May 21, 2009

How to win Fights on Defense in Mafia Wars; Facebook Strategy & Leveling Guide

The best way to avoid losing fights in Mafia Wars is to not get attacked in the first place. The same tips that I covered earlier in the "How Not to Get Robbed" section will also help prevent you from being attacked. However, if you like to fight other players, it is inevitable that at some point you will encounter another player who will either put you on the hitlist or get his buddies to attack you. In this situation, there are a couple things you can do to boost your defense:

1. Recruit more Mafia Members

It's a bit of a redundant theme at this point, but one of the easiest things you can do to not lose as many fights on defense is to add mafia members. If you are lacking mafia members, look for groups on facebook like "Mafia Wars Recruitment Center" and you will be able to find more mafia members there.

2. Equip your Mafia

Now that you've added more mafia members (or already had 500), it's important that they are fully equipped. You will want one weapon, armor, and vehicle for each person in your mafia. The higher the defense on the items, the better off you will be when defending yourself from attacks. See the best of list for up to date information on the best weapons, armors, and vehicles.

3. Put points in Defense

Even if you have a full Mafia with all the best equipment, if you have no points in defense, you will still lose fights to high-end players. One easy way to get points is to do the collections; several of these, such as the ties and rings, will add a good bit of defense to your stats. One point in defense for every level you have will set you up to be above-average when it comes to getting attacked. Additionally, use your godfather points from leveling up for stats, and put those in defense if you feel like you are still getting killed too easily.


By filling up your mafia, collecting the best defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles, and by putting some points in defense, you can be sure to cut down on your losses in the future!
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  1. Do these losses matter in the end? Even a 100%-pure-energy player can manage to keep the upkeep within 10% of the income... unless it's about ambitions.

  2. Losses don't really matter, it just seems to bother some people that they lose fights. Also, aggressive attackers tend to be aggressively attacked :D

  3. The Gaff Hook is not the best defensive weapon--and it is based on the best defense to offense ratio.


  4. love adhomynims from an anonymous d!ckhead. nice piece - don't worry about the haters...

  5. Haha. Why would the Mafia Wars engine always select Gaff Hooks for its number one choice for defense then?

  6. I was hit buy a guy that was 1008. Told my clan and they thought he would be a weak guy so they hit him. This is his def.DeCicco's Mafia of 501 fought with 501 Gaff hooks, 494 Guerrilla Squads, 7 Falsified Documents, an El Rey Roadster, 154 Hu-9 Helicopters, 17 Si-14 Cargo Planes, 134 Armored State Cars, 9 Cigarette Boats, 60 Police Cruisers, 21 Ocelot Armored Trucks, a Decommissioned APC, 51 Armored Limousines, 52 Private Jets, and a Low Rider.

  7. you guys are foolz !! your defence is auto pck by mafia wars . best def when being attacked and when u attack it picks best attack weapons

  8. the above post doesn't make any sense, is it in english?

  9. the avispa machine gun is a better defense weapon than the gaff hook.

  10. PLEASE...someone answer, once and for all..defense and attack stats: How high should they be and should attack and defense be even? For every article I have read that says they add them up and it doesn't matter if they are the same, another article will say that they are handled separately. I have also read that attack and defense should be about equal to your well as that they should be at least 100 higher than your level. Currently I am a level 175 with attack of 248, defense of 278....sound anywhere near okay? I've done 4116 jobs, won 6449 fights, and lost 1508 fights. Lately I have been losing more often, but most of those losses have been the dreaded critical hit. Thanks for any input.

  11. where's more iportant? attack or defend ?
    for example:
    we have 2000 attack and 1 defend(total=2000), when i get attack from enemy with 1000 attack and 500 defend(total=1500), are we will LOST?

  12. what does defense really do anyway? And do they give you higher chance of people failing to rob you?

  13. Whats the MINIMUM number of Gaffs Hooks and TNT you recommend for players.

    Also, can you list the TOP 3 Weapons, Armor and Vehicles EACH for Att and Def. Thanks.

