May 20, 2009

Mafia Wars Collections & Collection Items; Strategy & Leveling Guide

In the facebook version of Mafia Wars, collections sets of items that drop randomly while doing jobs. Each collection is tied to a specific job tier (i.e. soldier, enforcer, hitman, etc.) and the items from each collection a chance to drop when doing jobs of the corresponding tier. When you collect a full set, you can "vault" the items (an option under the inventory tab) for a permanent stat bonus.

Here is a list of the collections available in Facebook's Mafia Wars and the rewards available for collecting each set of items:

Street Thug Tier:

Diamond Flush Collection - Reward - +1 energy
Items in set: Eight of Diamonds, Nine of Diamonds, Ten of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, Queen of Diamonds, King of Diamonds, Ace of Diamonds

Associate Job Tier:

Heart Flush Collection - Reward - +5 Health
Items in Set: Eight of Hearts, Nine of Hearts, Ten of Hearts, Jack of Hearts, Queen of Hearts, King of Hearts, Ace of Hearts

Soldier Job Tier:

Sculptures Collection - Reward - +3 Defense
Items in Set: Rat Sculpture, Sheep Sculpture, Rooster Sculpture, Tiger Sculpture, Snake Sculpture, Dragon Sculpture

Poker Chips Collection - Reward - +2 Attack
Items in Set: White Poker Chip, Brown Poker Chip, Red Poker Chip, Blue Poker Chip, Green Poker Chip, Purple Poker Chip, Gold Poker Chip

Club Flush Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Eight of Clubs, Nine of Clubs, Ten of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs, King of Clubs, Ace of Clubs

Boxing Collection - Reward - +3 Attack
Items in Set: Hand Tape, Gloves, Headgear, Boxing Trunks, Speed Bag, Heavy Bag, Boxing Ring

Enforcer Job Tier:

Cigars Collection - Reward - +2 Energy
Items in Set: Ebony Cigar, Sky Cigar, Rose Cigar, Ivory Cigar, Turquoise Cigar, Gold Cigar, Royal Cigar

Spade Flush Collection - Reward - +2 Stamina
Items in Set: Eight of Spades, Nine of Spades, Ten of Spades, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, King of Spades, Ace of Spades

Billiard Balls Collection - Reward - +1 Stamina
Items in Set: One Ball, Two Ball, Three Ball, Four Ball, Five Ball, Cue Ball, Eight Ball

Hitman Job Tier:

Rings Collection - Reward - +5 Defense
Items in Set: Topaz Ring, Opal Ring, Amethyst Ring, Emerald Ring, Sapphire Ring, Ruby Ring, Diamond Ring

Ties Collection - Reward - +6 Defense
Items in Set: Solid Tie, Striped Tie, Checked Tie, Geometric Tie, Dot Tie, Paisley Tie, Knitted Tie

Capo Job Tier:

Paintings Collection - Reward - +6 Energy
Items in Set: Warhol Painting, Cezanne Painting, Matisse Painting, Van Gogh Painting, Dali Painting, Monet Painting, Rembrandt Painting

Cufflinks Collection - Reward - +10 Health
Items in Set: Silver Cufflinks, Gold Cufflinks, Amber Cufflinks, Jasper Cufflinks, Agate Cufflinks, Onyx Cufflinks, Pearl Cufflinks

Barber Shop Collection - Reward - +4 Energy
Items in Set: Barber Pole, Razor, Brush, Seat, Towel, Scissors, Cream

Consigliere Job Tier:

Great Race Horses Collection - Reward - +7 Energy
Items in Set: Mill Reef, Sea Bird, Arkle, Golden Miller, St Simon, Ormonde, Eclipse

Mafia Wars: Cuba Collections

El Soldado Job Tier
Rum Drinks Collection
Reward: +8 energy
Items: Pina Colada, Hurricane, Bahama Mama, Mojito, Rum Runner, Long Island Ice Tea, Cuba Libre

