July 3, 2009

4th of July Limited Edition Loot; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

So, new 4th of July loot went live today. It is supposedly limited edition, so if you would like to collect all the items, it is time to hurry up!

As far as being hidden in the game, the drops seem completely random. I was able to get 5/8 items from doing the Armored State Car job in the Padrino tier. I received another one from fighting. Based on discussion with other players, it seems like you can get all the items from fighting or the same job. One way to get the items is to just do the 1 energy jobs in Street Thug and use your energy pack so you can do them a bunch of times. None of them are really good though so it is just for collection purposes. At any rate, here is the item list and stats (only have pics of 6 right now):

Cannon: Weapon, 33 attack 7 defense

Davy Crockett Hatt: Armor, 21 attack 9 defense

Tri-Point Hat: Armor, 8 attack 12 defense

Flintlock Pistols: Weapon, 14 attack 6 defense

Bayonet: Weapon, 4 attack 16 defense

Musket: Weapon, 25 attack 5 defense

Red Coat: Armor, 8 attack, 32 defense

Sabre: Weapon, 17 attack, 13 defense

So, while these can be collectors' items, they are not too impressive. If you subscribe to the belief that attack/defense is added in the combat calculator, getting the Red Coat may actually hurt you on defense.
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  1. After doing the street thug job 1358 times i finally got them all.

  2. How did you get the cannon? That is the only one I dont have.

  3. random drops, just gotta get lucky heh

  4. Cannot get the bloody red coat - have 10x of all the others

  5. Why think that each item's attack and defense are added in the combat calculator? Doesn't the order of items with which you attack (defend) always correspond to those items' attack (defense) ratings?

  6. what will happen if collect all 8?

  7. maaahh. got all but the red coat and cannon.

  8. all of them:

  9. lol i did mugging 8 times got em all lol

  10. Does anyone know where can i get the realy bloody mop and porshe 911?????

  11. I got a really bloody mop in the lotto...

    but i think it was once with rewards points so i guess you'll just have to use the lotto

  12. anyone want to trade a cannon for 70 tnt??

  13. it is not sabre it is saber

  14. Which Pedrino job drops the Armored State Car?