangkok, courtesy of the Mayor of Wingville.

I drew a red line separating the weapons, armors, and vehicles - as you can see it's just text so far, there are no graphics. The pictures you see are just vehicles/armors/weapons from this account - there are no Bangkok pictures yet. However, this was accessed live on Mafia Wars, so they are at least in the process of adding Bangkok to the game very, very soon. I'd bet within the week.

If you can't see the graphic, here is what we have so far:


Attack Cobra
Komodo Dragon
Jade Inlaid Pistols
Forest Scorpion
Hung Fa RPG
Type-103 Machine Gun
Scalding Hot Tea
TAR-21 (rename? maybe this will change)
Harpoon Cannon
Typhoon Cleavers


Muai Thai Bodyguard
Silk Scarf
Monk's Robe
Royal Thai Army Beret
Optical Camo Suit
Ronin Armor
Tiger Sak Yant


Riding Elephant
Royal Thai Army Jeep
Dirt Bike
Lloyds Spectre
Bosozoku Convertible
MalayMobil Helang
Seua Daao Sub
Kage Jet
Armored War Elephant
Royal Thai Police Tank
Fugama Kame SUV

So there are our prospective names for new loot and items in Mafia Wars Bangkok. I suspect that a lot of these will be items simply available in the store - I'm betting there are still items out there that are not on this list (i.e. from the equivalent of "Episode 6" in Bangkok).

Stay tuned for more updates! Thanks to the Mayor of Wingville for sending over the pics.
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December 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Secret Stash Gets "New" Loot; Strategy Guide

The Secret Stash in Mafia Wars just got some items added to the loot table. I was just able to get 5 money socks off of one secret stash:

There are also some old limited edition loot pieces available in the stash now, such as the Luxury SUV (it was available previously for 25! godfather points).

While none of the new loot items are great, the 5 money socks provides an interesting possibility. Money Socks (which are normally received from re-vaulting the money laundering collection) give 50% more cash from jobs.

While this would only be a few extra million rubles in Moscow, if you were able to collect quite a few of these and stash them on a second account, you could gift them over to your main account come the release of Mafia Wars Bangkok.

If the trends from Cuba and Moscow continue, you will simply not be able to get enough Baht. However, if you collect enough money socks, you could get a big head start on Baht (Bangkok currency) once Mafia Wars Bangkok is released.

Note that I'm not saying I would recommend doing this, but if you really want that extra edge, it is certainly an option!

Also, from the Mafia Wars app:

Scheduled Maintenance Downtime: Mafia Wars will be unavailable between 8-11PM PST on Tuesday, December 15th. This is a scheduled maintenance period to continue the progress we have already made in performance improvement and resolving known user account issues. Thank you for understanding.

Looks like they are doing some serious maintenance - I can't remember an announced downtime that long during primetime ever happening. Maybe some new servers will be added and hopefully a lot of the bugs will be fixed during this time (and maybe even some new Bangkok stuff!).
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December 13, 2009

Mafia Wars Fighting Change Reverted; Strategy Guide

Good news: the developers have heard the complaints and decided to revert the change to fighting loot drops. Read about it here - thanks to the poster for this link.

Random loot drops from fighting will be back next week. Hopefully Mafia Wars Moscow items will be included here, considering that Mafia Wars Bangkok is right around the corner.

I'm interested to see if Bangkok will really be out so soon considering that Mafia Wars is running so poorly at the moment. On one hand, they really need to hunker down and try to fix this code (or revert back to the old host). On the other hand, Mafia Wars Bangkok could shift the attention away from all the server and coding problems they are currently having. We'll just have to wait and see!

Other Cool Bugs

Thanks to Dave for this picture showing the Surveillance Camera boost, which will purportedly offer +154 robbing defense:

That isn't the actual item he received - it was just a bug that made it pop up. This item is currently not available in game currently as far as I know. There are two other items, the Hobo Lookout (+55 robbing defense) and the Reinforced Door (+106 robbing defense) that are randomly popping up from time to time.

In other news, I have put together an affiliate's guide for information on how you can make some hefty commissions selling Mafia Wars Compendium. You can download it for free by clicking here.
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December 12, 2009

Mafia Wars Mafia Mikes & Bangkok Info; Strategy Guide

So, since some of you have been asking about Mafia Mike's:

Yes, the Mafia cap is off of Mafia Mike's (the property in New York - assuming you have property and not rackets).

