May 13, 2009

Becoming a Master Boss; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 7

A New Job

Now, by this point in the game, you should be ~level 150 by the time you finish up Consigliere. If you've been putting all your point in energy (as you should), you'll find that supplementing with the "Bank Heist" job is quite tedious (which it is). However, at level 100, you'll unlock the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job in the boss tier. While not quite as efficient as the Bank Heist job, it comes quite close and is much more convenient. So, from this point on, feel free to settle beefs in order to get your "filler" experience while working on mastering the underboss and boss tiers.

Now for underboss, you may find yourself lacking illegal transaction records, which is quite possibly the case. Simply spend a few levels between the settle a beef job and the steal bank records job. You'll gain quite a few levels this way pretty handily, and you'll be able to save your energy packs for robbing the electronics store. However, if you've been taking your time leveling up and have plenty of concealable cameras (you'll need a LOT for the Boss jobs), feel free to use an energy pack to collect documents.

Try not to level recklessly, stretch out your energy and master as many jobs as possible with each energy bar. I've said it before but it is worth repeating - each time you level, you'll need more exp to level again, but with less energy sitting around to do so. You should be able to finish off the Underboss by level 210 at the most. If you've been efficient, or have taken your time, you can easily be under level 200. It is important to get the Private Island (+5% exp) by around level 210, without it, any level past then becomes pretty tight!


You should shoot to finish off the "Underboss" tier by level 210 or 220. At this point, it is time to level off the boss Tier. If you have a private island, many of the jobs will be masterable quite easily and self-sufficient. The hardest (and longest) part about the Boss tier is collecting several hundred Blackmail Photos. However, if you've been using your energy packs to rob the electronics store, you should have plenty of cameras stocked and ready to go. Working this last tier will take a little bit longer. Even if you are using filler jobs to allow you to collect blackmail photos, this process may still take a day or two. If you diligently count energy and put all of your stat points into energy, you can probably master boss without waiting for any energy packs. I chose to wait since doing that is a bit tedious though; the point of playing a game is for entertainment, right?
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  1. I'm almost done with underboss and I'm level 75

  2. Yeah, if you don't follow the leveling guide you can master the jobs at an earlier level, it just takes a lot longer waiting for energy to regen. By dumping energy in the high xp jobs like Bank Heist, then switching over to collect blackmail photos for the rest of the level, you end up leveling up a lot more then if you waited on energy to regen to get your job items.

  3. I cannot master the boss before I master underboss????

  4. My job mastery meter is underboss and boss.. The Order a hit on a public official and Buy off a federal agent.

    I cannot even see the Blue line of the meter... It is just blank.. when I try to finish it, it stays still... this happens when I already master 99%, and the last time I click for the 1 %.. The meter is gone... until now... what is happening?

  5. Did you master the previous job tiers?

  6. @Faeknirv: You need to master all the jobs three times, There are are 3 levels, Level 1 gives you the title of for example Hitman, Level two gives you the title of for example Skilled Hitman and level 3 gives you master hitman and you will get a gift.

  7. Can you answer a question for me I just finished the last tier and got this message after receiving the Golden Throne : You have mastered all of the level 3 "Boss" jobs but you must master lower job tiers before you can earn the title of "Master Boss". I went through all the lower levels to see if I missed something but they all say "Mastered"!! What do I do?????

  8. @Faeknirv
    You may have css issues. try clearing cache, clearing out saved data and reloading the page.

  9. For Shelley - check your inventory for the Golden Throne and the title. It should be there.

  10. Okay, dude, I am sorry, but I need to say this: I mastered Underboss at WAY lower than level 210, and I have already mastered Boss (Level 1, not all 3 times) around level 170. I did this with my own method. You should not only use energy packs for consumable items. I am doing just fine, although I am pretty low on Blackmail Photos and Illegal Transaction Records. I also did not use all my points on energy. My energy is over 824 and my attack and defense are both 134. Even my health is at 129 and my stamina is at 29! Also, the guy who commented before me mastered Underboss even ealier by more than 100 levels. |

  11. Woops I thought the most recent comments were at the top like YouTube, lol. Plus, what happened to my arrow?

  12. I became Master Boss before level 240. Still, I have heard people accomplish it at considerably earlier levels? Do good top mafia bonuses (e.g. mastermind) result (maybe, at a price of waiting) in more levels until a title??

