June 9, 2009

Mafia Wars: Cuba Job Mastery Reward Items; Strategy Guide

The Job Mastery Rewards in Mafia Wars: Cuba are items which can be used in fights rather than items with passive bonuses.

El Soldado (Tier 1) reward: El Rey Roadster

Vehicle: 40 Attack, 34 Defense

El Capitan (Tier 2) reward: Guerilla Commando

Armor: 38 Attack, 35 Defense

El Jefe (Tier 3) reward: Avispa Machine Gun

Weapon: 54 Attack, 24 Defense

El Patron (Tier 4) reward: Che's Beret

Armor: 46 Attack, 34 Defense

El Padriano (Tier 5) reward: Cocodrilo APC

Vehicle: 42 Attack, 56 Defense

El Cacique (Tier 6) reward: Cazador Assault Rifle

Weapon: 60 attack, 25 defense

And that's all the tiers. The rewards are a little disappointing - they do not really do much! Five total items is just a drop in the bucket when you can fight with 501 weapons, armors, and vehicles.
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  1. Any news here?
    Are the rewards still the same?

  2. At this time, the reward items just seem to be an item with good stats rather than having any real effect. This is as of June 12th though; this could change as beta works towards its completion.

  3. I have two questions you may be able to answer or look into:

    1) If you purchase 200 or more items in Cuba, does that make the completion of jobs result in no income or possibly even a loss of income? (0.5% bribe x 200 would be 100% bribe)

    2) Since the Job Mastery Rewards in Cuba are treated as Loot, can they be sent as gifts? From your screenshots it looks like they can. If so, I am curious if it is possible to own more than one.

  4. I will try to answer these two questions, as far as i know, correctly.

    1) No need purchase 200 or more items, but if so the bribe will be 100% or more.

    2) You can t sent the Job Mastery Rewards as gifts, so you can t have more them one.

  5. I have more than 200 items in Cuba and the bribe seems to max out at 80%.

  6. That would suck if your bribe penalty was so high that you had to pay them to do bribes lol. It makes sense that they would max it out at 80%

  7. I meant jobs because of the bribe penalty
    meaning it to read
    "That would suck if your bribe penalty was so high that you had to pay them to do jobs because of the bribes lol. It makes sense that they would max it out at 80%

  8. I find your lack of vision disturbing..

    Actually the items are VERY valueable.. when you consider Hitlisting..

  9. How do you figure? If you had 501 TNTs you would have 21042 attack from weapons. If you had 500 TNTs and an Avispa, you have 21054 attack from weapons. This weapon basically gives you .06% more attack in fights if you have the best weapons. How does this compare to the 4% more damage done in fights offered by the pistol bayonet given to you for mastering "Street Thug"?

  10. Do you know if the El Rey Roadster really provides +4% damage in fights? I missed the message. Thanks man... Fantastic guide!!!

  11. No, that was just in beta, they took that out unfortunately.

  12. Just minding my own business, trying to get to Master Boss in NY, while these Avispa-wielding TNT-packing smaller mobs keep pummeling me with their Cuban arms. I've evened the score by looting many of these items, but those Avispas... man, they're nasty!

  13. yeah ive got one havent lost a fight since getting it

  14. About the 4% damage bonus: you do realize it doesn't kick in unless you do more than 25 hits damage in an attack? In which case it adds one. (And I've never had an attack for as much as 50 damage.)

  15. Weapons in Cuba are better than NY, why would you complain? plus the energy to point ratio is better, just go and master it, come back to NY and continue...what's the big deal?

  16. Also Realize that the cuba job tiers go into higher lvls, giving the game more depth, besides just more things to do. And yes, cuba weapons and energy to experience ratios are much better, so in the end it evens out.

  17. so i finished all of Cuba but it said I did not finish one tier..went back and it seems like I am missing the beret BUT everything is done!!!!

    does anyone know why?

