June 11, 2009

Mafia Wars Cuba Update - Bug fixes, New Collections and Achievements

The beta test for Mafia Wars: Cuba was updated last night, and included several needed bug fixes. First off, the Golden Throne and Helicopter now work in Cuba, so players no longer have to worry about logging off in New York in order to regenerate. However, the bonuses between the 30 seconds off the stamina regen timers for both the El Padriano Principal reward and the master Hitman reward currently do not stack. If anyone has any information on whether or not the job mastery rewards are intended to be anything more than loot with exceptional stats, feel free to leave a comment. For now, I am waiting for the official word from the developers.

New Collections and Achievements

Five new collections were added to Mafia Wars: Cuba last night, one for each tier. Eight new achievements were added as well. Will have more information on these collections and achievements soon!
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  1. Thanks for posting this stuff. I've been following your blog since Cuba was opened up last week. Very helpful.

    - "The Animal" L348

  2. Are they going to add additional collections to the NY tiers beyond Underboss? Sadly disappointed to hear from others that the collections end after the horses. Collecting, and gifting adding an interesting flavour to the the game and opened opportunities to interact with the folks you're gaming with.

    If they want to you to go to Cuba -- I guess it's all right, but it's the same routine there but you're starting at zero and you have to split your energy between two locations--a huge drawback for me--maybe I'm anal with the need to complete the tiers but this is a drag! Would be nice to have at least a one-time money/loot laundering option to boost the initial play, or use the same amount of energy you currently have available in both locations, so you're not slowed down in either location--the game can sometimes lag as it is between the levels and now with no goodies on the NY side, well it's lost a bit of appeal for me.

  3. Cuba is going to take a while, it would be helpful to be more liberal with the energy packs
    perhaps energize 1 at both Cuba and NY in 24 hour period. I don't mind pulling out the CC once in a while but give the players a cookie!


  4. There are still some odd bugs present.
    Sometimes the NY money amount shows up in the Cuban Bank, while the amount of Cuban Pesos is not the same.
    Also, when in the Inventory, when trying to buy a Lead Pipe, I get an error that I cannot buy a Crowbar in Cuba. It seems they are reusing the NY code, but are making some little copy/paste errors.
    Earlier today, the Deposit and Withdraw buttons were switched, but their functions remained at the old locations. That has been fixed already.

  5. How about a currency exchange from $ to C.

  6. i'm using maniac character helicopter -30 sec bounes dosen't seem to apply to me. cause it still take 2.30min to regen 1 energy

  7. Erm, without the helicopter it usually takes 3 mins for the Maniac character to regen 1 energy ... LOL