September 29, 2009

Selling Your Inventory in Moscow; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

If you have been playing Moscow at all over the past couple of days, there is one thing that really stands out: you need a lot of Rubles to get through the content at a reasonable pace.

If you have a high level energy-based account like outlined in the Mafia Wars Leveling Guide, I would recommend selling as much of your inventory as you can when you finish the first two chapters. My original energy account is now done the content, and after selling my extra inventory (leaving just enough inventory to do a high-paying job), I ended up with around 45,000,000 Rubles.

That is a lot of cash.. and the second chapter is 2-3 times more expensive than the first. If trends continue, players will need millions of Rubles to get through the content. New York money was essentially worthless, money is somewhat tight in Cuba, and you simply need a lot of cash to get through Moscow, no way around it.

My educated guess is that Chapter 3 will not be available for two more weeks. So, to keep your bribes down, as soon as you finish the first 2 chapters, sell off all your inventory save a few pieces and start loading up on rubles. In the long run (i.e. over a week) you will have made your money back that you lost by only getting half price for your items. If you stock up 100,000,000 Rubles for Chapter 3 & 4 release, you will in great shape when they come out.
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September 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Achievements; Strategy Guide

Here are the new achievements for Mafia Wars Moscow:

Rossiya Matushka: Earned by traveling to Moscow.

Pank n' Spank: Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov.

Edit (thanks anon user):

Only 2 achievements that I've seen so far - I'll keep an eye out for new achievements.
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September 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Job Mastery Rewards & Items; Strategy Guide

While it is supposed to take 24 hours to do each job tier, it's bugged. Often times after logging out for a few hours, you can log back in and the "Get Help" button will work. With that said, here are the current job mastery items for Moscow:

Episode 1: Barsuk SUV: 36 attack, 52 defense

Episode 2: Boss Karpov's Pistol: 50 Attack, 38 Defense

Seems like a lot of work just for a few combat items that are not even that spectacular. As more chapters are released, I will update this page.
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September 25, 2009

Difference Between Vory and Mafiya; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

As you progress through the chapters in Moscow, you have to make a choice between siding with the Vory or the Mafiya. It appears that you can freely choose whichever side you want each Episode; you can side with the Vory in Episode 1 and then side with the Mafiya in Episode 2. Here are the known differences between the two tiers, broken down by Episode:

Episode 1, Baklany:

In chapter 2, there is one job difference between each side:

The top job, Collect the Ransom, is Vory only, while the Collect the Hit Payoff job is Mafiya only. Here are the two different items possible from this job:

The Cherepakha Compact is Vory Only.

And the Molotok Pistol is Mafiya Only.

As you can see, the only difference in Episode 1 in choosing a side is if you want access to a bad vehicle or weapon. The Mafiya pathway costs more money (you need 6 Takis which are 1,000,000 Rubles) while in the Vory pathway you only need 3 Taksis (you need 6 Mototsyki which are only 500,000 Rubles a piece). On the other hand, The Mafiya pathway is more efficient (1.71 xp per energy vs 1.68 xp per energy). It really makes no difference.

Update: This is the job mastery reward for episode one for both Vory and Mafiya, so really for the first tier there is no significant difference between job paths.

And yes, another combat item... /yawn.

Episode 2, Boets:

There are more significant differences between the path you choose at this stage, although it does not seem to make too much of a difference yet:

Differences in Jobs (I did not include chapter 3 since there is no difference between Mafiya or Vory):

Vory Job Tier

Mafiya Job Tier

Differences in Loot:

Vory Only Loot

Mafiya Only Loot

Well, as you can see, not too much of a difference. The vehicle is a little bit better than the weapon, but if you have a fleet of Track Loaders / Hu-9's / Armored State cars, it does not matter.

There are different jobs between each tier that you can see in the pictures above. One thing to note is that the differences in payment between jobs is potentially due to differences in bagmen between characters. One main difference is that Vory is required to use Concealable Cameras to work through Episode 2 does not have them required.

For the first two episodes, the long and short of it is that it really does not matter. I am assuming they will diversify more as more episodes are released.

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Mafia Wars Hidden Tiger Loot; Strategy Guide

For this weekend only, as I am sure you have seen, there are 8 pieces of limited edition tiger loot to be found in game. These items drop completely randomly from fights and jobs. Here is the list:


Pro's 2 Iron (nice Tiger Woods reference): 24 attack, 12 defense
Tora Assault Rifle: 28 attack, 12 defense
Siberian Tiger: 36 attack, 14 defense
Liger: 45 attack, 12 defense


Tigerskin Armored Vest: 12 attack, 30 defense


Le Tigre: 26 attack, 15 defense
Tigershark Submersible: 37 attack, 18 defense
Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 43 defense


With that said, turns out there are two good items here, the Liger (45 attack weapon) and the Tiger Tank (43 defense vehicle). Don't worry about trying to collect these in large quantities though - I am pretty sure that these items will be outdated by the later Moscow episodes.
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Mafia Wars Moscow Businesses; Strategy Guide

In Mafia Wars Moscow, businesses work a lot like they did in Cuba. So far there are three businesses. Unlike Cuba, they are unlocked as you progress through the story. You can buy the cigarette business after you unlock the third chapter in episode 1, and you can buy the Black-Market Car Lot after you unlock the third chapter in episode 2. Here are the businesses (text & pic):

Unlicensed Taxi Stand: You get this just by going to Moscow. Earns 15,000 Rubles every 3 hours.