El Capitan Job Tier
Tropical Fruits Collection
Reward: +3 Stamina
Items: Banana, Lime, Pineapple, Papaya, Coconut, Passion Fruit, Dragon Fruit

El Jefe Job Tier
Entertainers Collection
Reward: +10 Health
Items: Magician, Fan Dancer, Comedian, Band Leader, Cabaret Singer, Crooner, Burlesque Dancer

El Patron Job Tier
Tropical Fish Collection
Reward: +5 Attack
Items: Pufferfish, Sergeant Major, Yellowtail Snapper, Great Barracuda, Queen Angelfish, Reef Shark, Blue Martin

El Padriano Job Tier
Beards Collection
Reward: +7 Defense (also an achievement)
Items: Garibaldi, Hulihee, Vandyke, Mutton Chops, Soul Patch, French Fork, Fidel

Mafia Wars Moscow:

Prison Tattoos Collection (Baklany Episode): +6 Defense

Items: Rose Tatto, Church Tattoo, Star Tattoo, Spider Tattoo, Tiger Tattoo, Skull Tattoo, Crucifix

Boost: Temporary Tattoo (+42 Fight Defense Skill)

Matryoshka Dolls Collection: +7 Energy

Items: Natalya's Doll, Olga's Doll, Oksana's Doll, Svetlana's Doll, Tatyana's Doll, Anastasiya's Doll, Ekaterina's Doll

Boost: Hidden Matryoshka (-20 job energy cost)

Episode 3 (Brigadir)

Russian Leaders Collection: +4 Attack
Items in set: Medal of Gorbachev, Medal of yeltsin, Medal of Brezhnev, Medal of Kruschev, Medal of Putin, Medal of Stalin, Medal of Lenin

Boost: Political Favor (+60 robbing defense skill)

Seriously? +Robbing defense skill? Even though robbing is not in the game anymore?

Episode 4 (Avtoritet)

Vodka Drinks Collection: +4 Stamina
Items in set: Cosmopolitan, Screwdriver, Sex on the Beach, Bloody mary, Black Russian, White Russian, Soviet

Boost: Liquid Courage (+44 attack skill)

Episode 5 (Vor):

Soviet Memorabilia Collection: +10 Health

Boost: Berlin Wall Section (+46 fight defense skill)
Items in Collection: Red Star, Kremlin, Communist Manifesto, Propaganda Poster, Hammer, Sickle, Bust of Lennin

Episode 6 (Pakhan):

Faberge Egg Collection: +8 Energy

Boost: Faberge Hen: -24 job energy cost
Items in Collection: Diamond Trellis Egg, Jade Egg, Military Egg, Pansy Egg, Rainbow Egg, Winter Egg, Peter the Great Egg

Other Collections:

Daily Chance Collection: Pieces can be acquired by matching 3 numbers in the daily chance. You only reasonable way to complete this set is through trading.

Reward: +10% drop rate for loots

Pieces: Bingo Card, Deck of Cards, Dice, Roulette Wheel, Slot Machine, Craps Table, Baccarat Shoe

Money Laundering Collection:
This collection is acquired by helping other players with their money laundering requests.

Reward: Banking deposit fee drops from 10% to 7%.

Pieces: Money Iron, Dirty Laundry, Dryer Sheets, Money Line, Roll of Quarters, Death by Detergent, Dirty Bra


Mafia Wars Bangkok Collections

Chest Set Collection: Episode 1 (Brawler)

Reward for vaulting: +5 energy
Boost for vaulting again: Chess Master (-8 job energy costs)
Pieces in set: Chessboard, Pawn, Knight, Bishop, Rook, Queen, King

Masks Collection: Episode 2 (Criminal)

Reward for vaulting: +5 defense
Boost for vaulting again: War Paint (+32 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Agat-Talai's Mask, Sukreep's Mask, Palee's Mask, Phra Ram's Mask, Indrachit's Mask, Hanuman's Mask, Tosakanth's Mask

