June 15, 2009

When to use the Bank and how to buy Property - Being smarter with your Mafia Money; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

I see this consistently - mid to high level players with a lot of money banking their money in New York religiously. Unless you are under level 50, this is a big mistake! Let's take a look at some math:

Let's say you are around level 80 and are working through the Consigliere tier.

1. Each job seems to pay an average of around $5,000,000 and there are 8 total jobs to master, so you'll end up doing a few hundred jobs to finish the tier.
2. So, let's say you do 300 jobs at $5,000,000 a piece.
3. This will leave you with $1,500,000,000 by the time you are finished.
4. If you deposit this in the bank, you will pay a -10% fee. This is $150,000,000.
5. Each time you lose a fight, you can lose a maximum of $100,000.
6. Therefore, you would have to lose 1500 fights in order to save money by using the bank.

Well, some people have lost more than 1500 fights, it's true. However, these players generally are Master Bosses and have been playing for some time. In the Master Boss tier, the average job pays 15,000,000 and you have to do over 1000 jobs to finish the tier. By the time you master every tier, you should have made at least 20-30 billion dollars. If you divide $30,000,000,000 by $100,000 (the most you can lose in a fight), you would have to lose 300,000 fights to save money. So, in short, if you are over level 50, you are wasting money (in New York) by using the bank.

However, Mafia Wars: Cuba is a different story.

The Bank is actually useful in Mafia Wars: Cuba. You can still lose up to 100,000 per fight, but this time it is scarce pesos. Fully upgraded businesses produce just over 300,000 cuban pesos per day, which you could lose most of in just a couple fights. Protect your money in Cuba and deposit it right away!

How to Buy Property

When buying property, always buy it in stacks of 10. It is much cheaper to get 10 casinoes for 300,000 a piece then it is to get one for 300,000, one for 305000, another for 310000, and so on.

Additionally, not all property types were created equal. The cost per building for casinoes goes up much faster than that of office buildings and five-star hotels. So, buy the property that is going to provide the most return on investment (ROI). For example, if you have 100 casinoes and 100 office buildings, and are looking to buy more.

As a theoretical example:

Office buildings produce 150,000/hr and 10 more would cost 1,200,000,000
Investment = 1,200,000,000
Return = 150,000/hr * 10 buildings

This investment will pay 1$ for every 800 invested per hour (1,200,000,000 / 150,000). This means it will repay the initial investment in 800 hours and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/800 invested.

Casinoes produce 300,000/hr and 10 more would cost 3,000,000,000

This investment will repay itself in 1000 hours (3,000,000,000 / 300,000) and begin to produce a profit after that of 1$/1000 invested.

In short, you should not have the same amount of casinoes, hotels, and office buildings. If you really want that Nest Egg achievement, pay attention to which property will provide the most ROI.

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  1. ROI will be severely reduced if you're robbed. IOW your investment may not be around long enough to return the full ROI. Best to reduce the projected ROI by 70% since at least you're guaranteed the other 30%. The underlying investment guidance doesn't change, but your cashflow might.

  2. To amplify, if you're a frequent robbery target, your payback period will be extremely extended.

  3. fair enough, but the payback period is just used to illustrate the point of how to calculate which property is the better investment.

    If you keep a large mafia and keep your head down, you won't really get robbed in the first place though :P

  4. Come on, there is a way to avoid spending 10% in Cuba. Just make your Cuba visits short, and do all the waiting in New York. It is quite unlikely to lose more in a few minutes per day, and nobody can take pesos away from you while you are on the mainland :) As for me, I think nobody attacked me these days anyway... I started banking pesos after having all businesses maxed out, to work on the Hurricane achievement.

  5. Yeah, there doesn't seem to be a real reason to worry about Cuba money anyway. However, if someone saves the link to attack you while you are in Cuba, I think they would be able to attack you in Cuba even if you are in New York, no?

  6. Somebody can try this:
    Save the link of someone. Fly to Cuba or NY. Opening the saved link in a new tab will be in the current place (Cuba or NY).

    For instance, I personally attacked the same guy first in Cuba, then NY, then Cuba again.