  13. To the anonymous poster - Yes, there are multiple ways to level. The question is how long did it take? A month? Longer? Who cares if you are level 240 by the time you become a master boss if it only takes you a week to get there. Case in point. I mastered boss around 240 on my first character through this guide, then leveled I 60 times in a row by doing the Settle a Beef job over and over again without having to wait for energy regen. I then had 300 unspent stat points to drop in Attack/Defense. See how this works?

  14. Hey MWG,

    I just wanted to tell you that I followed your guide pretty much to the letter and it worked. So thank you! I made a few mistakes and had to start over, but eventually I got it. I just want to share my experience.

    Mistake: playing continuously during the early levels. Not do-able. You'll hit level 50 and still be on the first 3 tiers. Then you're screwed. Take a break, get nrg packs, do it with minimal heists over a couple days. (I guess this is what "taking it slow meant" doh!)

    Tip: get that 11% wheelman before you start. It will pay off. Just hunt around for high level players in the addme forums.

    Tip: Make multiple accounts and make yourself a top mafia in at least wheelman and mastermind.

    Tip: earning itr's, bmp's on master boss level.
    There are lots of people looking to trade loot for consumable items. Once a person becomes a master boss they have no use for their consumables. As a skilled boss you will be loaded with high level loot. Trade it in for the stuff you need.

    The trading is seriously important. I used my loot to get 160 bmp's and 20 itr's, and I was home free.

  15. Hey, I'm just wondering where these trade forums are located. I'm level 280 and still mastering boss since I screwed around at the lower levels before finding this guide... so I could use the info. Thanks!

  16. no forums on this blog, check the mafia wars fan page on facebook!

  17. I started off on June 18 and in 11 days hit Level 560. I just finished the Hitman job tier today. I concentrated on levelling up as I knew at higher levels I will have more energy to finish the Capo and higher job tiers. Now I plan to leisurely finish the other jobs. By the way, I have a few billions in the bank with which to buy any property I want too.

  18. i followed this guide pretty much perfectly, im finishing up consierge mastery at level 105. i guess this is normal

  19. i mastered the boss level and received the golden throne but i DO NOT RECEIVE 2 times energy per regen period; is this because i still have to master underboss which i haven't done yet?

  20. I think you have to master consierge as well.. have you done that?

  21. I finished Master Underboss and got the Island.
    It doesn't seem like I am getting any bonus from it though? I noticed a difference with every other Item I received but this one baffles me. Anybody else experience this problem?

  22. I was wondering if it would be easier to continue as my profile, which is at level 123 and 650 energy , or to begin a new one that follows these guidlines?

  23. Incase anyone was wondering, here's the energy to experience ratio of the last two tiers. I found it useful if I had 1 to 1 left to level to find the least efficient one, demote my mastermind and do it.
    Extort Corrupt Judge--1.85
    Embezzle Funds----- 1.75
    Rob Armory-------- 1.50
    Rip off Armenians--- 1.70
    Muscle Triad Operation 1.87
    Ambush at a Sit Down-1.83
    Hit a Public Official --- 1.96
    Identity Theft Ring --- 1.78
    Settle a Beef-------- 2.02
    Buy off a Fed ------- 1.77
    Deal w/ Mexi Cartel-- 1.88
    Blckmail Dist. Attorney-1.87
    Shake Dwn City Membr 1.82
    Arrange 4 Visiting Don-1.88
    Take Control of Casino 1.96
    Travel 2 Old Country -- 1.97

    There you go. Hope that helps. Obviously the higher the number, the better the payout. Settle a Beef... Permanently gives a little over a 2 to 1 ratio while Jobs like Rip Off the Armenians and Buy Off a Federal Agent aren't so hot.

    Use Wisely.


  24. Today I have finished the Boss Level 3 and got the MasterBoss Title and Golden Throne. Exactly in 24 days (started on June 18). I am at Level 944!

  25. I was wondering which job gave the private jet...i forgot

  26. Followed guide strictly. Finished all of NY, lvl 198 with 1242 energy and 35 billion in bank. Nice guide!

  27. The fastest is to hack the game itself. lolx.

  28. why do all this just to get your ass kicked by me at lvl 50 i have 200 att and you are shit

  29. It's a good idea to level up, demote your mastermind, dump all your energy in the 'rob an electronics store' job (or similar item job), then go to bed for the night, also helps for mastering poor exp/energy jobs.

  30. I hit 750 energy at lvl 109, though I didn't start off with energy or samina loot. This is the way to go though, I pity the poor sod I chose as whipping boy though, on the other hand, tough sh*t :)
    excellent blog, one of the best MW blogs I've seen - have a beer on me :)

  31. That is a great comment above about mastermind (and wheelman).

    With this strat, even when you do the least efficient jobs (stupid electronic store), you will STILL level before you use up your Energy Pack.

