May 11, 2009

The Early Levels; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 3

Okay, now we're ready to level. Just remember, you must level every single time off of your energy bar if you want to do this fast. For the first few levels, it's no problem leveling off of your energy bar. You just master the jobs one at a time and you'll level up each time without a problem. This brings us to a second key point- you must strive to master every job. Every time you master a job, you get one stat point. This will give us more max energy and make it easier to level off of the same energy bar. Almost every job in the first tier, street thug, has a 1 energy: 1 exp ratio. This makes it tougher to level. By level 6 or so, you will be struggling to level each time off of this poor ratio. At this point, it is time to start attacking.

Find a Whipping Boy

Now, for the first 200 levels, your character will have no attack. Therefore, it is important to find someone really weak to attack! It is also a good idea to have around 10 or so people in your mafia at this point. If you need people, just go to mafia wars fan page on facebook and add a few people as facebook friends from the "add me" threads. Make sure you buy a couple weapons and pieces of armor for a few people in your mafia. That way, you'll win most of your fights vs people with small mafias. There appears to be no downside to attacking both a low level person and a person with a small mafia. So, the best course of action here is to find a person you can consistently beat, then bookmark them so you can always come back and beat them! I attacked the same level 40 player from level 40 on, without any problems. If you are a high level player, you will even get high level drops of low level players. So just find someone you can easily beat and bookmark their info. To do so, you must right click on the link to their name, then click copy link location, then add that link to bookmarks. Pic example:

Simply bookmarking the site won't work, you'll have to get the link this way

Now, you can just attack this person every time you level with all of your stamina. Do this at the beginning of every level in order to get a head start on the jobs. Between attacking the same person over and over again and mastering all the jobs in Street Thug, you should be able to get to around level 8 pretty quickly. After this it slows down a lot. Levels 8-25 are strangely enough the slowest levels in game. Keep grinding through and master as many of the lower tier jobs as you can. By the time you master the first three tiers, leveling gets 100x faster.
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  1. I'm trying this strategy. I have a question about this part(3) How much should I be working on the stamina at 10-20. Should I keep it at 3 or build it up to what amount? Because the leveling is slow here and I should be attacking, what are the numbers?

  2. WesD, the more you put in stamina, the less energy you have. In the beginning this would slow you down, but eventually energy pays off better than stamina. There are only a few drawbacks of putting nothing there:
    - having to beg for collections if you do not want to keep it exactly minimal
    - you WILL be losing more, until at some level you start winning in fights with easy players more then others kick your something

  3. I first want to thank you for the detailed guide. But now I ran in to a wall, I successfully "Mastered" all the jobs at Street Thug, I went on to the Associate level and things got slow so i went on to fight, while surfing my page I went back to the Street Thug tab and it showed I had only completed the Muggin job. Do I need to do the same job more than once? or is it a glitch in the system?

  4. there are 3 lvls to master in each tier so you must have only mastered the first level

  5. Yep. Need to master 3 times. The first two tiers are the slowest, it picks up a lot after you master associate.

  6. I can't find a whipping boy. Because my attack is 1, I lose to ALL fights.

  7. Look for someone with like 3 people in their mafia. If you have 15 people in yours and they all have equipment, you are going to win 99% of the time even with 1 attack.

  8. im stuck at level 10, i started about three hours ago.


    atk 1
    def 1
    health 100
    energy 83
    stamina 3

    i need 72 exp for my next level up, and my energy and stamina is 0.

    this guide says it can level up to 100 in 2hrs. what have i done wrong?

    im a skilled street thug by now.

    any help?

  9. Same here, I'm at lvl 9 with 155 exp until next lvl with 30 exp left to use.

    attack 1
    defense 1
    health 100
    energy 64
    stamana 3

  10. If you didn't do everything 100% optimally, levels 8-25 can take a day or two on their own. After that, 25-200 should only take 1 day.

  11. Make a "Whipping Boy"... Create another account. Make a player in Mafia Wars. He can be anything you want.

    You will never play this character! He needs to remain level 1 forever. Do NOT add anyone to his/her Mafia. Leave this character at Level 1, with no weapons, armor or vehicle.

    Bookmark this character's page. Log in to your main account, go to Mafia Wars as your character you are trying to level. Open the bookmark to your Whipping Boys Page.

    Bookmark the "Attack Now" link. I have this link in my Toolbar so I can click it every single time I have 1 or more stamina.

    Oddly enough this solo character will beat you in a fight on occasion... Critical Hits, Etc.

    Why go to all this trouble? Well, Your "Whipping Boy" will never report you for abusive behavior. You will win 95% of fights. With a high win ratio, you are less likely to be attacked or robbed by other players.

