May 15, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide Summary

Welcome to the guide!

I was able to level from 1-200 in under 2 days with the strategy outlined in this guide. Additionally, I was able to achieve the rank of "Master Boss" in just under 1 week. This was done in around 10 hours of playtime. It's okay if you don't believe me, just try it out for yourself!Note- this was written assuming you are starting out a brand new character. If you already have been playing, you will need to start a new character (and a new facebook). If that is not something you would want to do, you should still be able to pick up some useful tips from the guide to speed up your leveling! Additionally, new tips and information will be added a few times a week.I've written out the leveling strategy in two formats- a short summary and an 8-part in-depth outline which includes pictures and more detail. The table of contents can be found below:

Summary (Below)
Choosing your class; Part 1
Getting set up; Part 2
The Early Levels; Part 3
Robbing Banks; Part 4
Mastering Soldier, Enforcer, and Hitman; Part 5
Capo and Consigliere; Part 6
Becoming a Master Boss; Part 7
The Finishing Touches; Part 8

Here is the step-by-step summary of how I was able (and you will be too!) to level to 200 in under 2 days and become a Master Boss in under a week. The premise is simple: when you level up, you get an energy refill. If you always level up off of one energy bar, you will never have to wait for energy! If you need more details, each step is linked to the post covering it in more detail:

1. Start a Fearless character.

2. Find a high level Wheelman and Mastermind and add them to your Top Mafia.

3. Make sure your character is a Wheelman and Mastermind in another player's mafia.

4. Until you are as high of a level as you want to be, put all stat points into energy.

5. Spend all godfather points on +4 stats, and use those for extra energy.

6. Beg your friends or send yourself the +energy and stamina collections
. These are the Diamond Flush (+1 energy), Cigars (+2 energy), Spade Flush (+2 stamina), Billiard Balls (+1 stamina), Paintings (+6 energy), Barber Shop (+4 energy), and Great Race Horses (+7 energy).

7. Find a weak player that you can easily beat in fights and add the link to attack him to your favorites. You can attack this person every level and always win fights to get experience.

8. Mastering the first three tiers can be pretty slow. Do not get discouraged. By the time you start working on enforcer, you will have more energy then you will know what to do with!

9. The "Bank Heist" job gives out a lot of experience for the energy cost. It will allow you to level up easily. However, you should split your energy between energy efficient jobs like "Bank Heist" and energy inefficient jobs like "Rough Up Dealers". This way, you can always level up off the same energy bar and master all the jobs at the same time.

10. Never leave any energy behind.

11. Use the "Bank Heist" job as a filler to help you master the first three tiers without having to wait for energy, but try to master Enforcer and Hitman without resorting to filler jobs.

12. Only use energy packs to collect up on items you need a lot of like Untraceable Cell Phones.

13. Master Capo and Consigliere together, Capo jobs are a lot less efficient than Consigliere jobs, so they make a good pairing.

14. Once you have mastered Capo, finish off Consigliere, Underboss, and Boss together. Use the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job as a filler to allow you to level off of each energy bar. As an example, you should do the "Settle a Beef" job until you get to do it for free as part of the Top Mafia Wheelman bonus. At this point, you should have plenty of energy to do less efficient jobs, like the "Try to Master Underboss by level 210.

15. Once you have all the cameras you need, use energy packs to collect a lot of blackmail photos. If you are in a big rush to get master boss, you can speed up the process by using Godfather points on energy refills. This will ultimately cost you stat points in the end however.

16. After you have mastered the Boss tier, it is time to customize your character. You can either keep following the same strategy and get to a very high level, or start putting points in attack and defense in order to have a character that can win many fights.

Enjoy and good luck!

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  1. Point #7: Find a whipping boy, will get you reported for abusive behavior. Which is a good addition to the Mafia Wars profile. It takes a bully to pick on a weaker player. Why not take your lumps and fight your peers and advance with much honor as there is among thieves. It will take longer to advance, but you will at least not be thrown out of the game.