However, the price has gone up significantly. At around 600 Mafia Mike's, it will take around 100 days to get a return on your investment, so make sure you calculate that before dumping a bunch of money into them:

Cost of Property
Pay per hour * 24


Mafia Mike's #600 costs ~$30,000,000. Pays 12,000 per hour. $30,000,000 / ($12,000 per hour * 24 hours per day) = ~104 days.

Mafia Mike's are now worth no more than Valu-Marts (or even less) in terms of the time they will take to pay you back for having them.

Note: They didn't reduce the price output of your Mafia Mike's, but rather significantly increased the cost. So if you had 1,000 Mafia Mike's before, this change does not negatively effect you in any way.

Mafia Wars Bangkok

In other news, looks like a few stealth changes (or maybe I just did not notice the first time around) to Mafia Wars: Bangkok.

Now, when you are in Moscow and you go to fly to Bangkok, the "New" tag is gone (at least on my version of Mafia Wars).

Additionally, as expected, there will be a new type of currency for Bangkok, the Baht, which you can see at the top left of the screen by the "bank" screen. Clicking "bank" just leads back to New York for now.

Mafia Wars Bangkok could really be just a few days away!
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December 11, 2009

Mafia Wars Secret Stash; Strategy Guide

As many of you have already noticed, you no longer get random loot drops from fights in Mafia Wars.

Now when you win a fight, you have a chance to find a "secret stash". However, you can't loot it yourself - one of your friends is randomly selected and you can ask them to help you out with it.

When your friend finds your post on their wall, they can click the link on the link. If you click on a friend's secret stash link, you will go to a screen like this:

And you and the friend will both get a few pieces of rather unspectacular loot. It's really weird that you win items that you can buy from the store for New York cash.

The problem with this new secret stash feature is that the majority of the players don't like it. The issue is not really the loot drop loss but rather the fact that you now have to spam.

Between calls for help for NY, Cuba, Moscow jobs and bosses, laundering money, wishlists, leveling-up boosts, limited edition loot pieces, and now even energy packs, the last thing Mafia Wars needs is another function that requires spam. Even worse, you have to post it on your friend's wall rather than your own. Most people don't want other players Mafia Wars posts taking up their personal wall space.

In theory, I'm sure this looked good on paper, it just did not play out well. I don't simply want to be a critic though, so here's my suggestions:

1. Bring back random loots and make finding the "secret stash" much rarer (like a 1/200+ fights).

2. When you do find a secret stash, you should post it to your own wall/feed rather than on some other person's wall. Anyone should be able to help out - first come, first serve.

3. Due to the rarity of the event, increase the loot drops in both number of items and quality of items.

With these simple changes, Mafia Wars would cut down on the spam due to the rarity of finding the secret stash. Posting on your own wall would reduce spam complaints as well. Additionally, it's something people actually look forward to because the loot is better.

Oh well, at the end of the day, I don't count on fighting for loot drops as it is.

Hopefully I will have some news about Mafia Wars Bangkok soon!
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Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree; Strategy Guide

Here is the complete sequence of the limited time job Public Enemies Crime Spree:

Step 1: Bust Out of the Joint

Reward: 10x Prison Stripe (armor: 15 attack, 24 defense)

Step 2: Hold Up a Bank

Reward: 10x Dillinger's Pistols and Holders (weapon: 36 attack, 18 defense)

Step 3: Escape to the Safe House

Reward: 10x Agent Purvis' Rifle (weapon: 44 attack, 29 defense)

Step 4: Rendezvous with Billie

Reward: Locket of Billie (armor: 10 attack, 36 defense)

At 100%, each time you do the job you can get 10 Dillinger's Sunglasses. This is an armor piece with 23 attack and 34 defense. Pretty anti-climatic if you ask me!

Will have some updates later tonight about the new fighting system.
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December 9, 2009

Mafia Wars Bangkok Preview; Strategy Guide

The preview for Mafia Wars Bangkok is now up! Looks like they are intent on getting it ready for the holidays. You can now "fly" to Bangkok (although you can not access any of the jobs yet).

