May 20, 2009

How to Win Fights in Mafia Wars; Facebook Strategy & Leveling Guide

If you want to know how to win fights in Mafia Wars, you've come to the right place. If you read Part 1 of this article, you should have a pretty good idea of whether or not you'll be able to beat your opponent in a fight. Or perhaps you've attacked him several times and just can't seem to win. Here are the things you can do to make your character stronger in fights:

1. Increase your Mafia size

This is becoming a common theme no doubt. A bigger mafia will win more fights! Regardless of level, you can use 501 Mafia Members (i.e. you + 500) in any fight. The closer you are to that number, the better off you are going to be!

2. Equip your Mafia

Each Mafia member can use 1 (and only 1) weapon, armor, and vehicle when attacking other players. There is no advantage in having more than 1 weapon per mafia member. Only the best weapon will be selected to be used in combat. The only thing that matters when picking the best equipment for offense is its attack rating. Defense is not important! Here are the best items you can collect for offense:

Updated for Cuba


TNT - 42 Attack, 20 defense - drops from the "Raid the Arms Depot" job in the El Padrino tier.


Hu-9 Helicopter - 36 attack, 27 defense - drops from the "Attack the Army Command Post" job in the El Padrino tier.


Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.

As you can see, the items from jobs have a significantly higher level of attack than the store bought versions. Keep doing the jobs listed above to collect these items if you want a better chance of winning fights! Additionally, when you master a tier all 3 times, items from jobs in that tier times will have a +10% drop rate. So before doing a job to collect items, make sure the whole tier is mastered. Furthermore, having more than 1 weapon, armor, or vehicle does little for your mafia- in other words, if you have 501 TNT, collecting any more weapons will do nothing for your offensive power. Collecting TNT for everyone in your mafia can take some time, but doing so will give you an edge in fights!

3. Put points in Attack

Even a full mafia with the best equipment will struggle if there are no points in the attack category. Even if you are following the leveling guide, at some point, you will need to put your stat points in "Attack" if you wish to be successful in attacking a lot of players. The formula for attacking other player seems to use attack as a multiplicative function - that is Mafia Size and equipment alone aren't enough to win fights, you need a solid combination of both of these factors.

4. Do not waste godfather points on reward items

This goes right along with point #3. At the moment, reward items flat out are not good (maybe the developers will improve them in the future). The weapons, armor, and vehicles rarely have much more attack or defense rating then what is already available through jobs. Sometimes it is even worse! Rather than get the reward items, spend your points on the +4 stat upgrade, and put points in attack. This will do much more for your fighting ability then buying these items.


By increasing your Mafia size (up to 501), making sure your mafia is stocked up on the best equipment, by putting some stat points in Attack, and by spending Godfather points on stats to add to attack, you can be sure to increase your chances of winning. However, you will never win 100% of fights - opponents who are Top Mafia bodyguards have a chance to always win on defense, plus critical hits, which are infrequent but occur, will always cause a loss in a fight.

Good luck!
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  1. Combat Calculator very helpful as well

    Also a post on Combat Math

  2. Quite often somebody complains: why do I lose to someone of a MUCH lower level, with a MUCH smaller mafia (not critical or top Mafia case).

    I am still wondering - do personal stats get added or multiplied with mafia inventory bonuses?

  3. Artiom said...
    I am still wondering - do personal stats get added or multiplied with mafia inventory bonuses?

    Mafia Wars Guide said...

    My question is…
    Is this the case even if the my weapon/equipment with the highest points was obtained (in the case of loots...) in a higher level/tier as the one where I obtained my mastery of 3 tiers (inventory bonus)? For example, I mastered all 3 tiers in the lowest level and got an inventory bonus for that. Now that I have a grenade launcher (obtained in a higher level), will its Attack/Defense points be multiplied by the inventory bonus that I have (obtained in a lower level)? Or does the multiplier effect of inventory bonuses only work on equipment obtained at the same level where the inventory bonus was awarded?

