May 12, 2009

Mastering Soldier, Enforcer, and Hitman; Mafia Wars Strategy Part 5

Just remember, try to leave as little energy behind as possible each level. If you get a lot of top mafia wheelman procs (i.e. free jobs), you should make sure you start doing really inefficient jobs, such as the "Destroy an Enemy Mob Hideout" to use up all your energy before you level. Never leave energy behind.


Certain jobs in the "Soldier" tier will be self-sufficient, such as the "Museum Break-in" job. You should be able to level that one up and even use some extra energy on the not so good jobs and still level. You will need to do the museum job a few extra times to get through Soldier. As an example, you might do the Museum Break-in job a few times at the start of the level, and switch over to the Destroy an Enemy Mob Hideout as soon as your remaining energy and experience points to next level are the same number. This way you can master the jobs that don't give good experience while still managing to level up off of 1 energy bar. Soldier is one of the slowest job tiers. Do not get discouraged if you have to wait around a bit during the first few hours to get through the soldier tier. Once you have mastered it, you will be able to level quickly and painlessly through enforcer and hitman.


Enforcer is a very self-sufficient tier. You should be able to master all the jobs in Enforcer without needing a rest and without doing the "Museum Break-in" job. The trick is to just stretch out your energy as far as you can. Do an efficient job like "Burn Down a Tenement" until your energy and exp to next level are pretty close. Afterwards, do the material gathering jobs (ex: Distill Liquor) or the "Smuggle Across the Border" (which is the least efficient job in the tier. Try not to waste energy by doing jobs like "Run an Illegal Poker Game" too many times in one level. When you master Enforcer, you'll have some extra poker chips and cards, enough for 3 or 4 rounds of "Run an Illegal Poker Game". The poker game job is extremely efficient - save these cards. Sometimes, you may miscount or do the math wrong and end up a few XP short of your level. This poker game job is the fastest way to get you up to speed, assuming you already have the reagents needed.


Hitman is probably the easiest tier to level. All your jobs are pretty efficient, and you should be able to level quickly and easily without much thought. If you have extra energy, use it to collect wiretap devices from the Enforcer tier- you'll need them for the Hitman job "Frame a Rival Capo". If you still have extra energy, which you probably will, make sure you use it on the "Rob an Electronics Store" job in the Enforcer tier. You'll need extra cameras for the "Obtain Compromising Pictures" job, plus you'll need a lot of cell phones and computer set-ups for later jobs. You can never rob the electronics store enough!
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  1. With my top mafia, the Bank Heist job gives 16 energy for every 8 energy. A perfect 2:1 ratio. I see no reason to ever stop using that job to get your xp up and then using your last couple hundred energy mastering jobs

  2. 16 xp for every 8 energy***

  3. Pretty much. Once you hit 100 though, you should get slightly over a 2:1 ratio with the settle a beef job

  4. jsteve, the more you do the Bank Job (or Settle the Beef later) beyond level mastery, the less jobs you actually master, meaning bigger and bigger experience2levelup/energy ratio.

  5. Ok i have been following this guide very closley, i have started a new account, fearless and everything. I am in 2 top mafia's as a wheelman.

    I am trying to do everything, but im having a problem because i have to keep waiting for my energy to go up. Ive mastered the first two levels of street thug, and the first level of associate.

    I always have about 20-60 more experiance points left and no energy. I have a 10% wheelman and 11% mastermind

    What am i doing wrong? should i finish mastering street thug third level? How come i can't level on one energy bar?

    Thank you a lot for your time

  6. will be tht 10% wheelman, thts the difference between 2:1 ratio for bank job

  7. duke, i have the same problem with u. very rare chance of getting "0 energy" job. hix. struggling around level 16

  8. Ok well i got past that problem by persistence, but there no way that its possible in one day. He was right once you get to enforcer it all goes pretty good. Now im stuck at level 75 because i dont ave much consumables

  9. I think I made a boo boo along the way. How can I straighten this mess out..

    attack: 1
    defense: 1
    health: 108 (+5 from the vault, the other 3 were mis clicks, lol)
    energy: 492
    stamina: 3

    lvl 80
    roughly 130 until my next lvl up
    mastered soldier, working on enforcer.

    Right now, I can care less if I get attacked, I'll sort that out later. But somehow I got real dependent on the bank heist (8:16). It was to the point where I'd count on the 2:1 and just do that until I had about 30 energy left and about 2 to 5 points to lvl up. I'd then do like a hitman job to get the jump on the next lvl (like 31:55 or the 35:62).

    Next lvl I'd figure out what I could do, like say if my energy was maxed at 400 and my next lvl needed 720 exp. I know I can get 800 exp (plus more with the bonuses) doing the heist. So I'd have at least 80 exp to mess around in other tiers and still lvl.

    I probably could have gotten myself to lvl 100 very easily tonight with that method, but I started to knock out the enforcer (hence me being stuck at about 130 exp until next lvl).

    How do I right this ship?