Cigarette Smuggling Ring: Purchasable after unlocking Chapter 3 in Episode 1. With no upgrades it produces 30,000 Rubles / 3 hours.

Black-Market Car Lot: Costs 3,750,000 Rubles, purchasable after unlocking Chapter 3 in Episode 2. With no upgrades it produces 60,000 Rubles / 3 hours. Fully upgraded it produces Exotics and earns 336,000 Rubles every 3 hours.

Will update as more chapters are released!
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Moscow Collections and Boosts; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Here is a list of the new collections and boosts in Mafia Wars Moscow. There is only 2 so far because they only released 2 episodes.

Prison Tattoos Collection (Baklany Episode): +6 Defense

Items: Rose Tatto, Church Tattoo, Star Tattoo, Spider Tattoo, Tiger Tattoo, Skull Tattoo, Crucifix

Boost: Temporary Tattoo (+42 Fight Defense Skill)

Matryoshka Dolls Collection: +7 Energy

Items: Natalya's Doll, Olga's Doll, Oksana's Doll, Svetlana's Doll, Tatyana's Doll, Anastasiya's Doll, Ekaterina's Doll

Boost: Hidden Matryoshka (-20 job energy cost)

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Mafia Wars Moscow Overview; Strategy Guide

I have had a chance to play through Moscow now and here is an overview of the new jobs, items, businesses, and mechanics of the new expansion. For some of the pictures I loaded a mod that shows the exp/energy job ratio if you are wondering about the numbers. Note: They only released 2 episodes so far (so really only 1/3 of the expansion is out). It says they will "release a new episode each week" or something along those lines.

Also, I don't know if it is just me, but I still have property instead of rackets.


All in all, Moscow is pretty similar to early Cuba. Money, although you get more of it for jobs, is still very tight, and you will have to end up repeating jobs to buy the items to complete the next tier.

There are two primary differences:

One is that one job and the boss fight in each tier have a "Get Help" button attached to them. The one job is very inefficient, around 1.3ish XP/energy cost. For level one mastery, you have to do the job 34 times to get through, for level 2 mastery, 50 times, and for level three mastery, 100 times (3%/2%/1%). You can "Get Help" on the job and completely skip it if enough friends help. The catch? You can only do this once every 24 hours. However, if you have an energy account, you can still power through it. In fact, if you have an energy account, I would recommend it - money is so tight you will need to repeat jobs anyway just to get the items for the next tier.

For example, on my energy account I powered through that job both at level 2 and 3 mastery in episode 1 and I had just barely enough money to buy all the items for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

The boss fight works a similar way - during the first and third level masteries, you have to click a "Get Help" button to do the job. You can only do this once every 24 hours. The downside? Well, you can not power through it and you can only do it once every 24 hours, so it takes at least 1 full day to master the first job tier, another couple days to master the 2nd episode, so on and so forth.


So here are some pictures (click to see full size) detailing the first set of jobs if you pick Mafiya (I did!):

So, as you can see, the EXP ratios are similar to starting out in Cuba. Also interesting is that for the first few jobs you need New York items. There is some consumable use in Moscow; you need a Dossier on Dmitri (found by doing the Buy Mafia Intel on Dmitri) to do the final job (Hospitalize Some Nationalists) leading up to the boss fight. Was not really a road block though, I did the Dossier job a few extra times when I needed money to reach the next tier.

Right now, there does not seem to be much of an advantage in choosing sides. I guess the job mastery rewards could be different, but we will not be able to tell until a full 24 hours passes from Moscow release so someone can complete a tier.

Other New Things:

There are new collections, businesses, and items. I will cover those in additional posts so that I can link to them and make them easy for everyone to find and see rather than lumping it all in one post.
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September 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Post!; Strategy Guide

Well, Mafia Wars Moscow is set to come around perhaps as soon as tomorrow, so let's use this thread to collect as much information as we can. If you have anything else, feel free to post it in the comments section!

Moscow to out in a few hours!

From the Mafia Wars Twitter page:

Are your papers in order for Moscow? Word on the street is, the planes will land in a few short hours.


East coast mafiosos, enjoy your dinner, and don't stay up because of MW. Moscow will be there when you wake up tomorrow morning. :D

Looks like we're not getting Moscow until late tonight.