To do jobs in Bangkok once it is released, you will have to collect 4 items first: a Triad Coin, a Yakuza Sake, a Thai Note, and a Thai Passport.

For now, you can get started on the first three items:

Triad Coin: In the soldier tier, the "Museum Break-in" job is now "Asian Museum Break-in. This job drops the Triad Coin.

Yakuza Sake: The Repel the Yakuza job in the Hitman tier drops this item.

Thai Note:
The 2nd job in the Enforcer tier is now "Smuggle Thai Gems". This job drops the Thai Note.

These items were all very easy for me to get. I got on one the first try, one on the fifth, and one on the second try. Looks like the Thai Passport will simply be given out once Bangkok comes out.

Yakuza vs Triads

Just like with Mafia Wars Moscow, there will be two sides to choose from in Bangkok - the Yakuza or Triads. I am sure it will play out in a similar fashion to the way Moscow is set up.

While there is no official launch date, at this point I would say we're likely to see Bangkok within 2 weeks. It will be at least a week - it definitely won't be launched during the Public Enemies Crime Spree limited time job. Stay tuned for updates.

Just a little while left to pick up Mafia Wars Compendium at the before Bangkok comes out - free updates! Thanks to everyone who has done so already!
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Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree and Holiday Items; Strategy Guide

The Public Enemies Limited Time Job "Crime Spree" is now available.

It looks like it is molded after the "Raid the Docks" job. There is an 8 hour cooldown between jobs, and there will be several steps to the job. By mastering the job before the event is over, you will get a piece of limited edition loot.

Step 1: Bust Out of the Joint - Reward: 10 Prison Stripes (armor, 15 attack, 24 defense).

"No jail cell can hold John Dillinger for long" (I wish they would use flavor text like this for all the jobs in Mafia Wars)

You have to do Step 1 twice to get to step 2.

Step 2: Hold Up a Bank - Reward: 10 Dillinger's Pistols and Holders (weapon, 36 attack, 18 defense)

"You held up a bank, like John Dillinger during the Mafia Wars Public Enemies Crime Spree event and got Dillinger's Pistols and Holster."

Step 3: Escape to a Safe House - Reward: 10 Agent Purvis' Rifles (weapon, 44 attack!, 29 defense). Very nice reward! Hopefully the glasses are good too.

"Let things cool down a bit."

Step 4: Rendezvous with Billie - Reward: 10 Locket of Billie (armor, 10 attack, 36 defense).

"I'm gonna die an old man in your arms. We're too good for 'em."

Update: The reward for mastering the job is Dillinger's Glasses - not sure on the stats. Thanks to John for the pic:

Will update this section as I get more information!

There are also 3 new Holiday gifts that you can send your Mafia friends:

Santa's Little Helpers (weapon) - 26 attack, 8 defense

Blitzen (vehicle) - 16 attack, 21 defense

Snow Fort (armor) - 7 attack, 25 defense

Anyone else have a problem with these gifts disappearing? I had to accept them several times just to get 1 of each.

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December 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide; Seeing All Your Friends

When it comes to helping out people on Mafia Wars jobs via your News Feed, most of you probably are not seeing all of your mafia members' posts on your feed currently.

If you are like me, then you have at least the minimum of the 500 friends needed to have a full mafia in Mafia Wars (in my case it's over 2,000 and I know others have even higher than that).

However, by default, Facebook only displays 250 of your friends in your newsfeed. The ones that get displayed in your newsfeed are the ones who you interact with the most on Facebook.

To change this, scroll down to the bottom of your news feed and and in the right hand corner click the edit options link:

Now, a window will pop up for your newsfeed preferences. Notice the "maximum friends allowed" limit in the bottom left hand corner:

Change this number to something higher (I did 2500, but the sky's the limit!) and you will be able to see all of your friends' posts.

While this might be annoying if you are playing Mafia Wars on your real Facebook account, if you are playing on an alternate account (like me), you will definitely want to be able to see all your Mafia friends' posts so that you can help out more frequently for more xp and items.

This is a useful strategy for any Facebook game. The great thing about this is that if you play several games like I do, it's easy for updates to get lost. I interact more frequently with my Mafia Wars friends, so I am never able to see my FarmVille friends' posts (since the cap was on 250). As a result, I was never able to see premium egg posts, but after raising the cap I am able to see these all over the place!

