May 27, 2009

How do you get bodyguards in Mafia Wars?; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide FAQ

Question: How do you get bodyguards in Mafia Wars?

Answer: Bodyguards have a chance to drop "Protect your City against a Rival Family" job in the Hitman job tier. If you are missing them, it is because they do not have a very good chance to drop. Make sure you are a master hitman before you try to collect them - this increases their drop rate by 10% (that is, the drop rate is probably around 5-10% to start, so after you are a master boss, they have a 15% drop rate, or 2-3 times greater then before). They also have a small chance to drop from fights, so make sure you are at least collecting your easy wins!
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May 26, 2009

What job has the best experience points to energy cost ratio?; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide FAQ

Edit: Run an Illegal Poker Game has been nerfed to 2.19 XP:Energy, Bank Heist has been nerfed to 14 xp for 8 energy (with max perks). Settle a Beef remains unchanged.

What job has the best experience points to energy ratio?

Answer: It depends on what perks you have:

If you have the best wheelman (-11% energy cost on jobs), the best mastermind (+11% exp on jobs), and a private island (+5% exp on jobs, for being a master underboss):

- Technically, the "Run an Illegal Poker Game" is the most efficient job - 38 energy cost for 17 energy, giving it 2.4 energy per exp point. However, when you include collecting the consumeable items, it only gives 1.94 exp per energy point.
- The "Bank Heist" job gives 17 experience points for 8 energy, or 2.125 experience points per energy used.
- The "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job gives 74 exp for 35 energy, or 2.11 experience points per energy (not much lower than Bank Heist). I find the Settle a Beef job superior since it gives a lot more money, and doesn't need to be done as many times to level up.

If you do not have a private island (as in you are not a master boss):

- The "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job gives 71 experience points for 35 energy - giving it 2.03 exp per energy used.

If are not yet level 100 and do not have access to the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job:

- The Bank Heist job gives 16 experience points for 8 energy, at a ratio of 2 experience points per energy used.

If you do not have a good wheelman and mastermind, get one! They are easy to find, look for recruitment groups and discussion sections on facebook!
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May 25, 2009

How to win a lot of easy fights; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

The best way to win easy fights is to find a weak player and attack them over and over. However, even better, is to find an inactive weak player. Many people quit playing mafia wars but leave their accounts active. If you attack an inactive player, you don't have to worry about being put on the hitlist or being attacked by higher level friends of the person you are attacking.

How to spot an inactive player:

Inactive players tend to be low in level, have small mafias, and have old collectibles. The only way to know for sure is to attack the person and look at the report of the fight. Here is an example of a fight with an inactive player(click picture to see it):

Poor Don Mahoney..

The way you distinguish between a new player and an inactive player is by looking at what items you have. The person in this picture (attacked earlier today) has 2 Cupid's Tommy Guns. These were limited edition loot items which were only available around Valentine's Day. Getting two of these weapons requires 5 mafia members. As a result, we can conclude that the person in the picture above has not added anyone to their mafia since around Valentine's Day - that is they quit playing several months ago. And as you can also see in the picture, attacking low level players can still result in good item drops (a police cruiser in this case)! To double check for inactive players, make sure the target's level does not increase over the next few days. If it stays the same, you're golden!

Now that you've spotted this inactive easy target, you need to bookmark their profile. Simply bookmarking the attack page will not work - you have to open their profile in a new window, then bookmark the new page. Here is a step-by-step guide with pictures to clear things up:

1. Once you find your weak inactive target, open their profile in a new tab or window(by right clicking his name), like so:

2. Bookmark the new tab or window that opens up (ctrl + d on most computers). Now instead of attacking random players off of the attack list and hoping you win, you have access to this weak inactive player all the time, right in your favorites list!

3. You can even save time by bookmarking the "attack" link, so that you can simply click your bookmark and attack the inactive player. The advantage here is that you can hit your refresh button (F5 on most computers) times to spend all your stamina attacking the same weak target. This works well with the leveling guide.

4. Profit! Easy wins without retribution.. after all, why would an inactive player care if you attacked them all the time?
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How do I get a Firebomb in Mafia Wars?; Mafia Wars Strategy FAQ

Question: How do I get a firebomb in Mafia Wars? I need it for the "Burn Down a Tenement" job.

Answer: Firebombs have a chance to drop from the "Steal a Tanker Truck" in the soldier job tier. Once you are a master soldier, the drop rate on this item is pretty high and should be easy to collect.
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May 24, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions; Mafia Wars Strategy and Leveling Guide

Here is a list of frequently asked questions (and answers) for the facebook version of Mafia Wars:

What is the best weapon in Mafia Wars?
How do I get a Concealable Camera?
How do I get a Firebomb?
How do I get bodyguards?
How do I not get robbed?
What collection items are available and what tiers are they in?
What job has the best experience points to energy cost ratio?
I'm a mogul. Can I change classes?

If your question was not answered, feel free to post in the comments and it may be the next day's post!
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How do I get a Concealable Camera in Mafia Wars?; Strategy and Leveling Guide FAQ

This post is the first of a series intended to address frequently asked questions I get get on Mafia Wars for Facebook. The links to the posts will be compiled in a new FAQ section.

Question: Where do I get a concealable camera in Mafia Wars?

Answer: The concealable camera is a random drop from the "Rob an Electronics Store" job in the Enforcer job tier. It has a 1/3 chance to drop along with untraceable cell phones and computer set-ups. A good way to stock up on these items is to use your energy pack for this job.
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May 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Job Mastery Items; Strategy and Leveling Guide

After mastering all the jobs in a specific tier 3 times, you will master the tier, get a title and a reward item. Here are these reward items:

Master Street Thug - Pistol Bayonet: +4% damage done in fights

This is an easy one to get, and definitely worth it! Dealing more damage in fights is a great bonus.

Master Associate - Bugatti: -7% damage taken in fights

Also an easy one to get, and definitely worth it. Will win more fights with this item.

Master Soldier - Golden Skull: 30 second reduction on health regen timer

Pretty worthless. You have to master soldier to become a master in the next tier though.

Master Enforcer - Money Plate: 5% discount on property purchases

Not bad. Every little bit helps if you are on the quest for the "Nest Egg" achievement.

Master Hitman - Chainsaw Bayonet: 30 second reduction on stamina regen timer

Also pretty good. This item lets you attack other players more often.

Master Capo - State Senator: 5% discount on property repairs

Not all that great. If you are spending a lot of money on repairs, see the "How Not to Get Robbed" post.

Master Consigliere - Helicopter - 30 second reduction on energy regen timer

Lets you regen energy more often. Not bad I'd say!

Master Underboss - Private Island - +5% more experience points from jobs

This is the best reward item in my opinion. It makes leveling up a lot easier!

Master Boss - Golden Throne - 2x the energy regenerated per regen period

This is final reward item. I think it is bugged. Right now, you can only get 1 energy regenerated per regen period, so with this item you get 2 energy. However, at higher levels, if you watch your energy regen, it goes up by 2 (without the golden throne) but when you refresh the page, it goes back down to only 1. I think if the creators update the game at some point, this item might get better, and provide more than 2 energy per regen period.
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May 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Achievements; Strategy and Leveling Guide

There are 15 achievements available in Mafia Wars. Each achievement gives you +1 stat point upon completion(in addition to bragging rights). So not only do you have something to work for, but you can pick up some extra stat points along the way. Here is a list of the achievements and a brief guide on how to unlock them:

Napoleon Complex - Earned by defeating someone with a bigger mafia

This one is not as hard as it sounds. Try to pick a weak target with a larger mafia size (use the sizing up an opponent guide if you are not sure how to do that) and attack them repeatedly. Even if they are a lot stronger than you, eventually you will score a critical hit and win (happens about every one in ten fights).

