July 1, 2009

This week in Mafia Wars Q&A; Strategy Guide

Here are the answers to certain frequently asked questions posted this week:

Q: What is the purpose of the stars below the Business Photo?

A: It tells you how high the quality of your product is - 1 star is basic, 5 stars is fully upgraded

Q: How quickly should you upgrade your business? I mean, to maximize your money your have to be able to sleep but not feel you lost out?

A: I wouldn't rush it, make sure you have enough money to buy the item requirements to do the jobs first. Once you can afford the items in an entire tier, then invest in the business.

Q: How do you get the private island you talk about in your guides... i can not figure it out.

A: The private island is a reward for mastering all three levels of the Underboss tier.

Q: I keep reading that to get a private jet, you must complete the "Make a Deal with the Mexican Cartel" job. I have completed the job and still have no private jet. Am I missing something?

A: Not missing anything, it just has a really low drop rate.

Q: hi, i have a question about the "treasure hunter" achievement. do i just have to buy one mustery crate for 20 rew-points (or the 3 for 55rew-points) or i have to be lucky and get the RARE item?

A: Just have to be lucky.

Q: Forgot to do "Napoleon Complex" earlier
Now on lvl 174 with mafia size 933.

What to do?

A: Not sure. If anyone knows, leave a comment!

Q: When it comes to defending against fights (someone attacks or robs you), is it your best defensive equipment that is automatically selected? Or is it the equipment with the most # of combined points (Attack + Defense)?

A: While there appears to be a lot of theories out there about this, the facebook engine seems to simply pick the item with the highest attack for attacking, and highest defense for defending.

Q: When I am being attacked/robbed, do my Mafia members’ weapons/equipment also come into play in the computation?

A: Just your own weapons.

Q:I made myself a "Whipping Boy" but I can't find which is the correct link to bookmark.

A: Have to right click the link to his profile and open in a new window. You can then bookmark the new window.

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  1. Q: What do I get when I vault all of the lottery items?

    A: +10% to Job loot drops

    You heard it here first.

  2. Hi I'm a newbie here.
    I always heard players saying their mafia size is 1000++ and on going. just wanna ask. I thought the mafia member is limited to 501 member only? Can it exceed this number?

  3. Q: Forgot to do "Napoleon Complex" earlier
    Now on lvl 174 with mafia size 933.

    What to do?

    A: Not sure. If anyone knows, leave a comment!

    >> Try fighting any group showing 501 members, then see what the actual size is, if possible. If not, keeping attacking groups of 501 until you've defeated them, and check for awarding of the Napoleon Complex achievement.


  4. you can definitely still get the napoleon complex achievement even if you have the maximum 501 mafia. i have only done it recently. you just need to win one fight against someone who also has 501 mafia.

  5. I have a question.

    For instance, if you have 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters. And when you go to fight, do you use all of them? Like "Your mafia of 501 fought against xxx's mafia with 501 TNTs, 501 Guerrilla Squads, and 501 Hu-9 Helicopters."

    Or would you bring in other items? Cause I want to know if I spent my time farming all these high end items, would I be able to take all of them into battles?

  6. Achieved the Napoleon Complex following the suggestion in comments. Thanks to both.
    Thanks for putting this Question in Q&A section.
    Thanks all

  7. who is the level 3 boss? what requirments do you need?

  8. What do you get if you finish the achievements?

  9. On your comment to upgrading businesses in Cuba - I submit that upgrading the businesses first should be your top priority. Purchasing more items in order to do the jobs decreases your take (due to bribes), while take from the business are bribe free. In addition, it costs energy to do jobs, which means you have to wait for a recharge to get more money. The businesses bring in income on a steady basis, no energy needed.

  10. But what is the point of the take? I think most people would rather master Cuba jobs faster for more stat points then collect useless Cuba money. At this point I don't even bother to sell the items in my business - the money does nothing.

  11. It's expensive to buy all of the items to do Cuba jobs...so it's better to get businesses going to help you get the money to buy more items so you can do more jobs.

  12. I agree with the anonymous post above. I just finished upgrading my businesses so now I can afford to buy whatever supplies I need for the jobs. Now all I have to worry about is re-gaining energy.

  13. For those of us who didn`t follow the Leveling guide, Cuban businesses help in this way:

    I mastered the first 4 NY job tiers, then went to Cuba and mastered the first 5 jobs only. Then bought one business and continued with NY. Yeah, it took some time, but the simple stupid business actually enabled me to get all the money I needed for the rest of the items required for cuban Jobs. At least in El Soldado.

    Plus, there are 3 achievements linked to Cuban businesses.

  14. How long is 'some time' in your scenario?

  15. Can you tell me what is a Mafia Wars Officer?

  16. What happens when I accept someones offer to join their family? Do I leave my old family and join their family or do I stay in my family with the members of my new famaly added to the total (do the 2 merge) ?