May 13, 2009

Capo and Consigliere; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 6

By the time you master all of the early job tiers, you should be around level 60 or so. You'll have access to both the Capo and Consigliere jobs tiers. The Capo job tier really sucks.. most of the jobs don't give many experience points considering their energy cost. To make matters worse, as you are leveling up, you need more experience points per energy point to level up. However, there is hope! Most of the Consigliere jobs are very energy efficient. That is why I recommend mastering both tiers at the same time. Jobs like "Steal an Arms Shipment" in the Consigliere tree have a good experience points to energy cost ratio, but most Capo jobs like "Loot the Police Impound Lot" have a poor exp / energy ratio. For example:

You have 750 energy and need 1250 xp to level up. You'll do "Steal an Arms Shipment" 10 times, and you'll have 400 energy or so left and 500 xp to next level. This will allow you to do the "Loot the Police Impound Lot" 7 or 8 times and still level up. That way, you'll master the hard jobs without ever having to wait for energy regen!

Cell Phones, Illegal Transaction Records, and Blackmail Photos

These are the real roadblocks of this level. If you are able to stretch your energy out well, you'll have no problem mastering off all the jobs prior to these. The "Steal Bank Records" job pays out pretty well, so Illegal Transaction Records should not be a terrible roadblock. However, getting all those cell phones can be tough. Now if you have been following the guide to a T, or if you just need some cell phones, now is the time to use your Energy Pack to load up on Cell Phones and Cameras. Additionally, if you have any leftover energy after doing efficient jobs that is about to go to waste due to an imminent level, use it on the "Rob an Electronics Store" job. You can never get enough of these consumable items!

Be sure to use all your stamina every level; there is a chance for these consumable item drops to be found during fights!

However, even using the energy pack strategy, you may find yourself short on cell phones when it comes to master jobs like "Flip a Snitch" for the second or third time. However, by the time you master all the other jobs, you should be closing in on level 100. At this point, it is a good idea to start branching out to the Underboss tier. While mastering efficient jobs in the Underboss tier, you can use the extra energy to rob the electronics stores to collect more phones. By the time you master Capo, but before you master Consigliere, odds are you will have much of the "Boss" tier unlocked as well. I think it is most efficient if you work on all 3 or 4 tiers at the same time. That way, you can simply just rob the electronics store when you have an energy pack. However, if you have a few hours to sit down and play on a lazy sunday and want to go level 100-200 in one sitting, you'll have to budget energy to rob the electronics store enough to collect these items. Just make sure you budget your energy right- if you end up short on exp, you'll have to stop playing for awhile until you have enough energy to level!
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  1. I followed this guide from beginning and i'm lvl 200 and i'm only a skilled capo...

  2. well you dd it wrong cause im level 75 , master hitman about to be a capo, and consierge( ive been doing both) i figure ill be done with both by level 100 as the guide says.

  3. Is it important to master capo and consligere before Underboss? Or does it not make a difference?

    Also when should be go to Cuba?

  4. If you have 750 energy at level 60 you are going to get your ass kicked. Your atk and def are going to be so low that you cant defend your self even with a 501 mafia.

  5. you spend so little time at level 60 it hardly matters.

    Just put in an update about when to go to Cuba - really it is up to you.

    If you are already level 200 and are not done Capo, you spent too many points in filler jobs.

  6. dude I'm lvl 180 but I would like to know what you get from mastering each job tier thx a lot write back

  7. to this guy - "If you have 750 energy at level 60 you are going to get your ass kicked. Your atk and def are going to be so low that you cant defend your self even with a 501 mafia."

    I've not been attacked one time, period. I am as anonymous here as I am playing mafia wars. I plan to continue to dump into energy until i'm satisfied with my level then I'll eventually round myself out.. i get a kick out of my mafia crew thinking i went out and spent hundreds of dollars on godfather points lol

  8. I'm tired of lol. its like a tick or a bad nose honking laugh.

  9. ok, so i'm level 105, and mastered upto hitman, havent done anything in cuba, and i have 665 energy, but i cant seem to master capo and onwards, anything i can do?