Unstoppable - Earned by winning 15 fights in a row

Also a pretty easy achievement. Pick a very easy target and attack them over and over. This can take some time, as you will need a bit of luck to win 15 times in a row. If you always attack the same weak target, eventually you will score 15 wins in a row.

Armed and Dangerous - Earned by owning 10 Tommy Guns

This ones easy. You'll pick it up as you do jobs - some jobs require more than 10 Tommy Guns

Personal Fleet - Earned by owning 500 Town Cars

Odds are, you will never need 500 town cars. By the time you have the money to afford them, you should have already replaced some of these with item drops from jobs (like humvees). The idea here is to just buy 500 town cars and then sell off the ones you don't need.

The First is the Hardest - Earned by depositing $1,000,000

This should happen by the Soldier or Enforcer tier at the latest. All that you need to do is deposit 1,000,000 in the bank. It must be done in 1 deposit; that is you can not deposit 500,000 twice and get this achievement, it must be done in one lump sum.

Personal Bailout - Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000

This one is actually pretty easy once you are at higher levels. By the time you master the Consigliere tier, you should be able to deposit 1,000,000,000. It must be done in one deposit.

That's with a "T" - Earned by depositing $1,000,000,000,000

This one is the second hardest achievement. Odds are you will need to be a master boss to get this done. I have seen several people now with this achievement. The easiest way to collect money is via the "Make Arrangements for a Visiting Don" job in the boss tier. It pays $57,000,001-$96,900,001 per time for 35 energy (if you have a good wheelman). Despite this, it would take doing this job about 13,000 times to get this done! Obviously, you will need a large energy pool (as outlined in the leveling guide) and a lot of property to earn this much money. If you are a high level player and have been playing for months, this probably won't be a big deal, but it can take a few weeks for a brand new player to achieve.

Nest Egg - Earned by depositing $10,000,000,000,000

This is the hardest achievement in game. The earliest date I have seen for completion of this is 5/21/2009 - about 3 weeks after this achievement went live. The same strategy applies for the "That's with a T" achievement. I would recommend not depositing any money in the bank because of the -10% fee if you are trying to go for this achievement. Buy a lot of property and make a lot of arrangements for visiting dons. Good luck!

Collector - Earned by vaulting a collection

This one is very easy. Vault a collection to earn it.

Curator - Earned by vaulting at least nine collection

As you level up the jobs, you'll begin to piece together collections. If you are missing a few pieces, look around on facebook for trading groups. People there will often be able to trade you the piece you are missing.

Wing Man - Earned by helping out 10 friends who call for backup

Sometimes you will see help requests for other players in your notifications and news feed on Facebook. By clicking the picture, you will be able to help out a fellow mafia member on a job. You will earn exp, money, and occasionally a collection item for doing so. If you do this 10 times, you will earn this achievement.

Mercenary - Earned by helping out 200 friends who call for backup

This is pretty much the same thing as the Wingman achievement, except it takes a lot longer. More people play Mafia Wars in the evening (after they get home from work), so the best time to look for job postings is in the evening. Additionally, having more mafia members gives you more opportunities to help out, so increase your mafia size in order to have more opportunities to complete this achievement.

Giver - Earned by sending ten gifts to your Mafia

Another easy achievement. Go into the gifting tab and pick 10 random mafia members and send them items you don't want.

Spreading it Around - Earned by sending 501 gifts to your Mafia

This one is a bit tougher simply because it takes awhile to collect 501 items to send! The "Rob the Electronics Store" job drops an item every time, and you need a lot of concealable cameras to master all the jobs. Believe it or not, you will end up with a surplus of untraceable cell phones on your road to master boss. You can send these to your mafia members that need them to hit the 501 gifts needed.

Try to master all the achievements (except for perhaps the $1,000,000,000,000 ones, simply for sanity) to get extra skill points! Good luck!

Mafia Wars Cuba: New Achievements

One Down - Achieved by mastering at least one stage in New York.
Strategy: Master one stage in New York..

What else you got? - Achieved by mastering all the tiers in New York
Strategy: Please see the leveling guide.

Island Bound - Earned by traveling to Cuba
Strategy: Hit level 35, click the fly to Cuba button.

Banana Republic - Earned by owning all four businesses in Cuba
Strategy: Money may seem tight in Cuba to start, but don't worry. You'll master this in no time. Don't buy any businesses until you master the first tier once; you'll need the money to buy the required items for the jobs before that.

Havana Hat Trick - Earned by mastering at least one job tier in Cuba.
Strategy: Just play in Cuba for a bit, it will happen in no time.

Like a Hurricane - Earned by winning 1000 fights in Cuba.
Strategy: This is the only strategy in Cuba that will actually take a bit of time. If you are struggling to win fights in Cuba, find an easy target in Cuba to attack repeatedly as discussed here.

My Little Friend - Earned by gifting an M16A1 to a friend.
Strategy: Do the "Transport a Shipment of US Arms" job in the El Capitan tier until you get one of these guns, then gift said gun to someone in your mafia. Easy enough.

Achievements added 6/18/2009:

International - Earned by collecting over 1,000,000 Cuban Pesos
Strategy: Not actually too bad. Once you work through Mafia Wars: Cuba, start buying businesses. Fully upgraded businesses will be able to knock this achievement out in 4 days.

Big Business - Earned by fully upgrading a single Cuban business.
Strategy: Will happen en route to International. Don't worry too much about this or the Tycoon achievement, just buy some businesses and they will pay to upgrade themselves in short order.

Tycoon - Earned by fully upgrading all Cuban Businesses

Working Man - Earned by doing 20 jobs in one day
Strategy: Easy. They do not have to be different jobs - if you have 20 energy you can just do one energy jobs in the Street Thug tier and earn it easily. Or, you can just work on leveling up and you should get it!

Dependable - Earned by doing a job every day for seven days
Strategy: Do a job once every seven days.

Big Spender - Earned by purchasing an item or service with Reward Points
Strategy: Level up 28 times and buy +4 stat points, or spend your money on some.

Treasure Hunter - Earned by finding a rare item in a mystery crate
Strategy - Buy mystery crates. Sucks because the rares in the mystery crate are pretty poor quality, maybe they will upgrade them at some point

Slum Lord - Earned by owning 30 apartment complexes
Strategy - Buy 30 apartment complexes

Cashing out - Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinoes
Strategy - Buy and sell 50 Mega Casinoes. If you don't have any Mega Casinoes, you can buy and sell them 1 (or 10) at a time to save money.

Getting the Crew Together - Earned by promoting friends to each Top Mafia position
Strategy - Find some friends, promote them to top Mafia.

Crime C.E.O. - Earned by assembling a Top Mafia with all players above level 100
Strategy - Not too bad, by the time you have 50 or so Mafia members, you should be able to find enough to put in your Top Mafia.

Knife Thrower - Earned by looting 10 Butterfly Knives.
Strategy - You should earn this achievement just in the process of leveling up.

Uncle Sam - Earned by owning 50 federal agents.
Strategy - They had to put this in after I gave all mine away! At any rate, you get federal agents from the "Buy off a Federal Agent" job in the boss tier. They do not have a good drop rate, and the job requires blackmail photos, so I would recommend being a Master Boss before going for this achievement. It might take a few days worth of energy packs to collect enough blackmail photos to get this one.

What's after Trillion? - Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars
Strategy - I'll be surprised if anyone ever gets this legitimately within the year. It took a few weeks for people to hit the 10 trillion mark, so getting 100 times that is going to take quite some time. I think this was just put in the game to give people who have done everything something to do. *Apparently, some long time players have this much money due to no longer existent hitlist mechanism where you could put people up for hits for unlimited amounts of money.