Other News

Loot Shipment:

If you are into collecting limited edition loot, there's a new shipment of items - Modified Tommy Guns:

Find the loot shipment button on your Mafia Wars home page.

Public Enemies Limited Time Job

Still no sign of it. The Public Enemies loot event is going to end soon though so this job has to be coming any day (or hour) now.

And finally, there are just a couple days left to pick up Mafia Wars Compendium at the introductory price. I am working on putting together some affiliate materials so that you can make your money back and then some in a single sale after the price goes up!
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December 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Public Enemies Loot Event List; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Public Enemies loot event is now live. There are 8 items in the set (you can and will get more than 1 of each item). Since these items randomly drop from jobs and fighting, if you really want to collect to be sure to get all 8, as usual, you can repeat the Mugging job in the Street Thug tier over and over again (since it only costs 1 energy) until you get all 8 pieces.

It appears that the 32 item limit cap just like with the Halloween items is once again active.

Here is the Public Enemies loot list:


Dillinger's Pistols and Holster (36 attack, 18 defense)

Dillinger's Wooden Gun (12 attack, 45 defense)

Agent Purvis' Rifle (44 attack, 29 defense)


Fur Coat (12 attack, 28 defense)

"Public Enemy #1" Newspaper (6 attack, 30 defense)

Prison Stripes (15 attack, 24 defense)

Locket of Billie (10 attack, 36 defense)


V8 (13 attack, 26 defense)

And that's it for the random loot drops. Apparently I was right about the Dillinger's Wooden Pistol.

Along with the loot event, there is a new limited time job, but it is not live at the time of this posting (will update as soon as I can).
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December 4, 2009

Mafia Wars Public Enemies Loot Event Strategy Guide

Starting December 6th (that is this Sunday) at 12:01 AM (i.e. a minute past minute on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning), there will be another Mafia Wars loot drop weekend - this time themed around the movie Public Enemies.

Just like with the Halloween event and the Raid the Docks event, there will be a limited time job associated with the Public Enemies event in addition to the 8 random pieces of loot that will drop.

From the looks of it, Dillinger's Wooden Gun (12 attack, 45 defense) will be once again one of the loot drops associated with the event (1 defense higher than the Zmeya Carbon Blade):

In other news:

- Mafia Wars Moscow is now once again rewarding skill points for mastering jobs. Edit: Either apparently just for some people it was fixed or it is back to being broken.

- The new "loot a shipment of" item is Dentist's Drills - weapon, 21 attack, 11 defense.

- There are a new set of crates - "Best of 2009" - which contain:


Cane Cutter
35 attack 5 defense

Siberian Tiger
36 Attack 14 Defence

Vortex Ring Gun
12 attack 33 defense

Pearl-Handled Revolver
40 attack 10 defense


18 Attack 32 Defense

Ghillie Suit
16 attack 42 defense


Tiger Tank
18 Attack 48 Defense

48 Attack 12 Defense

Thanks to B. Ye for the picture.

Will have updates on the Public Enemies loot reward items and job once it is released!
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December 3, 2009

The Mafia Wars Guide is Finally Here

It took awhile to get everything together, but I am proud to say my new Mafia Wars information product, The MafiaPros Guide, is now available. Better late than never, right?

The MafiaPros Guide is a collection of 5 separate Mafia Wars guides. Here is what you will get:

Speed-Leveling Guide: This guide is a step-by-step, level-by-level guide to taking a brand new account through all of New York and from levels 1-300 in 2 days. Best of all, new game changes (such as the nerf to Bank Heist, changes in new account creation) do not effect this guide at all.

Fighting Guide: This guide outlines how to create a solid fighting account in the shortest time possible. Combined with the item guide, you can easily win 99% of your fights within a month of starting.

Item Guide: This guide outlines how you can gather a full set of Moscow loot in a very short amount of time. This one is definitely targeted to the more advanced players who still do not have 500 of each of the best weapons, armors, and vehicles Moscow has to offer.

Moscow Guide: This guide outlines the quickest way to work through Moscow, both for a high-energy account and for a fighting-based account.