  18. where is the el cacique

  19. With the current change in fighting, your top weapon, armor and vehicle provide an extra bonus to your attack and defense. That potentially makes these items quite useful.

  20. Do you have any stats info when the El Cacique job is accomplished?

  21. do you know the job mastery item of El Cacique

  22. Can half of you read?

  23. No. No, they cannot.

  24. man im only starting second job tier in cuba and not done in ny i wonder when moscow comes out hopefully not too soon i need to catch up

  25. I jumped ahead to the boss lvl in NY got my golden throne then came back to Cuba for that one so I get double energy per time n run up faster.Just made sense to me.

  26. yeah i did the same. the only jobs ive done in Cuba so far were in El Soldado while I was waiting for all the Boss levels to be available once I hit lv100. I agree with people who say that the mastery items in Cuba arent with it. They do allow the game to keep going and give you something to do post-full mastery of NY. Id say Boss is harder to master than the Cuban levels due to its mass amount of drop items needed to complete the tier. I'm saving all my Politico Corruptos til I need them and should have enough by that time. Easier than having to "rob and Electronics Store" every level

  27. i just got my golden throne, must have had to rob the electronic store 30,000x times! I dumped all my points into energy (2100pts) and i'm a wheelman so i can level up before my experience runs out. Only problem is waiting for the politicos to add up.

  28. Is there any value to owning multiple weapons of the same type? For instance, is there any value to owning more than 1 chain gun?

  29. No there is no value for having more than the same gun. People who you fight have loads of chain guns because its an item you can purchase which may have higher defense points that most of your crappy weapons. If you have any weapons used by your mafia that has a lower def than 14, replace with a chain gun

  30. Ian Perez is COMPLETELY WRONG. You total you weapons attack (and defense; separately) to get your equipment bonuses. MORE IS BETTER UP TO 501.

    Btw I sell Mafia Wars Loot on my website... CHEAP!

  31. Weird post. Good info mixed with a flurry of strange comments that seem almost computer-generated. All of your weapons are added together. If you have 501 weapons with a 20 attack, your mafia has an attack of 10,020. If you have 500 weapons with a 20 attack, and one weapon with a 100 attack, your mafia's total attack would be 10,100. That is a trivial difference, particularly when you consider that your attack skill matters as much as or more than your mafia attack. In other words, these Cuba tier mastery items are cool, but ultimately almost useless. They would be great drop items if you could get larger numbers of them.

    To the guy who asked if you need more than one chain gun - if you have mafia members with weapons inferior to chain guns, you should buy enough chain guns so everyone has that or better. If you are level 100 or higher, you should sell your chain guns and replace them with bonus weapons. (This same logic applies to town cars and whatever the best armor you can get is).

    Cuba job bribe maxing at 80% - that's a relief. Like many, I'm working on third tier of Boss before worrying about the Cuba jobs. However, I've maxed all of the Cuban businesses, and am building up my Cuban inventory as rapidly as possible. Good to know I'll still net some money from doing jobs.