Bulletproof - Earned by surviving for over 60 minutes on the Hit List.
Strategy - This one actually looks pretty interesting. Surviving on the Hit List takes an interesting build - you need to be able to win a lot of fights on defense (see guide), but you also need to have a lot of health so that you do not get knocked out in between bouts of healing. On the hit list, you can be knocked out even if you win every fight on defense. If you win 100 fights, you're still taking damage on most fights, and eventually you will get knocked out. You can heal every minute or so, but if you only have the base line level of health, you will not last very long on the hitlist. You can try to have this done at off-peak hours (in the middle of the night) and have a friend list you, but Mafia Wars is an international game, so there will never be truly be an opening.

That's Amore - Earned by gifting a Diamond Ring to any player under level 8
Strategy - Get a friend to play, gift them a ring before they get past level 8. In other news, the Diamond Ring crops up on everyone's wishlist..

The Best Offense - Earned by defeating 6 attackers in a row
Strategy - See the How to Win Fights on Defense guide. The best way to get attacked 6 times in a row is to get someone to list you on the hitlist after you get an outfitted Mafia of 501. It can be done earlier, but requires a bit of luck. Alternatively, you could have a weaker friend attack you until you get it.
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May 21, 2009

How to win Fights on Defense in Mafia Wars; Facebook Strategy & Leveling Guide

The best way to avoid losing fights in Mafia Wars is to not get attacked in the first place. The same tips that I covered earlier in the "How Not to Get Robbed" section will also help prevent you from being attacked. However, if you like to fight other players, it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter another player who will either put you on the hitlist or get his buddies to attack you. In this situation, there are a couple things you can do to boost your defense:

1. Recruit more Mafia Members

It's a bit of a redundant theme at this point, but one of the easiest things you can do to not lose as many fights on defense is to add mafia members. If you are lacking mafia members, look for groups on facebook like "Mafia Wars Recruitment Center" and you will be able to find more mafia members there.

2. Equip your Mafia

Now that you've added more mafia members (or already had 500), it's important that they are fully equipped. You will want one weapon, armor, and vehicle for each person in your mafia. The higher the defense on the items, the better off you will be when defending yourself from attacks. See the best of list for up to date information on the best weapons, armors, and vehicles.

3. Put points in Defense

Even if you have a full Mafia with all the best equipment, if you have no points in defense, you will still lose fights to high-end players. One easy way to get points is to do the collections; several of these, such as the ties and rings, will add a good bit of defense to your stats. One point in defense for every level you have will set you up to be above-average when it comes to getting attacked. Additionally, use your godfather points from leveling up for stats, and put those in defense if you feel like you are still getting killed too easily.


By filling up your mafia, collecting the best defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles, and by putting some points in defense, you can be sure to cut down on your losses in the future!
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May 20, 2009

Mafia Wars Collections & Collection Items; Strategy & Leveling Guide

In the facebook version of Mafia Wars, collections sets of items that drop randomly while doing jobs. Each collection is tied to a specific job tier (i.e. soldier, enforcer, hitman, etc.) and the items from each collection a chance to drop when doing jobs of the corresponding tier. When you collect a full set, you can "vault" the items (an option under the inventory tab) for a permanent stat bonus.

Here is a list of the collections available in Facebook's Mafia Wars and the rewards available for collecting each set of items:

Street Thug Tier:

Diamond Flush Collection - Reward - +1 energy
Items in set: Eight of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds

Associate Job Tier:

Heart Flush Collection - Reward - +5 Health
Items in Set: Eight of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Ten of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Ace of Hearts

Soldier Job Tier:

Sculptures Collection - Reward - +3 Defense
Items in Set: Rat Sculpture, Sheep Sculpture, Rooster Sculpture, Tiger Sculpture, Snake Sculpture, Dragon Sculpture

Poker Chips Collection - Reward - +2 Attack
Items in Set: White Poker Chip, Brown Poker Chip, Red Poker Chip, Blue Poker Chip, Green Poker Chip, Purple Poker Chip, Gold Poker Chip

Club Flush Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Eight of Clubs, Nine of Clubs, Ten of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, Ace of Clubs

Boxing Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Hand Tape, Gloves, Headgear, Boxing Trunks, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Boxing Ring

Enforcer Job Tier:

Cigars Collection - Reward - +2 Energy
Items in Set: Ebony Cigar, Sky Cigar, Rose Cigar, Ivory Cigar, Turquoise Cigar, Gold Cigar, Royal Cigar

Spade Flush Collection - Reward - +2 Stamina
Items in Set: Eight of Spades, Nine of Spades, Ten of Spades, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades, Ace of Spades

Billiard Balls Collection - Reward - +1 Stamina
Items in Set: One Ball, Two Ball, Three Ball, Four Ball, Five Ball, Cue Ball, Eight Ball

Hitman Job Tier:

Rings Collection - Reward - +5 Defense
Items in Set: Topaz Ring, Opal Ring, Amethyst Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring

Ties Collection - Reward - +6 Defense
Items in Set: Solid Tie, Striped Tie, Checked Tie, Geometric Tie, Dot Tie, Paisley Tie, Knitted Tie

Capo Job Tier:

Paintings Collection - Reward - +6 Energy
Items in Set: Warhol Painting, Cezanne Painting, Matisse Painting, Van Gogh Painting, Dali Painting, Monet Painting, Rembrandt Painting

Cufflinks Collection - Reward - +10 Health
Items in Set: Silver Cufflinks, Gold Cufflinks, Amber Cufflinks, Jasper Cufflinks, Agate Cufflinks, Onyx Cufflinks, Pearl Cufflinks

Barber Shop Collection - Reward - +4 Energy
Items in Set: Barber Pole, Razor, Brush, Seat, Towel, Scissors, Cream

Consigliere Job Tier:

Great Race Horses Collection - Reward - +7 Energy
Items in Set: Mill Reef, Sea Bird, Arkle, Golden Miller, St Simon, Ormonde, Eclipse

Mafia Wars: Cuba Collections

El Soldado Job Tier
Rum Drinks Collection
Reward: +8 energy
Items: Pina Colada, Hurricane, Bahama Mama, Mojito, Rum Runner, Long Island Ice Tea, Cuba Libre

El Capitan Job Tier
Tropical Fruits Collection
Reward: +3 Stamina
Items: Banana, Lime, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit

El Jefe Job Tier
Entertainers Collection
Reward: +10 Health
Items: Magician, Fan Dancer, Comedian, Band Leader, Cabaret Singer, Crooner, Burlesque Dancer

El Patron Job Tier
Tropical Fish Collection
Reward: +5 Attack
Items: Pufferfish, Sergeant Major, Yellowtail Snapper, Great Barracuda, Queen Angelfish, Reef Shark, Blue Martin

El Padriano Job Tier
Beards Collection
Reward: +7 Defense (also an achievement)
Items: Garibaldi, Hulihee, Vandyke, Mutton Chops, Soul Patch, French Fork, Fidel

Mafia Wars Moscow:

Prison Tattoos Collection (Baklany Episode): +6 Defense

Items: Rose Tatto, Church Tattoo, Star Tattoo, Spider Tattoo, Tiger Tattoo, Skull Tattoo, Crucifix

Boost: Temporary Tattoo (+42 Fight Defense Skill)

Matryoshka Dolls Collection: +7 Energy

Items: Natalya's Doll, Olga's Doll, Oksana's Doll, Svetlana's Doll, Tatyana's Doll, Anastasiya's Doll, Ekaterina's Doll

Boost: Hidden Matryoshka (-20 job energy cost)

Episode 3 (Brigadir)

Russian Leaders Collection: +4 Attack
Items in set: Medal of Gorbachev, Medal of yeltsin, Medal of Brezhnev, Medal of Kruschev, Medal of Putin, Medal of Stalin, Medal of Lenin

Boost: Political Favor (+60 robbing defense skill)

Seriously? +Robbing defense skill? Even though robbing is not in the game anymore?

