June 14, 2009

Mafia Wars Developers Considering Implementing Class Changes

The developers have mentioned the possibility of allowing class changes. Here is a quote below taken off the official forums(original post here):

"Will you ever make it so I can change my class type? I'm tired of being a mogul!

No promises just yet, but we are looking at possible adjustments to the class system. Ideally, we want to give each class something that appeals to everyone. Additionally, since it’s difficult for new players to gauge which class is best when first starting the game, we may also give players the option to select their class after reaching a certain level.

If we do end up making major changes to the class system, it’s likely that we’ll provide players with some way to select the class that most appeals to them. -Fenris"

Now, this would be a much appreciated feature for many Mafia Wars players. I know there are plenty of Moguls out there who wish they could change.

In other news, I've updated the job mastery section. Turns out the mastery items officially have no purpose other than to be a loot piece with good stats. Bummer!
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  1. I hope that I can also change my stats.
    like i want some energy stats to attack

  2. Don't count on that change, otherwise you could level up to 1000 by putting points in energy then swap them over to attack/defense... doesn't seem very fair

  3. im a mogul and i dont mind.

  4. the real problem is not the fact that you can't change the type, but the fact that these types are not balanced.

  5. I agree with 10:44 AM

  6. being a mogul sucks. i was faced with 3 choices and I didn't know what was what when I started the app. a long time ago. I'd like the option to change, or some other benefit to being a mogul. Can I just buy my way out of this, i'll give you 10 billion to change. :p


    How i did that??

    Well, back in days when i started i was a mogul, and i played it first on Facebook.
    So i deleted the application to start over again, but, no way, when u re-install it, your old character comes back!!
    So i created a new characted, but on myspace this time, and i learned from all my past mistakes and after 2 week my level was high that the lavel i had with my old mogul type.
    That's what happened for me...

  8. I would like it if they made it so that Mogul's can be Wheelmen too, because i was one of the many who didn't know which one to start out with, of course i picked the crapiest one. The choices aren't balanced at all.

  9. the real problem, in my opinion, is not that the characters aren't balanced. but, it turns out, money is not everything in this mafia world. they're easy to get and whats make it worse, money can't buy the best items. on the other hand, energy and stamina... are important yet rare.

    its easy, i prefer energy rather than money. if zynga wanted to make balance, then the balance should be among: energy, stamina, and health. not money.

    but, if they insist on money, then it will be more fairly attractive to mogul people, if zynga somehow release a set of "super" items that only money can buy... or make most of items if not all, transferable.

    i did really thought money is the most important element like other rpg kind of games. and then BAM...! this happens.

    but thanks anyway for the great game.

  10. i'm so tired to being a fearless is useless, you can regerate with some money

  11. I completly agree with Jeffrey supit

    Being a mogul is the most pointless thing ever, money is useless in mafia wars once your above level 50! mogul is soo unbalanced in the game. for instance once you've completed new york and your a maniac your be flying through the levels getting 2 energy point every 2 mins and 30 secs, that almost doubles the rate of a mogul allowing them to level after alot faster and do more things in mafia wars.

    New York benefits maniac and fearless players when you complete all 3 tiers in Consiglier and Boss, where was the special award for earning money in a shorter time...???

    Now im a mogul and the only benefit i get is 50mins untill my next payday, i ask you who wouldnt wait the axtra 10mins if they knew they could level up twice as fast.

    Cuba is another problem being a mogul i was expecting my business profit to come in alot faster but infact it doesnt so maniac and fearless still have the advantage.

    But ok lets not be to hasty when you think about it this problem only occurs in new york and cuba, 3 new levels are on the horizon with moscow released any day now. With all the complaints i have read on many different sites zynga should fix this problem in the new levels or give us a chance to change class.

    Craig (Don Rogers)

  12. Will there be any moguls left if class changing is added lol?

  13. class change pleeeaaseee!

  14. I'm a mogul who started playing about three weeks ago, and started a maniac on a different site to see how a maniac played.

    So here's where I stop understanding how the minds of the creators of the game worked:

    Maniacs get a 40% discount on the time it takes to regenerate energy, which is used to get xp

    I'd *assume* the Fearless people get a 40%ish discount on Stamina? I forget if thats what they get to be honest, I didn't pay attention because I love money.

    But what kind of an increase do the moguls get on their cash? Is is double? hell no. Is it half? Nope. Is it even the 40% that the others get discounted ? Not even close.

    I've never bothered to do the math on this but it strikes me the increase is something in the order of 5-10% and probably varies in that range.

    And while money is important in many factors of the game, it sure as business doesn't net you any xp. Even excepting something like 5, or 6 if you count International, achievements, this can't touch the xp even the extra stamina fearless would get you, let alone you spend both energy and stamina to *get* money and loot drops.