    If you look at my account with 962 wins 73 losses you are less likely to attack him than someone with 600 wins 400 losses. Which sounds like an easier mark?

  12. I made myself a "Whipping Boy" but I can't find which is the correct link to bookmark. I know you dont just bookmark the page, you have to copy link location. but if i'm logged into my whipping boys account, which link do i bookmark?

  13. you have to right click the link and open their profile page in a new window. you can then bookmark that new window that opens.

  14. Which link? Profile link does not work...

  15. i have tried to right click on the page after beating someone, but it does not show copy link like in the picture. Any ideas?

  16. @anon, in the picture above, you could simply click on the opponent's user name - "The Don" in this case - and bookmark that. Or, right-click on the "attack" button and make a bookmark out of that.

  17. after beating someone, there is no profile link...

  18. i am currently level 11, but have sunken what I foresee as too many points into stamina.

    Attack: 1
    Defense: 7 (vaulted something from alt)
    Health: 100
    Energy: 69
    Stamina: 16

    Mastermind: 11%
    Wheelman: 8% - still looking for one...

    I am spending all stamina on attacking and still coming up with 30% short on the exp bar when all energy is spent.

    At this point, should I reroll and start again?
    Im curious to see if I can still make this work?

  19. Can someone give a link to a "whiping boy" you've created?

  20. This is a link to a stag player. he left my first mafia but is still in it. Its a mafia of 1 and wont ever attack back. Oh and by attacking just this account I have yet to be attacked by anyone. enjoy =)

  21. Am I doing something wrong?

    When I copy and paste the link above to attack the offered "whipping boy", I'm only brought to my "Fight" page... and everyone there is on the same level I am.

    This often happens to me when I try to use links to get to places in Mafia Wars... in other words, I'm brought to a MW page, but not the one I expected!

    Suggestions? Thanks!

  22. try this "whipping boy" created by me:

    but i have something to ask you guys...
    well it works just fine when i attack this WB but once when i attacked my mafia with this WB (just for fun), i was shocked with the results.
    this WB seems to defeat my mafia (stats below) every time on attack. i don't even seem to cause the critical hits. but the strangest thing is that it shows that my Mafia is fighting with ONLY ONE MAFIA where in reality i have 185. My family is fully equipped (not with the best items maybe) and the WB is fighting with NOTHING still he beats me on attack each and every time. i really don't seem to get this. can anyone of you guys please explain...

    My Mafia stats (when i attacked him with the WB):
    Level: 117
    MyMafia: 185
    Attack: 9
    Defence: 14
    Health: 115
    Energy: 814
    Stamina: 11

  23. sorry the above link will not work.
    here is the correct web link to my queer WB...

  24. Thank you thank you for the great WB! :)

  25. i have been playing this game for a month now and i am still on level takes me 4 minutes to get 1 energy point and the same for stamina. those anyone have any ideas how to level up quiker

  26. No idea how you can "constantly" level up. For example 13 to 14 is ~300 XP and you seriously can't have more than 150 energy unless you buy reward points. Even if you win every fight, have every collection, 11% mastermind and wheelman you have to wait 1-2 hours between levels.

  27. well thats not the correct way. if u want to level continuously then use "robbing a bank" as a filler job to get the ratio down to a manageable amount. i didn't have to wait more than 15mins in the first levels. but try to vault all the collections as early as possible (req from the higher level players). this will give quite a boost to ur energy. my exp:energy ratio mever exceeded 1.8 in the early levels...

  28. it's incredible how the WB above fights back with a grenade and beats me. argh!

  29. I am trying to adapt this to Myspace Mafia Wars, and am running into trouble - I am still working on the third tier of street thug, but although I have followed your instructions to the tee I am still left with 45+ extra experience at levels 11-12. Also, I cannot seem to link up to my whipping boy, and even the lower level / size teams are kicking my butt! How do I get the math to work?
    Attack: 1
    Defense: 2 (That was an accident)
    Health: 101 (Another Accident)
    Energy: 85
    Stamina: 3

  30. When I right click on the persons name it doesnt say "copy link location" Why is that??

  31. thank you realmoonstruck!

  32. I have a question plz: I'm at lvl95 now, and of course I mastered the Associate tier, but my Bank Heist job still requires 9 energy and brings 15xp. the ratio is not as good as yours. what have I done wrong?

  33. After getting stuck leveling 2-3xs a day on my regular account, I found this page and tried the strategy.

    Honestly I am not sure how well it works. I get stuck for hours waiting for energy to replenish. I dont know whether the fearless type was the best for quick leveling because the random jobs at no energy expenditure is too infrequent. I'd rather get steady energy building up fast than a free pass on a job or two in an hour of playing.