  10. how did you get 750 energy at level 60?

    i know it's plus mission bonuses and godfather bonuses, but how? i tried calculating it but i come short by 300 at least.

    Level points at 60 is (60x5) = 300

    Mastering Bonus with up to Hitman Mastered is only:
    Street Thug = 7x3 = 21
    Associate = 7x3 = 21
    Soldier = 7x3 = 21
    Enforcer = 11x3 = 33
    Hitman = 9x21 = 27

    That's a grand total of 21x3+33+27 = 123

    Even with 3 bonuses from the godfather which leads up to +12 more points and the bonuses from the collections I'm still not counting it right plus the achievement bonuses.

    So, how exactly did you get those 740 (with base being 10 energy) at level 60? If you can, maybe you might want to give us a short calculation so the new ones would be able to keep up with you. Thanks

  11. lol....
    imba calculation....
    he is true it is impossible to get 740 by lvl 60
    now the author of this guide have to think alot now...

  12. yeahhh

    750 energy in lvl 60 is impossible


  13. Best I could do so far is 498 energy at level 65. Otherwise the guide has been right on.

    I suspect the author signed up for trial runs at netflix, gametap or whatever to get extra godfather points. I just don't want to get caught up in some internet business that i can't get out of down the road...would rather just pay cash, but I won't do that either.

  14. gotta include collections also, but yeah im still nowhere near that at 69

  15. im lv 82 with 590 energy working on capo and consigliere its gumna take me till like lv 120 to finish both


  17. you can't master any job unless you have mastered all the job tiers before it. (e.g: you can't master underboss if you haven't mastered consiglieri and all job tiers before it, just like you can't master consiglieri if you haven't mastered capo and all job tiers before it.)

  18. the only thing i could suggest right now is to get an autoplayer, put "ALL" your points to energy. let the autoplayer go through all the jobs, within 2 days, you'll get to lvl 70, after you hit capo, that's when you start doing your lvl ups manually so you can manage how you use your energy properly.

    ****PLUS, the autoplayer lets you know the energy-experience ration of a job and the energy-experience ratio that you need in order to level up in one go****

    these guide is mostly sugar coated but it also tells you something that isn't pure bull and that's point and experience management.

    if you do manage your points right, you'll clear the job tiers really fast. by lvl 200, you might already be done with new york (without stopping over at cuba) if you're putting everything in energy and spending your energy wisely (by spending them on jobs that needs completion and making sure you don't stag by doing jobs that give you less exp than what you need) everything will go by fast.

  19. he's also right about choosing fearless over maniac.

    there's a huge difference between "saving" time, and "reducing" it.

  20. I am pretty sure the Author was just pulling out a rough example for illustration purposes. Do YOU remember exactly how much energy and XP needed to level you had 80 levels ago??

    Didn't think so.

  21. do you enjoy reading guides that doesn't know what it's talking about?

  22. I am level 98 and have 370 energy

    i am also a consigliere, im jus wondering if that is fine

  23. ^^ yes that is fine but u shd have ur energy a bit higher

  24. I'm at level 42, having 350 energy, just mastered enforcer. I've started to dip in to lowexp/highenergy jobs on capo just to burn some energy before leveling. I still mostly end upp with about 80-90 energy unused when i level. Can i put some into stamina and att/def or should I stick to energy? Thanks for a great guide...I can't even leave chair for 5 mins cause i think I loose a level...:D

  25. You say>>> "You have 750 energy and need 1250 xp to level up. You'll do "Steal an Arms Shipment" 10 times"...

    I am lvl 77 have been putting ALL pts into energy and have 545 energy?

    Did they LOWER the stats to now this will NOT work? I'm no math major but the numbers DO NOT ADD UP??