  4. Question #2:
    When it comes to defending against fights (someone attacks or robs you), is it your best defensive equipment that is automatically selected? Or is it the equipment with the most # of combined points (Attack + Defense)? For example, if I have 2 weapons and one has 20 ATK / 5 DEF points while the other one has 5 ATK / 7 DEF points. Which will be automatically chosen when another player attacks/robs me? Will it be Weapon #1 (total 25 points combined, but with low defense points) or will it be Weapon #2 (total 12 points combined, but with higher defense points than Weapon #1)?

    Conversely, if you’re attacking, will your best offensive weapon be automatically chosen even if you have another weapon with lower attack points but much higher defensive points so that its total combined points is greater than your best offensive weapon (high attack points, but low defense points). I.e. Weapon # 1 has 12 ATK / 6 DEF points, while Weapon # 2 has 10 ATK / 12 DEF points.

  5. Question #3:
    When I am being attacked/robbed, do my Mafia members’ weapons/equipment also come into play in the computation? Or is it just my weapons/equipment that are considered in the computation? And is the same computation method used regardless of whether you’re attacking or defending?

  6. Did you ever notice that some people you can fight 8 times and always win just 1 point. Other people you fight and you always win between 2-6 points every time. I dont get the logic since both people have the same mob size and pretty much same weapons. Any ideas?

  7. Just your equipment counts.

    Raw stat points - most attack for offense, most attack for defense, seem to get preferential selection for fighting/defending.

    Mastering tiers, aside from Street Thug / Associate do not effect your ability to fight.

  8. ugg-i'm lvl 114 and win a lot of fights, but it bothers me that i dont get to use a lot of bonus weapons and private jets in fights because they have low atk stats. what should i do? i know that they calculate atk + def, so should i gift/sell the high atk/low overall weapons and vehicles?

  9. I'm still undecided personally on whether it is done as atk + def or not. At any rate, in Cuba a lot of the items with the best att/def are also the ones with the highest stat points.. so just wait it out and eventually load up on TNT/Guerrillas/Armored State cars

  10. Do special loot weapons count towards my total number I need for each mafia member? Or do I need to make sure I have a weapon for each member from my standard inventory?

    1. please tell me the answer.....i have around 30 mafia members. but have 1 frankies ring.....should i have more than one of these q for each member or is one enough.....iv also tried equiping this single ring vs 30 fireman armour and dont see any difference in attack or defence power...please reply

  11. I suspect people that use their credit cards (pay real money) might get preferential treatment but I could just be paranoid.

  12. Question please - when you fight, do all the mafia members have access to your inventory or do you have to actually give the item to the other playes? If so, what value is there in having more then one of an item you cannot give away?

  13. I'm in the level 180 and have a mafia size of 673. Ever since I started to increase my size from 501, It seem that I'm always having to fight someone way higher in levels even as high as the 400's. Any reason for that?

  14. First of all, this is an excellent guide. However, once u get to a certain level, you may want to actually kick some arse. Hence, add mucho attack and defense at this point. Why? Your energy level is enough to complete all tiers if you are patient enough. The hard part is defending and fighting (come on, you joined this game to be a nice guy?) To beat the best of the best, you need at LEAST 2X attack and defense of your current level. I know, you're thinking you can beat 90% of the dipchits out there, and you can. But us REAL mafia wars people will EAT U ALIVE. Just a word of caution because i started to get cocky at around level 200. I was beating weak guys at level 700+. It was a false sense of security. There were level 120 guys kicking the crap out of me because they built tanks (slow leveling, but almost impossible to kill). I am grateful for this guide and will STILL FOLLOW THIS GUIDE. This is the fastest way to level! I am just making you aware of the "darker" side of mafia wars, where guys actually email u personally! At that point, u know you have done your job!!!

  15. You suxorz. I own all in mafia wars! No one will EVER wipe out my properties, And i DARE you weaklings to try.

  16. Kudos to you Don Ang ! This old lady and her mafia of 17 just had to take you up on your dare ! You blasted me out of the water = } !