    Having said that, Im a only a level 14 aftera day of play. I have over 100 energy rating but still cant get through whole levels without waiting. What can I do

    Join My Mafia:

  35. The whipping boy strategy doesn't seem to work at lower levels anymore. I don't know what the threshold is, but a lower level attacking another lower level, if you attack them a *second* time, the system arms them with a grenade for every person in the mafia, so you basically have no chance of winning.

    Seems designed to prevent this strategy completely.

  36. Giving credit where it is due...I commented about being stuck on level 14 a couple of weeks ago. After level 25 or so, I was able to open up more jobs and zip through. I am now a level 140, I've altered your strategy because I didn't want to hit level 180 with low states. You will get preyed upon by higher level players who incrementally added to their attack and defense.

  37. It's not that easy to beat a weakling. That weakling might put you in a hitlist. When you realized that, you already knocked out.

  38. I am on level 15 experience but cant get past master street thug. How can I fix this.

  39. I am on level 82, and im so sick of getting attacked its not even funny anymore!!! and i dont go out of my way to attack ppl..i keep losing, and my stats are so bad! dont know what im doing wrong!
    Attack: 90
    Defense: 182
    Health 160
    Energy 245
    Stamina 17

  40. Im on level 50 with
    Attack = 26
    Defense = 21
    Health = 107
    Energy = 315
    Stamina = 17

    I found that I can use all my energy (wisely) and have between 30-70 exp remaining. I then can attack my WB and finish off the level with minimum wait time.

    Here is a link to my WB - Book mark it and use it over and over:

  41. I love killing n00bs that use the strategy employed here. Levels mean nothing. If you dump your xp into energy (as is recommended on this site), all you do is make it easy to keep leveling, but you don't stand a chance in a fight with anyone else of comparable level. Since mafia wars tries to match up your fights with other mafias in the same level range, this means you always lose and you always get robbed.
    I would MUCH rather be level 100 and able to beat everyone in a fight than level 600 and get whooped by level 200's repeatedly.

  42. That lvl 600 is prolly retarded.... This strategy tells that u need boost energy till lvl 200, after that u boost everything, and 200x5 for attack and 200x5 for def is 1000 of both.... So there is no posibility that lvl 200 guy can kill some1 lvl 600....

  43. Do we have to master each level 3 times (full) or do we try and move on to the jobs that give us more points?

  44. has anyone else noticed that Rob a Bank no longer has a good ratio? My account is now showing it as 15 exp to 8 energy.

  45. well if i do this , i see its not really working , i still get more xp left then energy so i need to wait till my energy is going up to lvl later :( so i cant lvl without my energy bar is out

  46. Since Zynga lowered the ratio's of energy to exp in October, is this still a viable strategy for rapid levelling?

  47. Looks like they have stopped the ability to make a whipping boy.

  48. I've got a whipping boy.

    1. Created a new facebook account.
    2. Joined Mafia Wars
    3. Added my Whipping Boy to my main accounts Mafia
    4. Clicked the name of my Whipping boy to get the profile page
    5. Bookmarked the profile page of my whipping
    6. Bookmark the AttackX java script on Spockholm Mafia Tools (Google it)
    7. select the bookmark for my whipping boy
    8. Choose Attack
    9. After the first attack click the AttackX script and let the script auto attack the rest.

  49. Hi, i am level 15 now, going to master all level 1 jobs in street thug tier, is it to late or disruptive to start following this guide? I have invested all my stats into energy, have 86 of them now. Btw, is it this guide compatible with the current 'rackets' accounts?

  50. the whipping boy account after all these months has been disabled. 8-(

  51. I was able to use the Don Porichiti whipping boy mentioned above. Thanks!

  52. If you make a whipping boy, just play it and add all the stats to health. That way, it doesn't get iced after 2 or 3 attacks.

  53. Master Street Thug , level 12 Fearless

    You have 51 experience points to your next level.

    Attack: 1
    Defense: 1
    Health: 100
    Energy: 91
    Stamina: 3

    wat now????
    i keep running out of energy. wat do i do?

  54. One thing that seems to help me level is using the boss fights. I use them at the end of the level and they give me a nice jump to the next level. Helps with money too.

  55. [Ruby 4]
    Southside Goon "JUSTICE Don't Even Think About It" Level 212

    Attack: 743 Increase your attack to do more damage and win more fights.
    Defense: 744 Increase your defense to repel more attacks.
    Health: 1065 Increase your max health to survive intense fights.
    Energy: 395 Increase your max energy to do more jobs.
    Stamina: 475 Increase your stamina to fight more often.
    Mafia: 584 Increase your mafia size.

    I have been thru this game to level 1100 before and trust me ur going to want to put alot of stat points into your attack and Defense as i have done with my new MW character. you want to have atleast triple attack and defense of whatever level you are