    What did I miss?

    WHERE did your get another 205 energy points?

  26. Hey Aran, lvl 98 & 370 energy, you must of screwed up SOMEWHERE?

    I have been FOR SURE adding all my pts into energy = 545 so either this game is messed up and some get one number but not all the same or you messed up?

    And it may be this MW game cuz I get my "TAKE" only 1 time every 3 hours when 100 ppl I know all get it every 1 hrs so?

    We have exchanged screenshots to be sure we were not nuts and it TRUE, even the costs/outputs are NOT the same??

  27. oh , 545 pts energy at lvl at lvl 77 NOW 4got to add my lvl

  28. i am at 99 with 674 energy. trying to finish level 3 of capo and barely started level 2 of consigliere. i find that i am having to do the bank job ALOT to keep from running out of energy. also have to rob the electronic store ALOT as well, barely leaving any energy to level up with the actual jobs i need to be mastering.

    i am top mastermind and top wheelman, and i do get the 'no energy' and 'extra experience' occasionally, but not often.

    anything i am missing?

  29. oh, and my wb gives me about 2-6 points every time i use him (have 3 stamina)

  30. LVL 92 I have 668 energy pts

    I hate to be the BUBBLE buster here but I think this is a bunch of CRAP!!

    I guy who wrote this must be full of it cuz ALL of us can’t be this bad at following the instructions?

    And ya, he make NO SENSE in a few places, it’s like reading double talk.

    Really LOUSY instructions in some places good in other but definatley NOT a lass room text book.

    The biggest problem I see is at least 5-10 ppl are posting saying the NUMBERS DO NOT ADD UP.

    I have followed his 6-8 pages and NO WAY do I have the pts he say’s I will have.

    I think HE only comes here and posts saying “ ya ya this is grea, did it all just like you said, this guide works perfectly, and even BETTER”, that, I think is HIM.

    The REAL ppl, like you and me say, HEY the math won’t work, number do NOT add up…

    Ya notice he isn’t here much to comment or respond?

    In addition, I think he comes here, DELETES several posts saying,

    “this is crap, math is wrong, will not work”…AND the only one who post saying, ya , ya great, this works great, is HIM…

    And WHY isn’t he here, helping, responding?

    This guy says, “If you have 750 energy at level 60”, WHO HAS????

    Not me or the 10 posts I read? Do the math, it will not ADD up. I was 205 pts BELOW 750 at lvl 60 still am but it get worse and worse as he said the ratio every time you lvl up get harder..

    I learned a few tip and this has been ok but is sure is NOT lvl 1-80 in 6 hrs and 1-200 in two days or as HE says 10 hours play time.


  31. Agreed with most people here: This guide isn't really as good as the author implies. I played perfectly, got to level 80 or so in a couple days, then REALLY slowed down. I've now been playing for 3-4 weeks, am level 169 working on Consigliere with 1102 energy. I have nowhere near enough energy to level, unless I do bank jobs for almost all of it. I'm considering doing Cuba jobs (the earlier tiers) just to get some extra skill points.

  32. i think i lagged behind as i do not convert much into energy....
    Master Hitman "AB", level 71 Mogul
    Attack: 84
    Defense: 86
    Health: 115
    Energy: 300
    Stamina: 28
    what should i do...create a new account..or continue with this account.....because i am leveling up just 2 per day with these stats...

  33. level 157…
    i went to the other way… some can call me crazy but… i stop doing ny and went to cuba… i think cuba is way easier to the level up thing… i'm El Padrino

    but now i'm coming back to ny capo, consigliere and other tiers… i think is gonna be easier (with 930 of energy)…

    am i crazy!? ahhuahua

  34. Wilson,

    Actually you are not crazy. After finishing hitman, I did El Soldado and El Capitan. Now, i have both of them mastered. I think it was a great move as I'm lvl 126 with 890 HP.

