June 18, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba - 17 Brand New Achievements; Strategy Guide

Good news - new achievements were added to Mafia Wars today. These ones are actually a bit more creative then the past, and offer players many new challenges (some of which will actually be quite tough!). Additionally, the developers put in progress bars on achievements finally! No more guessing how many fights you have won in Cuba:

Anyway, on the to achievements!

International - Earned by collecting over 1,000,000 Cuban Pesos
Strategy: Not actually too bad. Once you work through Mafia Wars: Cuba, start buying businesses. Fully upgraded businesses will be able to knock this achievement out in 4 days.

Big Business - Earned by fully upgrading a single Cuban business.
Strategy: Will happen en route to International. Don't worry too much about this or the Tycoon achievement, just buy some businesses and they will pay to upgrade themselves in short order.

Tycoon - Earned by fully upgrading all Cuban Businesses

Working Man - Earned by doing 20 jobs in one day
Strategy: Easy. They do not have to be different jobs - if you have 20 energy you can just do one energy jobs in the Street Thug tier and earn it easily. Or, you can just work on leveling up and you should get it!

Dependable - Earned by doing a job every day for seven days
Strategy: Do a job once every seven days.

Big Spender - Earned by purchasing an item or service with Reward Points
Strategy: Level up 28 times and buy +4 stat points, or spend your money on some.

Treasure Hunter - Earned by finding a rare item in a mystery crate
Strategy - Buy mystery crates. Sucks because the rares in the mystery crate are pretty poor quality, maybe they will upgrade them at some point

Slum Lord - Earned by owning 30 apartment complexes
Strategy - Buy 30 apartment complexes

Cashing out - Earned by selling 50 Mega Casinoes
Strategy - Buy and sell 50 Mega Casinoes. If you don't have any Mega Casinoes, you can buy and sell them 1 (or 10) at a time to save money.

Getting the Crew Together - Earned by promoting friends to each Top Mafia position
Strategy - Find some friends, promote them to top Mafia.

Crime C.E.O. - Earned by assembling a Top Mafia with all players above level 100
Strategy - Not too bad, by the time you have 50 or so Mafia members, you should be able to find enough to put in your Top Mafia.

Knife Thrower - Earned by looting 10 Butterfly Knives.
Strategy - You should earn this achievement just in the process of leveling up.

Uncle Sam - Earned by owning 50 federal agents.
Strategy - They had to put this in after I gave all mine away! At any rate, you get federal agents from the "Buy off a Federal Agent" job in the boss tier. They do not have a good drop rate, and the job requires blackmail photos, so I would recommend being a Master Boss before going for this achievement. It might take a few days worth of energy packs to collect enough blackmail photos to get this one.

What's after Trillion? - Earned by depositing 999 Trillion Dollars
Strategy - I'll be surprised if anyone ever gets this legitimately within the year. It took a few weeks for people to hit the 10 trillion mark, so getting 100 times that is going to take quite some time. I think this was just put in the game to give people who have done everything something to do.

Bulletproof - Earned by surviving for over 60 minutes on the Hit List.
Strategy - This one actually looks pretty interesting. Surviving on the Hit List takes an interesting build - you need to be able to win a lot of fights on defense (see guide), but you also need to have a lot of health so that you do not get knocked out in between bouts of healing. On the hit list, you can be knocked out even if you win every fight on defense. If you win 100 fights, you're still taking damage on most fights, and eventually you will get knocked out. You can heal every minute or so, but if you only have the base line level of health, you will not last very long on the hitlist. You can try to have this done at off-peak hours (in the middle of the night) and have a friend list you, but Mafia Wars is an international game, so there will never be truly be an opening.

That's Amore - Earned by gifting a Diamond Ring to any player under level 8
Strategy - Get a friend to play, gift them a ring before they get past level 8. In other news, the Diamond Ring crops up on everyone's wishlist..

The Best Offense - Earned by defeating 6 attackers in a row
Strategy - See the How to Win Fights on Defense guide. The best way to get attacked 6 times in a row is to get someone to list you on the hitlist after you get an outfitted Mafia of 501. It can be done earlier, but requires a bit of luck. Alternatively, you could have a weaker friend attack you until you get it.
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  1. I have the 999 trillion in the bank and when i try to withdraw it and then deposit the money i get this message 999.9989999900009E+14....it is a error message that will not allow me to make the deposit. Not too happy about it!

  2. I'd keep that one to myself - I think the developers would question the legitimacy of such a feat - and with good reason. You would have to do the Visiting Don job 16 million times in order to get that much money. I think the highest person in "top families" has just over 1 million jobs done total. No one is close to this number without hacking/cheating/etc.

  3. Before Zynga messed with the hitlist, you could put a hitlist on someone for Trillions, Quadrillions, or even Septtrillions. I was one of those 1 in quadrillion lucky SOB's who was the one to attack a bigdog and was the last to get the last punch to iced him. I was awarded with a sum that I couldn't even count. Needless to say, I spend almost a month spending (only time to play a few hours a day) it. I now have quite a hefty income.

    Then Zynga decided it was unfair for top dog to keep putting hits on each other and they were getting richer and richer. Well I legitimately make my zillions. I have the 999 trillions to deposit. BUt if it doesn't work then what?

    So do I depost 999,000,000,000,000 or do I have to account for the 10% cut?

  4. so how to get done Treasure hunter?