Spices Collection: Episode 3

Reward for vaulting: +7 Defense
Boost for vaulting again: Pepper Spray (+36 fight defense skill)
Pieces in set: Coriander, Garlic, Tumeric, Green Peppercorn, Holy basil, Lemongrass, Thai Chili

Episode 4

Reward for vaulting: +4 Attack
Boost for vaulting again: Chisel (+34 attack skill)
Pieces in set: Wall Carving, Floral Statue, Dragon Statue, Decorative Nightstand, Lotus Bloom, Rearing Elephant, Stone Buddha

Episode 5A

Reward for vaulting: +8 Health
Boost for vaulting again: Boutonniere (+10% payout on jobs)
Pieces in set: Marco Polo, Grace Pink, Misteen, Jade Siam, Bom Gold, Bom Blue, Fatima

Robbing Collections

Tools of the Trade Collection

Pieces in set: Lock Picks, Diamond Drill, Flashlight, Walkie Talkie, Safecracker's Stethoscope, Black Ski Masks, Grappling Hooks

Reward for vaulting: +20% cash and items from robbing

Stolen Diamond Collection

Pieces in set: Hope Diamond, Koh-I-Noor Diamond, Great Star of Africa Diamond, The Orloff Diamond, The Sancy Diamond, The Idol's Eye Diamond, The Regent Diamond

Reward for vaulting: Improve odds of successfull robberies by 10%
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  1. Which job in Soldier can you get the "Monkey Sculpture"? I know which tier I get for each collection, but do you know which job pops a certain item??

  2. Drops are random. Any job can drop any item. If you are just missing 1 item, try trading for it on the mafia war's fanpage discussion boards.

  3. How about Myspace version?

  4. I would assume the same, but I have never played.

  5. drops are not random for example rob an electronics store you always givesu a device like camera or cellphone

  6. collection item drops are random dont be a smarty when u dont have a clue

  7. The electronics store drops those items because those are the "chance to loot" items- specifically, concealable cameras, computer setups, and untraceable cell phones. Don't trash the comments people make to be helpful without even checking your facts. The poster who said the dropped items are random is absolutely correct, as those items are different than potential loot items- which are predetermined (and you can see what they are by clicking the yellow loot tab by the reward/payout).

  8. has anybody ever managed to loot the speed bag for boxing collection? I have at least 10 of all others and have spent over 20,000 energy on soldier jobs (over 4 accounts) with no luck...

  9. Yeah the speed bag exits, I have one. I just don't have the trunks

  10. I have a speed bag and 3 pair of trunks to trade for a 5 ball. Been missing that for ages

  11. just hold ur mouse over the loot bag and it will tell you what you will get :)

  12. Does mousing over the loot bag show collection items, or just loot?

  13. Just loot..............

  14. By the way great Blog! :D congrats and thanks for all the tips

  15. I have had the most luck getting the boxing loot from "kill a protected snitch" or "bust a made man out of prison"

  16. I did the same as the above poster for the Soldier tier - there are lots of items to collect and not a lot of jobs to do. So, I used an energy pack and just did the bust a made man out of prison for a level once I was up in the 200s, was able to get all the collection items that way. If you are just missing one, try to trade for it!

  17. I too got a lot of boxing items out of the "bust a man out of prison".

  18. I always do Rob an Electronics store, because I need the cameras, cell phones, etc. HOWEVER, I have also on occasion received a cigar, billard ball, or boxing gear item along with a random camera, cell or computer setup when I do the job.

  19. ....typo above....I have received cigars, billiard balls, or spades when doing that job, not boxing gear.

  20. anyone willing to trade me a Hurricane drink for something of your choice? please i have been trying for a while now and it would be greatly appreciated! :)

  21. I've received all the boxing gear, after about 5 hours of playing straight, have a lot extra too, but the speed bag took forever...

