July 28, 2009

Jaguar Limited Edition Loot; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Even though I have recently posted about this, I am still getting tons of questions about it. Now there is a "Jaguar" limited edition loot piece with 45 attack and 25 defense, making it a bit of an upgrade over TNT. However, it cost a ridiculous 25 reward points for just ONE.

As I've posted before, +4 stats is way, way, way better use of reward points than the jaguar and every other piece of limited edition loot piece out there. If this ever ceases to be the case, I will post about it.

Imagine if you had 500 mafia members and 500 TNT, your total "attack" (500 TNT * 42 attack on TNT) would be 21,000. The Jaguar has 3 more attack than TNT - replacing 1 jaguar with 1 TNT would be the difference between 21,000 attack and 21,003 attack.. i.e. a .01% increase.. at the cost of 25 reward points.

Compare that with a very high level player that might have 1000 attack. Spending 28 reward points on +8 attack is the difference between 1000 and 1008, which is almost a 1% increase.
Just think, .01% vs 1% is a hundred times difference. It is widely believed that stat points and equipment totals are multiplicative rather than additive. Even with the best equipment, you'll still lose fights if you have no points in attack or defense.

To repeat, spending reward points on +4 stats is nearly 100 times more effective than buying limited edition loot.
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  1. Quick question... Does buying something like a Jaguar count towards the "Treasure Hunter" achievement? Or do you need to save up points to buy crates and just hope that you get a rare item?

  2. But you're going from the point that we all
    have 500 TNTs...
    I understand from a statistical standpoint over
    a great amount of time, you are correct. But
    for many (most) players, it's not realistic to
    see it that way.

  3. It does not matter. There is no circumstance that getting 1 weapon is going to be better than stat points. I didn't even include armor and vehicles in this example. Even if you had all store bought gear, the upgrade will still be a drop in the bucket compared to spending it on stat points.

  4. You are so correct about the +4 value thing.

    I am wondering this: lately, when I fight, almost every weapon that shows up is from Cuba. Doesn't seem to matter who I fight either.

    So, that makes me wonder: Do I really need all of that stuff I bought back in New York that is costing me money to maintain?

    Do you generally keep everything? or only what is being used?

  5. Only the best items are used.. TNT is the best, whcih is from Cuba. You can sell it if it is really bothering you, but what are you going to use New York money on anyway? :P

  6. +4 Stat is USLESS

    +4 Stat cost you 14 reward points

    If you use 10 reward points for an energy refill, you will in most cases if you have a good amout of energy, LEVELING, and leveling offers you not 4, but 5 stat points.

    So, it's cheaper, and more efficient

    Plus you level up

    Plus you keep collecting loots by doin jobs


  7. omg... Lava Scream is right! for an energy refill most player who followed this guide can level up right away with one energy bar, and that gives u 5 stat points!!!! that's probably better!!!!
    So, 10 reward points for +5 stats or 14 points for +4 stats?

  8. the last two who commented are total, complete douchebags.


    very simple.

    if you all you want to see is your little blue bar move a little faster - get energy refills. yes, they will get you there quicker!

    however, if you want a solid character, and understand that the quickest way isn't always the best way, you will see that spending 14 GF points on those 4 stat points is very, very smart.

    you're going to level no matter what. everyones eneregy comes back! so, essentially you're spending 10 points on _NOTHING_. your character is NOT benefiting WHATSOEVER from this. well, time. that's all you're gaining by spending those points. Time.

    so it's not 10 GF points for +5 or 14 for +4... it's 14 GF points for 4 extra stat points. everyone is getting the +5 when they level regardless!

    at lower levels (below 300) it isn't all that noticable to most. but when you get deeper into the game... you will notice who spent their points wisely and who spent them on nothing.

    keep your simple minded theory about moving your little blue bar. it's fun to find people like you 200-300 levels higher and kick your ass

    when i come by and smash your level 432 with my measly 180, don't go crying about it on the forums. or better yet, do. just more people to point out your flaws!

  9. you guys are all douche bags. Stat points are completely irrelevant, and so is levelling.

    The whole point of Mafia Wars is to collect weapons and limited stuff.

    So whileyou guys increase your stats points I'll be happy with my jaguar :)

  10. I'm level 335

    I put all stat points in energy till level 100

    Then 1 att, 1 def and 3 energy till level 300

    Now i put 2att 2 def and 1 energy everytime i level up.

    It's true right now i have a poor att and def of 250 each, but next week i'll be 300att and 300 def roughly.

    So i build up slow but strong.

