July 9, 2009

Another FAQ & A Session; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Well, not much game updates to write about lately, so I'll answer a few questions that have recently come up!

Q: What do you get if you finish the achievements?

A: Bragging rights? Seriously though, nothing extra, just 1 stat point per achievement!

Q: What do you get if you collect all 8 Fourth of July items?

A: Nothing, just bragging rights once again.

Q: For instance, if you have 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters. And when you go to fight, do you use all of them? Like "Your mafia of 501 fought against xxx's mafia with 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters."

Or would you bring in other items? Cause I want to know if I spent my time farming all these high end items, would I be able to take all of them into battles?

A: You can take 1 armor, weapon, and vehicle into battle for each person in your mafia up to 501 total items. So if your mafia size is 501, you will want 501 of the best weapons, armors, and vehicles. If you are asking what the best items are, there are two general schools of thought. One is that the weapons, armors, and vehicles with the highest attack are the best for offense, and the ones with the highest defense are the best for defense.

However, there is another popular idea that attack and defense are combined in the combat calculator and that the best items for both attacking and defense are items with the most stats. In other words, some people believe that the armored state car, with 30 attack and 38 defense, is the best vehicle in the game for both attack and defense - because it has 68 total stat points. They believe that the armored state car is better than the Hu-9 Helicopter (which has 36 stat points and gets preferentially selected) and that by simply owning Hu-9s they are gimping themselves.

So which is right? Well, neither party has conclusive evidence. However, I think it is a bit short-sighted to think that the game engine would select an item with high attack (such as the Hu-9 Helicopter) over an item with the most stats (armored state car) and end up making you weaker on attack. This whole idea comes from the mafia wars combat calculator, which by the creator's own admission, is his own equation and could be completely inaccurate! It is simply a tool designed to allow you to estimate the strength of your mafia - it does not necessarily mean it is the formula used by the game engine! On the other hand, some people have been able to demonstrate winning many fights on offense despite only loading up on defensive stat points and equipment.

In the end, it hardly matters - in Cuba, the Guerrilla Squad has more attack and defense then any other armor, and the difference between the Armored State Car (68 total stat points) and the Hu-9 Helicopter (63 total stat points) is not that significant. The only category where it would matter is the Gaff Hooks vs TNT - TNT has 62 total stat points (but only 20 defense) and Gaff Hooks have 50 total stat points (with 30 defense). So, if the combining stat theory is really how the game engine works, owning gaff hooks could potentially make you a bit weaker on defense. Either way, if you have 500 mafia members and collect 500 TNT, Guerrilla Squads, and Armored State Cars and are still losing fights, your issue is a lack of attack/defense stat points, not a lack of loot!

Finally, our most popular comment of the week:

Q: The lotto sucks.

A: That is not a question, but agree!

Got any more questions? Post in the comments below!
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  1. Are you more than a man

  2. At least the lotto now gives some rare rewards if you get at least 1 number! It is not great, but now I have something to wait from the lottery.
    Btw, I got these items:
    Police Baton: 23 Attack; 22 Defense
    Piano Wire: 10 Attack; 5 Defense
    Meat Cleaver: 22 Attack; 21 Defense
    Gas Mask: 8 Attack; 20 Defense
    Riot Gear: 12 Attack; 28 Defense

    And yes, all my tickets had a correct number :P

  3. Yeah, just noticed that, was about to post!

  4. The combat calculator picks the best defensive weapons, armors, and vehicles (highest defense) in descending order if you are being attacked. On the other hand, if you are attacking, the best offensive weapons, armors, and vehicles (highest attack) in descending order. That's the reason that when you get weapons with higher attack than the one's you are using, it kicks the one of the worst one's you are using out for each of the better one you get. This is also the reason that you see that you never use falsified documents when attacking but do see them being used by the people you attack. Right now i am farming TNT's and have 308 of them.

    Always glad to help,
    El Padrino Principal Sexy Mex

    Shadowman [W.H.Y.]

    P.S. I will be glad to answer any more questions via email and myspace

  5. Yeah, the question is whether or not these items are actually harmful. The second theory mentioned states that even though a private jet and armored state car have the same amount of defense, the armored state car is vastly superior for defense because its stat total - 30 att + 38 for a total of 68 points, makes it much better than a private jet ON DEFENSE even though each of these items have the same amount of defensive stat points.

    This theory also states that the game will select NON OPTIMAL equipment for attacking and defense. For example, when attacking, Napalms (25 attack, low defense) will be chosen prefentially over bonus weapons (20 attack and defense), but have less total stat points then bonus weapons. According to the theory, just owning napalm makes your character weaker because bonus weapons are better on attack. I know why the game choses items - it simply choses the ones with the highest offense for attacking and highest defense for defending. The question is whether or not the game intentionally gimps your character by using non-optimal items.

  6. The game uses optimal items, no question. I have been farming TNT's for the past 2-3 weeks and have noticed that all of the weapons at the end of what I use in fights are the ones that go when I gain a TNT on a 1 to 1 basis. I also notice that when a Mafia member finds an item in a fight that is relatively optimal to the ones I use in a fight, it kicks out one of the last items I use (given the respective category: weapon, armor, or vehocle) on that same 1 to 1 basis.

    El Padrino Principal Sexy Mex


  7. I know the game selects the weapon with the highest offense for offense and defense for defense - that is not what I am talking about.

    I don't think you understand what I am saying - there are people who believe that the combat calculator uses offense + defense stats on both offense AND defense, EVEN THOUGHT the game automatically picks the highest offense weapons for offense, and highest defense weapons for defense.

  8. Then they are dumb. lol

    El Patron Principal Sexy Mex

    P.S. I believe the combat calculator uses something similar to a D20 generating system. What exact scale it uses, I am not sure.

  9. How do I get a Concealable camera?