Master Guide: This guide serves two purposes. First off, it is essentially your introduction to the other guides and lets you know where you should get started based on your goals. Secondly, it has a variety of cheats and strategies that I simply did not feel comfortable sharing on this blog due to the fact that many things I mention end up being changed shortly after the post.

Additionally, with my new host, I will be able to provide free updates for the guide. In other words, when Mafia Wars Las Vegas comes out, you won't have to buy again - you will get the new updates and guides for free.

Here's the deal: For a short while, The MafiaPros Guide will be available for only for $29.99. With the release of Mafia Wars Las Vegas, the price will rise as I begin to advertise outside of this blog. Additionally, as new expansions come out, the price will rise with each additional guide that I end up adding to the The MafiaPros Guide package. This is your last chance to get it under 30$ before Mafia Wars Las Vegas comes out.

However, if you get it now, you will be locked in at that price all while getting free updates and new guides as I write them.

You can get The MafiaPros Guide by clicking here. If you have any questions, you can e-mail me at mafiawarsguide at (replace the "at" with an "@"). All payments are handled through, which is the most trusted name in digital products.

Side Note:

Over the weekend I will be putting together resources for affiliates, so that you the reader can make a 75% commission on each copy of The MafiaPros Guide that you sell. More information on that later.

As a thank you for your support, if you purchased my original Mafia Wars Guide off of Lulu a few months back, you can be upgraded to The MafiaPros Guide, free of charge. Send me an e-mail at mafiawarsguide at with your name, order #, and attach a .pdf copy of the original guide and I will send you the new guides.

Again, you can get The MafiaPros Guide by clicking here. Thanks everyone for the support!
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November 29, 2009

Mafia Wars Game Bar; Strategy Guide

As part of Zynga's new use of the Facebook Connect Integration feature, you can download a toolbar called the "Mafia Wars Game Bar":

The Game Bar displays your current Health, Energy, Stamina, and Energy Pack Timer on a toolbar on your internet browser so you can check on your Mafia Wars status at any time. This could be pretty useful if you were a very active fighter so you can easily see changes in your health if someone is attacking or hitlisting you.

As an added bonus, if you install the Mafia Wars Game Bar, you will get the Utility Belt (armor - 30 attack and 30 defense).


There is a downside to the tool bar
. When you are browsing the web and your toolbar is connected, Mafia Wars treats your account as if you are actively playing, so you can get snuffed many times in a row with the toolbar installed.

On a side note, my new Mafia Wars Guide will go live tomorrow night!

Edit: I'm sure you are surprised - there has been another set-back. The product and site are finished and ready to go, but now it's going to take 3-5 business days for ClickBank (the site I am going through) to process the ebook. At least everything is finally finished!
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November 27, 2009

Mafia Wars Black Friday Reward; Strategy Guide

From now until Tuesday at midnight (probably Monday night), various items will be on sale through Mafia Wars.

You can get a variety of limited edition loot, including old pieces that are now on available again, but this time at a discount.

However, the most intriguing thing is the reward:

Turns out it is just an Elephant Gun (43 attack, 17 defense), which has similar stats to a Ubijca Assault Rifle:

As a side note, normally available purchases, like +4 stats and energy refills, are not on sale.
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November 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Food Fight / Thanksgiving Loot; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Thanksgiving Loot event, "Food Fight" just went live. Here is the item list, pictures, and stats:


Stuffed Turkey: 19 attack, 25 defense

Mashed Potatoes: 24 attack, 21 defense

Pea Shooter: 26 attack, 12 defense

Cooked Goose: 15 attack, 27 defense

Electric Carving Knife: 34 attack, 10 defense


Lucky Wishbone: 16 attack, 36 defense

Food Coma: 20 attack, 42 defense


Gravy Boat: 40 attack, 24 defense


Just like with all loot events, you can collect these items quickly by doing the 1 energy job in the Street Thug tier over and over again.

Edit: Many many jobs and an energy pack later, I ended up getting my 33rd item (which was the last one I needed). So, as far as I can tell, there is no limit to the amount of items you can get during the Thanksgiving Food Fight event. However, the drop rates seem to get significantly lower after your 30th item.

As far as item quality, there are no "must have" items, but the Gravy Boat and Food Coma are at least decent. They also seem to be the rarest.

