July 16, 2009

Stealth Buff to XP for helping mafia on jobs?; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Couldn't help but notice that when I helped out a fellow Mafia Member on job today I received 16 experience points for doing so.

Previously, I think the highest I ever saw was 11. Anyone else notice extra exp for helping other mafia members out for jobs. Anyone else notice this? Perhaps this added in the update from a night or two ago.
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  1. Maximum Exp which I have received till now is 32.

  2. I got 25 exp for helping a mafia member the other day.

  3. i use to get 7 exp for helping out on the settle a beef...permanitly but now i get like 10+ forgot the exact

  4. does anyone have problem with gifting page???
    there isnt any recipients to select from

  5. Somehow it has increased.
    Previously the maximum was 13 a job - shake down a city council member

    Now that job has increased to 25. and you get 258 once the job is completed

  6. Just got 24 xp for helping. And when I asked for help I got like 254xp

  7. yea previously the highest was 13...and the 1 who requested help gets 248 exp instead of what used to be for me 144...also the 1 who requested help gets a bunch more $$..but whats to complain about this?! xD

  8. how do u call for help? i got 2 profiles so can use 1 to help the other

  9. I think you have missed one update to Mafia wars.

    Its about helping friends finding great items and you get about +2 exp for helping each friend. There is one bug/feature i.e. once you click on one of your friends to "collect your reward" you get the EXP for all the friends you helped. So for example, if i helped out 8 friends and when i click on the "collect reward" link i get 32 EXP from all the friends i helped. After this, even if i click on the other 7 friends to collect my reward it doesnt give me anything.

    Just wanted to let you know since this is the most comprehensive Mafia wars guide!!!!