Episode 4 (Avtoritet)

Vodka Drinks Collection: +4 Stamina
Items in set: Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, Bloody mary, Black Russian, White Russian, Soviet

Boost: Liquid Courage (+44 attack skill)

Episode 5 (Vor):

Soviet Memorabilia Collection: +10 Health

Boost: Berlin Wall Section (+46 fight defense skill)
Items in Collection: Red Star, Kremlin, Communist Manifesto, Propaganda Poster, Hammer, Sickle, Bust of Lennin

Episode 6 (Pakhan):

Faberge Egg Collection: +8 Energy

Boost: Faberge Hen: -24 job energy cost
Items in Collection: Diamond Trellis Egg, Jade Egg, Military Egg, Pansy Egg, Rainbow Egg, Winter Egg, Peter the Great Egg

Other Collections:

Daily Chance Collection: Pieces can be acquired by matching 3 numbers in the daily chance. You only reasonable way to complete this set is through trading.

Reward: +10% drop rate for loots

Pieces: Bingo Card, Deck of Cards, Dice, Roulette Wheel, Slot Machine, Craps Table, Baccarat Shoe

Money Laundering Collection:
This collection is acquired by helping other players with their money laundering requests.

Reward: Banking deposit fee drops from 10% to 7%.

Pieces: Money Iron, Dirty Laundry, Dryer Sheets, Money Line, Roll of Quarters, Death by Detergent, Dirty Bra


Mafia Wars Bangkok Collections

Chest Set Collection: Episode 1 (Brawler)

Reward for vaulting: +5 energy
Boost for vaulting again: Chess Master (-8 job energy costs)
Pieces in set: Chessboard, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

Masks Collection: Episode 2 (Criminal)

Reward for vaulting: +5 defense
Boost for vaulting again: War Paint (+32 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Agat-Talai's Mask, Sukreep's Mask, Palee's Mask, Phra Ram's Mask, Indrachit's Mask, Hanuman's Mask, Tosakanth's Mask

Spices Collection: Episode 3

Reward for vaulting: +7 Defense
Boost for vaulting again: Pepper Spray (+36 fight defense skill)
Pieces in set: Coriander, Garlic, Tumeric, Green Peppercorn, Holy basil, Lemongrass, Thai Chili

Episode 4

Reward for vaulting: +4 Attack
Boost for vaulting again: Chisel (+34 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Wall Carving, Floral Statue, Dragon Statue, Decorative Nightstand, Lotus Bloom, Rearing Elephant, Stone Buddha

Episode 5A

Reward for vaulting: +8 Health
Boost for vaulting again: Boutonniere (+10% payout on jobs)
Pieces in set: Marco Polo, Grace Pink, Misteen, Jade Siam, Bom Gold, Bom Blue, Fatima

Robbing Collections

Tools of the Trade Collection

Pieces in set: Lock Picks, Diamond Drill, Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Safecracker's Stethoscope, Black Ski Masks, Grappling Hooks

Reward for vaulting: +20% cash and items from robbing

Stolen Diamond Collection

Pieces in set: Hope Diamond, Koh-I-Noor Diamond, Great Star of Africa Diamond, The Orloff Diamond, The Sancy Diamond, The Idol's Eye Diamond, The Regent Diamond

Reward for vaulting: Improve odds of successfull robberies by 10%
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How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars; Facebook Strategy & Leveling Guide

If you want to know how to win fights in Mafia Wars, you've come to the right place. If you read Part 1 of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you'll be able to beat your opponent in a fight. Or perhaps you've attacked him several times and just can't seem to win. Here are the things you can do to make your character stronger in fights:

1. Increase your Mafia size

This is becoming a common theme no doubt. A bigger mafia will win more fights! Regardless of level, you can use 501 Mafia Members (i.e. you + 500) in any fight. The closer you are to that number, the better off you are going to be!

2. Equip your Mafia

Each Mafia member can use 1 (and only 1) weapon, armor, and vehicle when attacking other players. There is no advantage in having more than 1 weapon per mafia member. Only the best weapon will be selected to be used in combat. The only thing that matters when picking the best equipment for offense is its attack rating. Defense is not important! Here are the best items you can collect for offense:

Updated for Cuba


TNT - 42 Attack, 20 defense - drops from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job in the El Padrino tier.


Hu-9 Helicopter - 36 attack, 27 defense - drops from the "Attack the Army Command Post" job in the El Padrino tier.


Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.

As you can see, the items from jobs have a significantly higher level of attack than the store bought versions. Keep doing the jobs listed above to collect these items if you want a better chance of winning fights! Additionally, when you master a tier all 3 times, items from jobs in that tier times will have a +10% drop rate. So before doing a job to collect items, make sure the whole tier is mastered. Furthermore, having more than 1 weapon, armor, or vehicle does little for your mafia- in other words, if you have 501 TNT, collecting any more weapons will do nothing for your offensive power. Collecting TNT for everyone in your mafia can take some time, but doing so will give you an edge in fights!

3. Put points in Attack

Even a full mafia with the best equipment will struggle if there are no points in the attack category. Even if you are following the leveling guide, at some point, you will need to put your stat points in "Attack" if you wish to be successful in attacking a lot of players. The formula for attacking other player seems to use attack as a multiplicative function - that is Mafia Size and equipment alone aren't enough to win fights, you need a solid combination of both of these factors.

4. Do not waste godfather points on reward items

This goes right along with point #3. At the moment, reward items flat out are not good (maybe the developers will improve them in the future). The weapons, armor, and vehicles rarely have much more attack or defense rating then what is already available through jobs. Sometimes it is even worse! Rather than get the reward items, spend your points on the +4 stat upgrade, and put points in attack. This will do much more for your fighting ability then buying these items.


By increasing your Mafia size (up to 501), making sure your mafia is stocked up on the best equipment, by putting some stat points in Attack, and by spending Godfather points on stats to add to attack, you can be sure to increase your chances of winning. However, you will never win 100% of fights - opponents who are Top Mafia bodyguards have a chance to always win on defense, plus critical hits, which are infrequent but occur, will always cause a loss in a fight.

Good luck!
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May 19, 2009

Sizing up your Opponent; Mafia Wars Strategy & Leveling Guide

Sizing Up Your Opponent:
A brief guide on guessing whether or not you will be able to win a fight in Facebook's Mafia Wars

One of the most popular questions I get is "how to win fights in mafia wars." Winning fights in Mafia Wars is easy - be stronger than your opponent! The problem is, you don't know if you're stronger than the guy who keeps robbing your buddy's casinos. This leaves you with a few questions:

1. How do I know if I'm stronger than my opponent?

2. If I'm not stronger than my opponent, how can I make my character stronger?

I'll start with the first question.

How do I know if I will win a fight?

The short answer is you don't know until you try. However, there are a few ways that you can size up your opponent before attacking him.

Mafia Size - Okay, this is an easy one. If your enemy's mafia is larger than yours, odds are he will win in a fight. If their mafia is smaller, odds are you will win. If you need mafia members, there are multiple recruitment groups and threads on facebook that exist for the purpose of finding new mafia members.

Win to Loss Ratio - Take a look at the picture below:

This player has won 22 fights and lost 92 fights. In other words, they've lost 92 fights out of 114 (~80%) total fights. Anyone with a losing % of more than 50% is going to be a pretty easy target. Anyone with a winning % of more than 80% is going to be a tough target. Anyone with a winning % of around 90% is going to be very tough. This is not 100% foolproof. Example: a player puts all his stat points in attack, and only collects attack items, while putting nothing in defense. However, this is usually not the case. Especially if you see someone with 90% win percentage - they are able to win both on attack and defense often, which means the player in question is quite strong.

In order to get a clearer idea on the issue, compare your losing % with your foe's percentage. If your mafias are roughly the same size and you have a higher win percentage then your opponent, you'll probably win the fight. If you have a lower win percentage, the odds are not in your favor!