    I level up 3 times a day, so i get 15 stat points, and from now will add then 6att and 6 def. everyday
    I level up to get stat point for 3 reasons:
    1 - i got a big amount of energy now of 1469
    2 - Because i have the golden throne (from mastering all Boss tiers in NY)
    3 - Because of the energy pack i receive daily

    When i get enough GF points, i put them on energy refill and i level up right away cause of the big amount of energy stored untill now.

    So that's how it works for me and it starts goin pretty good thanks.

    Btw, about the weapons:
    A juguar looks nice on your profile page but is not gonna make a huge difference comparing as if you put 1 stat point in attack or defense.
    Check for yourself now there's a new function that enables you to see anytime your total attack and defense with the combined stats of att/def, the mafia size and the equipment you use.

    Peace, Lava

  11. I forgot to say :

    The higher your level is, the higher your chances are someone put you on their top mafia as a button man.

    This help you win more fights too, even against all odds sometimes

  12. When it's been one week now since my older post.

    I was a little ambitious on my leveling expectations.
    I don't actually level up 3 times a day, but somewhere between 2,2 and 2,5.
    So now i got 285 att/def stats, which i figured out is too low for my level 352 now
    my equipment is 50000 att and 43000 def, so this is above average but makes a 5/10% improvment in fights comparing to stat points.
    So yeah some people above in this forum were right about it.
    Still i use my GF points for energy refills, since my amount is ridiculously huge.
    What a game....

  13. The more i go through forums, and the more i think i'm talking shit.
    Mafia wars looks easy but it's a hard game to master.
    I'm kinda lost here now...

  14. Lava..... LOL NOW you are getting the wisdom and soon you will see the folly and the reality of what our host is saying... You see the energy SEEMS great and the way to go UNTIL you get to right about where you are mid 300's....at that point you start seeing that NOPE you can't make it as the leveling up moves away from you. At about level 450 ( for most) Leveling up with the energy pack becomes very difficult.. ( unless your handle is Maximum energy) If you do the math you will see that it goes from easy to hard to harder to difficult to impossible.
    Of course there are ways around this used by top level players or groups of players say with multiple handles, or gearing your character type accordingly.. But for the lone ranger it is the log ham that you are in the midst of...don't feel bad you are in the same boat as most.
    Your point about the top mafia is relevant.. BUT you would be better served to find the right top mafia for YOU first. What you really want is top mafia that maxes you out percentage wise but not necessarily, the highest levels you can find... Like your Mafia ( if you were smart) you choose the top mafia that you can interact with and those that help you through strategy as well as gifting. The same goes for your mafia it can be tight or you can choose the fast add....If you and your mafia develop together, work together, grow together.. then the game becomes more rewarding.
    There are many forums, there are many opinions and the game is like a maze, some things that should be are not, there are pitfalls, setbacks, and fools gold to find for the unenlightened. However the student of the game sees the difference between opinions and those who arrogantly state things as facts, they test, probe, dissect and then discuss. it is not an easy game it is a math game, that's why it lasts. Look at the combat calculator and READ the disclaimer at the bottom for example...many insist on using one geeks opinion.. but it is just that as it is not produced by Zynga. This is the case with many, many aspects of the game...Raja Spencer AKA BABALAWO level (for what ever it's worth..LOL) 530 Attack 1000+ and D 1000+

  15. Ok ...so here I am ..a young grasshopper, call me danielson ...young jedi ....wet behind the ears, LOL

    All the same thing

    I have started to get more serious about this game and seek out the secrets from those who have gone before me.

    Level 125 or so ...and I have been dumping all my earned points towards energy ...in the beggining I did the splits ...evenly allocating the earned +5 towards all things....then I read somewhere to apply the majority of the +5 to energy. So with that said I have 490 energy about 97 Stamina, Attack and defense at 113. Health is 130.

    I always thought ...and never knew prior to reading this thread about the proper way to spend GF points. I have been lured into all the bears and tigers and fancy gizmos they come out with..I race to earn 25 more points and have often thought about purchasing points...(shudders)

    So to review briefly ....I am supposed to spend my GF points on attack and defence skills? And as I get into levels 300+ what exactly will I encounter that will prove this strategy out?
    Here I thought I would get stronger and the leveling would get easier ...but I read differently...LOL...very kewl game !

    I appreciate any and all the input here ...even the bantering of staunch rebels....
    Thanks ,

    Chris Phillips

  16. hey how abt this
    this is a trick that I used to increase my defence, for every 4 lotto tickets that u submit u can gather 1 skill point, and the best thing is the lotto tickets come free.
    the bad thing abt this is that the lotto mastery does not carry over to the next week, so use your God father points to buy one more. this will give you 2 extra skill points very week and because lotto tickets only cost 2 GF points, u technically get 1 skill points for evry GF point spent, which is a lot better than spending 14 GF points for 4 skill points.