    So demoting your mastermind/wheelman is a great plan. Do so at the start of a level, when your E-pak is ready. Spam the crappy Cellphone robbery or picture-taking, or record-stealing jobs until out of energy.
    Then, pop the E-pill, and you should be able to spam the jobs until you are almost out of energy.
    Then right before leveling, put your mastermind and wheelman back into place.

    Otherwise, you basically wind up wasting your e-pack and only getting about 30% of its real value out of it.

  32. Ugh, nevermind about the WHEELMAN thing above. You would use more energy without the wheelman, but youd still get the same number of items!

    What you should do is make sure that nobody is USING YOU as a mastermind, to get rid of any bonus XP procs.

    That will help decrease your efficiency a bit more.

  33. "If you have a private island"?? Sorry but what exactly is that and HOW do we get it?

  34. private island is obtained by mastering underboss n gives 5perc bonus exp.
    neway i am ay lvl157 with energy 1037 in 2nd lvl of underboss
    just want to make sure m going fine
    the thing is i had saved up some 60 skill points just in my last lvl had to use thm al
    have i done some terrible mistake n screwed the procedure
    plz help............

  35. I Am Master Consigliere At Level 131 Lool
    This Guide Is Awesome :D


  36. I Am Underboss At Level 148 Lool
    Really Good Guide :)


  37. To Mafia Wars Guide - You mentioned that you leveled up 60 x's in a row w/o using an energy pack. Was that after you had mastered the underboss level? I'm at level 153 and have only 2 jobs left to master underboss. Will the 5% exp bonus from island help? I have 695 energy and my defense and attack are both about 165 and if I could fly through a few levels to gain some exp points that would be helpful.

  38. There is a post above where someone stated they are at level 591 in only 11 days? How is that possible w/o spending money to buy exp points? Pretty impressive if done by strategy alone.

  39. It was possible to level up quickly without using the energy packs. There was one hitman job that cost 34 but returned 85 (5:2 ration), so you could level up by rapidly clicking about 100 times. (Pretty tough on the wrists after a while.) Anyway, they made a few changes to stop that from happening in the future. First, most jobs have no better than a 2.2 to 1 ration. Second, repeated rapid clicking now results in a message that tells you to slow down, probably because the servers were getting overloaded. I was lucky enout to make it to level 800 before the changes kicked in.

  40. I need one more federal agent to finish Boss. How do i get another federal agent?

  41. i got federal agent in Buy off federal Agent Job at boss tier

  42. I'm trying to finish my Boss-tier, but haven't finished Capo and under-boss. Should I finish those first be4 finishing the Boss-tier? Lvl 150, 850 EP

  43. i mastered the boss tier at level 177, along with consigliere and underboss in just a week, it went perfect. all is just gravy. i just spent sometimes on gathering consumables loots with the help of whatsocalled 5 super beggar with those free gifts coming from over 500 friends in every account. Now, within a month, ive got 5 succesful BOSS OF ALL LOOTS.

  44. I just mastered lv1 of underboss. now all the jobs have fixed $$$ dollar amounts and the completion % for each job seems lower. is this true for anyone/everyone else?

  45. ^^ level 177? that must be a lie. You cannot unlock the last job until level 135, which means you did mastery level 2 and 3 in 43 levels which takes 44658 experience, thats about 1000 experience per level. taking the mean level,156 and assuming you pump all stats into energy thats 790exp/level on average, 177/2=89gf points = 28 exp., so you had an average of about 880 experience, your still 200exp/level short to complete all levels thats. Unless you maxed energy and ALSO found a way to use an ENTIRE energy pack fully (not possible if you max energy, beween a full energy bar and an energy pack there is too much energy to spend, even if last job is a boss fight, ). Call my out if I'm wrong, but by my calcs. it isn't possible, under your circumstances, even with me leading all numbers in your favor(44658/43 is alot more than 1000, etc.) so I claim BULLSHIT!!!

  46. I followed your advice about picking off little guys and what do you know? I had a bounty put on me and two other guys snuffed me!!!!
    bad advice.

