June 8, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba, Beta; Strategy Guide

The beta test (quick aside: a beta test is just that - a test. All of this information is subject to change after the testing period) for the new expansion to Mafia Wars is now up! If you registered for the beta test, you should see a "Fly to Cuba" button at the top of your screen:
Here is a run-down of what I've found out so far:

The New Job Tiers and Mastery Items

Cuba is available for players over level 35. There are 5 new job tiers in Mafia Wars: Cuba - El Soldado (levels 35-59), El Capitan (60-84), El Jefe (85-109), El Patron (110-129), and El Padrino (levels 130+). So far, I have not seen any new collection items, but there are new job mastery items. For mastering the El Soldado tier, I recieved an El Rey Roadster (pic below):

The weird thing about this is that when I recieved this job mastery item, I was shown the item with the tag that it would allow me to do +4% more damage in fights. However, it appears in my loot page as a vehicle rather than a job mastery item, with no mention of the +4% damage done in fights. I think it may do both, but there is no way to tell for now and it is subject to change since this is a beta test after all. Will post more as I get there.

Cuban Pesos

When you get to Cuba for the first time, you start with no money. You have to do the "Rob a Cab Driver" job in order to get your initial money to buy other items to do other jobs. Upkeep on items is paid differently - for every item you have, you get .5% less income on each job (additive, not muplicative). In other words, if you have 10 items, you get paid 5% less for each job. I'm assuming if you have bought items, you'll get no money for jobs. Additionally, all the jobs pay out very poorly. Some of the later items require around 50 items, so it is obvious you will not make much money in Cuba through jobs. Which brings me to the next point - how do you make money in Cuba?

New feature - Businesses:

When you get to Cuba, the "Properties" tab is replaced by "Businesses". As of now, there are 4 types of businesses - a Tobacco Plantation, a Sugar Plantation, a Factory, and a Coca field. Unlike property, you can only buy one of each and they can not be robbed (as of now). There are 2 main differences between properties and businesses:

1. Businesses produce commodities, rather than income.

Every 3 hours, each of your owned businesses produces a certain amount of "product". This product stacks up until your maximum capacity is reached. You can exchange this product for cuban pesos with the push of a button. The main difference here is that businesses must be checked up on regularly (perhaps once to twice a day) in order to produce the most income, you have to click the "sell product" button in order to get paid.

2. You can only buy one of each business, but it can be upgraded to produce more money.

Businesses have 3 attributes - quality of product, storage capacity, and output per 3 hours, which all can be upgraded for cuban pesos. For example, the Tobacco Plantation (the cheapest business) costs 25,000 cuban pesos. It produces tobacco to start, but it can be upgraded. For example, for 3,200 pesos, it can be upgraded to produce Cigarillos. Cigarillos sell for more money. Here is a picture to illustrate:

So, in the picture, you can see that each business can be upgraded multiple times. Additionally, you can see that these attributes will cap out after a point. A brand new tobacco plantation only produces a few hundred pesos every 3 hours, but a fully upgraded one, as pictured above, will produce 2240 cuban pesos every 3 hours. It seems like most of the money in Cuba will be made off of businesses, since even the top jobs only give 4000-6000 pesos.

Fighting in Cuba

For now, fighting in Cuba works a bit strangely. You can use all the best items from New York in Cuba from now, plus all of your mafia members, in addition to the best items in Cuba. However, the items you get in Cuba can only be used in Cuba. I'm assuming this will change once beta is over - it would be unfair for beta players to ravage New York with all the better weapons and armor. Speaking of new items...

New Loot in Cuba

Cuba has a lot of great new items available to players. I've only played in the first two tiers so far, but will have more info soon. Here is a sample of some new loot items:

As you can see, the Cane Knife (weapon) has more defense than any other weapon, and I was able to get 10 of them just mastering the job "Ransack a Local Plantation" (second tier) twice. The Street Gang Member has more attack than any "New York" armor, and the Camouflage Body Armor is a great all around item. These are only from the 2nd tier as well, I think it's safe to say we'll see even better items in the higher tiers.

That's it for now, I'll post more info when I get it!
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  1. Cuba has collections now!!!!

  2. can any tell woh use ny' money to cuba in facebook

  3. You can't bring NY money to Cuba. They are separate.

  4. Pesos and speed leveling - I

    A pure-energy character of mine also completed Cuba within 24 hours or so. In fact, I was leaving a lot of energy behind, because I did not have a reason to continue picking up electronics/bank records/photos. This leads to the following.

    If you complete all Cuba fast, you do NOT need to buy any businesses until you have all El Padrino inventory already (or at least sure that you have enough cash remaining), because they will simply not pay for themselves in such a short time!

  5. Pesos and speed leveling - II

    The reason I mentioned it is that at some point in Cuba you need about 140 000 C$ to buy inventory for Knock Off A Visiting Head Of State.

