August 29, 2009

Free Godfather Points & Mafia Wars: Moscow Teaser; Strategy Guide

If you missed it, here is a new link for free Godfather points. It will only be active for a few more days most likely, so if you missed it the first time around, hurry up and click:

In other news, I think we might get Mafia Wars: Moscow a lot sooner than I originally had expected for three reasons.

First off, you can see on the Mafia Wars twitter page ( on a tweet from August 13th that the developers had "tons of tricks up their sleeves" when asked about new jobs coming. While El Cacique did come out after that, I hardly think that one new job tier could be considered "tons of tricks."

Secondly, the Mafia Wars: Moscow random loot drops are ending Monday Night (at midnight PST). Since they are cutting off the drops so soon, I can't help but think that Mafia Wars: Moscow is right aroudn the corner.

Finally, they recently introduced the "Best Of" Crates:

These crates just have random Limited Edition Loot pieces from previous crates. This leads me to believe that the developers are planning on releasing Moscow so soon that they do not think that they have enough time to release a new crate series, and this "Best Of" crate is just filling this short void in time before the release of Moscow.

My theory? I think that beta is right around the corner. Just like with Mafia Wars: Cuba, I expect a beta test of about two weeks. I think that the El Cacique tier was designed to be much more time consuming than the earlier Cuba tiers (872 politico corruptos) so that the majority of the Mafia Wars population will have something to do while the high level players are testing out Moscow.

I'm excited!
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August 27, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Loot Preview; Strategy Guide

Looks like the new Mafia Wars expansion is indeed going to be in Russia. It was announced late last night that Mafia Wars: Moscow will be the next expansion. As a teaser, 8 new loot pieces were put into game this morning that randomly drop from jobs.

Again, these items, just like the 4th of July items, drop completely randomly from jobs. So, if you want to get these items, just use your energy pack and do the 1 energy job in the Street Thug tier a few thousand times. That way you can be sure to get them all!

Here's a pic:


.45 ACP Pistol - 18 attack 12 defense
Dragunov - 36 attack 14 defens
Grach - 20 attack 10 defense
IZH-35m - 28 attack 15 defense
PPSH 41 Submachine gun - 22 attack 8 defense
VSK-94 Sniper Rifle - 28 attack 12 defense


Ushanka: 10 attack 20 defense


Impression: 15 attack / 35 defense

Special Reward Item for Collecting All 8:

Shturmovik(armor): 45 attack / 28 defense

There is two options here. First off, these could just be limited edition loot pieces and mean nothing. However, if these are actually pieces that will drop from jobs in Russia, it means that Russia content will start out at a pretty low level, just like Cuba did, so that both new players and advanced players will be able to use it.

As far as release date goes, this promotion alone will last about a week. So Mafia Wars: Russia will not come out for at least another week. Then, they will probably put it in beta just like the did with Cuba for a week. I can't imagine them releasing it too soon because El Cacique just came out and it is a harder tier to master with an 872 politico corrupto requirement. Stay tuned for more updates about Mafia Wars: Moscow!
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August 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Updates; Strategy Guide

I've noticed two unannounced changes on Mafia Wars lately. First off is a change to the Declare War function. Now, when you win a war, you and all the people who helped you win the war can get limited edition loot. After winning the war, next to your name on the left hand side, a "reward friends" button now appears. When you click it, it sends out a limited edition loot piece to your friends.

This is a nice feature and I am sure it will entice more people to declare war, especially if the current trend of increasing stat points on limited edition loot continues.

Secondly, a bigger change that I just noticed today. After doing a job, I noticed this message(click to see full size):

Apparently, the bigger your mafia is, the better chance you have to get loot drops. However, I have an account with over 1,000 mafia members and an account with just 30 mafia members, and I can not tell a big difference between the two. I'll try to run a test shortly to get a better idea. In the mean time, feel free to post some anecdotal evidence about mafia size and item drop rates in the comment section below.
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August 25, 2009

Unofficial Mafia Wars Strategy Guide - Brand New Release

Over the past month, I have been working on putting together an e-book - the ultimate strategy compendium for Mafia Wars. The purpose of the guide is to give the dedicated Mafia Wars player a resource for building the best and strongest Mafia Character around in the shortest time possible. The finished product is 82 pages long.

