June 12, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba Now Live! Initial Impressions...

The day has come - Mafia Wars Cuba is now live for all Facebook players. New jobs, achievements, collections, new loot, and businesses await Mafia Wars players level 35 and above. Information on collections, job mastery items, and businesses can be found in previous posts found along the table of contents on the right hand side. I will post up information on new loot and achievements soon (probably later today). The rest of this piece is simply my initial impressions and insights on various aspects of Mafia Wars: Cuba.

On ease of leveling

The new jobs in Mafia Wars Cuba are fairly easy in my opinion. There are no annoying reagents like concealable cameras to be collected like in the original version. Additionally, even the last tier, you still get 4-5% of exp towards the job mastery every time you do the job. As a result, it is very easy to rapidly level off the jobs. Every single job in the first two tiers gives 1.7-1.95ish exp per energy point invested, which is significantly more efficient then the counterparts in Mafia Wars New York. However, the last 3 tiers give 1.8-2.1 xp per energy point, so, if you were to create an energy based character as outlined in the leveling guide, you could fly through Cuba incredibly fast. Example: one of my characters, was around level 300 when Mafia Wars Cuba came out and I got into beta. I mastered all 5 tiers by the second night despite travelling a lot in real life and having little time to play. Once I got done the first tier, I was to finish the second tier with an energy pack, and the last 3 tiers I was able to complete in an hour, just leveling up off of each energy bar without fail, without waiting for items.

On Cuban Pesos

There isn't nearly as much money floating around in Cuba as there was in Mafia Wars New York. I think this is a good thing, simply because it makes fighting more rewarding. Winning 30,000$ off a fight is a big deal when the best job is only giving you 3000-4000. However, the use of money runs out pretty fast too. It doesn't take long to run out of things to buy. Within a week or two, you can easily max out your businesses and have all the items you need to do jobs. At this point, money ceases to have a point. In Mafia Wars New York, while money is virtually worthless, at least you can buy more property and stockpile if for the "Nest Egg" achievement. For Beta testers, money appears to have been capped at 2.5 million cuban pesos. I had around 4,000,000 and got rolled back to 2.5 million even. Apparently, there was an exploit which allowed players to get a lot of money which was patched, so the rollback was necessary to prevent too much money floating around... not like there is much to spend money on anyway.

On Fighting

Fighting is still underpowered in my opinion. Mafia Wars Cuba was a step in the right direction - less money floating around so purses from fights are bigger is a positive change. Additionally, there is an achievement now for winning 1,000 fights in Cuba, which adds a little incentive to fight. However, there should be more incentives for actually beating high level players, or more powerful players. The fact that there is no advantage fighting a level 400 player with a mafia of 500 versus a level 40 player with a mafia of 5 is counter-intuitive.

On Job Mastery Items

Very disappointing. It appears after further review, that Job Mastery items are just items with good stats. One item is just a drop in the bucket when you consider you have access to 500 items. The pistol bayonette from mastering Street Thug in New York is more powerful then the reward for getting El Padriano Principal (master of the last tier in Cuba). Also short-sighted in my opinion.

On Businesses

Great idea, bad implementation. Even with very casual playing, they can be fully upgraded in a week, two weeks tops. Simply not sustainable content. As boring as it was simply to buy more and more casinoes, a lot of players did it, and it at least attempts to give some purpose to make money (even if it was just to make more money), but I digress...

On New Loot

Pretty much all of the New York items are outdated. If you are surprised, don't be, this is the general progression model for RPG style games like Mafia Wars. Every time an expansion comes out, items get better, and you will have to collect them all over again. What was unexpected by me is the ease with which these new items are attainable. I already have 500 Guerrila Squads (best armor for attack and defense) and 500 TNTs (best weapon for attacking). In New York, the jobs that dropped the best loot either required a consumeable item (like Blackmail Photos), or gave out less xp per energy than other jobs (like the Mexican Cartel job for Private Jets). However, in Cuba, some of the best jobs exp to energy wise also give out the best loot - for example, with my current bonuses, the job "Supply the FRG with some extra muscle" gives 82 exp for 40 energy, a ratio of 2.05 exp per energy.. not bad considering this job also drops the Guerilla Squad, which is the best armor for both attacking and defense in game. At 34 attack and 30 Defense, it has twice as much attack power as the Federal Agent, which was the previous best, and 4 more defense then the Falsified Documents. I'm sure there are already more dedicated players who already have a full set of 500 of the best items for both attacking and defense. I'll the loot list a bit later today for those that are waiting!


Overall, it was nice to see some new content, but I hope they improve fighting a bit and make businesses a bit more substantial. I think this would greatly extend the longevity of the Cuba expansion.

