July 28, 2009

Jaguar Limited Edition Loot; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Even though I have recently posted about this, I am still getting tons of questions about it. Now there is a "Jaguar" limited edition loot piece with 45 attack and 25 defense, making it a bit of an upgrade over TNT. However, it cost a ridiculous 25 reward points for just ONE.

As I've posted before, +4 stats is way, way, way better use of reward points than the jaguar and every other piece of limited edition loot piece out there. If this ever ceases to be the case, I will post about it.

Imagine if you had 500 mafia members and 500 TNT, your total "attack" (500 TNT * 42 attack on TNT) would be 21,000. The Jaguar has 3 more attack than TNT - replacing 1 jaguar with 1 TNT would be the difference between 21,000 attack and 21,003 attack.. i.e. a .01% increase.. at the cost of 25 reward points.

Compare that with a very high level player that might have 1000 attack. Spending 28 reward points on +8 attack is the difference between 1000 and 1008, which is almost a 1% increase.
Just think, .01% vs 1% is a hundred times difference. It is widely believed that stat points and equipment totals are multiplicative rather than additive. Even with the best equipment, you'll still lose fights if you have no points in attack or defense.

To repeat, spending reward points on +4 stats is nearly 100 times more effective than buying limited edition loot.
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July 24, 2009

Politico Corrupto; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Today, a new item was added to Cuba: the "Politico Corrupto". This is a new consumable item that is now required for Cuban jobs. Yes, consumable, and they come pretty slowly. These are produced or bought from the "Bribery Ring" which is a new business (can be found in the business tab).

A fully upgraded bribery ring produces 5 politicos every 3 hours. Additionally, you have the option to buy 10 politicos for 500,000 cuban pesos once per day (this may only be if the business is fully upgraded).

Here are what jobs need politicos:

Bring the Local Teamsters Under Control - El Jefe tier, 1 politico needed

Establish A Loansharking Business - El Patron tier, 3 politicos needed

Set Up A High Volume Smuggling Operation - El Padrino tier, 5 politicos needed

Help An Associate Get A No Bid Contract - El Cacique - 8 politicos needed

Now, all in all this is a lot of politicos. You can collect 50 politicos a day (40 from a fully upgraded business) and 10 bought. You will need over 1000 politicos or so to finish off Cuba, so this new roadblock extends the maximum time it takes to master Cuba a minimum of three weeks.

However, there are plenty of people who stocked up on politico corruptos - if you have a large mafia add them to your wish list and you will get some extras gifted to you. Additionally, people with large stocks of these will trade items for them. Generally, you can get 5-10 politico corruptos for 1 track loader or canonazo; this can really shorten up the collecting process.
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Two New Businesses; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

So, two new businesses were put into Cuba tonight. The Bodega is the first one, which does not have to be purchased and can not be upgraded. It is simply there for new players to get some cash as that has been a big complaint for players new to Cuba. The next one is a Bribery Ring, which is a bit odd. It produces "Politico Corruptos" which are apparently now needed for jobs. I'll post more on that after this.

First off, is the Bodega:

Bodega - Free
Produces Canned Goods
Output: 200 cuban pesos / 3 hours
Cannot be upgraded

Bribery Ring - Costs 75,000 Cuban Pesos to take over
Produces Politco Corruptos
Cost to Upgrade Output: 15,000, 25,500, 43,300, 73,700 for final upgrade. Max capacity 5 politicos every 3 hours
Cost to Upgrade Capacity: 15,000, 25,500, 43,300, 73,700 for final upgrade. Max capacity 10.
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July 21, 2009

New Limited Edition Loot; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

So, I noticed today that one of the new limited edition loot pieces, the Hornet Sniper Rifle, has 11 attack and 34 defense. This makes the Hornet Sniper Rifle the highest defense weapon in game.

However, as I have written before, at a cost of 25 godfather points, this is a huge waste of points. For just 28 godfather points, you could get 8 stat points. By putting 4 into attack and 4 into defense, you would get a much larger boost to your offensive and defensive capabilities. So, if you are going to use your godfather points, always make sure they are on +4 stats, as that is simply far and away the best reward!
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July 17, 2009

Mafia Wars Lotto changed... again?; Strategy Guide

So, tonight I won several consumable items - a few black mail photos and cell phones. Looks like the random limited edition loot is out! Also looks like matching 4 balls is now only worth 12 godfather points. A bit odd that the prize for matching 3 balls (a lotto piece) is more desirable than the prize for matching 4 balls!
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July 16, 2009

Stealth Buff to XP for helping mafia on jobs?; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Couldn't help but notice that when I helped out a fellow Mafia Member on job today I received 16 experience points for doing so.