While this site initially gained popularity from the leveling guide, now most of my traffic comes from more simpler queries and people just looking for game updates. This guide is geared towards the serious Mafia Wars player. If you only play 10 minutes a day, skip the e-book and enjoy the free content on this site. If you are one of these players, don't worry - this site will be continually updated with game updates, information, and strategy as it is now.

However, if you are a serious player and want to know how to collect 5,000+ of the best weapons, vehicles, and armor in less than a week, or want to know how to level up a fighter in the shortest amount of time, read on.

The initial strategy guide was put together after I had tested everything rather than as I tested it. As a result, it is not as could be. The strategy guide outlined on this site will teach you how to level up quickly, reach a high level, and finish all the jobs. If that is all you want to do in Mafia Wars, great.

My new e-book outlines the best strategies for collecting the best armors, weapons, and vehicles in just a few days. Even a level 1,000 account can not make the claim of getting 500 track loaders and 500 canonazos within their first week of release. In the guide, you will learn how.

Additionally, in the original leveling guide, you end up with a high level character that can not win any fights. In the e-book I outline how to level up an account that can beat anyone in a fight in the shortest amount of time possible.

Finally, Cuba is integrated into the book (all the way up through El Cacique), so you can be sure the information is up to date and the level guide is perfected.

As a bonus, I throw in some information on how you can make a good bit of money online, both with Mafia Wars and with other online avenues. Rather than describing vague concepts, I break it down in my typical step-by-step approach.

Make no mistake, this content is not a rehash of what is already on this site, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter. It is simply the best strategy guide available with step-by-step instructions on creating the most powerful mafia character around. You will not be disappointed.

You can check it out here.
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August 21, 2009

El Cacique Job Mastery Reward Item; Mafia Wars Facebook Strategy Guide

Since some of you have been asking, for mastering the El Cacique job the reward is another lame weapon, this time it is the Cazador Assault Rifle, with 60 attack and 25 defense:

So I have to spend tens of thousands of energy and 872 politico corrupto to upgrade my 50,000+ attack score by 18? /yawn
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August 20, 2009

El Cacique - New Job Tier, New Loot; Mafia Wars Facebook Strategy Guide

New tier went live tonight in Mafia Wars: Cuba called "El Cacique." There are 8 new jobs available with two new loot drops. Here is a picture with all the jobs, their energy cost, and what items they require:

Couple of notable things:

New Items: the Canonazo (weapon) and the Track Loader (vehicle):

These are now the two best weapons in slot. The Canonazo, with 42 attack and 22 defense, has the same attack as TNT but with +2 defense, so nothing spectacular there. However, the Track Loader, with 37 attack and 32 defense, is a pretty nice item. Although the Track Loader is only 1 attack over the Hu-9 Helicopter, it does have a hefty extra 5 defense. With 69 total stat points, it is the best vehicle around.

Secondly, Consumable Costs:

The consumable costs on El Cacique are very high. The "Help Get An Associate A No Bid Contract" costs 8 politico corrupto, which in and of itself is pretty high. To make things worst, through the first tier, you only get 4% job mastery progress each time you do the job. In other words, 200 politico corruptos just to do the first tier. I am assuming it will drop to 3% and 2% for the final two tiers, making the grand total 872 Politico Corruptos needed to master the El Cacique tier. Wow!

Also, some New York items are needed to do this tier, including Untraceable Cell Phones, which I do not think is that big of a deal, because anyone who mastered the Boss tier should have plenty of extra phones from collecting all those blackmail photos.


Lots of new stuff to do, and with 800+ politico corruptos most likely needed to finish off the tier and a new vehicle to collect, we should be busy for quite a while!
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Mafia Wars Boosts ! Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Just logged in to some cool new updates. One new feature in Mafia Wars is the boost. Also, a new Cuba tier was added - El Cacique. I'll cover boosts in this post, Cacique in the next. Boosts are consumable power-ups that give you added bonuses, for example +5 attack when fighting or energy reduction costs for jobs.