  35. and now i'm level 166… 9 levels in 3 days… =P
    almost getting 1000 of energy…

  36. I'm level 107 and have been playing for only around 2 days. I'm basically master capo, 2nd tier of consigliere nearly done and half of underboss done.

    Most jobs done in 1 day is 1827 lol. I think the guide is pretty good but just need to manage the energy

  37. LOL, you guys are crazy listening to this guide. Heres a Question for you... What are you gonna do when your level 500+ and have no jobs left to master, what r u gonna do with your 5000 energy points now? Heres the real strategy, fearless, good amount of energy (I have 350 at Lv 105) and build that stamina! Each stam point gives you average 2 pts per rob and 3.5 points per fight (when your mafia rallies troops to double exp points). Dont forget your att and def because you guys probably have mafia members who never touch their account and stuck at Level 5. So while all of you are trying to hurry through the game with 1000 or more energy, when I catch up to you with my att, def, and stamina way beyond your reach (unless you do surveys, offers, or buy your points).... Ill make sure to rob you all blind and snuff you!

  38. I am stuck on the Capo Consigliere stages. I've robbed that blasted electronics store several times, only for the game to give out cams and computer setups when i need a couple of dozen phones. How do I advance?

    As for the commenter who stated balancing energy with attack and defense, he is right! Flying through this game with a high level and having no attack or defense sets you up for attacks and robbings. You might have a high level but a high level does not equate to a strong character.

  39. @ everyone complaining that the energy at 60 doesn't add up: you are morons. If you can't grasp a simple example then it's no wonder that you've stalled out and are unable to master the finer points of energy management.

  40. I think Mafia wars has changed the rules over time. You used to be able to get energy pack after energy pack... then they set a 23hr time limit. Everyone has not played by the same rules over the months. another example... wish lists only show three now, they used to show 5. The only problem with this game is no set rules and nothing to look up.

  41. We are talking bout drastic change here .. and I don't think the game has changed that much. Like how the author said 'level 8-25 takes a day or two. After that 25-200 should only take a day.' .. Geez. I would loved to see a demo video of how that's done and he's trying to sell an e-Book on a useless strategy.

  42. has anyone else been having problems with needing a massive amount of untraceable cell phones for Capo, Consigliere & Underboss tiers?? I've been dumping points into energy only, and still can't get past these levels because I have to go back and rob that damn electronics store over and over and over to get the cell phones... doesn't help that it's random drop... I probably have a million computer setups that I haven't used (yet... I know). I've also used about 40 GF points for extra energy, but not helping much... What's the solution?

  43. set up other facebook accounts... use them to rob electronic store/steal bank records.. you can then send yourself these consumables and add you as wheelman/mastermind

  44. Level 337

    Jobs Completed 12774
    Job Assists 36
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 5
    Most jobs done in one day 6071
    Fights Won 3249
    Fights Lost 5

    Master boss etc. etc.

    Guide worked fine for me if you change some things around, finished underboss tier at lvl 175.
    I didn't have all collections from start, but I did have around 100 each of rob electronics store items when I started.

  45. I started two new accounts and followed the guide but the leveling doesn't really work as easy as it is laid out here. However, there are some other useful bits of info to be found on the site.

  46. I have several account, lvl 54 hitman, lvl 73 mastering hitman and lvl 94 mastering hitman and soldado principal. I thing dont be hurry to leveling up, just slow but sure and make it better

  47. I have 3 account, my mafia wars account, my whipping boy account, and my 'REAL' facebook account. With my real account, i'm just at lvl 22 and skilled st with a week, 6 hours a day playing.

    Then, i found this blog and do what it says. Now i'm at lvl 60, at a smooth way to mastering hitman with 442 energy with 3 days of playing.

    I think this blog was great. But the author said that we can be a lvl 200 with just 3 days...