  2. It actually helps the player you are attacking. You'll rarely kill them, but you'll end up losing about 10% of fights (at least). They'll get XP for those fights, so they'll actually level up faster for attacking them a lot. Also, if your conscious is that upset about it, you can find an inactive player.

  3. Plus, if you get your victim under 20 health without killing them (they are told they are "knocked out"), you can keep attacking them and receiving experience points, but they do not receive any further damage or lose any more money.

    This is what's going on when you lost the "Attack again" link on the results page. But you can still attack them again by clicking through their name to their profile page and clicking attack there, or just using the favorite/bookmark you've made of them.

  4. ....or you can be a dummy like me and just spend all your money buying GF points and level up very fast without hurting anyone nor your concious or getting kicked off! Just hurt yourself and your wallet and you will be fine!!! LOL.

  5. Could a level 56 mogul with 173 energy ever hope to achieve this self-sufficient style of leveling without starting a new account? Would it be worth it at that point to start dumping all stats into energy or should I just forget about speed leveling and just stick with the 2/3 levels a day i have now. Thanks in advance!

  6. Dude how did you possibly get 1-200 in 2 days. I started a new character today and currently i am out of health at level 10. Ive used all my godfather point and skill point on energy but i still seem to run out half way through a level. Im still in street thug and ive mastered the first two level or tiers is street thug. Will my leveling speed up once i get a little higher or did i do something wrong?

  7. leveling will speed up. if you want to do it in 2 days you have to send yourself the energy collections, get a -11% wheelman and a +11% mastermind. You also need to be someones top mafia wheelman and mastermind. If you do not do this, do not expect to get 200 in 2 days. Levels 10-30ish are the slowest in game with this strategy; once you finish off the soldier tier, it becomes much faster.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. edit:

    Whether you want to restart or not is up to you. If you don't put all your points in energy, this style will not be self-sufficient. It will actually take less time investment to restart a new fearless character and put stats in energy. You'll never be super efficient if you don't put all your points in energy. However, you'll win less fights if you put all your points in energy. So it is a give and take situation. Lately, I'm finding more and more at the very high levels of the game, nearly all the players put points in energy, so I can pretty much beat anyone with a similar mafia size, despite having almost no attack, because they have no defense.

    Additionally, I think that with Mafia Wars: Cuba, there will be a little more leeway, since most of the jobs over there at 1.75-2 exp per energy point, even in the level 35 tier (much more efficient then the equivalent in New York). I mastered, start to finish, the last 3 tiers in Cuba in literally under an hour because I leveled up off one energy bar without even having to diversify jobs.

  10. Noted, thanks! Also I noticed that the job mastery percentage decreases as you move up the job tiers, i.e. less mastery/energy spent. Any idea if it also changes depending on your level?

  11. Thanks a lot! After checking this blog, did all missions in NY and Cuba in under 2 weeks, by level 294 ending up with 1900+ energy. I disagree with you that passive income will dwarf active income. I wonder what would be a strategy for finishing all jobs at as LOW LEVEL as possible (without reducing it to absurd like getting snuffled and waiting for years). Maybe, only fighting for achievements and trying to use mastermind as little as possible, at least in the beginning?

  12. I'm not sure if I see what you are saying with the passive income comment. Most of my money seems to come from jobs, property raises in price very quickly.

  13. Shawn - it's not level dependent, it's just tier dependent. By boss, the most of the jobs will only move up 1% at a time on the third time around.

  14. I was wondering as to how to balance efficient and inefficient jobs. I am at level 30 but am yet to master a tier so i was going to start concentrating on that.
    As i understand from your guide, i should first do the more efficient jobs till my EXP points are lined with my REMAINING EXP points. For example, if i have a bar of 5548/5625 then i keep doing the more efficient jobs till i am at say 5600/5625 at which point i will spend 25 energy points to gain those 25 EXP points.

    Thanks for your help in advance and GREAT GUIDE!!!

