July 7, 2009

Mafia Wars Gifting Tool; Strategy Guide (Facebook)

The link below is to my favorite tool in Mafia Wars. Anyone who has tried to send a lot of cell phones or black mail photos to a friend knows what a pain it can be to gift the items one at a time. Those days are over - with this tool you can gift up to 100 items to the same person with a press of a button. In addition to forgoing the extremely not fun process of gifting items one at a time, it makes the the gifting achievements much easier.

Use at your own risk - generally gaming companies frown upon the use of 3rd party tools and sometimes ban players that use them! Hopefully the developers will make this feature part of the game in a future update - not only would it make gifting so much easier, it would also take a huge load off their servers! The link to the tool can be found here.
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  1. Mafia Wars needs a log of received gifts. That way, if you refresh your screen too soon or forget who sent you a gift (or maybe three different people sent you a gift and you can only gift back to one of them from the received gifts page then the others are gone.) A Gifting Log would solve that, kind of like a little black book the real mobsters used to carry.

  2. OMG, those tools are just amazing! Thanks for making my life so much simple! xD

  3. Thanks a lot!

    Btw, i've been using ur guide and im almost done with all the NY tiers and it hasnt even been a week!

  4. Mafia War Seems to be getting popular on facebook. There is many other part which based on Mafia chapters. But i personally like Mafia Corruption. You have to try it also. And nice tools you have provided.Thanks

  5. damn its not working anymore....please i need it bak working... tq