August 25, 2009

Unofficial Mafia Wars Strategy Guide - Brand New Release

Over the past month, I have been working on putting together an e-book - the ultimate strategy compendium for Mafia Wars. The purpose of the guide is to give the dedicated Mafia Wars player a resource for building the best and strongest Mafia Character around in the shortest time possible. The finished product is 82 pages long.

While this site initially gained popularity from the leveling guide, now most of my traffic comes from more simpler queries and people just looking for game updates. This guide is geared towards the serious Mafia Wars player. If you only play 10 minutes a day, skip the e-book and enjoy the free content on this site. If you are one of these players, don't worry - this site will be continually updated with game updates, information, and strategy as it is now.

However, if you are a serious player and want to know how to collect 5,000+ of the best weapons, vehicles, and armor in less than a week, or want to know how to level up a fighter in the shortest amount of time, read on.

The initial strategy guide was put together after I had tested everything rather than as I tested it. As a result, it is not as could be. The strategy guide outlined on this site will teach you how to level up quickly, reach a high level, and finish all the jobs. If that is all you want to do in Mafia Wars, great.

My new e-book outlines the best strategies for collecting the best armors, weapons, and vehicles in just a few days. Even a level 1,000 account can not make the claim of getting 500 track loaders and 500 canonazos within their first week of release. In the guide, you will learn how.

Additionally, in the original leveling guide, you end up with a high level character that can not win any fights. In the e-book I outline how to level up an account that can beat anyone in a fight in the shortest amount of time possible.

Finally, Cuba is integrated into the book (all the way up through El Cacique), so you can be sure the information is up to date and the level guide is perfected.

As a bonus, I throw in some information on how you can make a good bit of money online, both with Mafia Wars and with other online avenues. Rather than describing vague concepts, I break it down in my typical step-by-step approach.

Make no mistake, this content is not a rehash of what is already on this site, or anywhere else on the internet for that matter. It is simply the best strategy guide available with step-by-step instructions on creating the most powerful mafia character around. You will not be disappointed.

You can check it out here.
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  1. I am interested, not so much as I need the guide, but in supporting your work on this site. If I purchase the guide, what access will I have to updates, or is it a one shot deal?

  2. I would like for people who bought the guide to be able to download the updated versions for free; I have contacted the publisher and am awaiting a reply. In the mean time, I have lowered the price.

  3. I just made my first 20 dollar sale which paid for the price of the book plus more! This is a very easy to read and understand book, great resource!

  4. I bought the book today to support your blog as well as learn new things. I am currently reading through and so far it is very helpful!
    Thanks for your work!

  5. To the person who sent me a message on Lulu saying their download didn't work - you didn't register for an account so I can't reply to your message. Contact Lulu support with your order # and account info as they are the distributor. I just write the stuff.

  6. Any word back from Lulu regarding future updates to those who purchase?

    I don't want to buy and then be patched to irrelevancy, see?

    Please advise, soonest.

  7. Lulu has been unresponsive. I am going to move everything over to ClickBank when I get a chance and offer free updates, since you can do it through that page. I will be taking it down off of Lulu soon.

    When it goes live on Clickbank, people who grabbed it off Lulu that want to upgrade can. I will refund their original purchase price - that is, if they buy the new version (which will be more expensive since ClickBank has higher overhead - but I will run free updates), they can send email me their clickbank order #, a copy of the original .pdf ebook they got off lulu, and their paypal e-mail address and I will refund the cost of their lulu purchase.

  8. shows item not available now?

  9. Accounts with Rackets can increase stamina for only 1 skill point.
    Accounts with properties can increase stamina for 2 skill points