  15. Hi SSJ, I think that's his idea, assuming your doing the low level jobs where EXP to energy is still 1:1. I like to think of it as keep doing efficient jobs until the energy I have left can exactly level me. For your example that would mean you have 25 energy left and need 25 more EXP. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

  16. Yeah, but try not to overdo it. You might need to rest a bit to get through the first 3 tiers if you aren't doing everything optimally - that is not having the collections, not being fearless, putting stat points elsewhere, not having a good top mafia, not being a wheelman, etc

  17. Fil Kearney -- FaceBookJune 26, 2009 at 1:53 PM

    Holy Hannah! Level 370+ in 10 days.
    This is right on the money. I waited to do cuba until after achieving underboss, and I powered through the entire cuba section in a little under two hours!
    Wheelman and Mastermind are allowing me to clear each level with 100 - 600 energy left over-- I've got a few hundred GF stacked up.
    Now I need to figure where to go from here...

    Fantastic Guide.

  18. I'm about to do this. Do we do the boss battles or just forget about 'em?

  19. Just do the bosses as you go. Under the bizarre conditions that you end up with a ton of left over energy, the boss fights can provide a nice exp boost into the next level. I.e., at level 1000, boss fights can give well over 1000 xp. Nice way to start off your level if you have an energy pack!

  20. This guide totaly rocks. I had doubts the first 30 lvls but once i got to Enforcer things went very smoothly.
    Overall: - I did 300 lvls in 3 days, about 6-7 hours of continuous playing per day.
    - it took me 4 days to achieve Master booss and 5 days for the El padrino principal titles.
    - Now it's 10 days since i started the account and i am lvl 477 (i took it slower after lvl300), have 150 attack/defence, 125 health, 2550 energy, 35 stamina. All collections completed and 33 achievements. As statistics i have about 20.000 jobs completed and 75% fights won.
    - I managed to have 500 TNT's, 500 guerilla squads, 500 HU-9 helicopter.
    - Keep in mind that in a fight the equipment only counts about 17%, the rest is just the attack/defence stats. I still lose against some lvl 200 with crap equipment becouse they have far greater attack/defence.
    - BEING in someone else's top mafia as a wheelman and mastermind is the most important, you can't make continuous lvls otherwise.
    - Having top mafia wheelman and mastermind of 11% is also very important.
    - Having most of the collections vaulted is very important for the first few dozen lvls, in order to save some time.
    - Tip: DON'T do any boss until you get past lvl 150. They give a 2 ratio exp/energy, but the amount increases with lvl. You will need jobs with ratio of 2 when trying to master consigliere and underboss.
    - Things go very easy and you can spare points into attack/defence or stamina once u master underboss and get the Private Island, wich offers a nice 5% more xp at every job done.
    - With master boss, Cuba is a piece of cake and can be fully mastered in a few hours. I did it in about 3 hours of relaxed play. The only nasty thing when mastering Cuba is the money required to buy necessarry inventory for the jobs. After you master Cuba money won't be a problem there. I have extra 10 mil pesos and nothing to buy.
    - OH and one more thing: I NEVER used an energy pack, i just don't have any reason, it would be in vain.

  21. Forgot to say that "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job has the best xp/energy ratio from any job, Cuba or NY, of 2,11 (with Private Island - master underboss). Use this to leverage your energy required to lvl up.

  22. This is facebook where you have a real profile. Don't keep whipping someone or they will hunt you down in REAL life. Then you'll be the whipping boy.

  23. In the guide I recommend making a new account :P

  24. Hi.
    I've been trying this guide and this is what I'm up to so far.
    Level 10

    100 Health
    77 Energy
    3 Stamina

    Have 11% mastermind, 11% wheelman
    I am a mastermind and wheelman in friends' top mafias.

    Now, here is what happened - I got my 10 mafia members, my wheel man and mastermind, and got myself as a mastermind. But I had to wait for my friend to come back from vacation so that he could add me as a wheelman. That took over a week and I waited and didn't play until then.
    When I come back all ready, I find that the fights my mafia fought while I didn't play brought me from lvl 1 up to 6. This means that some chances to master stuff was wasted.
    Now, when I got to lvl 8, I couldn't level off the XP bar. Then 9, same thing! I needed another 100 xp! I had to wait the night for it to recharge!

    What do I do? Remake an account and try again? Continue in some way? Please, help.

