August 29, 2009

Free Godfather Points & Mafia Wars: Moscow Teaser; Strategy Guide

If you missed it, here is a new link for free Godfather points. It will only be active for a few more days most likely, so if you missed it the first time around, hurry up and click:

In other news, I think we might get Mafia Wars: Moscow a lot sooner than I originally had expected for three reasons.

First off, you can see on the Mafia Wars twitter page ( on a tweet from August 13th that the developers had "tons of tricks up their sleeves" when asked about new jobs coming. While El Cacique did come out after that, I hardly think that one new job tier could be considered "tons of tricks."

Secondly, the Mafia Wars: Moscow random loot drops are ending Monday Night (at midnight PST). Since they are cutting off the drops so soon, I can't help but think that Mafia Wars: Moscow is right aroudn the corner.

Finally, they recently introduced the "Best Of" Crates:

These crates just have random Limited Edition Loot pieces from previous crates. This leads me to believe that the developers are planning on releasing Moscow so soon that they do not think that they have enough time to release a new crate series, and this "Best Of" crate is just filling this short void in time before the release of Moscow.

My theory? I think that beta is right around the corner. Just like with Mafia Wars: Cuba, I expect a beta test of about two weeks. I think that the El Cacique tier was designed to be much more time consuming than the earlier Cuba tiers (872 politico corruptos) so that the majority of the Mafia Wars population will have something to do while the high level players are testing out Moscow.

I'm excited!
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  1. tbh that last bit is wrong cos the last teir in cuba is still queit a high level considerin so moscow maybe made for the lower level groups sorry for burstin ur bubble

  2. oh no, I agree that Moscow will have low level stuff.

    last time when cuba came out, higher level players were given early access to cuba to test out the content for a week or two before it was released to the majority of players

  3. How high of level are you referring to for the beta test. I am level 440. I know that isn't particularly high, but I am wondering if I am considered part of the general population or not.

  4. I got into Cuba with a level 300 account. A lower level account I had did not get in.

  5. i got into cuba with a level 175 account

  6. i got in to cuba with a level 35!!

  7. For Cuba if u went to the Mafia Wars Application page u could sign up for a chance to be a Beta tester. Thats how i got picked for Cuba beta. They may do that again for Moscow so Im going to keep an eye out for it again.

  8. I think I was one of the lucky ones at such a high level Zynga gave me access to Cuba very early one I think to kind of test it.

    Doug - Cafe World Guide