  14. couple of morons posting here

  15. In response to comment from july 19th...
    Stats: the HIGHER the better for att/def, and yes, keep them about the same but don't have your def LOWER than your att. You can always choose who you attack, but not who you are defending against. att/def should be no less than 150% of your level (higher is better). So at lvl 175 you should be at around 263.. so you're doing ok at 248/278. keep increasing these

    Go to:
    This is a combat calculator that analizes the results of an attack or defense. It tells you if you need to increase your att/def and by what percentage.

    Weapons, armor and vehicles: the game auto picks the weapons used. when you attack it will take the att rating of the item into account and when you are defending yourself it will take the def rating of that item. so it's best to equip yourself with as many TNT's for attack as possible and as many Gaff Hooks as possible for defense (501 each) (mw might have added more weapons in cuba that might be higher, if so, I'm not aware.

  16. Guerrilla squads are better than gaff hooks

    Guerrilla squad
    34 attack 30 defence

    gaff hook
    20 attack 30 defence

  17. Is it possible to get 501 Armored state cars? I am currently having trouble getting these and so far i have only 150 of these even though i have been doing the same job for the last 7-8 levels :(

    Gaff hooks are definitely easier. TNT's and Guerilla squads are EXTREMELY EASY! The only thing i need now are State cars, HU-9 helicopters...

  18. I have a mafia of 20 who are each equipped with 20 chain guns. Would adding another 100 pistols help me in any way or do I need to always keep quality in the forefront as I progress?

    Your mafia of 20 will only carry those 20 chain guns into a fight. If your mafia expands to 21, then one pistol would be added. If you can keep your bank up to afford keeping your mafia with the strongest weapons possible (in this case, buying one more chain gun for the new member), then you should try to keep quality in the forefront.

  20. When you are attacked, EACH member of your mafia will use ONE weapon, ONE armor, and ONE vehicle with which to defend. It will use the weapons that you own only. Your mafia members show up for the fight with empty hands and you have to equip them. The game will auto pick the best of each for each member.

    If you have 100 members, 50 chain guns, 50 tnts, 50 cane knives, and 50 gaf hooks, your mob of 100 will defend with the 50 gaf hooks and the 50 cane knives. Gaf hook has a defense of 30, cane knife is 28, tnt is 20, chain gun is 14.

    It will do that for each of the 3 categories of gear. In this case it would choose 50 tnt and 50 gaf hooks. tnt is 42 attack, gaf is 20, hook is 18 and chain gun is 14 attack.

    For attacking, it does the same thing except that it picks the best attack of each item.

  21. It will do that for each of the 3 categories of gear.

    For attacking, it does the same thing except that it picks the best attack of each item. In this case it would choose 50 tnt and 50 gaf hooks. tnt is 42 attack, gaf is 20, hook is 18 and chain gun is 14 attack.

    This is a rewording of the above post. Should always proof read before I post!

  22. Get 500 TNT, gaff, G-squad, hu-9, and state car.
    Get 500 of each and the problem is solved

  23. How about
    501 TNT, G-Squad, HU-9's for Attack
    501 Gaff Hooks, G- Squads, Armored State Cars for Dfence

    If I could get 501 of anything in the game what is the ultimate collection? I have what I metioned above right now.

  24. I think wasting points on attack & defense is exactly that - a waste. Spend them on energy so you can keep leveling up and playing the game.

    Here's my stats -
    Level 111
    Attack 55
    Defense 40
    Energy 661
    Fights won - 2893
    Fights lost - ONLY 252 !!
    ...that's over a 10 to 1 win ratio with CRAPPY attack and defense stats

  25. Thank you for your wise advice! ^^ They are really useful. And I really agree with your moral conduct in Mafia Wars, not to rob people or put them in hitlist. To equip our Mafia.

    But I don't know how to equip Mafia? How to know what they need? We can not send weapons, armors, vehicles as gifts right? I hope you answer my questions. Thank you!! ^^

  26. Anon on August 7th wrote that Guerrilla Squads were better than Gaff Hooks.

    You are comparing apples to oranges. It's easy to differentiate between armor, weapons, and vehicles by looking at your loot.

    A Guerrilla Squad is an armor. A Gaff Hook is a weapon. You cannot sensibly compare the two.

  27. You can only use 1 of each in a fight.
    You outfit your Mafia to each have one. or if they already have one they will use it.

