July 9, 2009

Mafia Wars Lotto Update - New loot; Strategy Guide

***Update: It seems that these rare loot items are no longer rewards for matching 1 ball, instead consumable loot like illegal transaction records, untraceable cell phones, and blackmail photos are given out.

Thanks to all the complaining, the developers decided to change the rewards for matching 1 number in the lotto from an "energy pack" to a random rare loot item. While the items are not exactly the best in game from a performance stand point, some are better than others and all are better than nothing! Here is the list of items I have seen so far with a picture example:


Cattle Prod: 18 attack 16 defense

Police Baton: 23 attack 22 defense

Piano Wire: 10 attack 5 defense

Meat Cleaver: 22 attack 21 defense

Bloody Chainsaw: 18 attack 16 defense


Gas Mask: 8 attack 20 defense

Riot Gear: 12 attack 28 defense


Chrome Skyline: 12 attack, 18 defense

If you found anything else, post it in comments and I'll update.
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  1. Bloody Chainsaw 18A 16D

  2. Piano Wire 10A 5D
    Police Baton 23A 22D

  3. i won a Bloody Chainsaw, 18 Attack and 16 Defense for matching 1 number in the lotto

  4. i like turtles...

  5. Bloody mop? I matched 1 number with two tickets and can't distinguish if I've received my "lotto loot." How do you know?

  6. nonono put it back at any rare item i really would like a hornet sniper

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