May 26, 2009

What job has the best experience points to energy cost ratio?; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide FAQ

Edit: Run an Illegal Poker Game has been nerfed to 2.19 XP:Energy, Bank Heist has been nerfed to 14 xp for 8 energy (with max perks). Settle a Beef remains unchanged.

What job has the best experience points to energy ratio?

Answer: It depends on what perks you have:

If you have the best wheelman (-11% energy cost on jobs), the best mastermind (+11% exp on jobs), and a private island (+5% exp on jobs, for being a master underboss):

- Technically, the "Run an Illegal Poker Game" is the most efficient job - 38 energy cost for 17 energy, giving it 2.4 energy per exp point. However, when you include collecting the consumeable items, it only gives 1.94 exp per energy point.
- The "Bank Heist" job gives 17 experience points for 8 energy, or 2.125 experience points per energy used.
- The "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job gives 74 exp for 35 energy, or 2.11 experience points per energy (not much lower than Bank Heist). I find the Settle a Beef job superior since it gives a lot more money, and doesn't need to be done as many times to level up.

If you do not have a private island (as in you are not a master boss):

- The "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job gives 71 experience points for 35 energy - giving it 2.03 exp per energy used.

If are not yet level 100 and do not have access to the "Settle a Beef... Permanently" job:

- The Bank Heist job gives 16 experience points for 8 energy, at a ratio of 2 experience points per energy used.

If you do not have a good wheelman and mastermind, get one! They are easy to find, look for recruitment groups and discussion sections on facebook!
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  1. In Mafia Wars forum, the formula for total exp for certain level is Ceiling((Lvl^2)*6.25).

    Based on that formula, I found a pattern of experience increment for the next level up switching between 11 and 14.

    For example, I'm lvl 138. Total exp for lvl 138 is ceiling((138^2)*6.25) = 119025 (which I found accurate). To reach lvl 139 from lvl 138 I need ceiling((139^2)*6.25) - 119025 = 1732 exp. To reach lvl 140 from lvl 139 I need ceiling((140^2)*6.25) - 120757 = 1743.

    Notice the increment of experience from 1732 to 1743(11). If I continue my formula to reach lvl 141 from lvl 140, I will need 1757 exp(14).

    So on average, experience needed increases 25 every 2 level or 12.5 per level.

    Every level up you get 5 skill points, even if you put all that into energy and do the most efficient job (Bank Heist 2.125 exp/energy) you can only cover 5*2.125 = 10.625 exp from 12.5 exp increment.

    While on early levels you can get many energy bonuses from godfather points, jobs masteries, and vaulting collections which are big helps so we can always level up in one energy bar (if we go through energy build), the gap widens on high levels.

    To cover that gap (12.5 - 10.625 = 1.875 exp) we need more energy (1.875 / 2.125 = 0.88 energy) which can only be obtained by purchasing godfather points(damn you smart Zynga).

    Thank god there are mastermind and wheelman bonuses to lessen the gap and fights and hitlists as another ways to get exp.

    So I think the best way for any players to level up and play is using your methods until all jobs are mastered, because then you already have enough energy pool to effectively collecting loots, while still very comfortable leveling.

    From here on, there are many possibilities for your character.

    1. If you keep leveling up, you need to devote your entire skill points to energy, otherwise the gap will be wider and wider. But that means leaving your attack and defence stats to suffer.

    2. If you want to start harrasing others, then you can stop paying attention to energy and raising attack and/or defence. While leveling up maybe getting slower but you can kick people's asses.

    3. You may want to play defensively, by putting 3 or 4 skill points into energy and 1 or 2 into defence. If you wanna ride that hitlist then you might want to consider 2 def, 1 health, 2 energy or 1 def, 1 health, 3 energy. This way your leveling will be a bit slower but still faster than if you convert all your skill points into attack/def.

    4. You may want to play balanced, by putting 3 into energy and 1 into attack and 1 into def, or 4 into energy 1 into attack and the next level 4 energy 1 def(alternating attack and def). It's slow yes.

    5. You can quit playing mafia wars and do whatever you like.

    (Feel free to use or spread this info if you like)

  2. Yeah, I've come to similar conclusions in the finishing touches post awhile back. The extra stat points from Cuba help out a lot though to increase the gap if your goal is simply to level up.

  3. For some reason I have one character that has these numbers energy to exp ratio BUT I have another character that I made to follow this guide specifically and Zynga has distorted the numbers where settle a beef now costs 40 energy and pays out 71 also notice a big change in take control of a casino is now at 70 energy to 122 exp payout. I don't know if anybody else has had this problem?

  4. um maybe u dont have the mastermind and wheelman bonuses for ur other character.

  5. No I have the same thing. I have 3 accounts and all started 2-3 months apart and all the exp points and energy cost are different as well, and that is with all my players sitting at 11% to 15% in all 3 accounts.

  6. Maybe you're just an imbecile

  7. Maybe there punishing you for cheating :)

  8. the issue is probably that you need to take down your top mafia and repost them back ... if they leveled up it will not effect the top mafia percentage -- basically it will be reporting it to you wrong and you can see that in your energy needed to do a job ... also do you have an island on all of these chars???

    oh yeah that calculation for exp falls apart at lower levels and is right - at least really close at level 526 i need 1735807 to level but the calculation states i should only need 527^2 = 277729 * 6.25 = 1735806 which is close enough to spit at.

  9. I found an experience equation that matches exactly, as far as I can tell, I've recorded experience for 30 levels and it matches all 30 of those exactly. I don't have data for levels below 500, but my equation matches all the data I can find.

    EXP = 6.25*LVL^2 + 12.5*LVL + 7

    At lvl 640, this would be 6.25*640^2 + 12.5*640 + 7, which comes out to 2568007 experience required to hit lvl 641

  10. whats up with the "bank heist" mine is 15 for 8, no where near 2,125 but less than 2! and i have all the bonuses discussed.

  11. Bank heist was "nerfed"

  12. I am stuck at level 76 while someone who was far behind me is at level 103 in just a there any trick to achieve this.Please help

  13. I guess Zynga changed the "Settle a Beef" job's energy required and experience gained. Overnight, it changed for me. The new characteristics are:
    40 energy
    64 exp

    WAY LESSER!! Its so not fair, I just mastered the Boss tier yesterday! The earlier players have levelled up faster thru the job, and now here r we!!

  14. I am lvl 650 and I am wondering if i have an island finished all lvls in new york cuba most in bkk and italy and some in vegas. but can just not remember seeing getting an island for the underboss lvl. got the golden toilet in the boss and most collection bonuses - so maxed out. but really do not know where to look to see if i got the island. sorry a newby question only been playing for 3 weeks. but love it

  15. I have a house. But how come you guys have islands!?! Rich bastards!

  16. Doesn't the run a collection plate con job gives 3 xp per 1 energy.