    YOU DON"T NEED 500 of each item only 1 of each item. give any extras away to your Mafia to use when they help you.
    I have one TNT but when I fight it shows that I'm using 35 TNT etc.
    So no need to horde give them as gifts to your Mafia you greedy bastards . LOL

  28. the guy who posted above me is an idiot

  29. i strongly agree with the guy that posted above me

  30. I have found that when I run out of energy, but I am close to leveling up, because I have a few stamina, I can cherry pick weak people at my level (currently 52) that have low mafia numbers and beat the up for a fair amount of experience. Each fight gives between 2 and 6 experience, that averages better than about 3-4, and so I like to have a decent attach score to do this. Now that I have a net worth of about a billion dollars, it helps a lot less, but in the very beginning when a million dollars was an extraordinary sum,I figured out that I could attack very high bounties on the hitlist and albeit a small percentage of teh time, I would occasionally be the dude to knock off the target, even though I would lose every fight. As Street Thug,a 16 million dollar hit sure is sweet, and well worthwhile.

    However, my number one pet peeve is getting robbed. It usually happens because I was pulled in automatically by MW to help a friend whack some big guy, who then goes Kaiser Saucier on all who participated. Drives me nuts that I make 50 million over night, only to drop 60 fixing the damn properties b/c some a$$shole robbed by 119 times in a row (true story). For this reason I rarely rob. It appears MW is now going to revised it. I must not be the only one who thinks it is a bit lopsided.

    On the hole I think I have played this very well. I focused on energy a lot in the beginning, and lately I have been boosting a/d, and plan to continue until they are 150% of level, which should take another 12 lvls, or 4 days. I haven't started working friends lists, certainly I would be a lot more formidable if I had 501 friends. I have no real desire to dilute my real friends with 500 people I do not know, but I have tested adding a friend exclusively for MW, and then deleting them from FB and that did appear to work. . Given I started less than two weeks ago I think my stats are pretty good.:

    Attack: 66 Increase your attack to do more damage and win more fights.
    Defense: 50
    Health: 106
    Energy: 227
    Stamina: 16
    Jobs Completed 1060
    Job Assists 12
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 13
    Most jobs done in one day 166
    Fights Won 609
    Fights Lost 530
    Fights Won in Cuba 198
    Death 22
    Mobsters Iced 152
    Mobsters Whacked 26
    Hitlist Kills 16
    Longest Hitlist Survival 00:00:13
    Successful Heist 16
    Times Robbed 231
    Gifts sent 23
    Mega Casinos Sold 0
    Wars Won 1
    Wars Lost 0
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 1
    War Assists 4

  31. This is an interesting topic

    Their are three different Criteria's in winning a fight from what I have noticed, 1st is your own Defence/Attack points, 2nd is best offensive/defensive Weapons/Armors/Vehicles 3rd is Members; I'm not quite sure how it works yet because they don't show your opponents individual Attack/Defense, but in some fights I've outnumbered the opponent by say 30 members,and out gunned him by 1500 points in attack to his defense, but lost because the opponent has more Skill in Defense (in Mafia Wars Terms Out classed.

    My Theory is it might be percent based ex. Opponents defense is 30% higher than your attack, your best offensive weapons is 5% higher than your opponents best defensive weapons, you have 10% more members than your opponent; using BEDMAS (haha) I came up with this equation 30-(5+10) opponents defense beats your offense by 15%, but like I said this is a theory..... feel free to comment.

  32. I'm a lvl 82 skilled capo with these stats:

    atk :1
    def :14(vaulting bonuses)
    hlth :105
    stamina:7 (misclicks)

    at first, i dont mind to lose any fights
    because i have a whipping boy. But then i was attacked by dozens of people. I dont mind that either. But i was very mad when i'm getting 'snuffed' many times and lose 6 exp each and losing about 40 exp in just 1 day.

    Does anyone know how to not get snuffed?