  25. You still can continue. It's hard the first dozen levels, you may have to wait but things will go smoothly later. Just make sure you also vault the collections that increases your energy and stamina, also try to make achievements. And all points go to energy!

  26. It's me, Elvin again. I stuff with it and wow, I'm a level 73 now. Flying through everything.

  27. Just followed this guide. 2 days mastered all of NY and all of Cuba at lvl 259 with 230 skill points to spend.. not sure what to do now.

  28. If I am really short on stuff from enforcer, can I just used an energy pack and just do "rob an electrons store" for a whole level? Or will that throw my leveling off? Currently I am into my 9 hour of playing and I am lvl 89 and working through 3rd teir of capo. Any suggestions?

  29. Many apologies, I found my answer under the "The Best Use for Energy Packs" link at the top right hand side of this page! Thanks anyway!

  30. Need 2 know ,im mogul right now .level 89.
    wat shud i do 2 lvl up quickly...... !!!

  31. Hey, I was reading this, and several times I see references to people playing 7-10 hours per day. How is this possible? I mean, you'd run out of energy in close to 10 minutes.

  32. And how would you get to level 200-300 in less than half a week?

    Email me at with the answers... Please!!! I'm really curious.

  33. Correction:


  34. i've just read most off this guide, if i'm correct this is a guide to create an energy character that loses from a level 100 when it has level 400 :)
    well, let's say i'd rather like a level 100 that only loses from criticals then a level 400 that has to bully level -100 people to be able to win a fight ;)

  35. The person above me, basically after you finish all jobs you start putting skill points in attack and use your massive energy to collect 501 of all the best items. Soon enough you'll be able to beat even higher level players

  36. Thanks for the tips! I just found your site looking for the Mastery rewards and stumbled across these ideas. I rolled a Maniac (since I was told energy was the way to go) and have pulled 160 levels in 4 days, and now I have a little extra advice to use (like where to spend these 70 some-odd GF points). Thanks for taking the time to help other gamers out.

  37. i have made all the necessary preparations like energy collections, top mastermind/wheelman.

    im now at lvl 11 with 113 energy. i cant lvl off one energy bar anymore and short of about 30 exp to the next lvl after spending all my energy. i am now still mastering lvl 3 street thug. am i doin this correctly?

  38. hey ppl
    1 thing left unconsidered
    the stamina
    you can put some pts into stamina
    though ppl considere it useless
    i consider the fact that when you jus shy of <100 xp for lvl up stamina playz a major role for me
    do not forget to consider the fact that
    use job helps that ur frnds post and ask helps for higher jobs(freeway to xp)
    iblieveinperfection- ClaD

  39. zlac you are doing it right, level 11-25 is slow thats all.

  40. How Would You Do Capo And Consigliere Together..?
    I Am Level 68 Master Hitman Just Started Capo And Need Help..
    Followed Guide Step By Step..

    Thanks In Advance


    For those arguing about whipping boy etiquette, this is the mw profile tiny url link of Rip Snapper, who made a Mafia Wars character JUST to be a whipping boy for other players. He encourages passing it around to all your friends, and attacking him non-stop. He's level 2, has only ONE person in his mafia and only haz a revolver, and he never plans to even log in.

  42. From caspian: ahhmm i;d like to ask this: since this strategy doesn't use properties at all, what happens when you have weapons, armors and vehicles with high upkeep when you have no income to sustain these things?

  43. anyone can answer caspian's question?

  44. And It Doesnt Exactly Help When To Mods Keep Decreasing Then EXP Payout.. :|


  45. I'm level 113 and only have ~540 energy because I had gotten my health to 150 and stamina to 50 when I first started playing. Is it still possible for me to level up on one energy bar? I haven't been able to do it yet. =/

  46. you need verns expenergy to not let your job ratio to get to far above 2. Do the jobs you need to do to complete but as the ratio gets closer to to 2 or a little above 2. You will need to move over to the bank heist or that one on the boss level. I made masterboss in 2 days. I did have consumable loot to feed it. Only regret is I did not start doing this months ago.