  5. i also won a hefty sum of around 800 trillion when only lvl 34, this was b4 even the update to have job tiers came in. now i have just over half as much left and i was wondering that the acheivement might n be to put in 999 trill as a lump sum but over time like if i withdrew all of my money then deposited it out 5 times that i might get the acheivement??

  6. i have the "what after trillion" achievement. in order to get the achievement you need to make sure you account for the 10% banker's fee in addition to the 999 trillion you deposit.

  7. i just did the math at it will take me about 10 years to get 999 trillion if i keep my income at 1.2 billion lmao

  8. "Dependable - Earned by doing a job every day for seven days
    Strategy: Do a job once every seven days."

    Shouldn't this be "Do at least 1 job for 7 consecutive days"?

  9. IS it possible to deposit the trillion in small amounts? eg: 10 billion daily. or must it be in 1 lump sum?

  10. Question for the person with 1.2 billion income...how much does it cost for you to buy an office building? less than 1.2 billion?

  11. Wow, you guys are crazy! I've just about made 200,000 and bought my new chain gun, lol! How do you guys do it? Energy refills so slowly. :(

  12. Aw great. i just wasted tons of cash on 10% bank deductions. Been depositing billions. lol.

  13. This is to the guy that said energy doesnt regain quick. Are u a maniac cuz those are the quickest to gain energy. and i only get 7 mil an our so getting to 999 trillion is looking near impossible to reach

  14. so, then does nobody know how to deposit the 999 trillion and earn that achievement? I have it also (won in taking out a hit before they changed that) but it tells me the same thing the others are asking about. All you get is error. I would like to know how you are sposed to earn this achievement.

  15. bet you cant take this guy out 483921756

  16. http://www.myspace.com/483921756

    Cant Rob me :)

  17. if kill someone on the hitlist in cuba, do u get the money in cuban pesos even tho the hit is being paid in dollars?

  18. this is how much i get an hour+$300,000 (x6785 Owned)mega casinos
    -0% Due to Damage

    Built on: Prime Downtown Lot
    Cost: $25,821,000,000 each
    Cash Flow: $2,452,974,844 every 60 minutes.

  19. hey guys, has anyone experienced an error when completing the NY 'boss' job tier? when i master each level is says i havent completed previous job tiers and will therefore not recieve the prize for completing the 'bos' job tier until previous tiers are completed, when i have???? any ideas? cheers folks

  20. Anonymous just said "hey guys, has anyone experienced an error when completing the NY 'boss' job tier? when i master each level is says i havent completed previous job tiers and will therefore not recieve the prize for completing the 'bos' job tier until previous tiers are completed, when i have???? any ideas? cheers folks"

    I am getting the same message after completing all the levels and tiers in Cuba. Is this a glitch in the program or is there more to Cuba than what's currently available?

  21. I think i got Herpes and H1N1 virus from doing jobs in Cuba.... anybody else have this probloem?

  22. i hav upgraded every business in cuba, but i dont get the achievement for that..how do i upgrade the businesses??all my businesses except the bribery ring says 'fully upgraded'...can someone help me out???

  23. maybe try upgrading bribery ring too? like, duh...

  24. In order to achieve 999 trillion...would it be best to buy all of the businesses as much as possible or just keep buying casinos and let that be your only source of income?

  25. Buy the businesses with the best price/earnings ratios if you want to maximize income (just like the stock market). This means you will end up buying all the different businesses. Also, always buy businesses 10 at a time to get the best price.

  26. u can still get 'whats after trillion' legitimately... by the time u get 1 trillion (thats quiet easy) and cash flow of abt 100 million per hour, u can use all ur energy to take boss fight in enforcer (energy ur getting by levelling, energy pack and gf points), u can do the boss abt 15 times per day.. which will give u 2billion *15 = 30 billion + 200 m*24 = around 2billion from income from properties... thats 32 billion each day ... so at the end of one week u r bank balance would be 1.225 trillion..... in the next week u 'll get more money from boss fight as u re having more bank balance... so at the end o four weeks u can have 2 trillion in ur account.... so after 10 months , u'll get 2 power 10 ie 1024 times ur original money which is 1000 trillion...... only caution u have to take take is dont increase ur energy points much as boss fight takes 20% of energy.. so if u have 1000 eneergy u'll spend 200, if u have just 500 energy u 'll spend 100.. so it will take longer to regain the lost energy which means less boss fight....

  27. I was lucky and scored a a couple trillion dollar hits on the hit list which I used to buy property until the pay off time was close to a year. I make about 700mil/hour. I don't even bother depositing the money. 10% is too big a cut. I'd have to have hundreds of people attacking me per second to even make a dent. Unless something like that happened, I end up keeping more money simply letting people attack me and take my money than putting it in the bank.

  28. yeah i make over 5 billion a day oly now up just over 103 billion in cash.... i wanna knwo how people are now like lvl 1400 and have 2k kills some one some where is cheating using a macro or something that sux I worked hard been playing since the game came out and am only just coming up on 400 and yet people i invited are now 3 times my lvl I mean wtf is that about... its why people stop playing, u can never now make the 2 hours on the hit list cause a LVL 1500 will take u out

  29. the boss fight is giving me 2 millions per figth not 2 billions

  30. (Account Balance: $999,999,999,999,999,999)
    The bank can only hold $999,999,999,999,999,999 for you, so only $0 was deposited.The rest remained with you as cash.

  31. BOSS!!! hola!

    i have more mafia whom are above level 100,
    but i didnt get that 'crime CEO" achievement
    i did add them on my top mafia....help please