    Now about pesos. Many complain it is soooo difficult to get. Well, with speed leveling or patience you just do jobs beyond level mastery until you have enough C$... and if you need to wait, wait in NY. I also agree that the use of C$s is too limited once you have inventory for El Padrino jobs.

    I have a question. If a character is created AFTER Cuba became open, what would be the order to minimize "filler" jobs for speed leveling, i.e., when is there an optimal time to switch to Cuba? Is it when energy/xp ratio of jobs in both places become the same?

  6. I saw the Cuba jobs at El Soldado out put better then Consigliere. I have not compared Under Boss to El Captain yet... the kicker is the rate to mastery is much faster in Cuba for a level 35-59 so you get the profile points faster to build your energy base to do more jobs. If i was coming in under 35 and Cuba opened up i'd go directly at least until El Soldado was mastered before heading back to NY... although NY's energy regen timer reduction for Consigliere might be better in the long run

  7. Yeah, it seems like a new character would be able to speed level even faster now with Cuba. More info later..

  8. how can i earn money faster in cuba.?

  9. Can't really. If you are really speed leveling through it, you might have to repeat a few jobs in order to advance to the next level. Try not to buy more items then you have to to do the jobs to progress to the next tier.

  10. there is a cheat where you keep a couple million US dollars out of the bank, buy a Commercial Helicopter in NY, and sell it in Cuba for 45k Cuban pesos. There are links on the internet try them out.

  11. I thought they patched that up a long time ago?

  12. How quickly should you upgrade your business? I mean, to maximize your money your have to be able to sleep but not feel you lost out?

  13. I wouldn't rush it, make sure you have enough money to buy the item requirements to do the jobs first.

  14. so what now? I have mastered all of the Cuba and NY levels...is that it????

  15. So what do I do with the accumulating pesos after I have mastered all the jobs in Cuba and have moved on to Moscow?

  16. What's the requirement for you to start doing job in Cuba? I can't do job.. Everytime i click on it there's nothing... Need bigger mafia size? My level is 43 and mafia size is 12.. Please help me!

  17. I have the same problem. My mafia size is 5 and i am lvl 59 but whenever i click on Cuban Jobs nothing happens. Also when i click on the business to collect i don't get any money.
    I already started working in Bangkok but Cuba is stuck and i cannot proceed.

  18. i'm curious about this too, i click and nothing happens

  19. Yeah... Having the same problem.. although I'm levle 150 and have 90+ army.... its freaking annoying..

    Does anyone know why and what to do now???

  20. I've got the same problem with cuban jobs. Has anyone found the cause?

  21. IE 8 shows the following error when clicking the Do Job button against Rob Your Cab Driver:

    Webpage error details

    User Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/4.0; SLCC2; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0; InfoPath.3)
    Timestamp: Sun, 18 Apr 2010 15:45:37 UTC

    Message: Object expected
    Line: 728
    Char: 1
    Code: 0
    URI: http://facebook.mafiawars.com/mwfb/remote/html_server.php?xw_controller=index&xw_action=view&xw_city=&tmp=a503ecaf3d9772ec94151e048161da40&cb=0&skip_req_frame=1&first_load=1&sf_xw_user_id=999999999&sf_xw_sig=ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

    I changed the user and sig details!

  22. I have the same problem with jobs in Cuba, nothing happens when i click on Do Job, im getting the 800 pesos from Bodega, but i dont get the fight money i win, i'm lvl 69 and have 223 mafia members. Is there any solution to this?? Its really annoying =/

  23. I can't even buy the Bodega and I can't do any jobs in Cuba.

  24. ok, now what do i do now! i also have the same problem with cuba

  25. I got the same problem

  26. No solutions yet to the Cuba glitch? I can't do anything in Cuba and it's driving me nuts!!!! It's the best place to get on a leveling streak!

  27. Cuba is broken for me too. I think the game crashed the first time I went there...didn't get the bodega...now I can't even "buy" it.

    Jobs don't work at all. Fights and robberies work for xp, but I don't get any cash from a win.

  28. I have the same problem, any solutions?

  29. Question,

    Once NY, Cuba and Moscow jobs are all completed (moving through Bangkok now, is there any reason to continue jobs there or purchase anything? I working up in the auto and weapons factories in NY and I buy animals in Cuba and Moscow but I don't see any other reason to be doing jobs.

  30. Well the main consideration for keeping on doing jobs is to collect and continue earning those social experience points and the loyalty points as well as keep producing up with production of chop shop upgrades/parts, and production of weapons depot upgrades/parts, and production of armory upgrades/parts.

    So bottom line, continue building all of your business interests, continue building your defense and attack points to match your current level(defense/attack should be a minimum of twice your current level).