  10. For the lvl 80 guy. I would strongly suggest that you get yourself a whipping boy as per their instructions about uping your fight score. The extra xp can help bridge the gap and you'll get fight only loot which drops as well. Inaddition it will discourage attacks by having a bigger win then loss ratio. You may also want to look at in the enforcer tier run an illegal gambling game. For me the ratio is 38exp for 18energy invested which is better than 2:1 and ti will help with completing collections for that tier and completing it.

  11. Edward.. I'm the lvl 80 guy that posted above.

    the Heist wasn't cutting it, lol.. now I'm hooked on 'Settle a beef.' Once I got to lvl 100, it opened up for me and it's 35:71 for me. My 'illegal gambling game' is 17:38, but the drawback on that sweet ratio is the needed chips and cards.

    I made a whipping boy, but with 6 stamina.. its hard to bridge that gap. another 30 or so 'fixed' fights and I'll be 50/50. My easy rob target has somewhat subsided, since my growth in mafia members.

    Right now, I'm a lvl 160 w/937 energy. I'm sitting on 12 GF points and may have to bite the bullet and spend 10 on energy. But I have about 150 until my next lvl. So I may just sit it out tonight just to get enought energy to lvl up.

    Even with a full energy bar, I can't lvl up without using the 'settle a beef' and pray I get a few freebies because of the top wheelman perk. If I get about 3 or 4, I lvl easy, but I can only do certain jobs 2 or 3 times.

  12. Dylan - The first levels are slow. Gotta deal with it.

    The level 80 guy - need to stop using filler jobs and actually master some jobs, do some achievements, get the + energy collections. That is the only way you can fix it. Might take a day or 2 to re-correct.

  13. My balls are very harry.

  14. I disagree that hitman is one of the easiest tiers to level. Robbing the electronics store amd getting the wiretapped phones(or whatever theyre called) made it a hell for me

  15. Same here, I am short of the concealable camera, it's driving me mad. Only get it in about 1 in 3 times doing the electronics store job, which is killing me energy / exp ratio. Can't level up on one energy bar. At level 64 and only level 2 on the hitman jobs.

  16. I have read that it's possible to level up to 300 in 3 days with 6 hours playing time daily. I don't see how is that possible when 3/4 of the time I am waiting for energy to refill??! I am level 54 now, got my mastermind/wheelman etc, use energy pack to "rob store" ... am stuck and only move to level 54 from level 50 2 days earlier.

  17. I have to agree with the guy. Ive followed it almost exactly and am level 52 with 395 energy and have mastered the first four job tiers and now working on hitman. Hitman is definately the easier tier since i do not have to rely on the bank heist job anymore to get me up the levels.

  18. I followed this guide to a T and while it didn't take a couple days. I was lvl 350 by a week. Which is much much better than how I was going with my other character. Very quality information that I'm passing on to my mafia. I have 2000 energy and now I'm dumping all my points into Defense so I can try for the Bulletproof achievement.

  19. Nice guide, 4 hours into it I made it to Cuba, mastered Thug, Soldier, Associate, Enforcer and half of Hitman. I would note that a slow down at level 10 was unavoidable, I got lucky and somehow got an energy pack after several hours and starting (right after it came up from maintenance) and used it when I got stuck, never stopped after that. I used the heck out of "ExpEnergy" bookmarlet. I'd note that don't be fooled when you fine you have too much energy on enforcer, keep piling points into energy, just drift back to Associate and knock off the small job at the top (5 energy) until you are almost leveled up then shoot up to Consigliere and knock off the biggest job (or do a boss fight) and jet yourself into the next level. by level 40 or so the points needed to level up increase and if you got tricked into loading points into stamina or defense you'll be screwed a little. I vaulted everything except barber shop by level 40 - really helped. Happy thug here!

  20. I have a character with the below stats at Enforcer, I used Burn Down a Tenement which for me with 11% mastermind and Wheelman still does not give me a 1:2 ratio - I got 16:24 - so using Burn Down a Tenement is not as energy efficient as you described (at least for me). I am still left with excess experience left over. should I just stick with the Bank Heist?

    You have 24 experience points to your next level.

    Attack: 3
    Defense: 3
    Health: 110
    Energy: 291
    Stamina: 3

  21. imma lvl.50 fearless with the stats

    wins- 947
    loss- 63
    cuba wins- 239

    attack- 10
    defense- 181
    health- 135
    energy- 155
    stam- 3

    now how cool is that?..

  22. I've been following this guide, but have gotten stuck on hitman because of not enough concealable cameras and wiretaps... I've had to do the "rob electronics store" and "overtake phone central" many many times past mastering them just to get extra items needed.