  17. don ang = lvl 677 me level 299, me > him. lol

  18. Correction:
    Guerrilla Squad is 34 attack, 30 defense

    while above mentioned:
    Guerrilla Squad - 30 attack, 34 defense - drops from the "Supply the FRG with Some Extra Muscle" job in the El Padrino tier.

  19. feel free to add me at
    for mafia wars thanks

  20. Equipping your mafia

    Hi, thanks for this great guide. I just don't seem to really understand how the mafia works - I mean, they say only the 501 best count, but you can add thousands of people anyway. So my question is, I've currently got a mafia of about 1000 people. If only the best count, can't I count on them already being well equipped? And wouldn't it be a total waste to equip everybody in my whole mafia, since half of them won't count anyway? Or, if I should still equip some of them, how do I know which ones?

  21. Just get 501 of armor, weapons, and vehicles. These people are just for body count.

  22. Thanks! /konstantin

  23. hey uhh, I just decided to fight someone, and they were a level 244 Maniac with a mafia of 51. I am a level 227 Fearless with a mafia of 75 (sad, I know). I did 21 damage and took 12. I still lost. Why?

  24. Sort of related, but anyway to get rid of that annoying "nothing personal" pop up when you ice or kill somebody in the attack screen? He really hinders my flow. ;)

  25. Hey I have a interesting question, while I have seen the formulas out there on how damage is dealt on fights and most of that information checks out, lately I have seen new messages when I loose a fight, saying "you have been out gunned" (the other player has better items, which is basic right?) "you have been out leveled" (the other player has a higer level and maybe better stats because of that" but the one that I found more interesting was "you have been out ranked" meaning the other player had a higher rank than me (el cacique principal or stuff like that) even with more mafia and about 20 levels more than him I still lost. So the question is, are titles actually playing a roll now? I know there are players that show lesser titles trying to lure people into attacking them, this would void that technique, this would also "help" those players that focus more on doing jobs than on attacking other players, or people that have problems getting those huge mafias, not to mention it would make calculating results a lot more complex. What do you think?

  26. Combat Calculator

    Attacker: Vor CatchMeIfYouCan!
    Level 400 Maniac

    Attack: 700 Defence: 700
    Mafia size: 501

    1 Cazador Assault Rifle [60,25]
    1 Avispa Machine Gun [54,24]
    1 Boss Karpov's Pistol [50,38]
    1 Liger [45,12]
    1 Jaguar [45,24]
    11 Agent Purvis' Rifles [44,29]
    1 Sneak Attack [43,22]
    1 Laser Squirrel [43,12]
    483 Ubijca Assault Rifles [43,18]
    1 Ex-KGB Bodyguard [48,30]
    1 Che's Beret [46,34]
    499 Shturmoviks [45,28]
    1 Kodiak [44,28]
    500 Zoloto Sports Cars [43,22]


    Weapons: 501 Armor: 501 Vehicles 501

    A: 65686 | D: 34234 | A+D: 99920

    Mafia Attack Strength = 65686

    The Attacker WON the fight!


    Vor CatchMeIfYouCan!, Level 400 Maniac
    Attack: 700
    Defence: 700
    Mafia size: 501
    Server: ???

    Mafia Attack Strength = 65686

    1 Cazador Assault Rifle, 1 Avispa Machine Gun, 1 Boss Karpov's Pistol, 1 Liger, 1 Jaguar, 11 Agent Purvis' Rifles, 1 Sneak Attack, 1 Laser Squirrel, 483 Ubijca Assault Rifles, 1 Ex-KGB Bodyguard, 1 Che's Beret, 499 Shturmoviks, 1 Kodiak, 500 Zoloto Sports Cars

    Combat Score = 895
    The average COMBAT SCORE* for a player at level 400 with a Mafia of 501 should be approximately 837. Your Combat Score score of 895 is 7% ABOVE AVERAGE for your level.