  47. ive mastered underboss at 156. For the first 60 levels i was pretty perfect in the utilization of energy.. doing as many jobs as possible by demoting and promoting.. but i got a bit tired of doing that.. so for some days i leveled up fast and when i started underboss i was thinking itwas gng to be a steep hill to climb since i hv another id(which is an allround id and at 175 and at lvl 2 underboss and lacking items). But i transfered items and got some as gifts and also did as many jobs to collect ITR/UCp whenever poss in each level. I have 1054 energy at lvl 156 and hv 20 achievements and done all energy giving vaults at early levels.. I didnt do it in 2 or 3 days like the author says since i just manage 3-4 hrs per day at max .. so ive achieved this feat in a week playing 3-4 hrs a day.. its worth it considering i hv another id and hv been playing fr a month and it has reached only lvl 175

  48. btw @ 2 posts abv.. its poss to lvl up .. i duno abt mastering boss at 185.. but u can easily get 2000 exp per level wid arnd 1k energy even if u dont do that job which givs 71/35 exp/energy cuz of wheelman+mastermind. im @ 156 and have mastered underboss and i played pretty perfectly. i will post in some days if it is poss.. and since i hv accumulated considerable amts of bmp and concealable i think i might be able to master it unless i cant lvl up of the energy bar due to less occurences of wheelman/mastermind bonus

  49. where do i get blackmail photos help

  50. Moscow chapter 1 episode 1 can be used to collect camera & untraceable cell phones....
    it is quite efficent then electronic store robbary....
    & u can get the particular item u want ...

  51. Moscow chapter 1 episode 1 can be used to collect camera & untraceable cell phones....

    This is awesome advice. plus the payout on experience is greater.

  52. is anyone else not getting the 2x nrg from the golden throne???, because im not, and it was said a long time ago that it was bugged, so have they fixed it or whats going on???

  53. Lvl 222 816 Energy 50 Stamina 300 Atk/Def

    Many people underestimate the EXP ratio of fights.
    50 fights = 150-200 EXP that's a pretty nice ratio if you ask me.

  54. I've been following this guide and I'm on my 5th day. Level 151 (1008 energy), and I'm halfway through level 2 mastery of underboss. Am I on track?

    Really having problems getting enough illegal transaction records and untraceable cell phones. I've been using moscow to get the phones, but its still too slow, I only get about 40 phones per energy pack (need 250 phones and Illegal transaction records for mastery of Underboss).

    Should I slow down here and wait a few days for more energy?
    Or use half the xp bar on settle a beef, then the other half to gather the consumables? Will this get me to too high a level?

  55. I doubt i gonna continue playing this game anymore, got boored mastering underboss, its pain in the ass. Stupid illegal transaction records and untreacable cell phones are slowing mastering allot. I calculated that u need around 300 Illegal transaction records and 250 Phones to master Underboss, i am on lvl 3 mastery and i got stuck on it bcs u need to click 100 times to master first job in it that requires illegal transaction records. I am lvl 177 and i mastered 2 lvls of underboss and first lvl of boss. I don`t think i gonna master those till lvl 220 or so.

  56. I made a new character on facebook just to see how this would work out. I'm on level 231 and am done with everything in New York except for at boss I'm at 22% Buy off a Federal Agent and 39% Blackmail a District Attorney. Around level 220 i was getting board with New York and starting work my way through Cuba and Russia. This leveling guide worked well, thanks.

    41 Attack
    40 Defense
    115 Health
    1416 Energy
    7 Stamina
    15 Influence

    I started off right after they started with the stupid Influence. Just a waste of time. I have $29,507,848,447. I want me some damn mega casinos!

    PS. AJ... Send Scully James(me) about 139 blackmail pictures. Thanks :D

  57. I have an easier method than robbing electronic stores for the cameras to get blackmail photos.

    There's a job that anybody over level 70 (so anybody on the boss tier) can do, in Russia. "Smuggle consumer electronics for the Vory". 40 energy, 71 experience. And it gives you concealable cameras. Nothing else.

  58. I keep getting screwed out of my wheelman and mastermind bonuses because they pay out right before I level. Any thoughts?

  59. Thanks Reece, but I have friends at much lower levels who i'm trading photos, phones and cameras to for Politico's, so I need them all anyways.

    Anyways, i finally finished that all up and now am working at Cuba and Russia, but I don't have enough freaking cash to do buy the required things to do the jobs. Thats one of the issues of getting to level 300 in 16 days. Guess I'll go go back to my old boring character for a week or so while my business build up.

  60. I just did this in 11 days. It worked well. You really need the collections to make it work well.

  61. I just finished underboss yesterday and got the Private Island (and I see it when I go look at my loot), but I don't seem to be getting the experience bonus. Has anyone seen bugs in this?