Interpreting other stats

If the mafia size and win/loss % are inconclusive, other stats are available. Compare deaths to mobsters whacked - if a player has a lot more kills then deaths, odds are he's a pretty tough player. Same goes with times robbed to successful heists - if someone has never been robbed but has a lot of successful heists, be careful!


Compare your mafia size and win to loss ratio to your potential opponent. If you have a bigger mafia and better win/loss ratio, you're likely to win! If not, you should reconsider attacking. If you and your opponent are similar on both, look at the kill to death ratio and heists to times robbed ratio - if your opponent dies more often then you do, you have a good chance to win! Same goes for successful heists to times robbed ratio (if someone gets robbed a lot, they are an easy target for fights). With these tips, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you will be able to beat another player in a fight without ever attacking them! Tomorrow I will answer the second question - how to make your character stronger so that you can win more fights and beat tougher opponents!
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May 18, 2009

About the Free Godfather Points Link; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

If you've been playing Mafia Wars for any bit of time, undoubtedly you've seen the "5 free godfather points" link. If you haven't seen it before, here it is:

Many of you will get 5 free godfather points for clicking that link. Additionally, many of you will not get anything. The link is a one-time deal. How does this work? Well, if you've seen the links in the many groups on facebook and clicked it there, obviously, it will not work. However, some of you have never seen the link before and still won't get any points; here's why:

After 12 or so hours after you install the Mafia Wars app, you will get a notification that says, "Thanks for playing Mafia Wars" with the same link as above. This is a "newbie reward" for all new players - hence the "newbreward" part of the link. If you click the notification, you are given 5 points on the spot. However, most people seem to miss this notification. If you happened to go on vacation or did not log into facebook for a few days, odds are you missed the link. Since the offer is always open but only valid for one click, some people get 5 reward points while others don't. Players who get points only do so because they missed the notification in the first place.

It's a one time deal, so if you click the link and get nothing, you've already gotten the points, so you aren't missing out on anything. People who benefit from the link simply missed it the first time around!
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May 17, 2009

How to not get robbed in Mafia Wars

If you're reading this, you've probably been robbed... and are probably annoyed because you have to pay for repairs all the time. Additionally, you make less money on properties until they are repaired, which is no fun either. As of this post, my character (which I leveled with the same strategy outlined in the leveling guide) owns 170 Office Buildings, 180 5-star hotels, 130 mega casinos, and 80 marinas for a total income of over 100 million an hour. Here's the kicker: he's never been robbed, ever.

Not bad for never being robbed, eh?

Without further ado, here are my top tips on how not to get robbed:

1. Your mafia size should be at least the equivalent of your level.

Unlike defending fights, the amount of mafia members that can "help out" is equal to your level. So, if you don't want to get robbed and are level 70, you should have at least 70 people in your mafia. By having less mafia members then your level, you become a big target.

2. Make sure your mafia is equipped.

Mafia members are only as strong as the weapons and armor you give them. Make sure every mafia member has a decent weapon, armor, and vehicle to use. If you don't have money for that, then why are you buying property?

3. Level Up!

I'm not talking about leveling up to put more points in defense or get more mafia members. Getting out of the low levels early is important for property health - players at higher levels do not rob as often, if at all. Why? Because it is not worth the stamina. Fighting yields more experience and has a chance to drop the best weapons (AR-15s), vehicles (Humvees), and job items (like blackmail photos) that the high level players need.

The 650,000-750,000$ that is standard for robbing a casino pales in comparison to the amount of cash the "Boss" jobs produce. High level players do jobs for money rather than rob. On that note, if you are power leveling, you may find it hard to keep your mafia size equal to your level. The solution is simple - if you can't keep your mafia size equal to your level, just don't buy property (aside from Mafia Mike's) until you are around level 150. Players around level 20-80 rob much more frequently then high level players.

4. Don't rob other players.

As noted in point #3, high level players do not like to rob. The only reason to rob is to get revenge for their low level buddies. So, if you don't piss anyone off (i.e. by robbing them), you are much less likely to get robbed in return.

5. Win a lot of fights.

In Mafia Wars, the best defense is a good offense. When robbing someone, you can only see a few statistics - number of mafia members, whether the property is protected, and the profile stats (such as fights won and lost) of the person you are trying to rob. Since a player can't actually see your defense rating, a high level of defense does little to deter attacks. What they can see however, is your win to loss ratio on fights. I know I'm a lot less likely to try to fight or rob someone that has won 10,000 fights and only lost 1,000! However, when I see someone who has lost many more fights then they have won, I know it's an easy target.

6. Don't put people on the hitlist.

If you WANT to get robbed, be sure to put someone on the hitlist. Not only will the person you put a hit out on rob you repeatedly, but so will his friends. Additionally, when someone posts a hit, their name is shown on the hitlist as well. Some bored higher level players get entertainment out of robbing and attacking people who put out hits rather than attacking for the reward money! Avoid putting your name out there and you won't get robbed (or attacked) as much.

7. Protect your property.

Protecting your property is not as expensive as you might think - it only needs to be done once if you never get robbed! If you followed steps 1-5 and protect your property, the your odds of getting robbed are slim-to-none. If you never have to pay for repairs, you'll save a lot of money!


If you are getting robbed constantly in mafia wars, just add more people to your mafia, win a lot of fights (if your attack rating is low find a whipping boy), don't rob other players, don't put out hits, and protect your property. If all else fails, level to 150 as fast as you can- people at that level don't rob as much. Do this and I guarantee you your robbery rates will go way down!

Don't let this happen to you!
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May 16, 2009

Energy Pack Link; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

I figured I'd include this link for anyone who may have missed it the first time around. If you click on the link below and are due for an energy pack (you can use one every 23 hours), the link will allow you to use an energy pack, even if you have not been sent an energy pack by a fellow mafia member. However, before clicking the link below and use your energy pack, read up on the energy pack strategy so you don't waste the pack!


My special energy pack no longer works. Where can I get the Mafia Wars Toolbar; the link disappeared. Help?

You can re-download the toolbar at If you have it installed and it does not work, try re-installing or using a different internet browser.

Alternatively, I found a solid post by a guy named Arun detailing how you can get the mini energy pack without the toolbar. Here's how:

1. Log into Facebook.

2. Go here:

3. Click "log in" and allow whatever you need to to get to the next screen. If you don't get a log in screen, you've already done this before; proceed to step 4.

4. Go here:

5. The end!

It probably won't work for long, but enjoy in the mean time.
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May 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide Summary

Welcome to the guide!

I was able to level from 1-200 in under 2 days with the strategy outlined in this guide. Additionally, I was able to achieve the rank of "Master Boss" in just under 1 week. This was done in around 10 hours of playtime. It's okay if you don't believe me, just try it out for yourself!Note- this was written assuming you are starting out a brand new character. If you already have been playing, you will need to start a new character (and a new facebook). If that is not something you would want to do, you should still be able to pick up some useful tips from the guide to speed up your leveling! Additionally, new tips and information will be added a few times a week.I've written out the leveling strategy in two formats- a short summary and an 8-part in-depth outline which includes pictures and more detail. The table of contents can be found below:

Summary (Below)
Choosing your class; Part 1
Getting set up; Part 2
The Early Levels; Part 3
Robbing Banks; Part 4
Mastering Soldier, Enforcer, and Hitman; Part 5
Capo and Consigliere; Part 6
Becoming a Master Boss; Part 7
The Finishing Touches; Part 8

Here is the step-by-step summary of how I was able (and you will be too!) to level to 200 in under 2 days and become a Master Boss in under a week. The premise is simple: when you level up, you get an energy refill. If you always level up off of one energy bar, you will never have to wait for energy! If you need more details, each step is linked to the post covering it in more detail:

1. Start a Fearless character.

2. Find a high level Wheelman and Mastermind and add them to your Top Mafia.

3. Make sure your character is a Wheelman and Mastermind in another player's mafia.

4. Until you are as high of a level as you want to be, put all stat points into energy.

5. Spend all godfather points on +4 stats, and use those for extra energy.

6. Beg your friends or send yourself the +energy and stamina collections
. These are the Diamond Flush (+1 energy), Cigars (+2 energy), Spade Flush (+2 stamina), Billiard Balls (+1 stamina), Paintings (+6 energy), Barber Shop (+4 energy), and Great Race Horses (+7 energy).