  22. i'm just mising the Heavy bag, if anyone has one, please add me in facebook

  23. I already opened the boxing vault

    Dont beleive?

    Go Check it out

  24. Got loads of Loot for trade if anyones interested.. including spare cigars, tie's and rings


  25. Add me... level 300...

    lets exchange items

  26. i really need a boxing ring and trunks but i dont know what jobs to do for them

  27. I need the Queen of Clubs ... been trying for ages to make that one happen, but it still alludes me.

    If you have one add me and I'll trade for it.

  28. trade trade trade evryones trades not me i ask my falily for help they help me and they need help i help them no trading mafia size 2500+

  29. what if i have 2 sets ! do i get 2x binus ?

  30. need a 5 ball and a paisley tie to finish vaulting my collections other than the lottery one.Can anyone help please??? I have a lot of extra stuff, have no problem trading a couple items each if necessary.
    Add me as a friend, or mafia request. is my addy as well. THANKS A TON!!!

  31. no there is no 2x bonus. You only need 1 of each to vault the collection/set.

  32. I'm still missing a King of clubs. Does anyone know which level drops clubs? Thanks.

  33. hi it says in the collections and vaults page to collect 7 of each one, but i was vaulting after getting only one of each item, am i doing the wrong thing as i dont see any benefits of collecting 7 of the same items?

  34. Only one set per collection will be put in your vault

  35. The soldier level drops clubs, but I can't figure out which partiuclar jobs have chance at dropping the clubs. So if anyone has noticed, please post.

  36. Any one know which job will most likely give sculptures? I'm just missing the dragon.

  37. someone trade me url/laylowjuggalo myspace message me ill trade anything for the speed bag

  38. I have noticed that I have only gotten clubs from the Museum Break-in. Hope it helps. I spent 500 engery and I got a jack of clubs!..LOL

  39. i just need a king of clubs to finish all the ny ones if anyone wants to trade? i have heaps of spare collection sets up to consigliere tier add me up name is Franky Chops

  40. Newbie question: I have to purchase multiple items before I can complete jobs (such as a Sedan, Sawed-off shotgun, bullet proff vest, etc.)

    Other than being a requirement to even start a job, do these items give any other benefit? I see they have an attack and defense assigned to them.

    Can you wear and use these items? If so, how?

  41. does any one know where i can get the baccarat shoe from. what collection does this open.

  42. Just reached the El Padrino tier..But beard collections not shown in my collection list..any idea what is the reason??

  43. collections in Cuba will first be shown when u got 1 of the items! :)

  44. I also need that speed bad that will not drop for me
    add me

  45. i haved multiple everthing but the queen of clubs...anyone care to trade...
    lvl. 280


  47. I HATE FORA!!!!! Is there a place in the internet that IS not a forum? I just want to know the following things:

    Is there any quests in mafia-wars?

    Mafia-wars is just like hobowars but HOBOWARS HAS QUESTS AND MAFIA-WARS DOESN'T!

    The differense between hobowars and mafia-wars

    Hobowars has pictures and mafia-wars doesn't, hobowars' background is white and mafia-wars' is black.

  48. want to trade email what u want and let me no

  49. how we can play with out using facebook?

  50. Wow, quess im unlucky, I have mastered the Soldier job tier and haven't recieved a single club, it doesn't even show up on my list. i cant even put them on a wish list to be helped out by my mafia.

  51. I need Queen and 8 of clubs will trade. Also need all lotto ones.

    james.tibbets at

  52. Need to trade for Queen of Clubs.
    I have a whole bunch of stuff from each of the other collections or can get it for you pretty easily.
    I'm on Facebook. Add me and let's trade.

  53. All I need is a King of Clubs to finish NY, and I have a TON of stuff from the other collections so we can make a trade. If I don't have it, I can get it for you pretty easily, so add me.