  47. I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  48. I started my mobster 14 days ago today, playing 10 hrs a day easy or more. The claims some make here are to me BS but I'm no math wiz so who knows, but I am pleased with this 2 week result.
    I am lvl 315 NOW
    Have 2,000 Energy NOW

    Doing this added a lot of FUN to the game for me!! and something to do when I was outta stamina/energy on my 1st mobster.

  49. I am having trouble making my player a wheelman AND a mastermind simultaneously on someone else's mafia. Can't you only be one?

  50. as far as caspian's question goes, as soon as you start leveling through new york you'll have billions of dollars of New York money.. this should happen within a few days if you are doing it right. Once you have that stack of money upkeep doesn't even matter.. 10 billion will pay upkeep on as many items as you could want, practically forever.

  51. 11% wheelman / mastermind.. add me!

  52. I hear people bragging about 3 attacks producing $299,000 - mwahahaha. Thanks to the Leveling Up strategy, there's one level in boss that I can get $6 BILLION from just leveling up ONCE!

  53. am a 200 maniac - saw this a bit 2 late..
    so got
    125 -at n def
    221 hlth, 690 nrg . 97 stamina..
    got 146 pts n 53 godfather pts 2 space..
    any ideas how i can level up quickly..

  54. all gone well since i started boss tier mastery lvl 3 and now im lvl 250 and far from having enough cameras and exp/energy ratio now starts with 2.00 and i can do nothing but press ...permanently job again and again till i reach the ratio 1.33 for electronics store job.i rob it few times and level up again with a higher really sucks!

  55. I had a question, I've been noticing that the quest leveling can get to about a 2.1exp/energy ratio if you do everything perfect, but the xp need to level increases 25 xp/2 levels, which you would get 10 skill points for those 2 levels. So, after a while, you start hitting a wall that you can't pass.

    So, I did some experimenting, and put some points in stamina to do more fights. After totaling 100+ fights and averaging out the data, it comes out to 2.5exp/point (assuming you win every fight). This would keep you on the leveling curve, assuming you have the cash flow from jobs to support healing yourself. (You can only heal once a minute for your info.)

    Have you looked into leveling this way? I haven't done the math yet, but maybe put the leveling points in stam, and whatever energy you have in jobs that you master, and use those points for more energy to pay for healing.

    PS: I didn't follow the guide 100%, used my real life Facebook account. It's now lvl 45, with 207 energy and 74 stam (I leveled to 30 with energy). I got the Tiger gear, and it was pwning most people that didn't have it. I have not put any points in attack, def, or health. With a 37 person mafia, I have 1,826 attack and 1637 def, and beat most people with smaller mafias, that's who I target.

  56. I started this guide today and I have little success. I am the wheelman in two profiles and the mastermind in another account. What am i doing wrong?

    Please help!

  57. my energy already runs out and I am only on level 12. this doesnt make sense

  58. lol.

    actually this fast leveling is only for M or H build.. you will lvl up fast but die in battle and hitlist and war in just a sec.

  59. This guide has absolutely no use should u start playing mafia wars now.
    ie. rackets etc have bn introduced so therfore paying with points to increase ur back balance. pity!!

  60. idk ... I started playing 1 month ago ... Fearless
    I build my character with less energy and a lot of atack and def ... this sucks
    I have a lot of fights won but I've made lvl 56 in one month of daily playing
    money is not a problem I have like 3kkk in the bank and 26 achivements done ...
    is this such a bad build should I start from the scratch and lvl up faster like in the guide or should I continue like this and put more points in the energy?

  61. So yeah, this guide is awesome if you actually follow it. For all the haters saying that it's only him who's saying his guide works, not true at all. Just went 1-175 in a single day using his strategy.

  62. I had a high level maniac and wanted to see how this guide compared. I was level 229 and finished all of New York in 24 hours. In 2 days I'm level 310 and am in the next to last tiers of Cuba and Moscow, working them together. Most awesome guide ever!

  63. Ive been following this guide for about a month, and I'm over level 500. Decided to slow down when I started on Moscow, because gathering enough money is too difficult when levelling off your energy bar.

    Levels 12-30 are definitely the slowest. But since level 30, Ive always been able to level up off my energy.