  62. GREAT FUCKING GUIDE!! I'm at level 113 with 756 energy. I've been playing here and there for 5 days following the guide pretty strictly and im almost done with underboss. i'll be a master boss hopefully before 150! GReat shit. Thanks again!!

  63. Im level 98 and im getting my ass kicked by people with 501 mafias. I have 200 defence, 10400 total. I have all businesses in Cuba upgraded fully, and i've mastered all tiers up to Capo level 3. I used lots of skill points in defence so i could have a better chance of winning and hoping it would make up for my lack of mafia, but it doesnt! Im thinking about selling all my chain guns and body armors and instead upgrading to Cuba inventory. But im still getting my ass kicked!! What do i do???

  64. one thing i didnt mention was that i have 227 mafia. My W/L ratio was 4.0, but now its like 3.5. I lose every fight when someone attacks me, when i usually always win.

  65. Collecting the Blackmail Photos got much easier with the new Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory job in Moscow. It has better stats than Rob the Electronics store and only drops Cameras and not Phones and Setups.

  66. I have mastered boss at level 216 in just seven days.

    Attack: 61
    Defense: 60
    Health: 115
    Energy: 1321
    Stamina: 20

  67. just leveled up at 207 and get the private island! great strategy, now hard work ahead collecting those photos....
    anyway it's great

  68. I am at 14% mastery on my final job in boss tier and only need to wait for energy regen (3956 energy...) to finish it off.
    (I'm on tier 3 of capo, tier 1 of consigliere, and tier 1 of underboss).

    Level 195 Maniac:


    It took me forever, but with the double exp weekened in New York and hundreds of blackmail photos/cameras looted I am finally almost done.

    Not sure if this was the best choice, but I feel like getting the golden throne ASAP is worth it.

  69. Anyone else have the game just change how much percentage points of mastery you get randomly when doing the Boss tier?

    When I started doing my level 3 Mastery, every job was at a 2% per click rate, meaning I'd only need 100 Blackmail Photos. So I go about getting most of those, do some Cuba work, and I come back to the Boss tier, and everything that said 2% before now says 1%... meaning I'll need to do twice the work to master the tier. This isn't the first time it's just changed randomly day to day. Anyone else have this happen to them?

  70. I just finished underboss yesterday and got the Private Island (and I see it when I go look at my loot), but I don't seem to be getting the experience bonus. Has anyone seen bugs in this?

  71. I´m lvl 168 right now,got all NY tiers mastered.Thanks for this guide.Off course,its much easyer now to master all NY jobs.And i never needed any loot from friends ;-)

  72. because of this guide and double job mastery NY at level 120 i'm master underboss in less than 7 days wew 0_0

  73. thanks to the guide and Zynga's Big Apple week of double mastery, by the time I got to level 87, I was Master Consiglieri and had mastered all unlocked level 1 jobs in Underboss. Now at level 125 Master Underboss, have finished all unlocked jobs in level 1 Boss. Now mixing up Cuban jobs with making BMP & ITR.

  74. following on from above post...
    Golden Throne achieved, 2 and a half days. Level 166.
    Attack: 10
    Defense: 18
    Health: 125
    Energy: 1124
    Stamina: 15

    did next to no fights, got a few gifts, but mostly did my own gathering. Only possible in that time & at that low level due to the Big Apple week of double mastery.
    Thanks Zynga!

    Also finished Soldado Experto and part of Baklany while waiting for Underboss & Boss levels to become unlocked.

    What a relief...

  75. I'm Master boss too at level 170
    but btw i'm not using my skill all to energy but to stamina too 1:3
    this is my skill
    Attack: 17
    Defense: 10
    Health: 105
    Energy: 895
    Stamina: 250

    And guess what this is my stat :
    Jobs Completed 3506
    Job Assists 50
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 10
    Most jobs done in one day 720
    Fights Won 15922
    Fights Lost 617
    Fights Won in Cuba 4
    Death 58
    Mobsters Iced 830
    Mobsters Whacked 143
    Hitlist Kills 0

    I WON at 96% rate!!!! i think u should use some to stamina too because now u only use 1 skill point and u still can win a lot without upgrade your attack hehe:D

  76. do i have to completely master all 3 levels of Consigliere & Underboss to be eligible for Master Boss benefits?

