July 11, 2009

Tips for following the leveling guide; Mafia Wars Facebook Strategy

Today's post comes from a reader who followed the guide with some success. Here are some of his tips for following the guide:

This guide totally rocks. I had doubts the first 30 lvls but once i got to Enforcer things went very smoothly.

Overall: - I did 300 lvls in 3 days, about 6-7 hours of continuous playing per day.

- it took me 4 days to achieve Master boss and 5 days for the El padrino principal titles.

- Now it's 10 days since i started the account and i am lvl 477 (i took it slower after lvl300), have 150 attack/defence, 125 health, 2550 energy, 35 stamina. All collections completed and 33 achievements. As statistics i have about 20.000 jobs completed and 75% fights won.

- I managed to have 500 TNT's, 500 guerrilla squads, 500 HU-9 helicopter.

- BEING in someone else's top mafia as a wheelman and mastermind is the most important, you can't make continuous lvls otherwise.

- Having top mafia wheelman and mastermind of 11% is also very important.

- Having most of the collections vaulted is very important for the first few dozen lvls, in order to save some time.

- Tip: DON'T do any boss until you get past lvl 150. They give a 2 ratio exp/energy, but the amount increases with lvl. You will need jobs with ratio of 2 when trying to master consigliere and underboss.

- Things go very easy and you can spare points into attack/defence or stamina once u master underboss and get the Private Island, wich offers a nice 5% more xp at every job done.

- With master boss, Cuba is a piece of cake and can be fully mastered in a few hours. I did it in about 3 hours of relaxed play. The only nasty thing when mastering Cuba is the money required to buy necessary inventory for the jobs. After you master Cuba money won't be a problem there. I have extra 10 mil pesos and nothing to buy.
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  1. 300 levels in 3 days with 6-7 hours relaxed gameplay?

    relaxed gameplay my buttocks. that thing did not just happen. maybe 6-7 hours and $100 freakin to ramp your energy up.

  2. This guide has served me well. I took a bit longer than 3 days to get to level 300, and a lot longer to finally master the boss levels because of the loot drops needed. PROTIP: It's a lot easier at higher levels to trade loot items to lower level items for Blackmail Photos. Some guys are so desperate they'll give you 8 photos for a single TNT!

    I've been playing with a new character and the key is really to find those people to be a wheelman and mastermind in your group. You can even start more alternate profiles to promote your new character to a wheelman and mastermind. This ensures you'll always have the bonuses and not have to bother your friends to add you when you're a low level mafioso.

    After you do that, stick to the jobs where you get a ratio of 2:1 XP to energy (or higher). It's boring but you'll level fast. when you get extra energy from a job (or don't use energy) that's when you go after other jobs.

    At two weeks in, I'm at level 431, have a mafia of close to 501, have mastered every job tier in both NY and Cuba. I am currently working on getting my TNT, guerilla squads and helicopters so my character will be close to unstoppable.

  3. wish had read it b4...im now at lvl 89 my energy is 425 stamina 66 i have masterd upto hitman..can anyone give me some tips..

  4. what are the best bonuses your top mafia can give?
    I know these.
    Wheelman - 11%
    Mastermind - 11%

    And i have:
    Bagman - 15%
    Safecracker - 9%
    Bodyguard - 7 def
    Buttonman - 11 atk

  5. Wheelman - 11
    Mastermind - 11
    Bodyguard - 11
    Buttonman - 11
    Bagman - 15
    Safecracker - 15

  6. zynga just changed the energy/experience levels for the Bank Heist from being 2 to 1.
    It is now Experience +15 requiring 10 Energy.

  7. guys add me to your squads
    i need more mafia