Previously, I think the highest I ever saw was 11. Anyone else notice extra exp for helping other mafia members out for jobs. Anyone else notice this? Perhaps this added in the update from a night or two ago.
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July 11, 2009

Tips for following the leveling guide; Mafia Wars Facebook Strategy

Today's post comes from a reader who followed the guide with some success. Here are some of his tips for following the guide:

This guide totally rocks. I had doubts the first 30 lvls but once i got to Enforcer things went very smoothly.

Overall: - I did 300 lvls in 3 days, about 6-7 hours of continuous playing per day.

- it took me 4 days to achieve Master boss and 5 days for the El padrino principal titles.

- Now it's 10 days since i started the account and i am lvl 477 (i took it slower after lvl300), have 150 attack/defence, 125 health, 2550 energy, 35 stamina. All collections completed and 33 achievements. As statistics i have about 20.000 jobs completed and 75% fights won.

- I managed to have 500 TNT's, 500 guerrilla squads, 500 HU-9 helicopter.

- BEING in someone else's top mafia as a wheelman and mastermind is the most important, you can't make continuous lvls otherwise.

- Having top mafia wheelman and mastermind of 11% is also very important.

- Having most of the collections vaulted is very important for the first few dozen lvls, in order to save some time.

- Tip: DON'T do any boss until you get past lvl 150. They give a 2 ratio exp/energy, but the amount increases with lvl. You will need jobs with ratio of 2 when trying to master consigliere and underboss.

- Things go very easy and you can spare points into attack/defence or stamina once u master underboss and get the Private Island, wich offers a nice 5% more xp at every job done.

- With master boss, Cuba is a piece of cake and can be fully mastered in a few hours. I did it in about 3 hours of relaxed play. The only nasty thing when mastering Cuba is the money required to buy necessary inventory for the jobs. After you master Cuba money won't be a problem there. I have extra 10 mil pesos and nothing to buy.
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July 9, 2009

Mafia Wars Lotto Update - New loot; Strategy Guide

***Update: It seems that these rare loot items are no longer rewards for matching 1 ball, instead consumable loot like illegal transaction records, untraceable cell phones, and blackmail photos are given out.

Thanks to all the complaining, the developers decided to change the rewards for matching 1 number in the lotto from an "energy pack" to a random rare loot item. While the items are not exactly the best in game from a performance stand point, some are better than others and all are better than nothing! Here is the list of items I have seen so far with a picture example:


Cattle Prod: 18 attack 16 defense

Police Baton: 23 attack 22 defense

Piano Wire: 10 attack 5 defense

Meat Cleaver: 22 attack 21 defense

Bloody Chainsaw: 18 attack 16 defense


Gas Mask: 8 attack 20 defense

Riot Gear: 12 attack 28 defense


Chrome Skyline: 12 attack, 18 defense

If you found anything else, post it in comments and I'll update.
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Another FAQ & A Session; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Well, not much game updates to write about lately, so I'll answer a few questions that have recently come up!

Q: What do you get if you finish the achievements?

A: Bragging rights? Seriously though, nothing extra, just 1 stat point per achievement!

Q: What do you get if you collect all 8 Fourth of July items?

A: Nothing, just bragging rights once again.

Q: For instance, if you have 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters. And when you go to fight, do you use all of them? Like "Your mafia of 501 fought against xxx's mafia with 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters."

Or would you bring in other items? Cause I want to know if I spent my time farming all these high end items, would I be able to take all of them into battles?

A: You can take 1 armor, weapon, and vehicle into battle for each person in your mafia up to 501 total items. So if your mafia size is 501, you will want 501 of the best weapons, armors, and vehicles. If you are asking what the best items are, there are two general schools of thought. One is that the weapons, armors, and vehicles with the highest attack are the best for offense, and the ones with the highest defense are the best for defense.

However, there is another popular idea that attack and defense are combined in the combat calculator and that the best items for both attacking and defense are items with the most stats. In other words, some people believe that the armored state car, with 30 attack and 38 defense, is the best vehicle in the game for both attack and defense - because it has 68 total stat points. They believe that the armored state car is better than the Hu-9 Helicopter (which has 36 stat points and gets preferentially selected) and that by simply owning Hu-9s they are gimping themselves.

So which is right? Well, neither party has conclusive evidence. However, I think it is a bit short-sighted to think that the game engine would select an item with high attack (such as the Hu-9 Helicopter) over an item with the most stats (armored state car) and end up making you weaker on attack. This whole idea comes from the mafia wars combat calculator, which by the creator's own admission, is his own equation and could be completely inaccurate! It is simply a tool designed to allow you to estimate the strength of your mafia - it does not necessarily mean it is the formula used by the game engine! On the other hand, some people have been able to demonstrate winning many fights on offense despite only loading up on defensive stat points and equipment.