  48. LOL! @ Anonymous August 20, 2009 1:05 PM

    I have a question for you? So what if we're leveling up fast? so what if your slow and steady tactic will make you stronger? don't you realize, by the time you catch up to us, we'll have almost the same attack and def... and us energy power players would have better weapons, armors, and vehicles than you(meaning higher attack and def power)
    so who's gonna snuff whose ass again?

  49. I have to admit I was skeptical about this theory at first. But after trying it, and tweaking it slightly, I am currently finishing my 2nd day and lvl 85, w/631 nrg and tier 1 of consigliere mastered. Sound like I'm on track?

    I only had to do 12 filler jobs total, and I used the boss attacks to fill in 4 times.
    Thank you very much for this, I thought of trying of going straight energy, but figured the developers would have made that impossible. And luckily that is not that case. I am well on my way to the top, thanks again1

  50. i have followed this to a T, but I am level 66, and I only have 492 energy. Is this good?

  51. Level 124 with energy 604, health 170, stamina 100 attack 29 Def 67. Anything wrong with me guys??????

    I am worried, because I followed this guide from level 50 or 60 (don't remember) and am now facing troubles. I level up only 3 tyms a day.

    I didn't master any tier completely, went to level 2 in all of them. I have surely messed up in some place, I feel.

    What can I do in order to improve my playing style???

    I am a mastermind in sm1ns mafia, also a wheelman, bodygaurd and a safe cracker. But still there are problems leveling up.

    I just feel I should level up 4 to 5 tyms a day, not 3 tyms only.

    Can anyone advice me how I can reach that tempo????
    I really worried and frustrated :( :( :( :(

  52. oops made a mistake, stamina 10

  53. I created a new accout after reading this guide, to boost my main character. in about 10 days the new account is lvl 234 with 1540 energy::::and my main account is now 60 gaff hooks, 200 guerrilla squads, and numerous armoured state cars, TNTs, etc richer and my friends get nice gift packages as well. It works for me thanks!

  54. LMFAO! Focusing on the levels allows me, a lvl 93 to smash lvl 300+'s with ease...Keep dumping your points into energy for those quick levels. I enjoy finding you on the fight list and thrashing you over and over....Your probably also the dumbass that can't fight back because your all energy build and have to abuse the bounty list....

    Enjoy those quick levels...LMFAO! I'll keep hunting you all down and pounding your loss count higher!!

  55. who's a lvl 93 and smashing lvl 300's that's impossible, you cant even fight a level 300 until you get to be about 290? anyways here is something that makes sense: been following this guide and it works great, keep in mind loot and items are RANDOM so if you run intio bod luck you will get stuck having t redo jobs to get loot you need to master the tier. level 80 in 2 days with 570 ENERGY and i'm level 3 master thru hitman working on level 2 capo and consigerle

  56. Started this yesterday and was going strong till around level 80 when i started doing capo and consigliere then it started slowing down considerably very hard to level off 1 energy bar. i wonder if going to Cuba or Moscow will be easier from here.

    stats so far after about 5 hours in total play
    - L86 Maniac (i choose this class as it will be more beneficial in the long run)

    - Attack: 1
    Defense: 1
    Health: 100
    Energy: 628
    Stamina: 3

    ive invesed everything into energy and yet at L86 i only have 628 energy. decent results so far i just want to set up this account and get to a nice high level and get the best loot and send it to my main account

  57. It's easy to attack lvl 300's, they are the dumbass that come running to help the noobs at my lvl that die over and over to me...And then the lvl 300+'s suck and can't hurt me. Now they are on my news list and I can direct link and pound the shit out of them....Simple as that....So funny to see a lvl 400 in my news box with 20 losses and only doing 20 damage and me returning the favor doing 50+ damage to them....

    Keep those energy builds going, and come attack me. I enjoy bragging & posting up you idiots for all to see...

  58. lvl 90 Maniac
    Attack: 138
    Defense: 55
    Health: 115
    Energy: 425
    Stamina: 21
    Influence: 35

    I don't give a shit about these strategies as I can manage to play only ca. 30 mins/24h & most stuff regenerates "too fast".