7. Find a weak player that you can easily beat in fights and add the link to attack him to your favorites. You can attack this person every level and always win fights to get experience.

8. Mastering the first three tiers can be pretty slow. Do not get discouraged. By the time you start working on enforcer, you will have more energy then you will know what to do with!

9. The "Bank Heist" job gives out a lot of experience for the energy cost. It will allow you to level up easily. However, you should split your energy between energy efficient jobs like "Bank Heist" and energy inefficient jobs like "Rough Up Dealers". This way, you can always level up off the same energy bar and master all the jobs at the same time.

10. Never leave any energy behind.

11. Use the "Bank Heist" job as a filler to help you master the first three tiers without having to wait for energy, but try to master Enforcer and Hitman without resorting to filler jobs.

12. Only use energy packs to collect up on items you need a lot of like Untraceable Cell Phones.

13. Master Capo and Consigliere together, Capo jobs are a lot less efficient than Consigliere jobs, so they make a good pairing.

14. Once you have mastered Capo, finish off Consigliere, Underboss, and Boss together. Use the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job as a filler to allow you to level off of each energy bar. As an example, you should do the "Settle a Beef" job until you get to do it for free as part of the Top Mafia Wheelman bonus. At this point, you should have plenty of energy to do less efficient jobs, like the "Try to Master Underboss by level 210.

15. Once you have all the cameras you need, use energy packs to collect a lot of blackmail photos. If you are in a big rush to get master boss, you can speed up the process by using Godfather points on energy refills. This will ultimately cost you stat points in the end however.

16. After you have mastered the Boss tier, it is time to customize your character. You can either keep following the same strategy and get to a very high level, or start putting points in attack and defense in order to have a character that can win many fights.

Enjoy and good luck!

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May 13, 2009

The Finishing Touches; Mafia Wars Strategy; Part 8

So, if you've been following the guide up to this point, you should be a master boss. Congratulations! At this point, it is time to find some direction with your character. It depends what you want to do:

If you want to be able to fight and beat any player:

If your goal is to beat other players, once you master underboss and start to work on boss, you should start switching over points into attack or defense. If you want to be able to beat any player you wish, but don't care about losing fights to people who attack you, you can dump all your points into attack. Additionally, use your massive energy pool to collect AR-15s, Humvees, and Federal Agents to have an advantage over "balanced" opponents. Use your energy pack to stock up on blackmail photos for more federal agents. These are the best 3 attacking items you can have. If you want to be able to survive attacks too, you should split your points between attack and defense, and work on collecting the defense items like the Private Jet and Falsified Documents. Bonus Weapons (which you can buy) are pretty much the best defense weapon, so buy up to 501, one for each person in your mafia.

If you want to fight often:

If your goal is to be able to take out people on the hitlist, you will want to follow the above strategy but put a few extra points into stamina. Health is kind of a waste of stat points, because you can heal at the doctor every few minutes. If you are taking too much damage during fights, get better weapons and fill out your mafia!

If you want to be have the highest level character

If you want to be the highest level mobster around, just keep doing efficient jobs and load all your stat points into energy. Energy packs can be used to collect good defensive items, like falsified documents.

If you want to collect a lot of property and money

Simply having a very large energy pool and doing jobs is the best way to get money. After 200 or so casinoes/offices/hotels, these investments take MONTHS to pay themselves off. At that point, you will rely on jobs to bring in the most money. You might think that you will want to put points into defense to protect your property from robbers, but simply having a full mafia and keeping the property protected will ward off most attackers. Additionally, getting robbed once in awhile is not a big deal. You will make a lot of extra money with your large energy pool and will be able to repair and protect buildings without putting a dent in your bank account.

If you simply wanted to master all the jobs

You're done! You can go back to doing something more productive now.

Feel free to post any questions or comments!
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Becoming a Master Boss; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 7

A New Job

Now, by this point in the game, you should be ~level 150 by the time you finish up Consigliere. If you've been putting all your point in energy (as you should), you'll find that supplementing with the "Bank Heist" job is quite tedious (which it is). However, at level 100, you'll unlock the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job in the boss tier. While not quite as efficient as the Bank Heist job, it comes quite close and is much more convenient. So, from this point on, feel free to settle beefs in order to get your "filler" experience while working on mastering the underboss and boss tiers.

Now for underboss, you may find yourself lacking illegal transaction records, which is quite possibly the case. Simply spend a few levels between the settle a beef job and the steal bank records job. You'll gain quite a few levels this way pretty handily, and you'll be able to save your energy packs for robbing the electronics store. However, if you've been taking your time leveling up and have plenty of concealable cameras (you'll need a LOT for the Boss jobs), feel free to use an energy pack to collect documents.

Try not to level recklessly, stretch out your energy and master as many jobs as possible with each energy bar. I've said it before but it is worth repeating - each time you level, you'll need more exp to level again, but with less energy sitting around to do so. You should be able to finish off the Underboss by level 210 at the most. If you've been efficient, or have taken your time, you can easily be under level 200. It is important to get the Private Island (+5% exp) by around level 210, without it, any level past then becomes pretty tight!


You should shoot to finish off the "Underboss" tier by level 210 or 220. At this point, it is time to level off the boss Tier. If you have a private island, many of the jobs will be masterable quite easily and self-sufficient. The hardest (and longest) part about the Boss tier is collecting several hundred Blackmail Photos. However, if you've been using your energy packs to rob the electronics store, you should have plenty of cameras stocked and ready to go. Working this last tier will take a little bit longer. Even if you are using filler jobs to allow you to collect blackmail photos, this process may still take a day or two. If you diligently count energy and put all of your stat points into energy, you can probably master boss without waiting for any energy packs. I chose to wait since doing that is a bit tedious though; the point of playing a game is for entertainment, right?
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Capo and Consigliere; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 6

By the time you master all of the early job tiers, you should be around level 60 or so. You'll have access to both the Capo and Consigliere jobs tiers. The Capo job tier really sucks.. most of the jobs don't give many experience points considering their energy cost. To make matters worse, as you are leveling up, you need more experience points per energy point to level up. However, there is hope! Most of the Consigliere jobs are very energy efficient. That is why I recommend mastering both tiers at the same time. Jobs like "Steal an Arms Shipment" in the Consigliere tree have a good experience points to energy cost ratio, but most Capo jobs like "Loot the Police Impound Lot" have a poor exp / energy ratio. For example:

You have 750 energy and need 1250 xp to level up. You'll do "Steal an Arms Shipment" 10 times, and you'll have 400 energy or so left and 500 xp to next level. This will allow you to do the "Loot the Police Impound Lot" 7 or 8 times and still level up. That way, you'll master the hard jobs without ever having to wait for energy regen!

Cell Phones, Illegal Transaction Records, and Blackmail Photos

These are the real roadblocks of this level. If you are able to stretch your energy out well, you'll have no problem mastering off all the jobs prior to these. The "Steal Bank Records" job pays out pretty well, so Illegal Transaction Records should not be a terrible roadblock. However, getting all those cell phones can be tough. Now if you have been following the guide to a T, or if you just need some cell phones, now is the time to use your Energy Pack to load up on Cell Phones and Cameras. Additionally, if you have any leftover energy after doing efficient jobs that is about to go to waste due to an imminent level, use it on the "Rob an Electronics Store" job. You can never get enough of these consumable items!

