August 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Updates; Strategy Guide

I've noticed two unannounced changes on Mafia Wars lately. First off is a change to the Declare War function. Now, when you win a war, you and all the people who helped you win the war can get limited edition loot. After winning the war, next to your name on the left hand side, a "reward friends" button now appears. When you click it, it sends out a limited edition loot piece to your friends.

This is a nice feature and I am sure it will entice more people to declare war, especially if the current trend of increasing stat points on limited edition loot continues.

Secondly, a bigger change that I just noticed today. After doing a job, I noticed this message(click to see full size):

Apparently, the bigger your mafia is, the better chance you have to get loot drops. However, I have an account with over 1,000 mafia members and an account with just 30 mafia members, and I can not tell a big difference between the two. I'll try to run a test shortly to get a better idea. In the mean time, feel free to post some anecdotal evidence about mafia size and item drop rates in the comment section below.
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  1. How about a post about the new upcoming Moscow extension?
    you can now collect 8 Moscow items and that might help you in the future.
    It seems the items drop in fights and jobs.

  2. yea hook it up bro

  3. It's not 8 Moscow items. It's 8 limited edition loot items. Collecting 8 of these will earn you a Moscow Armor. A 42/28 one

  4. I was sleeping, it'll come in a bit :P

  5. yeah right...

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