    Thank for the advice

  33. it's kind of hard not to get snuffed, unless you're constantly watching your health and going to the hospital to heal, the only other thing you can do is keep your health below 20, when your health is below 20 you don't show up on the fight lists

  34. u can still be found tho if u have ever attacked another mafia they can trace u on their home screen so bee careful who you attck lol

  35. How can you be tracked? I have a high level a-hole that keeps jumping me. Must like my taste or something. How could you get off that track? I've hitlisted them a few times - and sucker punched them - but not for a long while now. I'm hoping they run out of steam (it's their mafia members and them too). How long will it take until I'm off their lists?

  36. theyve probably bookmarked your page the easiest way to get rid of them is get tagged this is why the clans were formed in the first place. once theyve been attacked snuffed by your tag mates u can send them an email suggesting they move on.

  37. You can keep your health below 20 this means u cant be attacked so u can do jobs bank money etc as u pass 20 just rob anothe player and it will drop u back below 20 so u can carry on playing.

  38. Well stop hitlisting them if you don't want them attacking you!! If they are hitlisted it helps them. If you hitlist them every time they attack you then you are rewarding them, just like asking them to attack you! If you want to be left alone, don't attack back. If they keep robbing you, leave your properties alone damaged for a few days. They will probably get board and attack someone else.

  39. I think I've probably been bookmarked. I haven't hit back in a week now and still keep getting whacked every other hour or so. Any way to change my imprint other than let this game go and start another. It's a CRAZY hater of a sister in law that keeps whacking on me. She is just an mean spirited snake of a person that has no real life. she's found a lot of friends in mafia wars so she's using what she can to try and zap me. I'm happy she has friends for once- really I am - - but it's annoying as I'd been building up with my small group of friends and playing happily until now. I'll move onto a new game if I must - but I'm hoping for tips on how to shake off the snake. Thanks!

  40. facebook mafia wars 1982 offense 1912 defense 141 mafia peeps on my account? my level is 18. is that ok?

  41. Zynga has made some important changes with regard to the defensive stats of weapons. Notably Gaff hook and Camouflage Body Armor are very high defense stats. I hate that Zynga makes these changes during the game, but what can you do.

    I noticed that you have some very ignorant posters here judging from their angry comments and obvious lack of understanding. I guess that only means you have a good site. Keep up the good work!

  42. lol about the dude with the mad sister in law. Thank goodness my mother in law doesn't play mafia wars!

  43. Guys i own 35 chain guns....but in the fight it says " you fought with 2 chain guns...." how does this happen pls help on this. i keep losing foghts...also i have good attack and defence points...

  44. Master Hitman "Don Khan", level 149 Fearless

    You have 401 experience points to your next level.

    Attack: 26
    Defense: 60
    Health: 170
    Energy: 864
    Stamina: 11

    Jobs Completed 3045
    Job Assists 727
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 26
    Most jobs done in one day 532
    Fights Won 1651
    Fights Lost 684
    Fights Won in Cuba 924
    Death 28
    Mobsters Iced 104
    Mobsters Whacked 22
    Hitlist Kills 2
    Longest Hitlist Survival 00:07:05
    Successful Heist 51
    Times Robbed 362
    Gifts sent 173
    Mega Casinos Sold 50
    Wars Won 26
    Wars Lost 19
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 5
    War Assists 195

    I have these stats. Everything is fine but the worring factor here is I have to assist many people in jobs in order to level up! I fall short on XP every level by somedistance which this guide said won't happen!
    How can I solve my problem? any answer!!!
    Please someone help me!

  45. Learn how to Get 500 mafia within your first level!

  46. Learn how to completely master mafia wars. Work, invest, have a large family, ensure your family has weapons.

  47. To order for this to work you have to accept this account is a farm and will get snuff and attacked...All my points outside of energy has been from collections. No points was added to anything besides Energy. All my wins are on a whipping account to help give a few XPs.

    Your FARM account needs to be a mastermind on another account and a wheelman on another account for the bonuses.