  32. How can anybody have these items?
    is he a cheater?
    How can he do this?

21 Dillinger's Wooden Guns, 20 Arana Net Guns, 20 Howler Monkeys, 20 Hornet Sniper Rifles, 20 Chlori-tek GDs, 20 Gaff hooks, 20 Gold Mac-10s, 20 Gold Machine Pistols, 22 Cane Knives, 20 Roman Maces, 20 Knuckle Dusters, 20 Poison Gas Grenades, 20 Exploding Cigars, 20 Cazador Assault Rifles, 20 St. Patty's Shillelaghs, 20 Silver Knuckles, 20 Scarab 9mm Pistols, 20 Jaguars, 22 Baby Face Nelson's .351s, 20 Ru-38 Pistols, 20 Avispa Machine Guns, 20 Nicky's Harlem Specials, 20 Puggios, 20 Gold Crowbars, 16 Colombian Neckties
20 Galeas, 20 Panama Hats, 20 Guerrilla Commandos, 20 Che's Berets, 20 Red Coats, 20 Loricas, 20 Guardia Presidencials, 20 Half Dollar Body Armors, 20 Falsified Documents, 21 Guerrilla Squads, 20 A Pint o' Green Beers, 20 Riot Gears, 20 Dragon Skin Body Armors, 20 Samurai Helmets, 20 Shturmoviks, 20 Camouflage Body Armors, 20 10 Gallon Hats, 20 Hunter's Vests, 20 Bodyguards, 20 Flak Jackets, 20 Parmas, 20 Bulletproof Trenchcoats, 20 Cowboy Boots, 21 Federal Agents, 19 Body Doubles
20 Cocodrilo APCs, 21 Capone's Armored 341As, 20 Private Jets, 20 Armored State Cars, 20 Low Riders, 20 Hydrofoils, 20 Decommissioned APCs, 20 Lobo Armored 4x4s, 20 Armored Limousines, 20 Impressions, 20 Kingfish Powerboats, 20 Wild Mustangs, 20 El Rey Roadsters, 20 Track Loaders, 20 ATVs, 20 Si-14 Cargo Planes, 20 Tiburons, 20 Bullet-Proof Berkshires, 20 Police Cruisers, 21 Ocelot Armored Trucks, 20 Hu-9 Helicopters, 20 Cigarette Boats, 20 Vintage Cruisers, 20 SWAT Vans, 19 Giavellottos

  33. Wow - Some of those are insane. I was able to pull this list based on that.

    20 Arana Net Guns [16,38]
    20 Howler Monkeys [20,37]
    20 Hornet Sniper Rifles [11,34]
    20 Chlori-tek GDs [0,0] ?
    20 Gaff hooks [20,30]
    20 Gold Mac-10s [30,30]
    20 Gold Machine Pistols [30,30]
    22 Cane Knives [18,28]
    20 Roman Maces [12,28]
    20 Knuckle Dusters [13,27]
    20 Poison Gas Grenades [22,26]
    20 Exploding Cigars [35,25]
    20 Cazador Assault Rifles [60,25]
    20 St Patty's Shillelaghs [25,25]
    20 Silver Knuckles [25,24]
    20 Scarab 9mm Pistols [32,24]
    20 Jaguars [45,24]
    22 Baby Face Nelson's .351s [21,24]
    20 Ru-38 Pistols [20,24]
    20 Avispa Machine Guns [54,24]
    20 Nicky's Harlem Specials [24,23]
    20 Puggios [17,23]
    20 Gold Crowbars [26,23]
    16 Colombian Neckties [8,22]
20 Galeas [18,42]
    20 Panama Hats [18,35]
    20 Guerrilla Commandos [38,35]
    20 Che's Berets [46,34]
    20 Red Coats [8,32]
    20 Loricas [18,32]
    20 Guardia Presidencials [0,0] ?
    20 Half Dollar Body Armors [13,30]
    20 Falsified Documents [2,30]
    21 Guerrilla Squads [34,30]
    20 A Pint o' Green Beers [15,29]
    20 Riot Gears [12,28]
    20 Dragon Skin Body Armors [12,28]
    20 Samurai Helmets [12,28]
    20 Shturmoviks [45,28]
    20 Camouflage Body Armors [18,28]
    20 10 Gallon Hats [13,27]
    20 Hunter's Vests [14,26]
    20 Bodyguards [8,25]
    20 Flak Jackets [10,25]
    20 Parmas [15,25]
    20 Bulletproof Trenchcoats [10,20]
    20 Cowboy Boots [15,25]
    21 Federal Agents [15,25]
    19 Body Doubles [10,25]
20 Cocodrilo APCs [42,56]
    21 Capone's Armored 341As [14,38]
    20 Private Jets [12,38]
    20 Armored State Cars [30,38]
    20 Low Riders [12,38]
    20 Hydrofoils [8,37]
    20 Decommissioned APCs [18,37]
    20 Lobo Armored 4x4s [28,36]
    20 Armored Limousines [16,36]
    20 Impressions [15,35]
    20 Kingfish Powerboats [20,34]
    20 Wild Mustangs [16,34]
    20 El Rey Roadsters [40,34]
    20 Track Loaders [37,32]
    20 ATVs [18,32]
    20 Si-14 Cargo Planes [31,31]
    20 Tiburons [0,0] ?
    20 Bullet-Proof Berkshires [10,30]
    20 Police Cruisers [22,28]
    21 Ocelot Armored Trucks [18,28]
    20 Hu-9 Helicopters [36,27]
    20 Cigarette Boats [25,27]
    20 Vintage Cruisers [7,26]
    20 SWAT Vans [7,26]
    19 Giavellottos [16,26]