  54. I'm looking for an Ace of clubs.. anyone want to trade?

  55. Boxing Ring = Soldier: Steal A Tanker

  56. looking for that king of clubs

  57. Does anyone have any extra cards from the clubs collection? For some reason, none of my mafia family or I can seem to get a full set. Is there a reason for this? I though loot drops were random? I am a lvl 100 Maniac and I've spent a ton of energy in the soldier tier.

  58. i found that if you dont hold no more than 3 of each random loot drop items it will give you the one you need...try it trust me it works.

  59. hey, im having a hard time completing the clubs collection too. im missing the 10 but i have plenty of the others

  60. Can anyone please tell me, what collection does el cacique have?

  61. Not that anyone takes much notice, but you can add an item to your wishlist ... or go thru ur friends (mafia team) and look for players who have multiples of items you need. It pays to write the needed items down in advance, so you don't have to click back and forth if you forget.

  62. I'm trying to understand how this works. Once you vault the collection, you get the vault bonus. But on any subsequent vault, it appears all you receive is the bonus item that is revealed in the "vault window" for lack of better term. Am I missing something because it seems like a lot of wasted energy to assemble these collections once you have gotten the first vault.

  63. I set up other accounts for the sole reason of playing the lotto many times a week and occasionally winning the lotto items. It finally worked but when I go to the "collections" tab I see my slot machine but when I try to gift it, it does NOT show up in the available gifts to give in the "collections".
    Has anyone else successfully gifted a lotto item?

  64. As for the clubs collection problem - you are not alone. I was missing just the 8 of clubs to finish all of the vaults. I just begged my other mafia to trade it. The reason it is difficult to get the clubs is that there are FIVE collections that can drop in that tier. Thats makes the odds a lot less of getting the item you need. There are also NO jobs that you want to redo in soldier once you master that tier.

  65. hey all names Jake im in need of a few items

    Blue and Red Poker Chip
    All Clubs but the jack and king
    boxing ring and headgear
    jack of spades
    2 ball
    emerald and diamond ring
    knitted tie
    matisse painting
    all cufflinks except amber and agate
    the first 4 barber items
    last two horses
    and all daily chance items
    any help is appreciated
    i have duplicates if need other items

  66. what is the point of the boosts now that give robbing defense? you cant use them. i have so many collection items i just wont vault cause the boosts are just stupid robbing defense!

  67. I need a boxing ring to vault my last collection! I have a TON of stuff to trade.

    Click on my name to add me as a friend on MySpace (please mention mafia wars).


  68. Okay.
    My little hint tip, if you want a dragon sculpture. Make the "Bust a Made Man Out of Prison" job on solider tier. I have 3 erarned with one energie pack. (400 energie point)
    But i searched for the "ace of clubs" card.. i cant find it. :(

  69. anyone want to trade

    i reaaaally need queen of clubs!

    add me:

  70. i need queen of clubs.....i have rest of the stuff to trade...i am on facebook add me...

  71. is it even possible getting ace of clubs?? i dont know anyone who has it.

  72. anyone know what items you need to complete episode 4 moscow levels 2/3?

  73. Any idea where to find the sapphire ring?

  74. I have a boxing ring to trade for a speed bag.

  75. updated this page.. for future reference (and collections), check the home page and the navigation bar for another collection set. For example when bangkok comes out, I will make a separate post for those collections like I did for Moscow.

  76. I vaulted all the soldier collections except for the clubs. I need Jack Of Clubs and Queen Of Clubs. By the way, I got 3 King Of Clubs.

  77. I got an Ace Of Clubs, but only one of it.

  78. I have Eight of clubs, king of clubs. I need a Ten of clubs.

    Anyone want to trade?