Additionally, even if you already have everything, you can get 2 free reward points associated with the event. Every time you get an item you can publish it for your friends to get 2 free reward points.

There seems to be a cap of 10 reward points. I will try to collect again tomorrow and see what happens!
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November 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Possible Energy Pack and Stamina Change; Strategy Guide

Just a quick heads up about stamina: on MySpace stamina now costs 2 skill points once again. Odds are this change will make it over to Facebook shortly (could be a few hours or a few days). So, if you want some more stamina, now is the time to load up.

Also, there is a potential energy pack change, though it does not seem to be active on all accounts. Apparently for some players (not live on my accounts), you have now have to ask for an energy pack (just like you would call for help on a job).

Pretty annoying if so, hopefully the energy pack change is just a test and is not permanent.

In other news, the Idaho Special has been replaced with a "Power Plough", a vehicle with 20 attack and 16 defense. Nothing special, but if you want one, follow the same procedure as with the Idaho Special - just ask for help then "collect" your take on your home page in the bottom left hand corner.

I will have updates shorly on the Thanksgiving Food Fight items when they come out.
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November 24, 2009

Mafia Wars Food Fight: Thanksgiving Loot Items; Strategy Guide

Starting Thursday and running through Monday, Mafia Wars will be releasing another holiday loot event (Thanksgiving for all you non-Americans) entitled Food Fight.

Conveniently, there will not be any confusion around the release time - the promo pic specifically states that the items will go live Thursday Morning at 12:01 PST and will drop until Monday Night at 11:59 PST.

There will be 8 items in the set as usual. Only 6 so far have been named:

Mashed Potato
Cooked Goose
Carving Knife
Pea Shooter
Gravy Boat

You can see the two icons of the other two items on the official Facebook page. I am assuming the item depicted as a turkey leg in the guy's mouth will be "Turkey Stuffing". I have no idea what the item will be called where the guy is passed out at the table. Any guesses?
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November 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Idaho Special; Strategy Guide

Since a lot of you have been asking about the Idaho Special, here is a little write up on that. When you log in, on the bottom left hand corner of the home page, you might get the option to loot a shipment of Idaho Specials. When you get that option, you can post on your wall asking for help.

Note: Most people will never get this option to intercept the potatoes - it seems to only be active on a very small percentage of Mafia Wars accounts (much like the money laundering job). You can force start this by being logged into Facebook and clicking this link (thanks Zero Beat).

If 5 of your friends help you out, you can get 5 Idaho Specials. You have to click on the link on the home page to collect your take:

However, anyone can get help out a friend that has access to this. You get one Idaho Special simply for helping a friend out with this task.

Simply scan your news feed (make sure it is set on "View Live") for this message:

Click that link, and if you are the first of 10 people, you will get an Idaho Special:

I was able to grab one even though the notification was 13 hours old, so if you really want one, look back a day or two through your news feed for this message.

Also, note in the top right a new search feature. It seems to work really well so far. The navigation bar on the right hand side is getting a bit lengthy!
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Mafia Wars Cash Rackets; Strategy Guide

Long overdue, but it took awhile to get all the data for mastering some of the cash rackets. It seems that for new Mafia Wars accounts, some of them only have cash rackets as it is (many went back to having property), so if you do not have access to rackets, don't worry.

If they do open up rackets for everyone, the data will be here and ready when that time comes.

With that said, cash rackets are by far the most developed out of all the racket types (cash, attack, defense, jobs). There are 15 total rackets composed of 5 tiers of 3 rackets a piece.

If you do not know what rackets are, please see the rackets overview post.

Special thanks to Baytor for helping me collect a lot of the racket info and screenshots.