  34. Keith you had me until you went crazy and started telling it wrong.

    Again, BONUS for top 3 defense and top 3 attack items. Secret bonus, Zynga will not say how it affects things but it OBVIOUSLY DOES.

    So just 1 item that takes up one of these 6 slots will make a HUGE difference.

    Everyone needs to have a friend temporarily remove them from mafia, attack them and email the items you use on your defend.

    Most people don't know what items these are. Bonus guns or chain guns can add HUNDREDS of points to your defense if you think you have uber attack weapons but are missing the other side of the coin.

    Do it!

  35. Finishing cuba 1st tier now earn you ROADSTER (-7% damage received in fight) instead of EL-REY ROADSTER (vehicle 40,34)

  36. I just finished cuba 1st tier and got the El Rey Roadster

  37. "Finishing cuba 1st tier now earn you ROADSTER (-7% damage received in fight) instead of EL-REY ROADSTER (vehicle 40,34)"

    No moron you get the -7% dmg roadster from Associate tier mastery in new york

  38. yes i am lvl 87 and already got pistol bayonet, roadster and golden skull... you get the items you see up ther if you complete the buban tiers.. wake up, dont confuse us

  39. just noticed something in cuba...

    There are some items that you do not need in the later levels....like if you've mastered El Soldado, you don't need the machete and lead pipe anymore...sell em off to get your bribe percentage a lil lower...

    Same goes for NY jobs. You dont need pistols and crappy basic stuff if you've played much, but the maintenance cost difference is pretty much immaterial, unlike Cuba.


  40. Im actually almost done with all the Cuba levels opposed to New York.. those damn transaction records. Someone said a while back that those weapons done amount to much that you loot in cuba such as TNT, and Trackies, HOWEVER.. if you have a nice mafia and can trade things for those, and if you amass enough of them, you can do some serious damage. I have about 45 to 50 trackies and the same goes for TNT. If you really want some serious firepower, just suck it up and do the jobs over and over and over again, to loot the high level items! Peace! and dont cross Jeffie Chucklenuts!

  41. You guys are a waste of game time. I have every item in the game and will slaughter you all. LOL

  42. im level 832 and have 4500 defense. bring it ;)

  43. can you list the best items i should have please? i get attacked multiple times a day and it's ruining my profile page~!

  44. Which is a better item in mafia wars:
    1)Jaguar or
    2)Panama hat
    cause 1 Jaguar has 45 attack skill and 24 defence skill and cost 15 reward points while a panama hat cost only 5 reward points and possess 18 attack skill and 35 defence skill which multiplied by 3 gets 54 attack skill and 105 defence skill.

  45. My mafia attack strength n mafia deffence strength is not increasin. Im in Level 135 n have 34K in attack n 35k in dffnce. Now if i buy items, its nt increasin.

  46. Which is a better item in mafia wars:
    1)Jaguar or
    2)Panama hat
    cause 1 Jaguar has 45 attack skill and 24 defence skill and cost 15 reward points while a panama hat cost only 5 reward points and possess 18 attack skill and 35 defence skill which multiplied by 3 gets 54 attack skill and 105 defence skill.

