August 20, 2009

Mafia Wars Boosts ! Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Just logged in to some cool new updates. One new feature in Mafia Wars is the boost. Also, a new Cuba tier was added - El Cacique. I'll cover boosts in this post, Cacique in the next. Boosts are consumable power-ups that give you added bonuses, for example +5 attack when fighting or energy reduction costs for jobs.

You can get them two ways. The simpler ones can be bought by going to Inventory, then "Boosts". As of now, you need to be in New York to buy boosts, they are not sold in Cuba (yet). I am assuming they will put more purchasable boosts in. This is a needed change because it actually gives Mafia Wars players something to do with their virtual cash. Here are some pictures:

That is an example of some the three boosts you can buy. You may notice that below it is an item called "Hobo Lookout" which provides +60 robbing skill. The more powerful boosts like this one are the result of turning in collection items. You can re-vault a collection to receive a number of boosts. This number appears to vary from collection to collection (but it not a random number). Feel free to post in the comments how many items each vault gives so I can post it up.

Boosts are automatically used if you have them. As an example, one of my hobos will be used up every time I am robbed. Once I have been robbed 7 times, all my hobos will be gone and I will no longer get that bonus. Here is an picture showing using a boost in a fight:

This is where the new interface comes in handy; things would get quite messy if your boost was listed somewhere in the wall of text of equipment in the old fighting interface.

When you vault a collection, you get a message like this:
The boosts can then be found in your inventory. There is a different set of boosts for each collection. Here is a complete list:

Diamond Flush Collection:
Tripwire: +10 fight defense skill

Heart Flush Collection:
Cappuccino: -3 job energy costs

Sculptures Collection:
Alarm System: +15 robbing defense skill

Poker Chips Collection:
Bulldog: +18 fight defense skill

Club Flush Collection:
Problem Solver: -5 job energy costs

Boxing Collection:
Semi-Pro Boxer: +15 attack skill

Cigars Collection:
Fixer: -8 job energy cost

Spade Flush Collection:
Sting Grenade: +20 attack skill

Billiards Collection:
Bouncer: +27 robbing defense skill

Rings Collection:
Blueprints: -10 job energy cost

Ties Collection:
Injunction: +25 fight defense skill

Paintings Collection:
Motion Detector: +37 robbing defense skill

Cufflinks Collection:
Corporate Muscle: +35 attack skill

Barber Collection:
Shave and a Haircut: +30 fight defense skill

Great Race Horses Collection:
Inside Tip: -16 job energy costs

Cuba Boosts (need to be at Cuba collections screen to turn these in):

Rum Drinks Collection:
Flaming Shot: +30 attack skill

Tropical Fruits Collection:
Boosted Smoothie: -18 job energy costs (2 received per vault)

Entertainers Collection:
Sandbag Wall: +35 fight defense skill (7 received per vault)

Tropical Fish Collection:
Blowfish Dart: +40 attack skill

Beards Collection:
Hobo Lookout: +60 defense skill (7 received per vault)


All in all, a nice little addition to the game. Hopefully the developers will add more boosts that you can purchase with money so that in game currency actually has some value!
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  1. The tropical fruit collections only give 2 boosts instead of 7.
    Not sure is the same thing applied to energy boost collectibles or not.

  2. Yeah, good catch. It seems dependent on the collection vaulted rather than being just a random item.

  3. I like the boost idea, but make them a pay-for item instead of a re-vaulting item. Nobody's going to want to send away any of their loot if they may need it for boosts.

  4. wot about the lotto collection must be a pretty sweet boost

  5. I have boosts but they never get used in a fight...why would that happen?

  6. They have played around with the job experiences too atleast for the boss tier. I was half way throgh mastering the tier and then the job experiences went down. Guess it will take more time now.

  7. yep, i'm never sending any more collection items to my mafia ever again.....keepin em for me

  8. heres the boost amounts - horse collection 2 tips
    barber - 7shave and haricuts
    cufflinks - 7 corporate muscles
    paintings - 7 motion detectors
    ties- 7 injunctions
    rings - 2 blueprints
    spades- 7 grenades
    cigars- 2 fixers
    hearts- 2 capuccinos
    diamonds - 7 tripwires
    will post for the rest when i get them

  9. and greed sets in...

  10. do these work with the hitlist?

  11. These boosts are a bigger joke than the lotto items! Thinks about it...the critical hits make your boosts wasted because they are used automatically. You have to go to tiers you normally wouldnt to collect 7 items for a consumable boost. I'll still give away the remainder of my extra collection items, once they are gone I don't intend to go back anyoway. I see they have done the same thing in Cuba as they did in NY, they now have a Teir with NO collection items. That only cements the idea that once a player is done with the lvl, the boosts will be worthless as they have to go bakward and get lessor loots to get boost creating jobs.

  12. You're still getting critical hits? I haven't seen a critical hit in like 2 weeks....

  13. Just a note for those that are using the vaulting for the new boosts..You will find that as you use them, your items collected, will disappear each time you vault and you can't revault until you replace at any missing items..thats the only downfall I see of re-vaulting..Other than that the new boosts are a nice addition..

  14. i haven't had a critical hit in over a month. and what does the last comment mean?

  15. Boosting is a waste, I would say.
    I will not go back to loot collectibles just to revault them.

    In desperate times (edge of lvling up), i will only revault -energy boost, and that's all.

    BTW, if no critical hit, then what's the point of being promoted as a bodyguard?

  16. Umm, how does the -18 energy work? because it is still using the same amount of energy when I do jobs.

  17. You will have to revault in order for the boost to be added to your inventory. The first time you vault only give the bonus stats. One reason for those who feel that it should have been use in their next fight or so. I do feel that each vault item only keep up to 5, unless someone gift you. E.g. poker chips.

  18. The boosts that give -x Energy costs, how many jobs do they last for

  19. I have thousands of accumulated fight defense skill boosts in my inventory - does this mean that I am not being attacked in order to use them up?

    That's a good thing, right?

    Also, do the higher ranked items such as Hyper Alert Sentry at +32 get used up before the Extra Pair of Eyes with +3 skill?

  20. You successfully revaulted the Great Race Horses set and gained 2 Inside Tips (-16 job energy costs). Use your boost in some jobs now!

    Please add the "2" number in the post. :)

  21. wil they bring back the mr.hotsauce boosts?