  77. hey MWG can you please post a new york job matrix of all items needed

  78. can somebody help me i got all level..1 2 3 at newyork finish.. at the boss level 2.. when zynga were trying to make the game faster a few weeks ago on facebook and then they roll back i notice street thug say Level 3 Job Mastery 0% i try doing its over ag .but its stay at zero i got the Job Mastery Items...and all so i got the pivate island dont do nothing no 5%on exp job ..just wondering have that got to do with street thug if u can..thz

  79. its so crazy
    1% job mastery on level 3 underboss and boss
    this week i finish a new york
    and travel to cuba

  80. my private island is not giving me any additional job experience...what do i do?

  81. master underboss at 192. working on level 2 boss. these are my stats.
    Attack: 273
    Defense: 273
    Health: 132
    Energy: 625
    Stamina: 103

    should i keep doing what i'm doing and that is basically for every 5 skp i do 2 en 1 st 1 at and 1 df or should i start piling up my energy?

  82. What job do I need to do to collect "Black Mail Photos"? I need these to complete the BOSS stage. Thanks

  83. @above
    do the "Obtain Compromising Photos" in the Hitman tier.

  84. Haha i remember spending so much time collecting black mail photos and illegal transaction records, for the boss mastery. People just trade for them now, or have a bunch of farming accounts. But i collected everything I needed by myself on one account. What a colossal wast of time that was. But I felt prod when I was done. ;P

    God help me I'm such a dork sometimes.

  85. i m jagdeep....
    i m level 196.....i almost mastered boss....and i alredy mastered 4 job tiers in cuba..i achieved 42 achievements till no...

  86. I mastered boss, all easy jobs and capo along with 3 cuba tiers. I have plenty of electronics< about 200> except for cameras which is only about 100. I lack in illegal transaction records.My stats are

    263 level
    1341 energy
    103 stamina
    174 health
    91 attack
    106 defence

    How do I proceed with mastering underboss now.I have already mastered 1 level but underboss kinda slows me down.I am currently only in Boets in moscow.

    Levelling at the rate of 4 per day. I am wheelman for 4 friends and mastermind for 1.


  88. Am I doing something wrong? I have mastered all jobs and tiers up to (not including) Underboss. I have mastered level 1 and 2 and not on level 3 I am only getting 1%-3% each time I do a job. Should these be done in a special order to maximize gain for each time I do a job?

  89. hey all, i have mastered all new york job tiers but am stuck at boss just says level 1 mastered and doesnt go any further..i have mastered all boss job tiers and they are all blue, but it doesnt go any firther than level 1? please help me... thanks at level 226

  90. I Mastered brawler. And PRetty much every job tier Before And consigliere. Started 30 days ago.
    Level 170 now. With 1000 energy. Any idea what should i do next? should i just spam the settle a beef job over and over untill im level 1000?
    Like what is the ratio after your level 200. is it still 2-1. Can i do the settle a beef job and keep on leveling WITHOUT using any energy pack?(i gained 40 levels) in 2 days. with settle a beef...

  91. I'm finishing Underboss at level 166!!!!!

  92. boss tier 3 times mastered and got that golden chair at level 194

  93. lvl 210, already got the throne :)

  94. to the very first comment on this page saying that they were almost done with underboss at level 75, thats impossible because you must be level 99 to unlock the last job at underboss which proves you are a liar. i am right now level 580 and spent most of my early levels only leveling twice a day, but now i can level 3 or 4 times a day, only because the levels are 6000 xp. my stats...

    attack 484
    defense 471
    health 189 (made the mnistake of putting points into it at early leves thinking it would help with boss fights >.< ackkkk!!!!
    energy- 2613
    mafia- 443

    i must say that i chose to master everything in order, however, once i hit the capo/consigliee/underboss/boss jobs i chose to skip capo and do consigliere, which ultimately proved to be a good decision. I master consigliere, then killed myself and spent 3 weeks on boss, but because of the golden throne from that i went back and mastered capo and underboss in about 2 days total.

    summary- at early levels, put EVERYTHING into energy until about 900, and ven then at level 100 or 150, start putting points into attack and defense and stamina too. but make sure that of your 5 skill points for level up, put 4 in energy and spread the rest among the categories to get a head start on fights

  95. I got master boss title on level 41 :D havent even been able to see the jobs on unnderboss :D

    i think im bugged xD

  96. I have mastered all New York job tiers, have the golden throne, but haven't received the "What else you got" achievement. It still says 8/9 for progress. Thoughts?

  97. What do u get when u finish boss level in mafia, i know what u get for underboss but what about Boss??

  98. @ above Anon: you get energy timer cut by half if i remember correctly

  99. im at lvl100 now and im finishing my lvl3 jobin Underboss tier.. is that normal? lol