June 8, 2009

Mafia Wars: Cuba - Updates and a Warning!; Strategy and Leveling Guide

Update: Golden Throne Bug is fixed, currently unsure if job mastery reward items provide any bonus aside from their stats as an item.

Two short updates on Mafia Wars: Cuba. First off, some new information on the job mastery item for El Capitan, the second of 5 tiers in the Mafia Wars: Cuba expansion (click for full size):

Kind of strange - it appears in the inventory as a really good item rather than a Job Mastery item. I am assuming it doubles as both, being used in fights and providing the bonus, but it's too early to tell.

*UPDATE* - Mastered El Jefe (third tier) as well, here is the job mastery item (bonuses are not very original..)

Warning: Do not log off in Cuba

That's right, do not log off in Cuba. I am not sure if is intentional or not, but at this point in time, all the job mastery items have no effect while in Cuba. In other words, a master boss in Cuba will only get 1 energy per regen period, and regen periods will last the full length.. no bonuses at all. So, for now, make sure you fly back to New York before you log off!
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  1. you know, the private island is working in cuba for me however. very strange

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. They fixed this bug, the Golden Throne works in both places now

  4. does not seem they fixed the bug for the golden throne , for some reason my regen timer is back to 1x instead of 2x as it was after i finished the boss level

  5. Golden Throne is working for me in all 3 states.

  6. Btw, if you already get energy every 2.5 minutes by being "maniac", do you still get energy 2x faster after getting the "golden throne"??

  7. Maniacs get 2 energy points per 2.5 minutes after getting golden throne.