  7. Hello, I seem to loose money in Cuba even if they are all deposited in the bank. Do you see this too? The first time I thought I saw something wrong, next time I thought that whenever I pay the doctor to heal me if takes the money from the bank if I don't have money on hand (the doctor heals you even if you don't have money to pay). But it doesn't seem to get money from the bank when healing. Then, how do my money dissapear?

  8. Son of Sam the Don says:

    what is happening is someone is attacking you, leaving money behind when they lose and someone else is taking it or you are a capo for a lot of people and gaining pesos....

    i'm level 141 and i get peso's as a capo for a lot of my mafia and also get put on those corny lists where cry babies complain that i beat them up to much so some level 350+ guy will come along and rob me

  9. I found it helpful not to buy Casinos or Hotels early on, because they are frequent robbery targets

  10. "Always but property in stack of 10"

    I heard this already buy I would like to notice that this is not generaly true, but depends on the rate of your actual income and the price of the property.

    First of all, if you have money for all 10 properties, there's no question at all: buy all of them at once.

    I am still on low level so I can take Apartment Complex as an example but from the point of view of the theory it does not really matter. Let's see what'now the situation when you have no money at all but have a cash flow of 20k/h. One apartmant complex costs 200k, so if you want to buy 10 at once, you'll have to wait 100h for this. In the 100th hour you'll have 10 complex and $0 cash.

    In contrast, let's buy the first one in the 10th hour for 200k. From the 11th hour it will start to add you additional income of 5k, so in the 19th hour you'll have 220k cash (equals to 9*20k+8*5k), you can buy the second one for 220k. From the 20th hour the second one also starts to work for you all together producing 10k/h extra income and so on. I created and OO spreadsheet :D, and the hours when you can buy a new complex this way are: 10, 19, 28, 35, 42, 49, 56, 62, 68, and 74. Thus you'll have the 10 complex already in the 74th hour, if you don't do anything just wait for your passive income for the remaning 26 hours then you'll have 1860k extra profit in the 100th hour.

    Please not that the above calculation heavily depends on your cash flow. If you have for example 200k/h income, with the "buy one by one" approach you can get your 10th comples only at the end of the 14th hours, compared to the 10th of "buy in stock". It would be interesting to create a formula that would determine when it is worth to follow one approach and when the second.

  11. So what's the best property?

  12. My new fearless character has to "Collect the Take" in New York. My money won't automatically go into my cash. What gives?

  13. I show an income of $181000 and an upkeep of $119000 and for some reason i only get $2000 an hour.This character is a mogul.
    My other character is a maniac and the take is equal to the difference what's wrong?

  14. I'm confused too with my new Fearless Character having the "Collect the Take" in New York. There also isn't a timer indicating when you will receive some "random" (to me) amount of cash flow. Also, upkeep is through the ROOF on everything for me (new Fearless character). Upkeep on a Tommy Gun is 36,000 as opposed to my Maniac's $1,500. Why such a differnce??

  15. yeah when i collect a take on my proptery it doesnt give me the cash...it actually cleaned me out of abut 500000 today :(

  16. help how do i collect my take so i can purchas property when i try to buy some it only tell me to collect my take first i have no clue how

  17. My "collect on properties" button is never accessible

  18. I think a fearless upkeep is advertised as per day (e.g. $36K per day for tommy gun)

    But a maniac upkeep is advertised as per hour (e.g. $1.5K per hour for tommy gun)

  19. It's been suggested you don't bank your cash when you get to a high lever. BUT, what happens if you are snuffed in a friends fight and lose half your cash?

  20. You never lose "half your cash" you lose half the cash you would have lost... ie. instead of 100,000 lost, you lose 50,000.

  21. I get $200 000 000 per hour from the properties alone now ^^

  22. can somebody please explain why i only can collect a take everu 3 hours and everybody else collect his proprties every hours. I get only a bit of money, not at all the 'rent' of the properties i have bought????
    i amonly level 16 so i am not playiong cuba (only at 35)

  23. I started back in June, and I think the game changed its system for property income collection since then. My income always came in automatically every hour, and I am guessing that newer players have to deal with a different system.