More updates to come later today! Also, if you have any reports of various bugs or issues, feel free to discuss in the comments section.
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  1. I just wondering if there is any way to earn more C$ in Cuba beside doing jobs and owning businesses? Maybe like money laundering or something..

  2. Currently, those are the other 2 options. If you master the jobs in order, you should have no problems with money. I wouldn't recommend jumping straight into the jobs at the end just from a monetary perspective.

  3. K, thx for a quick answer..
    Very useful guide, keep up the good work!

  4. Can you use cuban weapons in the new york fights now?

  5. i keep getting attacked while im in new york and it is taking my cuban money. i cant save anything bc it is always gone. whats the deal

  6. I think they made the new ranks in Cuba fit into the level system. I mastered the boss tier but it's telling me I need to master lower job tiers. I'm guessing it means the first two or three tiers in Cuba that are below level 100. Or maybe all the job tiers in Cuba?

  7. what happens when u collect all the 4th of july loot?

    as i have collected them all

  8. you can hardly earn money in fights for people with just 50 mafia because all of them just bank it!

  9. These guides are great and really informative and provide for another perspective on playing this oh-so-cliche game. Btw, Guerilla Squad has 34 ATK and 30 DEF. I would kill for it to be the other way around though :)

  10. You say after you get the items needed for jobs there's nothing else to spend money on. That may be true for energy hounds, but for players like myself who put all their points into attack and defense, there is a great option, at least where I am at level 173. Stock up on commercial helicopters and rebel snipers, and as an afterthought if you need them, bazookas. I have over 130 of the snipers and the choppers, add that to some really good trades with people who had more bodyguards than they could use, and if I want to lose to someone I have to find someone 50 levels above me, or someone doing what I'm doing, but for a bit longer. I don't care about the job bribe penalty because I have energy of 250, attack 300 and defense 612, the jobs don't pay enough anyway. When I get pesos in Cuba I don't bank them, I buy snipers or choppers. No more bank fee except for banking small amounts. Rebel sniper = 24 attack, 20 defense, commercial helicopter = 18 attack, 26 defense. If you're below lvl 250 that's a big deal. Figure with all business upgraded you can buy 8 snipers per day, or 6 choppers and a sniper if you at least get c$3,000 from jobs and fighting, you'll be amazed at how fast your town cars, yachts, prop planes, fat boys and night vision goggles and body armors become obsolete. Just gift those to the newbs. If you have 3,000 energy then sure you can loot guerrilla squads and armored state cars hand over fist, but at lower energy levels you may get one or 2 a day. Add that to what you're buying per day, and those energy hounds will crumble under your guns.

  11. hi... nice post...
    do I need to keep same number of weapons for my mafia in both NY and cuba. ie. If I have 100 member in my mafia, do I need 100 weapons in NY and 100 in Cuba as well?

  12. Thanks for great information!! I do need help on one thing though. I am trying to do a job in Cuba that I need 2 commercial helicopters for. I have plenty of pesos to buy them but it says I am not a high enough level to purchase the item. I am a level 143, what level do I have to be to buy these and also why would I be able to be able to do the job if I'm not high enough to buy the equipment needed to complete it?

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me!

  13. The helicopter issue is a glich in the game. To fix the problem open up your 'control panel' then click on 'system' after you realize you're a douche because you own windows. Then, slap yourself, crap in your hand and eat it. Problems solved!

  14. i have trouble finding how to launder maney from new york to cuban pesos? thou it says it exists i cant find how to do it.

  15. It seems that fighting in Cuba should be preferred to fighting in New York due to the following:
    1. Pesos being in short supply, the extra money from fighting in Cuba makes ignoring New York fights worthwhile
    2. The 1000 Cuban fights achievement that has no New York equivalent.
    Is there any advantage at all to fighting in New York now?

  16. how do you establish a reliable money-laundering racket

  17. It's the reward for collecting the entire "money laundering" collection in New York.

  18. what kind of collection is this "money Laundering" Does older players who has had NY properties instead of rackets have access to that?

  19. i don't think that any player who has properties instead of rackets has the money laundering collection... i don't ... do you?

  20. i think so i´ve rackets instead of properties but i got a laundering item by helping out a friend the mafia rquest said:
    "Chinmoya hit the jackpot, but needs helps laundering their money! The Feds are watching! Chinmoya is offering a cut to all their friends who help!"
    and i just clicked there and i got dirty bra :P

  21. Money laundering collection has nothing to do with cuba, it's only a new collection in NY and you can get items of this set only replying to other user requests (it's like the black sheep in farmville)

    When you put toghether you collection you vill get a 3% discount on bank fee (everywere)

  22. How do you set up the reliable money laundering racket in Cuba?

  23. ive just started in cuba and i have billions in new york, how do i get my money to cuba?