Be sure to use all your stamina every level; there is a chance for these consumable item drops to be found during fights!

However, even using the energy pack strategy, you may find yourself short on cell phones when it comes to master jobs like "Flip a Snitch" for the second or third time. However, by the time you master all the other jobs, you should be closing in on level 100. At this point, it is a good idea to start branching out to the Underboss tier. While mastering efficient jobs in the Underboss tier, you can use the extra energy to rob the electronics stores to collect more phones. By the time you master Capo, but before you master Consigliere, odds are you will have much of the "Boss" tier unlocked as well. I think it is most efficient if you work on all 3 or 4 tiers at the same time. That way, you can simply just rob the electronics store when you have an energy pack. However, if you have a few hours to sit down and play on a lazy sunday and want to go level 100-200 in one sitting, you'll have to budget energy to rob the electronics store enough to collect these items. Just make sure you budget your energy right- if you end up short on exp, you'll have to stop playing for awhile until you have enough energy to level!
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May 12, 2009

The Best Use for Energy Packs; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide for Facebook

Don't use energy packs simply to level up. Using them for the sake of leveling is a waste since you are already able to level up off of a single energy bar. Additionally, if you are following this guide, do not use energy packs before level 100. Using them before level 100 is a waste, since it only takes an hour or 2 to hit level 100 following this strategy guide. To make full use of an energy pack, you need a lot of energy to make it worthwhile. If you aren't following this guide step by step and are just looking to be a better player, you can still use this same strategy to your advantage.

Collecting Cameras

The best use for an energy pack is to stock up on Untraceable Cell Phones, Concealable Cameras, and Computer Set-ups. You need around 400 cell phones, probably around 500 or 600 concealable cameras, and 250 computer set-ups to master all the jobs. Computer Set-Ups are also used to obtain the highest defense armor (Falsified Documents), so you can never get enough of those either. The problem is, the "Rob an Electronics Store" job is one of the least efficient jobs in the game, making it very hard to collect these consumable items. However, with an energy pack, you will easily be able to level up off of doing an inefficient job like "Rob an Electronics Store". Therefore, your energy pack should be used to collect these consumable items. Just use all of your energy on robbing an electronics store, then use the energy pack, then do the same job until you level up.

Demote your Mastermind

When using an energy pack to collect items, the goal is now not leveling up, but collecting as many items as possible with your energy pack. For this reason, it is important here to come into a fresh level without any extra experience points. Additionally, you should demote your top mafia mastermind so that you can do the job more times. If this is confusing you, think of it this way. Let's say you are level 100, and you have 750 energy, and you need 1250 experience points to level up. With an energy pack, you'll have 750 energy + 937 energy for the pack to use for that level.. energy is not a concern when you have an energy pack. Let's say that the electronics store job gives 27 exp. You will be able to do the job 47 times before you level up. However, if you demote your mastermind, the job will only offer 25 exp. You'll now be able to do the job 50 times before you level up. That is 3 extra items that you will be able to collect from demoting your mastermind. It may seem insignificant, but it will definitely add up, especially at high levels! Don't forget to promote your mastermind when your energy pack is used up!

Step by Step process:

1. Keep your energy pack until you level up.
2. Get to a fresh level.
3. Demote your Mastermind.
4. Use all of your energy on robbing the electronics store (enforcer tier).
5. Use your energy pack when you are out of energy.
6. Rob the electronics store until you almost level up.
7. Re-promote your Mastermind.
8. You should do your most expensive job right before you level up so you can get a head start on the next level.
9. Continue leveling!
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Mastering Soldier, Enforcer, and Hitman; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 5

Just remember, try to leave as little energy behind as possible each level. If you get a lot of top mafia wheelman procs (i.e. free jobs), you should make sure you start doing really inefficient jobs, such as the "Destroy an Enemy Mob Hideout" to use up all your energy before you level. Never leave energy behind.


Certain jobs in the "Soldier" tier will be self-sufficient, such as the "Museum Break-in" job. You should be able to level that one up and even use some extra energy on the not so good jobs and still level. You will need to do the museum job a few extra times to get through Soldier. As an example, you might do the Museum Break-in job a few times at the start of the level, and switch over to the Destroy an Enemy Mob Hideout as soon as your remaining energy and experience points to next level are the same number. This way you can master the jobs that don't give good experience while still managing to level up off of 1 energy bar. Soldier is one of the slowest job tiers. Do not get discouraged if you have to wait around a bit during the first few hours to get through the soldier tier. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to level quickly and painlessly through enforcer and hitman.


Enforcer is a very self-sufficient tier. You should be able to master all the jobs in Enforcer without needing a rest and without doing the "Museum Break-in" job. The trick is to just stretch out your energy as far as you can. Do an efficient job like "Burn Down a Tenement" until your energy and exp to next level are pretty close. Afterwards, do the material gathering jobs (ex: Distill Liquor) or the "Smuggle Across the Border" (which is the least efficient job in the tier. Try not to waste energy by doing jobs like "Run an Illegal Poker Game" too many times in one level. When you master Enforcer, you'll have some extra poker chips and cards, enough for 3 or 4 rounds of "Run an Illegal Poker Game". The poker game job is extremely efficient - save these cards. Sometimes, you may miscount or do the math wrong and end up a few XP short of your level. This poker game job is the fastest way to get you up to speed, assuming you already have the reagents needed.


Hitman is probably the easiest tier to level. All your jobs are pretty efficient, and you should be able to level quickly and easily without much thought. If you have extra energy, use it to collect wiretap devices from the Enforcer tier- you'll need them for the Hitman job "Frame a Rival Capo". If you still have extra energy, which you probably will, make sure you use it on the "Rob an Electronics Store" job in the Enforcer tier. You'll need extra cameras for the "Obtain Compromising Pictures" job, plus you'll need a lot of cell phones and computer set-ups for later jobs. You can never rob the electronics store enough!
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May 11, 2009

Robbing Banks; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 4

So, by about level 7-8, energy is starting to get stretched pretty thin. Thankfully, there's pretty much the perfect job available in the second tier - Associate. Try not to rely on this to master the the first two tiers. Once you get to the Soldier tier, this is when this strategy particularly shines. If you rely on it too early, you will end up behind in the long run.

If you have a -11% energy cost Wheelman, and Mastermind, this job gives 2 exp per energy point. If you have a private island (master underboss) you will get 2.125 exp per energy point. This is the most efficient job available in the game, and you unlock it at a very low level. Here is the trick to mastering all the jobs while never needing to recover energy:

1. Dump all your stamina into your "whipping boy" as soon as you level.
2. Figure out how much XP you need until your next level and how much energy you currently have (you can see EXP to next level in the "Profile" section).
3. Now, this may sound confusing at first, but here is how it works. Let's say you need 100 exp to next level and you have 75 total energy. If you do the "Bank Heist" job two times, you'll be at 59 total energy and 68 xp until next level. You can then use your remaining 58 energy to master off inefficient jobs, such as the Destroy a Mob Hideout.
3. Try to edge up close to the next level, then do the most expensive job you can afford to do before going to the next level. Once you level, any energy you leave behind is wasted, but any extra xp you earn carries into the next level. Always try to go into the next level with a head start, that way you will spend less energy doing the "Bank Heist" job before moving on to master the less efficient jobs. Here is an example:
Just 5 experience points to next level, but 76 energy left

Already 132 exp into the next level with a full energy and stamina bar

Due to some confusion, if you plan on trying this out, please read the following paragraph:

Levels 8 - 20 can be pretty slow - do not get discouraged, and do not do the Bank Heist job over and over! These will be the slowest levels that you will have following this guide. I can not emphasize this enough. Try to use the Bank Heist job as needed, if you do this too much, you'll end up behind in the long run - you need to master as many jobs as you can in order to get extra stat points for more energy. I recommend only using it twice per level, as necessary. Try not to use it before level 15. Read the comments section below for more details.