  24. I created an excel file that calculates the ROI of every object (including land needed) and always shows the option with the highest value. right now I have an income of 60M each hour

  25. I have been using this Mafia Wars property calculator that tells you the best property to buy. Simply fill in your current prices and it tells you which property has the best ROI.

  26. I just started to play Mafia Wars and there are no properties for investments. I heard that they replaced it with rackets... is there a way i can still get Properties?

  27. Play in myspace!!! When i started to play in myspace five days ago, i still see the properties tab.

  28. a day or so ago my bank heist stats were 8 energy and 16 exp return. It has gone back to 8 energy and 14 exp return. any Ideas on why, Ive not changed anything.

    Thanks in advance.

  29. At what point does spending money on properties really become futile? I'm getting ROI's in the 4000+ hour range, its basically going to take 170-190 days for them to repay the cost of purchase. I can't believe this is wise, so I've stopped buying. Any thoughts?

  30. Where is the button to collect your take from properties? "Make sure to collect your daily take below before buying new property"

  31. Has ANYONE gotten the "nest egg" achievement? According to my math it would take at least 5 years for anyone to get it! I really wish we had a curentcy converter so I can use some of this useless NY cash and create rubles!
    I suppose there is a VERY small chance some of theose NY dollars could be useful in the futer "Western US" expansion. My guess is they won't be though.

  32. How do you buy property? I can't find a single link in the game for buying property.

  33. Anyone know when robbing will be back and in what form?

  34. So i'm a level 86 Mogul and I don't have any property that I can buy??? did I pick the wrong character??? I have only rackets to run to generate cash... does anyone know about this?

  35. yes, i'm a level 80+ maniac. i don't know haow to buy properties too. can anybody help?

  36. hmm.. i have the same question as the other 2 or so posters: why can't i find a link to buy property? is it because i only started playing recently and this system was removed (replaced by rackets)? i can't get the 2 property related achievements, not to mention missing out on all that cash!!! =(

  37. Does anyoen know if you can be hit while in the process of buying properies or in the process of banking ???

  38. ^ Yes, you can be. It happened to me several times.

  39. to get the 2nd nest egg, with a ROI of .ooo4% it will take 270 days to get the 2nd nest egg. That is if every property has that same ROI from Rent house to casino. From this ROI it seems pointless to purchase after this % of ROI. I put the calcs on excell but somebody smarter than me can confirm.

  40. My take collect button has diappeared in NY properties, unable to clloect the cash. it appears when time to collect has gone.

  41. I make around 118M per hour- i did a little math and come up that it will take a year to get 1.035T so it will take me 999 Years(!) to get what after Trillion.
    (and ~420 years if I only do the vosotong don job)
    My ROI is balance and around 0.014%
    PS- I'm level 298 maniac
    are there more ways to make a lot without using energy?

  42. Hi I am level 283 Fearless user or Mafia war but i could not have any properties, either i don't know where can i buy them. are they in New York or some where else. I just have rackets in New York.

  43. They changed the way buying properties works, and you can no longer buy properties. You just get to own one of each property, which is upgradeable. It is therefore currently IMPOSSIBLE to get the Cashing Out achievement. Typical mistake by the developers to make a change to the game that makes doing something else in the game impossible. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

    Read about it here:



  44. for the new prop:
    if you manage to upgrade to
    tenement- 300k
    pawnshop -150k
    warehouse -150k
    hotel - 60k
    office - 30k
    flophouse -60k
    dockyard - 20k
    restaurant - 12k

    you will make 1.146T per day and have the "what after trillion" in 2.4 years

    what a weird and super hard achivment
    hope that Las-Vegas have job that pay in us$
    and pay a lot!!!

  45. You don't get the What's after a trillion achievement though property. You get it by fighting Cleto in the Enforcer tier over and over. Let compound interest work for you. I am done with the game and am just fighting Cleto when I can (and supplementing with making arrangements for a don). at a minimum at the 15-20 times I can fight Cleto (between energy packs/and toolbar boosts). Without any other money from my properties or jobs or robbing. I'll have the what's after a trillion in about 150 days.

  46. how do you bank something