  23. i just wanna give a thumbs up to this guide and its author.
    im lvl 40 and my stats are as follows
    att-1 def-1 energy-349 stamina-3 health-100
    i used 14 godfather pts fr getting 4 profile twice.
    i did all the energy achievements in teh start itself using my other id and some of my friends' help. this gave me an advantage because if u have energy in start u have more energy at each level to do more jobs.
    i got stuck only at lvl 8-15 and after that its been a smooth sail. ofc i made myself top wheelman,mastermind and got 2x 11% mastermind and wheelman. i used up most of my energy economically and promoted/demoted according to need so taht i cud maximize jobs done. most of lvl 30->40 was done with no wheelman and mastermind (except whenever needed)

  24. also adding.. this is my 2nd day. and ive mastered enforcer

  25. I am lvl 55 and mastered all jobs before hitman..... This guide is very good. I am only afraid of lvl`s 100+. In personal XP i know that capo + jobs are allot harder to master. I don`t think its 1-200 but it is close to 1-130 in one day ;)

    Anyway nice guide, i think its allot better than most of paying guide :)

  26. bank heist now gives only 14 exp,

  27. I think I messed up by going into phase 2 of each tier... I didn't realize at first that mastering the tier meant just the first phase then moving on. Kind of a bummer; not sure if I can recorrect.

    Level 18 with 135 energy.

    It would be helpful to see a table of what your energy should be at each level.

  28. Any word on Enforcer or Capo mastery changing their reward? I mean, they still give out Robbing Defense boost!!

  29. Any suggest the author cause i chose maniac i mastered both street thug and associate working on soldier level 45 with only 176 energy and 8 stamina 71 attack and 80 defense is there way i could improve or shud i start over

  30. Here is a thought, why don't you tools play the game instead of using a walkthrough? I mean what is the point of spamming the same shit to max up a level, what you gonna do then?

    There is one nice thing about this guide, and that is it gives me PLENTY of people to kill that have 2000 energy and no attck/defense. I farm your ass for easy leveling :D

  31. Ok so yay! I am now in the middle of Enforcer and I just thought I would say a few things that I thought would be helpful.
    -In your downtime during Soldier, (assuming you have no life, like me lol) it is helpful if you keep refreshing your fight list at every level and finding a new whipping boy. I did this and put the links to my whipping boys in a microsoft word document along with their stats (level and mafia size). It is good to do this because as I just realized with the one I was using that was a level 22, you will get less and less exp points as you attack them and you are a higher level.
    -Also, I had a big problem in the beginning of Associate tier because I had no money to buy the weapons and cars needed since I had leveled so quickly unlike usual where you level like 2x per day and by then you have accumulated money from your properties. So, what I did was as soon as it became available I did one of the jobs in the Soldier tier, I forget which, that gave the most money until I had enough to buy those two tommy guns needed for my Associate tier.
    I know this did not exactly follow the guide, but it worked out really well for me and I hope it helps someone!

  32. OH, I forgot to add, really important!!!!

    To help you level, if you have used all your energy and you have about 20 exp to go, it is really helpful if you have a large mafia and you can just look at your newsfeed and look for people looking for help on jobs. I do this constantly when I am at the end of my energy and I level right away...

  33. Well-patterned out guide. I actually figured it out that fearless is the best character for fast leveling and maniacs can be good at attack build because their energy regeneration will compensate for their leveling. At exactly level 9 to 11 i have the most difficulty to level - 100+ exp away before leveling up! After that it is smooth-sailing, actually at the earliest part of the game, the 11% mastermind and wheel man does not affect much since the exp is so low. You can also put some stamina in the early part because it can give a max of 6 exp by chance.

    Oh well, i also used the strategy given by the anonymous person on top of this comment,

    Happy leveling guys!

  34. i am on level 23 and have had the same jobs for the last 6 levels or the same as the begining. mugging, etc. what have i done wrong?


  35. I am Level 63 having mastered Hitman Level 1. On other tiers it aautomatically moves to Level 2 however this has not happened for Hitman. what do I have to do to activate level 2?

  36. I didnt master any jobs in the beginning and just leveled up fast using the enrgy efficient jobs. I have reached level 330 in 3&half weeks with good stats.
    over the last week, I spend all my energy and energy packs for mastering the easy jobs and now I have mastered all the new york tiers( I ha mastered boss and underboss earlier since all the jobs there are energy efficient) except consigliere( still working on it). What do you think huh? I got 44 achievments till now?

    I think my way is better? I tried this method with my another account and am levelling up incredibly slow.

  37. So I'm currently Lvl 61 with 399 energy. Currently mastering the soldier tier for the third time. I didn't really bother mastering them at first, but started to when I read this guide.
    I usually get 4/5 into my level using "Exterminate Arrival Family" in the hitman tier, and have to wait about another 2-3 hours to try and get enough energy to do it one more time to level. It pretty much takes forever..

    Any tips on better leveling efficiency?

  38. Hi there;

    Although I finished all 3 levels of enforcer and hitman jobs I cannot promote to "hitman" I am still "master enforcer" Does anyone know why??

  39. So, are we supposed to master (3x) each tier before moving to the next or do we initially only mastering the 1 of 3 (bronze star) each tier's jobs'? That is the only confusing part to me.

  40. The reason I ask is because after a job is mastered once, the 2x and 3x mastery does not net extra stat points.