  79. Um... Anyone know anything about the money laundering collection??? or what you get from it?

  80. need ace of clubs?

    can give u:

    jack or queen of clubs and mostly other newyork and cubanian items.

    facebook: Sven Berlin (i m the surfer on the picture)

  81. I have four Ace of Clubs and four King of Clubs and several of each of the other clubs. I need the Queen of Clubs. After over 5000 tries of Steal a Tanker Truck, will give Aces and others but no Queen. I have mastered all tiers including Master Boss and focusing all 872 energy points on trying to get it for days...still can't get it.

    Facebook - Barbara Minton

  82. every1 add herardox on myspace last name gamboa for a strong mafia memeber that will help u

  83. herardox on myspace


  85. Looking for speed bag. I have many items to trade in the new york jobs. can help anyone just tired of wasting energy trying to get speed bag. Add me on myspace. thank you n advance

  86. I have 2 extra 10 of clubs and one extra king of clubs - looking for the 8, 9 and ace of clubs. Anyone looking to trade contact at

  87. has anyone tried to complete the same collection over and over again?

    I did that actually just for the hell of it...

    and some how, ALL JOBS ENERGY REQUIRED WERE DEDUCTED BY 50%, AND I STILL GOT THE SAME AMOUNT OF EXP POINTS AS THE GAME ORIGINALLY DESIGNED!!!!! too bad, it only lasted 20 min... i excelerated 8+ levels just by doing that! but still have no clue why!?!?!

    I'm taking a wild guess it might have something to do with the Horse Racing Collection.... any experts care to share some insights!?

  88. LoL, i had the same Problem(gift from heaven) as well. I had a Lvl 230 energy account and i just kept doing the armored state car and trackloader jobs all night 1 day and i must of leveled up at least 10 times :) but hey im noticing that there is no Money Laundering Collection on nor the Daily Chance collection and vault bonus posted on this page!! im wondering if theres any easy way of getting the Daily chance collection!??!

  89. i need an Ace of Spades. add me and you can have whatever u need for that Ace of

  90. i have vaulted ALL ny, cuba, and moscow collection, and still have many to trade.
    i still need all of the lotto collection, dirty bra, money line, and death by detrgent. add me on facebook:

  91. I've vaulted all of Cuba, but still haven't gotten the achievement...What's up?

  92. I'm looking for an ace of clubs, if anyone is interested in trading shoot me an email:

  93. I Need Armored state cars and Gaff Hooks and I have ASC 45's and street gang members to trade for them...please drop me a line at if anyone is interested. Thanks

  94. got queen of clubs? plz help me.

  95. i really really need the queen of clubs its my last item to finish new york tier willing to trade pretty much anything i have for it :) anyone intrested add me leave message with add so i know who you are plaese and fankoo sooooooooooo much x o x o

  96. Does anyone else have a problem where you can get five of all items in a collection but the game won't drop the last item? For example, I have have five of every flower in Bangkok except the Marco Polo of which I have ZERO. I have at least five different collections like this.

  97. Yeah... in my case, I have all collections vaulted already. ALL of my collections in NY, Cuba, Moscow AND Bangkok miss the item dead in the middle of the row. And I've been doing jobs everywhere since I finished Bangkok over 3 weeks ago, and looted none.

  98. I'm missing ace, king and nine of clubs..and of course the daily chance collection..the achievement of the completation of the collections is almost impossible right?

    add in facebook

  99. Add Shani Musik in mafia war on Facebook

  100. i trade the great star of africa diamond for the pair of the orloff diamond or pair of the sancy diamond. if you want to add me im called yusef ale, also to increase your mafia. im level 1672 so im a good fighter.

  101. I don't really know this game, i am much fond of playing City-ville, can you please share some tricks on how to level up fast.?

  102. I can't find the Diamond Drill. I have every other tools (like A LOT !!!), but i NEVER found this one...
    Is there any city where the diamond Drill is easier to find ?

  103. anyone get me an ace of hearts??

  104. lookin for a rat sculpture...i got plenty of items to trade for. also always looking for additional mafia members, email is thanks!

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