    You'll give the one group more energy, which means more money anyways, and you won't even make it a sizable increase? Really guys? Really?
    Yo, can I at least buy myself daily chance tickets? Maybe then I can get 20 energy or 5 stamina or some godfather points or *something* I can blow my extra 7.3% on that will net a tired mogul some energy or stamina or experience before I'm an old and tired mogul?
    Hey, maybe you get let *us* be the mastermind, or let us buy certain boosts like the fixer or the blueprints, or give us discounts on items or properties? Or not have to pay maintenance fees? Or some combination of the above.
    Throw us a freakin bone here.
    - Dr. Mystery, Mogul pride, because money makes the world go round, and it really should in a game about the mob.

  15. That's what you get for being a money grubbing jew!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Class Change plz!! I hate to be a mogul, money comes way too fast, the hospital can heal you every minute or so, but damn!!! the energy issue is... waaaaay too boring.. I wanna be a maniac so I can do more jobs every day, more exp, more money and more lvling. peace.

  17. Please give the Moguls at least some advantage. I am a 250 level Mogul and as of i now i can only go 2 levels a day. All my friends who started out a lot late than me in Mafia wars are now higher level players. I feel like a fool now.

  18. yeah ditto im a mogul fool too,im paying double the price for a single casino,than my maniac friends...... how is that fair? and levels up faster n we have no advantage?,i feel like the tortoise in the race with the hare!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. is it me or 99% of the commenters are of 'mogul' class...LOL

    same case here, being a mogul for so long have made me question the need to play the game anymore.. not so exciting as the first time playing since my friends of lower levels and class advance 100% faster than me, a veteran player....

    being left behind by a newbie makes me feel really suuuuckkksss....

  20. I'm a mogul but I have to wait for 3 hours for collecting money from properties.I have no advantages when compared to my other friends.Can someone tell me what I have to do ?

  21. I agree that being Mogul there is no advantage, but the opposite. Give them a chance to do something with their money earned from rackets. I started playing 2 weeks before my brother, and i am lvl 43 while he is already 30 and maybe next week he's higher than I am. And the cuba business is a misery, moguls should be able to earn money easier in cuba too, or at least allow transfers from US to cuban pesos etc. (somehow)

    I mean, the entire world is based on money but not this game :)

    How do I get to own Property? I saw many moguls with properties at the same level as I am, but I cant see this option to buy or get properties.


  22. i have a rackets tab on my mafia wars and everyone else has a properties tab i know how to use the rackets but is there a way to change it to properties to see if this is better

  23. yea wth i cant buy property!!

  24. Moguls should simply be given the option to buy energy drinks or something. One can every 3 hours or so and let us stock pile up to 8 cans like with businesses in Cuba and Moscow. Let those 8 cans per day equal the difference in energy we don't earn compared to a Maniac or have it edge out a bit more, since we have to buy cans. My wife started playing when I was around level 50-60 and now she is 4 levels behind me at 290.
    They would be stupid to offer class changes only, but they have to offer Moguls a reason to USE all the money we make. Allowing Moguls to buy special items to offset energy or stamina loses would do the trick.

  25. i am a mogul and i can't buy property. this sucks

  26. Mine's a mogul too. And I only realized the big difference between the classes after playing for some time. I even spent bucks for some Reward Points. Now Im regeting having done that, and spending some more is already pointless.

    Creating a new account with a "better" class can't be a good option because I've already spent a lot of time and money in my present one. Im level 352 now and it took me around 8 months to build it.

    Let's face it, there is no balance in the game. Allowing MOGULS to change class isnt a good option because I'd bet there wouldn't be any moguls left in the game. Here's a good suggestion: why not make a reasonable advantage for the moguls to even things out, and achieve balance ingame.

    Lots of my friends who played moguls already quit the game in the earlier levels, and they also spent some money for RP. What a waste.

    I woudn't be surprised if other moguls out there would feel the same way as me and my friends did.

  27. Please allow us to change the type. This is unbalanced!

  28. Being a MOGUL is not bad ...if you're a MOGUL try to put your all STATS to ENERGY and DEF ...i am level 430 MOGUL and i think MOGUL is not really a bad type ...

    AbdulRahman Malambut ( BSP Picture )

  29. im sick of being a mogul... i can't put up a business without getting busted.. i also need influence for my rackets...
    is there a possible way where we can make rackets without influence?

  30. im a mogul too. i really don't know how to achieve LAND HOLDER.Earned by owning 1 of each NY property.. cause i do not have properties tab instead i have rackets.. can someone help me with this

  31. You can now change your class if you have at least 10 Godfather points! Finally!...