    If you want to level fast... focus on energy only. Deviate then you'll come back.. "i don't know what i'm doing wrong"

    Attack: 12
    Defense: 27
    Health: 125
    Energy: 2503
    Stamina: 10
    Influence: 15

    obs Completed 17086
    Job Assists 29
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 15
    Most jobs done in one day 3658
    Fights Won 2017
    Fights Lost 501
    Fights Won in Cuba 0
    Death 20
    Mobsters Iced 16
    Mobsters Whacked 0
    Hitlist Kills 0
    Longest Hitlist Survival 0:00:00
    Successful Heist 0
    Times Robbed 0
    Gifts sent 807
    Wars Won 0
    Wars Lost 0
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 0
    War Assists 0

  48. The only way you can defend your self is to loot more items and balance your stats specially your attack skills and defense skills. I am still a level 167 but i can beat 200 levels or up depending on the person's stats. Here are my stats..though some may not want my stats but for me this is my choice ^_^

    Mafia Attack: 40,514
    Mafia Defense: 40,676

    Level: 167
    Attack: 361
    Defense: 256 (i know ^_^ still leveling my def)
    Health: 170
    Energy: 305
    Stamina: 57

    Fights won: 16509
    Fights lost: 2625
    Mobster iced: 4155

    PS: I will level my energy once i get all the loot items i want in Cuba that's why I still don't wanna go to Moscow but currently planning to go there already. Some of my skills came from from completing New York, Cuba (complete) and some Moscow Vaultings. And lastly, feel free to comment on this message..I am still learning and I'm an open minded person..Hope i could help some of those who are into FIGHTING build just like mine :) thanks.

  49. Before I go..its not Mobster ice: 4155 but its 1415 LOL sorry for the mistake..and Fights won in Cuba is 4155 hehe..

  50. i understand how the weapons work. my issue is this: Im level 407. 700 defense and 250 attack. 501 members. I attacked a guy level 300 with only 200 memebers and i still lost!!!! i even had 11,000 more attack points over his defense. plus 100 more level. 300 more family memebers(which is more weapons). what gives?? i cant seem to figure out how they are calcuating these fights.

  51. By the time you attacked that level 300 guy, is your attack red or green? cause with your 250 attack, its really really low for your level..Imagine me, im a fight build type i have 361 attack and much more with that level 300 guy? I have tried some rare cases like you..I had 9-10k mafia attack advantage but my attacking skill is red so meaning my attacking skill is lower than his defense skills..I still know how to calculate things in mafia wars but all i know as long as your stat is lower to that person your attacking specifically in HUGE skill gap, you will surely lose no matter what level you are. Im still 169 now (just leveled up) way before i was still much a lower level, i even beaten 200-300+ attackers..Though i admit they have NOOB stats that's why.

    But as for now buddy, all i can say is that your attacking skill is really low for your level..Last but not the least, your build is more of a defense type and not an attacker type.

  52. And yah..try upgrading your attack from now on if you wanna beat some guys with tougher defense skills..Attack skills and defense skills really determine the outcome of the game specially the mafia damage stats and the mafia defense stats of the defender are pretty much the close though in your case, the defender might have 400 or more defense skills killing your 250 attacking skills and your 11,000 mafia damage stats advantage.

  53. how can you tell what you are using when YOU'RE attacked. I see what I used when I attacked, and what they used to defend themselves. But how do I know what I am using?

  54. @dheathly maybe that guy you attacked was someones bodyguard. like a mastermind who gets additional exp points sometimes, a bodyguard can sometimes win a fight on the defence no matter who attacks them

  55. ok, i need help here. i am lvl596
    att 712
    def 581
    sta 110
    i can't win fights so where should my numbers be? i have 501 of the best of old to figure it out!

  56. i have only three mafia members as they r my only friends that play mafia wars but i keep being attacked and killed what can i do to stop it?
    thanks for the help

  57. add random friends on facebook, add them to your mafia, then remove them on facebook. They stay in your mafia

  58. To Anonymous from Dec 15 - DO NOT PUT ANY MORE IN HEALTH. Your attack & defense are VERY low for your level - I'm around 360 with almost 1200 att and 800 def. Now, I am a fighter - you may not be. For now I would put most of your points into attack and try to get under 20 health before logging out, which is probably impossible at this point unless you put more into stamina. I would hope you have 501 members - if so, from here on, only hit mafias with under say 200 members until your numbers match your level.

  59. Is this the evolution of gaming? Yikes! This THING reminds me of the convoluted vague pick patty games of the 90's. The kind which had no point and so was pointless. A vague storyline with a vague set of rules. I mean, is that all there is to this, Get a couple of hundred of your buddies to attack one player. Ugh...I wonder who gonna win? Usually, this type of game reflects the company who made it. Morons with no imagination.