In the end, it hardly matters - in Cuba, the Guerrilla Squad has more attack and defense then any other armor, and the difference between the Armored State Car (68 total stat points) and the Hu-9 Helicopter (63 total stat points) is not that significant. The only category where it would matter is the Gaff Hooks vs TNT - TNT has 62 total stat points (but only 20 defense) and Gaff Hooks have 50 total stat points (with 30 defense). So, if the combining stat theory is really how the game engine works, owning gaff hooks could potentially make you a bit weaker on defense. Either way, if you have 500 mafia members and collect 500 TNT, Guerrilla Squads, and Armored State Cars and are still losing fights, your issue is a lack of attack/defense stat points, not a lack of loot!

Finally, our most popular comment of the week:

Q: The lotto sucks.

A: That is not a question, but agree!

Got any more questions? Post in the comments below!
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July 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Gifting Tool; Strategy Guide (Facebook)

The link below is to my favorite tool in Mafia Wars. Anyone who has tried to send a lot of cell phones or black mail photos to a friend knows what a pain it can be to gift the items one at a time. Those days are over - with this tool you can gift up to 100 items to the same person with a press of a button. In addition to forgoing the extremely not fun process of gifting items one at a time, it makes the the gifting achievements much easier.

Use at your own risk - generally gaming companies frown upon the use of 3rd party tools and sometimes ban players that use them! Hopefully the developers will make this feature part of the game in a future update - not only would it make gifting so much easier, it would also take a huge load off their servers! The link to the tool can be found here.
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July 3, 2009

Mafia Wars Lotto - Energy Pack Update; Strategy Guide

Due to the overwhelming response regarding the energy packs from the lotto, I edited the old lotto post and added the following:

The "energy packs" you "win" are not real energy packs. They are not missing.. the developers have said that the energy packs are simply replacements because "most players are not fortunate enough to receive energy packs from their mafia." So if no one sends you an energy pack for the day, you can use your lottery won energy pack, but only once every 23 hours. Right...
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4th of July Limited Edition Loot; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

So, new 4th of July loot went live today. It is supposedly limited edition, so if you would like to collect all the items, it is time to hurry up!

As far as being hidden in the game, the drops seem completely random. I was able to get 5/8 items from doing the Armored State Car job in the Padrino tier. I received another one from fighting. Based on discussion with other players, it seems like you can get all the items from fighting or the same job. One way to get the items is to just do the 1 energy jobs in Street Thug and use your energy pack so you can do them a bunch of times. None of them are really good though so it is just for collection purposes. At any rate, here is the item list and stats (only have pics of 6 right now):

Cannon: Weapon, 33 attack 7 defense

Davy Crockett Hatt: Armor, 21 attack 9 defense

Tri-Point Hat: Armor, 8 attack 12 defense

Flintlock Pistols: Weapon, 14 attack 6 defense

Bayonet: Weapon, 4 attack 16 defense

Musket: Weapon, 25 attack 5 defense

Red Coat: Armor, 8 attack, 32 defense

Sabre: Weapon, 17 attack, 13 defense

So, while these can be collectors' items, they are not too impressive. If you subscribe to the belief that attack/defense is added in the combat calculator, getting the Red Coat may actually hurt you on defense.
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July 1, 2009

This week in Mafia Wars Q&A; Strategy Guide

Here are the answers to certain frequently asked questions posted this week:

Q: What is the purpose of the stars below the Business Photo?

A: It tells you how high the quality of your product is - 1 star is basic, 5 stars is fully upgraded

Q: How quickly should you upgrade your business? I mean, to maximize your money your have to be able to sleep but not feel you lost out?

A: I wouldn't rush it, make sure you have enough money to buy the item requirements to do the jobs first. Once you can afford the items in an entire tier, then invest in the business.

Q: How do you get the private island you talk about in your guides... i can not figure it out.

A: The private island is a reward for mastering all three levels of the Underboss tier.

Q: I keep reading that to get a private jet, you must complete the "Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel" job. I have completed the job and still have no private jet. Am I missing something?

A: Not missing anything, it just has a really low drop rate.

Q: hi, i have a question about the "treasure hunter" achievement. do i just have to buy one mustery crate for 20 rew-points (or the 3 for 55rew-points) or i have to be lucky and get the RARE item?

A: Just have to be lucky.

Q: Forgot to do "Napoleon Complex" earlier
Now on lvl 174 with mafia size 933.

What to do?

A: Not sure. If anyone knows, leave a comment!

Q: When it comes to defending against fights (someone attacks or robs you), is it your best defensive equipment that is automatically selected? Or is it the equipment with the most # of combined points (Attack + Defense)?

A: While there appears to be a lot of theories out there about this, the facebook engine seems to simply pick the item with the highest attack for attacking, and highest defense for defending.

Q: When I am being attacked/robbed, do my Mafia members’ weapons/equipment also come into play in the computation?

A: Just your own weapons.

Q:I made myself a "Whipping Boy" but I can't find which is the correct link to bookmark.

A: Have to right click the link to his profile and open in a new window. You can then bookmark the new window.

Have a question that did not get answered? Post in the comments below!
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