    Equipment ...


    Weapon Attack Strength per Mafia (43) is ABOVE AVERAGE (36) for your level.

    Weapon Count: 501
    Attack Str: 21593
    Average: 18036

    From level 99 onwards your 'stock' weapon becomes the Bonus Weapon [20, 20] but there are also some good weapons offered through the Godfather's Limited Edition Loot.

    For the Mafia Wars Cuba expansion, Canonazos [42, 22] and TNT [42, 20] are extremely powerful and still quite easy to find. You should also collect Gaff Hooks [20, 30] for your defensive setup.

    For the Mafia Wars Moscow expansion, the Ubijca Assault Rifle [43, 18 VORY] is the best attacking weapon, and the Zmeya Carbon Blade [28, 44 MAFIYA] the best defensive weapon.


    Armor Attack Strength per Mafia (45) is ABOVE AVERAGE (34) for your level.

    Armor Count: 501
    Attack Str: 22549
    Average: 17034

    The 'stock' armor for combat is the Body Armor [4, 7], but you should focus on doing jobs that will give you something better. Bodyguards [8, 25] and Federal Agent [15, 25] are both good options.

    For the Mafia Wars Cuba expansion, the Guerrilla Squad [34, 30] is the top attacking Armor, while the Camouflage Body Armor [18, 34] has been improved and is now one of the better defensive Armors.

    For the Mafia Wars Moscow expansion, the Shturmovik [45,28 VORY] is the best attacking armor, and the Executive Overcoats [22, 45] the best defensive armor.


    Vehicle Attack Strength per Mafia (43) is ABOVE AVERAGE (33) for your level.

    Vehicle Count: 501
    Attack Str: 21544
    Average: 16533

    The 'stock' vehicle for combat is the Towncar [10, 12] but you will want to try to improve on these. Multi-Purpose Trucks [26, 22] are good for attack, Private Jets [12, 39] for defence.

    For the Mafia Wars Cuba expansion, the Hu-9 Helicopter [36, 27], Armored State Car [30, 42] and Track Loader [37, 32] are a huge improvement on the original vehicles.

    For the Mafia Wars Moscow expansion, the Zoloto Sports Car [43, 22] is the best attacking vehicle, and the Konstantin Cargo Carrier [18, 44 VORY] the best defensive vehicle.

  27. Which job in the Pedrino level drops the Armored State Car?

  28. i have seen lot of people have suddenly increased their defense points, for example a level 400 with 98k in defense!!! How did they do that??

  29. Animals are now a separate category, so people loaded up on animals to give them more attack and defense.

  30. how can it be that one day my attack skill is 22000 and the other day down again at 20000 when my mafia size stays always the same at 113 and i only gain stronger items from loot in fights and jobs?

  31. if you only have 113 mafia, you most likely get attacked alot, and you are loosing equipment when you get attacked

  32. You're right, anyone with a mafia of less than 501 will get attacked more, however, you don't actually lose any of your loot. That stuff sticks around. (Don't believe me? Write down what you're fighting with and watch to see if the number changes). What may be changing in your stats would be your distribution of skill points.

    Someone with 22,000 attack should be spending their time increasing their mafia size, getting the best 501 att/def items that they can and putting their skill points to attack and defense (and some to stamina) instead of getting top heavy with health or energy.

  33. I was wondering, why am I in an attack pool with people levels 1500 and above while I am only a level 450? Is it based on attack strength?

  34. Where is the drop for the Multi-Purpose truck?

  35. Originally launched 2008, Mafia Wars allows players to build their virtual criminal empires by collaborating with their friends to complete crime jobs, fight and rob other Mafia crews, run underground businesses and purchase virtual goods like weapons and getaway cars. Set in New York City at launch, the game expanded to new in-game locales including Mafia Wars Cuba, Moscow, Bangkok, Las Vegas, Italy, Chicago, and Brazil in March 2011.