Card Games (4 hour cash rackets):

Three-Card Monte (master this to unlock Backroom Poker)

Cost: 5 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $6,600 ($10,000 if mastered), 5 influence, 1 Experience Point
6% Racket Mastery

Backroom Poker (master this to unlock Executive Game)

Cost: 16 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $333,000 ($495,000 if mastered), 16 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Executive Game (top in tier)

Cost: 38 Influence
Time until completion: 4 hours
Reward: $39,000,000 ($59,000,000 if mastered), 38 influence, 1 Experience Point
1% Racket Mastery

Betting Rackets (8 hour rackets)

Numbers Racket (master this to unlock illegal sportsbook)

Cost: 7 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $10,400 ($15,600 if mastered), 7 influence, 1 Experience Point
12% Racket Mastery

Illegal Sportsbook (master this to unlock Fixed Horserace):

Cost: 21 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $576,000 ($864,000 if mastered), 21 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Fixed Horserace (top in tier):

Cost: 53 Influence
Time until completion: 8 hours
Reward: $76,000,000 ($114,000,000 if mastered), 53 influence, 1 Experience Point
2% Racket Mastery

Prostitution Rackets (24 hours)

Strip Club (master this to unlock Massage Parlor)

Cost: 10 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $15,000 ($22,600 if mastered), 10 influence, 1 Experience Point
10% Racket Mastery

Massage Parlor (master this to unlock Escort Service)

Cost: 26 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $900,000 ($1,350,000 if mastered), 26 influence, 1 Experience Point
4% Racket Mastery

Escort Service (top in tier):

Cost: 75 Influence
Time until completion: 22 hours
Reward: $110,000,000 ($165,000,000 if mastered), 75 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery

Import / Export Rackets (2 day rackets)

Customs Scam (master this to unlock Import Scam)

Cost: 17 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $25,000 ($37,600 if mastered), 17 influence, 1 Experience Point
12% Racket Mastery

Import Scam (master this to unlock Dockyard Scam):

Cost: 44 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $1,500,000 ($2,250,000 if mastered), 44 influence, 1 Experience Point
5% Racket Mastery

Dockyard Scam (top in tier):

Cost: 128 Influence
Time until completion: 44 hours
Reward: $170,000,000 ($255,000,000 if mastered), 128 influence, 1 Experience Point
2% Racket Mastery

Housing Rackets (3 day rackets)

Crooked Rental (master this to unlock Crooked Highrise)

Cost: 25 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $36,000 ($54,000 if mastered), 25 influence, 1 Experience Point
18% Racket Mastery

Crooked Highrise (master to unlock crooked suburb):

Cost: 66 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $2,200,000 ($54,000 if mastered), 66 influence, 1 Experience Point
5% Racket Mastery

Crooked Suburb (top in tier):

Cost: 188 Influence
Time until completion: 66 hours
Reward: $245,000,000 ($368,000,000 if mastered), 188 influence, 1 Experience Point
3% Racket Mastery


The difference in pay between the 4 hour and 8 hour rackets is negligible - the top 4 hour racket pays 59,000,000 when mastered while the top 8 hour racket pays 114,000,000. After that, the amount you get paid per hour drops off significantly. Compare the Fixed Horserace @ $114,000,000 for 8 hours to the Crooked Suburb @ $368,000,000 every 3 days. The Horserace pays out almost 3 times as much.

Some math:

At 20 rackets total, if you were running 20 Fixed Horserace rackets (with the racket mastered), you would be making $6.84 billion per day. At this rate, if you somehow were able to reset your rackets every 8 hours, it would take about 146 days to make the 1 trillion dollar achievement.

If you were running 20 escort services and collecting them every 22 hours on the dot, you would make $ 3.6 billion per day. At this rate, if you collected every 22 horus, it would take about 278 days to make the 1 trillion dollar achievement.

In the end rackets will simply not be as profitable as property. It is definitely easier to get started with rackets, but on my main account I make about $6.2 billion per day and do not have to collect or start anything - it is automatic.

However, there is definitely a creative way to use rackets to make tons of cash. Since it is so easy to get started in rackets making a lot of money early, if you had a very low level account you could do rackets for cash and then do boss fights over and over again. Since boss fights only cost a few energy if you have a low energy pool, you can do literally a hundred boss fights a day to get tons of cash if you only have a pool of 10 energy.

You could do the $999 trillion achievement in a matter of weeks by doing that. While it's neat in theory, it's not practical.. and then you are left with an account that will struggle leveling up because of all the levels you got from fighting bosses instead of doing jobs.

Bottom line: cash rackets are just not worth it right now. It's a very neat system though and could definitely be salvaged, just at the moment the cost (time, being there to check on the properties, influence stat points) vs. reward are not lined up.
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