  60. Ur Lame. It gets the clicks they want for advertisers, and time spent on their sites. Facebook loves it.

  61. theres a guy who i try to add to the hitlist but his health is never ever...n i mean never ever above 20, so i cant add him there...can anyone tell me that is there any cheat to keep ur health low always...i mean i tried to put him on the hitlist at almost every hour of the day but hes always is this possible?? doesnt he ever sleep or what?? u can try it on ur own...heres his link...

  62. One way you can defuse attackers is by adding them to your Mafia! It used to be as easy as checking the numbers at the end of their MW profile page URL and plugging those numbers into a Facebook profile page link; not sure if that still works.

    Perhaps someone can verify this for me, one way or another?

    One caveat: they can still Declare War on you as one of your mafia members, which is even more annoying, but then they can't rob or hitlist you: they can only run your health points down. If they run your health points down, then you are taken off the fight lists and won't be hit by other mafias.

  63. You could also attack yourself with a mule account.

  64. Is there anyway to prevent being attacked? I attacked one guy with 2 times, and he along with his ENTIRE family attacked me ALMOST EVERY TIME they refilled their stamina for 2 DAYS (attack, hitlist,...); I did nothing to them. What is the point of this? I wonder why MW does not have the Report Abuse Behavior for this kind of action! They just take care of the billing and technical stuff.

  65. All i can say is we signed on to die anyway in reference to the post above me.

  66. this guide is for energy game mainly. and this is what my energy account looks like.

    Pirate "anon", level 3460 Fearless

    Attack: 613
    Defense: 40
    Health: 340
    Energy: 18945
    Stamina: 196
    Mafia: 1136

    Jobs Completed 848001
    Job Assists 6777
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 54
    Most jobs done in one day 23183
    Fights Won 167960
    Fights Lost 28499
    Fights Won in Cuba 4484
    Death 693
    Mobsters Iced 4412
    Mobsters Whacked 765
    Hitlist Kills 13
    Longest Hitlist Survival 00:04:49
    Robbing Wins 1060
    Robbing Losses 742
    Robbing Board Clears (9-0) 3
    Gifts sent 26361
    Mega Casinos Sold 0
    Wars Won 217
    Wars Lost 141
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 85
    War Assists 3066

  67. LvL 171 Fearless
    Att 74554 Def 73283

    Attack: 260
    Defense: 261
    Health: 143
    Energy: 364
    Stamina: 370

    Experience 190818
    Jobs Completed 2131
    Job Assists 180
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 29
    Most jobs done in one day 194
    Fights Won 32151
    Fights Lost 924
    Fights Won in Cuba 14362
    Death 68
    Mobsters Iced 3658
    Mobsters Whacked 680
    Hitlist Kills 130
    Longest Hitlist Survival 01:55:12
    Robbing Wins 784
    Robbing Losses 370
    Robbing Board Clears (9-0) 6
    Gifts sent 814
    Mega Casinos Sold 0
    Wars Won 18
    Wars Lost 2
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 0
    War Assists 60

    Im tryin to build my mafia to be strong so that i can never get robbed or attacked senseless.
    Fighting will gain u alot of loot & is perfect for Cuba, Moscow & Bangkok if u want to get fast money. Ive alreadt outfitted 501 weapons of each weapon in both NY & Cuba, hence all the fights in Cuba... some people i attack can rake in over a million Pesos with 2 power attacks.
    I think its easier to set up an account to be a fight account first. That way u can gain all the Fight Mastery Achievements, Hitlist Achievements & any other Achievement that requires a strong mafia. If u set up yrself to have an energy account, youl fly through the levels & jobs... but have a super hard time trying to gain the highest level in the fight mastery (Master Asassin).
    Im already at lvl 14 (Skilled Killer).. ill reach Master assasin within the next 20 levels... then ill turn all my points towards energy from then on cos i would have built up a strong mafia by then & gained all achievments & loot from the Fight store in the market place.

    To each his own. Theres a million ways to play the game. But this is how i do it.