You can get them two ways. The simpler ones can be bought by going to Inventory, then "Boosts". As of now, you need to be in New York to buy boosts, they are not sold in Cuba (yet). I am assuming they will put more purchasable boosts in. This is a needed change because it actually gives Mafia Wars players something to do with their virtual cash. Here are some pictures:

That is an example of some the three boosts you can buy. You may notice that below it is an item called "Hobo Lookout" which provides +60 robbing skill. The more powerful boosts like this one are the result of turning in collection items. You can re-vault a collection to receive a number of boosts. This number appears to vary from collection to collection (but it not a random number). Feel free to post in the comments how many items each vault gives so I can post it up.

Boosts are automatically used if you have them. As an example, one of my hobos will be used up every time I am robbed. Once I have been robbed 7 times, all my hobos will be gone and I will no longer get that bonus. Here is an picture showing using a boost in a fight:

This is where the new interface comes in handy; things would get quite messy if your boost was listed somewhere in the wall of text of equipment in the old fighting interface.

When you vault a collection, you get a message like this:
The boosts can then be found in your inventory. There is a different set of boosts for each collection. Here is a complete list:

Diamond Flush Collection:
Tripwire: +10 fight defense skill

Heart Flush Collection:
Cappuccino: -3 job energy costs

Sculptures Collection:
Alarm System: +15 robbing defense skill

Poker Chips Collection:
Bulldog: +18 fight defense skill

Club Flush Collection:
Problem Solver: -5 job energy costs

Boxing Collection:
Semi-Pro Boxer: +15 attack skill

Cigars Collection:
Fixer: -8 job energy cost

Spade Flush Collection:
Sting Grenade: +20 attack skill

Billiards Collection:
Bouncer: +27 robbing defense skill

Rings Collection:
Blueprints: -10 job energy cost

Ties Collection:
Injunction: +25 fight defense skill

Paintings Collection:
Motion Detector: +37 robbing defense skill

Cufflinks Collection:
Corporate Muscle: +35 attack skill

Barber Collection:
Shave and a Haircut: +30 fight defense skill

Great Race Horses Collection:
Inside Tip: -16 job energy costs

Cuba Boosts (need to be at Cuba collections screen to turn these in):

Rum Drinks Collection:
Flaming Shot: +30 attack skill

Tropical Fruits Collection:
Boosted Smoothie: -18 job energy costs (2 received per vault)

Entertainers Collection:
Sandbag Wall: +35 fight defense skill (7 received per vault)

Tropical Fish Collection:
Blowfish Dart: +40 attack skill

Beards Collection:
Hobo Lookout: +60 defense skill (7 received per vault)


All in all, a nice little addition to the game. Hopefully the developers will add more boosts that you can purchase with money so that in game currency actually has some value!
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August 16, 2009

Property Update; Mafia Wars Facebook Strategy Guide

So, properties were updated for a few people. Not much of an update - basically properties are being converted over to the current "business system" where money is produced every 3 hours and you have to press a collect button, in this case "collect take" to get your money. The catch is after 24 hours, the take is full and you no longer accumulate money unless you clear the take box daily.

If you were not able to follow that, here is a picture (click to enlarge).

The actual amount your properties generate appears unchanged. Now you just have to log in every day and click a button to gather all your virtual cash. Most people (especially older players) have not seen this feature implemented yet.

My thoughts:

With all these little changes, like the new fight screen interface, rewards from playing lotto tickets, declare war, and now property takes, this game is starting to feel very disjointed and different players can have quite different play experiences. I hope the developers stop releasing the game piece by piece to the player-base simply due to all the confusion surrounding different aspects of game play only available to a certain few.

Other announcement:

Mafia Wars Guide is going .com finally. We will now be located at You can still get to the blog via the old address, and it will still be hosted by blogger. Same quality content, just a different address!
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August 14, 2009

Mafia Wars Lotto Collection; Strategy Guide

Since some of you have been asking, the Lotto collection gives "+10% to job loot drops" as its reward. I would assume this is an additive bonus rather than multiplicative.