    I have only one question - why r u mastering the tiers sequentially? U can get the mastery bonuses without doing all previous tiers...

  59. hello guys i am hany i started to play mafia wars from about 2 monthes i created an account fearless i think it is so bad i was level 215 in one month i made a new account and make a new one 13 days ago with maniac and i think its better i am now level 242 in just 13 days and i have 1429 energy and 50 stamina wich is the best amount to make sure i am leveling up fast first of all i think u should master the underboss in any case just do it and to make sure u level up fast u should do this job: Settle a Beef... Permanently u will find it when u rich level 100 in the boss, once u master the underboss job tear start to master the boss job tear once u did that and want to work on ur attacking skills u have to master the cubian jobs they will give u the best attack and defence skills i hope that i help every one here is my email in facebook if u need anythung or any help :

    Don Haony Goaid

  60. by the way u can master the underboss job tier befor u master the capo

    Don haony Goaid

  61. I have noticed a problem with leveling fast. the other people at ur level that arent powerleveling have mastered more jobs. for example i am a master consigliere but some people at my level that master the jobs slowly are skilled bosses. this is because the people that follow this guide do jobs like settle a beef... permababtly to level up in 1 energy bar. other people just master each job and dont do the most efficient jobs so they get more of the other jobs done faster plus they can win more fights because they actually put skill points into attack and defense!

  62. So im a level 85 with 241 energy... wish i could've known what i was getting into ahead of time. :P

  63. i'm level 196 and i'm master boss and master consigliere and all lower tiers......i suggest u to finish boss first....and then consligliere(30 seconds less on energy timer) end then underboss (5%more experience) and capo to be last.....
    anyway.....i have an energy account so on this 1 my stats are
    attack 300
    defence 240
    health 140
    energy 666
    stamina 135
    if u don't beleive me add me to your name is "duma pokeras"

  64. and yeah....i mastered el soldado and al capitan in cuba and tier 1 of moscow up to avtoritet......--- duma pokeras

  65. Level 98

    Attack 6
    Defense 400
    Health 115
    Energy 312
    Stamina 6

    Fights Won 1144
    Fights Lost 93
    Fights Won in Cuba 605
    Already Mastered Capo

  66. Level 116

    Attack 11
    Defense 17
    Health 110
    Energy 724
    Stamina 3

    Fights Won 6
    Fights Lost 978

    Mastered @ 3rd tier:
    Street Thug

    Mastered at 1st tier:


    1 billion $ in New York Bank
    100 million rubles in russia bank all businesses fully upgraded
    level 70 mega casino

  67. I mastered all the early job tiers but im only level 41.........?! is this a problem?

  68. Level 590 to 735 and counting in 45 hours. Finished NY, Cuba, and Vegas in that time span. Ruby mastered 4/5 Italian tiers (working on the fifth now).
    Current stats:
    Level 735
    Energy 2236
    Stamina 2235
    Attack 422
    Defense 227
    Mafia 508 (36 actual players, others are all hired guns)
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 133 (never stopped playing since Day 1)
    Most jobs done in one day 2872
    Fights Won 9272
    Fights Lost 5417
    Basically, what i did is to put all those skill points exclusively to energy and stamina. What I lacked in attack and defense, I balanced with max mafia. All my reward points were spent buying extra mafia members until I've maxed that out (more than 501). It's true that having a lousy defense would make you prone to attacks. That's fine as long as you don't lose any money so bank/vault them if you'll be away.
    Currently, I'm on my way to finishing Italy (5 tiers as of now). I spend all my stamina in Vegas and much of my energy in Italy. That's an automatic level-up everytime! Experience to Level Up: 9155. That's easy with 2235 Stamina and 2236 Energy.
    Also, once you hit 501 mafia members, most other players would thin twice before attacking you.