It will pick up rapidly as you master the easy jobs and get more energy. Do not dump points into Bank Heist without attempting to master other jobs. You will need the +energy you get from mastering all the jobs in order to progress. Be careful not to be frivolous with your energy spending - each time you level, the energy to exp ratio gets larger. That is, when you first start the game, for every 1 energy you have, you'll need 1 exp to level. By level 200, even if you are putting every stat point in energy along the way, it's close to 2 exp per 1 total energy. So, it is important to be efficient with your leveling along the way and master as many jobs as you can per level, but make sure you are able to get a level off of each energy bar.

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The Early Levels; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 3

Okay, now we're ready to level. Just remember, you must level every single time off of your energy bar if you want to do this fast. For the first few levels, it's no problem leveling off of your energy bar. You just master the jobs one at a time and you'll level up each time without a problem. This brings us to a second key point- you must strive to master every job. Every time you master a job, you get one stat point. This will give us more max energy and make it easier to level off of the same energy bar. Almost every job in the first tier, street thug, has a 1 energy: 1 exp ratio. This makes it tougher to level. By level 6 or so, you will be struggling to level each time off of this poor ratio. At this point, it is time to start attacking.

Find a Whipping Boy

Now, for the first 200 levels, your character will have no attack. Therefore, it is important to find someone really weak to attack! It is also a good idea to have around 10 or so people in your mafia at this point. If you need people, just go to mafia wars fan page on facebook and add a few people as facebook friends from the "add me" threads. Make sure you buy a couple weapons and pieces of armor for a few people in your mafia. That way, you'll win most of your fights vs people with small mafias. There appears to be no downside to attacking both a low level person and a person with a small mafia. So, the best course of action here is to find a person you can consistently beat, then bookmark them so you can always come back and beat them! I attacked the same level 40 player from level 40 on, without any problems. If you are a high level player, you will even get high level drops of low level players. So just find someone you can easily beat and bookmark their info. To do so, you must right click on the link to their name, then click copy link location, then add that link to bookmarks. Pic example:

Simply bookmarking the site won't work, you'll have to get the link this way

Now, you can just attack this person every time you level with all of your stamina. Do this at the beginning of every level in order to get a head start on the jobs. Between attacking the same person over and over again and mastering all the jobs in Street Thug, you should be able to get to around level 8 pretty quickly. After this it slows down a lot. Levels 8-25 are strangely enough the slowest levels in game. Keep grinding through and master as many of the lower tier jobs as you can. By the time you master the first three tiers, leveling gets 100x faster.
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Getting set up; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 2

Now, before you undertake this mission, we need to get prepared. I'm assuming that most people reading this guide have played Mafia Wars before. As you probably know by now, there is no way to restart in Mafia Wars. While you can pick up tips from this guide, it'll be much faster if you simply start over (unless you are already level 400+). How? Just make a new facebook account.

Start Over

I know what you are thinking - a new facebook account? That's so much effort!! Not really. Honestly, it's easier to make a new one than it is to continue playing Mafia Wars. Why? Well if you want to be at the top of your game, you'll need 501 people in your Mafia. The problem is the average person does not have 500 real life friends that play Mafia Wars (if you do, please go outside once in awhile). So, the only option is to befriend complete strangers to add to your Mafia. After friending these people to add to your mafia, you have one of two options: remove each facebook friend individually after they join your mafia, which is a complete hassle, or, allow remain facebook friends with complete strangers giving them access to all your personal info, which is just creepy. Another problem with option #1 is you have to remain friends with people to access the "help out on jobs" option.. that is if you have a mafia full of 500 people that you are friends with, your status will constantly be filled with requests to help out on jobs. This gives you some free xp and is used for achievements. If you aren't friends with anyone in your mafia, this will never happen! Also, Mafia Wars spam ruins your status update page, you can't see what your REAL friends are up to on facebook if alls you see are job and item requests.

Getting your Top Mafia

Now that you've got a new facebook account, it's time to set it up. The first thing you need to do is latch on to a few high levels to add to your top mafia:

A good mastermind will add 11% more exp per job, a good Wheelman will make each
job cost 11% less energy

Finding a good mastermind and wheelman are important. The process is many times faster if you have someone who can knock off 11% energy cost per job. A high level buttonman is nice too as it will help you win fights more easily, it is certainly not mandatory. If you don't know of any high level players, just look around on the discussion boards on the Mafia War's fanpage on facebook. 10 mafia members should be enough at the start. High level players will happily join your mafia, because they will get bonuses for being in your top mafia, which leads us to the next part of the setup.

Getting into the Top Mafia

Here is the harder part- you need to be in someone's "Top Mafia Wheelman". This is where the advantage to being the fearless type comes into play- you get a chance to do jobs for zero energy. If you started a new account, simply log onto your normal facebook account and promote your second account to Wheelman. It will also make it much easier if you can have yourself as a "Top Mafia Mastermind" as well. Just ask a friend to stick you up there for a day or two. If you follow through with the guide, it won't be very long till you actually earn your keep in someone's Top Mafia. As of now, Fearless character types are rare, so people are always looking for a good wheelman. Even though I only made my new account a few days ago, people are already friend requesting me asking if they can add me for a wheelman! Here is one of my favorite things to see:


If you character is not a top mafia wheelman, while you can still pick up tips from the rest of the guide, you will not be able to run through level 1-200 in a day!

Getting your Energy Up

For now, all stat points should go into energy.
Now I know what you are thinking- if I put all my points into energy then I won't be able to attack and beat the best players! Well, the point dumping in energy is only temporary. Once you hit level 200-210 and master all the jobs up to boss, you can put all your points after that in attack and defense. Once you hit 200 and just energy dump in a job like "Settle a Beef... Permanently", you'll be able to level literally 30 or 40 times in a row. You can then put all those stat points in attack and defense. By the time you hit level 400, which will be a week to a month later (depending if you choose the most energy efficient job or the jobs that give the best items), you'll be a balanced character, only months ahead of the competition! Additionally, having all that energy will allow you to easily gather the best weapons and vehicles like AR-15s and Humvees, which will give you a big edge over your energy-starved opponents!

Additionally, if you started a new account, it is a big advantage if you can send yourself some collections. This is not mandatory, but makes the process easier and faster. When you first started out, you probably considered the early levels the fastest. It is the exact opposite with this strategy, the levels 10-30 are the slowest, so any extra bit of energy helps.

Godfather Points

Every 2 levels or so, you get 1 Godfather reward point. Most people make the mistake of putting those points into energy refills or saving up for the reward items. An energy refill is a huge waste- with this strategy you should be able to level start to finish off of one energy bar. The items are also a waste of points- the loot items like AR-15 are nearly as good as any crate item, and getting enough reward points to outfit your entire mafia in special weapons is an exercise in futility. All of your reward points should be spent on the +4 stat reward, which you will use to increase your energy. Consider this- spending 56 points on 16 stat points and putting them all in attack and using AR-15s as your main weapons will produce much better results than spending 55 points on 3 crates and using the special weapons! Everytime I see someone with special loot items, I imagine my feelings are akin to how Darius Rucker feels everytime he sings "Let Her Cry".

If you weren't able to send yourself any collections because this is your first account, it wouldn't hurt to do a few surveys in order to get enough points to buy 8 or 12 energy. This is not mandatory but certainly wouldn't hurt.

Cliff Notes

1. Make a new account (Fearless)
2. Find a good mastermind and wheelman. Your wheelman should knock off 11% energy off of jobs (this is important later!)
3. Make sure your new character is someone's top mafia wheelman and mastermind. Beg a friend to put you up for a few days, or put promote yourself in a second account.
4. Put all stat points into energy.
5. Spend all reward points on +4 stat points and put them into energy.
6. Try to get ahold of the +energy and +stamina collections.
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