    Add me if you need an 11% mastermind or wheelman.

  64. In order not to be reported an abusive bully, I created another to beat up and collect cameras for me. I am in no danger of reporting myself

  65. Works if you do it right. My character is lvl 283, energy 1807 and just 8 days old. Pure energy account, left the fighting/stamina out of it. Looted over 350 Hu-9's, 180 Armored State Cars, 40 Track Loaders and many many more to much to mention.

  66. I used this guide to build my profile.
    I used a Maniac profile that I had already started the same day I found this blog.
    While I didn't achieve the same exact results, in 3 months, with a max capability of leveling 5 times a day, I did hit level 500 with 3000+ energy points. After that I went and finished off Cuba and NY with the help of a some free downloads of large amounts of LTR's, Cell phones and BP's. Still, those cities were not finished off as quickly as claimed by this blog.
    But Not too bad.. It eclipsed my regular profile by 100 levels.. But.. this guide is strictly for building an Energy profile and not one that can withstand any kind of attack from a profile with good A and D stats.
    My assumption is that I will be able to build those stats up after I get to level 1000.
    Zynga has changed the game, eliminating any 2x1 jobs until after you finish all levels of NY or Cuba.

  67. This guide works. Thanks a lot!

  68. Stuck at lvl 12 after following the guide. Directions anyone?

  69. I m getting 8-14 energy/exp ratio with 11% wheelman and 11% mastermind. How is this happening?

  70. First - Thank you for the write up here.

    Second - I've read it all including the comments. I'm not a real gamerand much of it didn't make sense to me but I get the gist of it. I notice that the majority of the comments are negative. I can't really comment on the how legit it all is because I barely understand it. ButI took as much as I could from this write up and incorporated it into myown views/needs and it really worked for me... Here is what I did and this works for a casual gamer.

    I have a semi-balanced lvl 80 mogul. I got this from 18 days casualplay. I read this write up and decided to try something similar. I created a maniac and put all points to energy. Below are the results:

    First day - getting mafia members but did not start doing jobs. Also, I gave my new character all the stuff from old character. That waythere's no down time for cell phones, illegal transactions, wire taps, blackmail photos and anything else that was needed.

    Second day - put the highest lvl folks in my mafia. Do jobs. There islots of down time. I just came back to the computer every few hours orso. Got to lvl 25. I know there is a way to do that better, butwhatever.

    Third day - this is the fun day! Get out of bed, plant myself atcomputer, Do jobs, no down time. Be smart! As you do jobs, notice whatjobs give very little xp and what jobs give lots of xp per energy spent.Split up those jobs so there is no down time!! Very important. Got tolvl 76. Stayed only in New York. Note that at the time I did this,there was also extra stuff given for the New York event, this may havehelped.

    I made lvl 76 in approx 10 hours of gaming time (this is just the timeat my computer). On the third day I did 1066 jobs. Not too shabby.Someone with more time could go MUCH FARTHER! This write up is alongthe lines of zero to lvl 200... If I was a hardcore gamer like I used tobe, I may have done that. Real life eats up much of my time. I'm luckyI got yesterday to play. My plan is to make lvl 200 or so or whatever,then balance the toon. Below are my stats copied and pasted as of thismorning, 11/17/09. Character started 11/14/09 and played only the lasttwo days.

    lvl 76 Maniac

    Jobs Completed 1280
    Job Assists 4
    Most consecutive days doing jobs 3
    Most jobs done in one day 1066
    Fights Won 140
    Fights Lost 26
    Fights Won in Cuba 0
    Death 0 Mobsters Iced 1
    Mobsters Whacked 0
    Hitlist Kills 0
    Longest Hitlist Survival 0:00:00
    Successful Heist 0
    Times Robbed 0
    Gifts sent 0
    Mega Casinos Sold 0
    Wars Won 0
    Wars Lost 0
    Times Betrayed by Mafia 0
    War Assists 0

    New York Finances
    US$6,966,575/ hour

    I'm at work now, can't log in to check, but I think my energy is like570 ish... Sorry, can't recall. You do the math (also, I never usedgodfather points... I forgot about them but didn't need them so far).At one point near the end of yesterday I looked at my money and saw thatI had 900mil :) totally hilarious. So I went out and baught a ton ofproperties (mikes mafia I think it's called and casinos).