In other words, if an item had a 30% drop rate, it now has a 40% drop rate. This might sound great at first, but the odds of winning a piece are very slim, let alone collecting the whole set. You would have to trade for the set & contend with scammers. The problem pieces for the set go for anywhere from 50 to 100+ TNT/guerrilla squads/other high-end items.

So good luck collecting a set! Unless they make it more accessible, it just does not seem to be worth it to me.
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August 8, 2009

Some Lotto aka "Daily Chance" Updates; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

So, couple changes to the Mafia Wars Lotto.

First, the name was changed to "Daily Chance". This is probably due to state gambling laws, state general attorneys generally do not allow companies to have free term over the name "lotto".

Second, strangely enough, the rewards were reduced:

Daily Chance Prizes
5 matching balls
333 reward points (1000 / number of winners)
4 matching balls
8 reward points (25 / number of winners)
3 matching balls
A Daily Chance collection piece
2 matching balls
An unused Daily Chance ticket
1 matching balls
A random loot item

Four matching balls = 8 reward points? I mean, what are the odds for just 8 reward points? Weird.

Third, you get a point for each daily chance ticket you play. You can let these points build up to 6 total points and exchange them for rewards.

1 Ticket: Random Collection Item
2 Tickets: +10 Stamina
3 Tickets: +30 Energyy
4 Tickets: +1 Ticket
5 Tickets: +1 Stat Point
6 Tickets: +1-5 Godfather Points

This is actually pretty nice because without buying any reward points, you can collect an extra godfather points per week. Collecting on average 3 Godfather Points per turn in is equivalent to 1 stat point, so if you are going to get stat points, turn it in at 5 tickets.


I think the point of cutting the rewards was to level out the rewards from automatic rewards from playing lotto ticket. The only problem is the reward points are so low from playing tickets it makes the drawing hardly worth even waiting for. Aside from the lotto collection or winning 333 reward points, the rewards are not too exciting.
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August 7, 2009

Declare War; New Feature in Mafia Wars; Strategy Guide

A new feature was added in Mafia Wars today called "Declare War". Here's a picture (click to enlarge):

Yeah, I whited out names and pictures for privacy sake.

But anyway, so far it looks pretty cool. Basically you can "Declare War" once every 12 hours on your friends! When you see the portrait, you can click attack on them.

If you win the fight, you get a couple XP (not sure if you get any items yet) and they just "die". They do not take any damage and it does not cost any stamina, which is nice.

If you lose the fight, you wound the enemy and it still seems like you get a couple experience points. It seems that 2 woundings kill someone, regardless of the strengths of the attackers & defenders.


Needs more rewards. I won a war of my own, got nothing, and I ended a friends war by killing the last person, got nothing. No EXP bonus for winning a war, just the 3 exp or so for attacking someone.

If you share Top Mafia with someone, it does not work out too well. I do not think the developers thought that one through; hopefully they come up with a work-around for that one.

Some people do not like the ideas of attacking their friends. I think it is great, it makes the game much more interactive. Honestly it is a lot more fun to me attacking a real life friend then it is attacking Joe Blow off the fight list or hit list for the 1932482th time in a row. I think these people will change their tune if the developers attach item rewards to war.
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3 Free Godfather Reward Points; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

I got them today with this link:

Try it out, let me know if it works!
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August 4, 2009

New Combat Interface for Mafia Wars; Strategy and Leveling Guide

So, the fighting function in Mafia Wars recently got a face lift. As far as I can tell, the mechanics do not seem to have changed much, but now you can see both your and your opponents attack and defense from weapons, which is nice.

In addition to attack and defense totals, there is some flavor text at the top right. It does not actually mean anything as far as I know. Yeah, at level 911, I only see people levels 150-200 on the fight list for whatever reason. Oh well!

I'm still alive, and this will continue to be updated as Mafia Wars puts out updates. Right now there just is not much to cover since most of the developer's focus seems to be on fixing bugs!
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