    Get the jaguar if you have to buy one.. The Panama Hat is a waste of points - the attack is sh*t and the defense is the same as the Gaff Hook, which you can loot for 0 GF Points.. Personal opinion is you shouldn't buy either one.. If you have a good amount of energy (over 1,000) spend ten GF Points on an energy refill, go to cuba and use that energy on the Loot The National Museum job or Take Over The Havana Reconstruction job and your loot will serve you much better than buy a limited item... plus if you haven't mastered those jobs yet it'll move you forward and either way will also bring you towards your next level up..

  47. Amor said...

    My mafia attack strength n mafia deffence strength is not increasin. Im in Level 135 n have 34K in attack n 35k in dffnce. Now if i buy items, its nt increasin.

    Buy what you need only. Loot from jobs and fights is the way to keep that att\def going up

  48. I have a feeling that someone knows how to cheat the system so well.
    For Example, this guy from singapore, knows how to knock me out as soon as I restore the stamina to full, and sometime put me onto hit list and knock me down, it only took him less than 5 seconds too (including hit list time)

    Look at the result of attack, it is so obvious he is much weaker.

    Your mafia of 501 fought against Default Don in Cuba with an Avispa Machine Gun, 222 TNTs, 245 Aguila HV .50 Sniper Rifles, 33 ASC45 "Conquistador"s, a Che's Beret, 246 Guerrilla Squads, 254 Rebel Snipers, a Cocodrilo APC, 204 Hu-9 Helicopters, 196 Si-14 Cargo Planes, 100 Armored State Cars.

    Default Don's mafia of 501 fought with 204 Gaff hooks, 154 Cane Knives, 143 Ru-38 Pistols, a Guerrilla Commando, 194 Guerrilla Squads, 258 Falsified Documents, 48 Camouflage Body Armors, 165 Armored State Cars, 121 Private Jets, 133 Armored Limousines, an El Rey Roadster, 81 Si-14 Cargo Planes.

    Does anyone knows the secret?

  49. it all boils down to your actual attack/defence stats... he may have crappy equipment, but if he actually has better a/d than you...

  50. Hi everyone!
    Actually I am playing MW through Tagged.com.
    I am at level 301 and mastered all 5 jobs at cuba. My question is: When does Job 6 opens? I learned that there is El Cacique (Tier 6) but I havent got it. Can someone please advice? Thx!!!

  51. I am level 228 and El cacique tier is open (it opens after level 151).

  52. I am finished Cuba but I cannot see MOscow yet, why is that. I have also finished NY tier completely. Do I need to have more levels, I am now at 250, I have not finished all the achievements, is that the reason?

  53. i have the same problem , i am at level 267 and cuba complete but i am not moving on , what am i missing

  54. i completed all cuba job tiers, and i have all the loot item, the problem is i don't get the achievement... why?

  55. wow u people r such noobs haha.... Im level 2,155 6,231 Energy, 3,191 Attack. 3,191 Defense... 1,501 Stamina... 1,000 health... Dont believe me?? here is my profile come attack me, and ull lose everyytime http://apps.facebook.com/inthemafia/index.php?next_params=YTozOntpOjA7czo1OiJzdGF0cyI7aToxO3M6NDoidmlldyI7aToyO3M6MTE1OiImdXNlcj1NVFl5TmpZek16STBOZyUzRCUzRCZzZW5ka2V5PWRjODRmM2IzNWU4YTdiNTAwMGQ5YTVkMjA4NmQwOGQ4JCRjaUgyVFhSVTE0YiwuZmRuek5LWngqMXkyU0hZTmN2bXhid2MzYi0xOWNoTi0zIjt9

  56. OK, I am about to finish the El Capitain tier. Which of the items I no longer need for jobs in Cuba and can sell off? (At this point, I am sure I have loot items with better stats than of these items and so would like to sell everything I do not need for the other Cuban jobs.) Thanks.