    The comparison is unreal. Even if your toon is lvl 150, you may want to start a new account and make the toon in a new image and fix any old mistakes you made.

  71. I am level 400 in less than 2 weeks with this guide, but you have to be fearless... I am waiting on politico corruptos to master the last tier of cube, and using all energy to finish off Moscow... Guide works great but ONLY if you can create A Fearless Character... I think Zynga realized the advantage of a well played fearless character, thats why now EVERYONE IS FORCED TO BE MANIACS...

    Bottom line
    3 Months Maniac Daily Player = Level 100
    3 Weeks Fearless Daily Player = Level 450

    Get used to it more easy level up thanks Zynga... :)

  72. adah .......... bahasa ingrisnya 2 euy wakkakakakakak lieurrrrrrrrrr

  73. i made 3 new accounts n all of them r maniacs i cant get to choose any1 knows why?

  74. made 4 accounts, all maniacs...... so it is impossible to get a fearless type i guess???

  75. Same here, all accounts are coming up maniac! what a load of shit.. ive my own account going 15 months now and im a mogul "worst type" im only on 360, should be able to change it

  76. honestly what the fuck ive started 2 new mafia wars chars on new facebook accounts and its just automatically made them all maniacs, how the fuck do i choose my class?????

  77. You can now only change your character class after you have reached level 9.

  78. where do you change it?

  79. I started today and when I got to level 9 it asked me which bonus I want, more energy, faster healing or more money. Obviously, faster healing is fearless. It's strange, though, because I've seen levels below 9 that already have a class.

    I have a question. Bookmarking weak target doesn't work for me, it says session timed out or something like that or sends me to my profile. How do I work that around?

    I already arranged high levels to make me mastermind and wheelman, now I only have to beg for collections.

  80. QUOTE: "Anonymous said...
    honestly what the fuck ive started 2 new mafia wars chars on new facebook accounts and its just automatically made them all maniacs, how the fuck do i choose my class?????

    DECEMBER 28, 2009 6:37 PM"

    This is how it was for a couple months. In the last couple "Game news" articles they released they said they added the choosing of character back after lvl 9 or something like that. They just said they are about to add robbing back too.

  81. I'm the guy who posted on January the 25th. 16 days later I'm level 472. I could hit 500 by the end of the day if I wanted to, but I don't like doing jobs just to level up, I'm currently finishing Moscow (got one level of Vor and two levels of Pakhan). NY and Cuba are 100% complete and I've already started Bangkok. Moscow is a bit slow because you can't ask for help more than once a day, but that's alright. I have 41 achievements, fully upgraded businesses in Moscow and Cuba and 100 of each property in New York. This guide really works. My energy is over 3000.

  82. I am at Level 237, 490 Energy, is it possible for me to focus on energy in order to be able to level up continuously?

  83. I'm the guy who posted on January the 27th (not 25th, my bad) and February the 10th. I'm 3 days short of one month of playing and right now I'm level 651 with 4200+ energy. I was level 610 yesterday.

  84. can anyone tell me a good energy pool after i level up alot? around 1500, 2000, any specific amount?

  85. just used this strategy today, 10 hours later i'm level 215 with 1300 energy, and about to master underboss. it works!

  86. when someone promote me, wheelman option is unavailable for him.. i not good to be a wheel man

  87. You should write a updated one!

  88. Hello.

    I am at level 276, energy 1311, stamina 146, character Mogul.

    Would I be able to use this guide and level permanently?

  89. this type of strategy is weak type... u canot win the war if your stat is like that....
    there is no need for fast lvl...
    yes...your lvl is high, but your weak...
    im attaking my oppenent.. im lvl 62 my opponent is lvl 70+...i win...
    just try to balance your stat... do not over power, do not put on all not put all your stat in energy,,, im lvl 65 now my energy is 328... my attak is 25k.. my def is 23k....