May 24, 2009

How do I get a Concealable Camera in Mafia Wars?; Strategy and Leveling Guide FAQ

This post is the first of a series intended to address frequently asked questions I get get on Mafia Wars for Facebook. The links to the posts will be compiled in a new FAQ section.

Question: Where do I get a concealable camera in Mafia Wars?

Answer: The concealable camera is a random drop from the "Rob an Electronics Store" job in the Enforcer job tier. It has a 1/3 chance to drop along with untraceable cell phones and computer set-ups. A good way to stock up on these items is to use your energy pack for this job.
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  1. smashin! thanks for this...
    i've been stuck on the job that requires this loot item

  2. Hi, Ive been playing now for around 6 days. I have level 1 mastered all of the jobs except 'obtain comp photos' in Hitman but cant complete that job which is currently stuck at 84% & has been for a couple days now. I understand i need the concealable camera but am unable to get it through loot jobs in Enforcer as I have Level 3 mastered all of the jobs in Enforcer, so cant do 'rob electronic store'. I am confused as to how I can complete 1st level master Hitman which would allow me to do all the jobs again to obtain the 2nd & then 3rd level master. Hope this makes sense & hope you can help me.... Because of not being able to do hitman jobs, I am fast completing all the possible ones that Im able to do in Capo & Consigliere & have a feeling the loot items I need to level these that i dont have, I would find in Hitman when able to start over again with it??? Sorry so long post. Am a rookie/newbie! Cheers

  3. even if you complete the enforcer job tier, you can still do that job, it just gives you experience, and you still have a chance of getting the camera.

  4. wth do i need an concealable camera,and untraceable cell phones and computer set-ups for?

  5. you need them for a lot of missions

  6. Concealable Cameras are needed to complete the Boss job tier in New York, which is the last job tier for that city. Illegal transaction records, untraceable cell phones and blackmail photos are some other important items you will need to advance to the next stage of Mafia Wars.

  7. i think the concealable camera is just an excuse to make the game take longer to finish and to force you to buy stuff with 'reward points' and/or real money

    i use to click on the 'rob an electronic store' on enforcer tier and 9/10 out of times i'd get it
    now its reduce the probability to obtaining one

    i can waste most of my energy just to get '0' to 2 'concealable cameras' and the 'obtain compromising' job eats ALOT of 'cameras items'

    can anyone send me some??

  8. It is good to know that also a job Smuggle Consumer Electronics for the Vory in Moscow drops with Cameras and it's much better paid than Rob the electronic store :)