Testing Account's Loot Page (no stats though):

Mafia Wars Moscow Preview, even with some pictures of the new tier:

Some pics of the first tier. Additionally, looks like the first collection will be a set of 8 Russian dolls.

Mafia Wars Tiger Limited Edition Loot:

To celebrate the release of Moscow, there will be some limited edition loot drops to collect this weekend only in addition to all the new stuff in the expansion. More information here.

Travel Button Has Changed:

It keeps changing a lot, so who knows what could be next.

New Boost - Hidden Matryushka

Found this on the testing account's loot list. New boost from Moscow.

As more information becomes available, I will continue to update this thread (until Moscow is actually released at which point I will make a new post). Feel free to contribute!
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September 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow to be Released Within a Week; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Moscow Q&A was posted up today here on the official forums. Among the things announced are that Moscow will be "released within a week or so". Additionally, there be no beta for Moscow. So as soon as Moscow is released, it will be available for all to play.

Other things of note:

- Once you choose your "side" in Moscow, your decision is final.

- Each side will have different loot drops.

- On which job to choose, the developers have only said that "you will have to find out this on your own". I will post a write-up as soon as I can after Moscow release on the differences between sides.

- Equipment will be more balanced so that you will not end up losing every fight on defense as is the case with Cuba.

- Moscow will use its own currency.

- No word or not on whether you will need consumables for old world parts (such as politico corruptos and cell phones) but developers will offer a new venue for getting these items.

My take? Well, I am impressed that Moscow will be getting out soon, but I worry that there will be tons of bugs and exploits since they are not running a public beta. Additionally, I am guessing that each side will have a few "best in slot" items and that the only way to assemble the best equipment will be to trade around. For example, imagine if the Track Loader only dropped for the one affiliation while TNT/Canonazo only dropped for the other team; you would have to trade to collect the best weapon/armor/vehicle set.

At any rate, I predict that the new method for getting consumables will be rackets or Moscow businesses - that is there will be like a shipping racket and instead of collecting a cash take you will "collect" 10 cell phones or something along those lines. Other than that, looking forward to Moscow. Only 2 days left to rob!
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September 18, 2009

Robbing to be removed; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Logged in to see this update listed on the mafia wars app:

Game Updates: Robbing will be removed for upgrades, beginning on Thursday, September 24. Thank you for your patience.

So, it looks like we are going to lose robbing after all as we are upgraded to New York Rackets. The developers have said that we can keep our property but they will "give us a good incentive to cash it in."

Under the beta test of the rackets system, a new stat known as influence was added and players received 6 stat points per level to compensate. This was a stupid change (I rarely say that) because with 6 stat points, you can practically level forever. This was reverted and now players under the new system only get 5 stat points per level, which is also ridiculous, because now there are accounts floating around with tons of extra stat points.

I wonder why Mafia Wars just does not run beta tests on a beta server? Is that really such a novel concept? There are plenty of players (i.e. me) who would be willing to test their content for free and report back to the developers with feedback, so why mess with live servers?

Since this update comes September 24th, I think it is safe to assume that Moscow will not be released beforehand. Less safe to assume (but I think is a real possibility) is that Moscow will not be out before October. Why do I think this? Well, when Cuba came out, about 10% of players (I think, don't quote me on that) had access to the Cuba beta test. This test lasted a solid 2-3 weeks before it was actually rolled out for the rest of the Mafia Wars population to play. We have not even seen Mafia Wars Moscow beta yet, so it is likely to be quite a bit of time before it completely rolls out. Who knows though, I could be completely wrong on the second part. Maybe beta will coincide with the September 24th upgrade, maybe there will be no beta at all. Only time will tell!

More important than the transient nature of acquiring virtual currency is the fact that robbing is really the only real action you can take to punish another player. Hitlisting helps most people since newbies routinely give out free XP for attacking high level players. Fighting and Declare War are also both two features that have no downside for the party being attacked. When someone beats up on your low level friend, the only way you can really annoy him is by robbing his property - and now that's gone. Hopefully the developers will create a new system (not something lame like Declare War) so that this game stays interactive and goes beyond the mere collection of pixels and pushing the proverbial rock up the hill so that the developers can roll it back down every 3 or 4 months.

And that's all I have to say about that.

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September 17, 2009

New Mafia Wars Combat Formula; Strategy Guide

As some of you may have noticed, when Mafia Wars put in the new combat screen which tallies item equipment scores and displays them on the fight screen, they changed the combat formula.

These were not just minor tweaks either. Under the previous system, testing had shown that for some reason on certain servers, attack and defense did not matter and all stat points were lumped together. Clearly this is no longer the case - attack is used for attack, and defense is used for defending.

Additionally, under the old system, attack and defense stat points were weighted much heavier then weapon and armor attack and defense points. In other words, under the old system, someone with weak equipment and a very high attack and defense stat score could beat someone with great equipment and poor stats. This is no longer the case. Under the new system, equipment scores are weighted very heavily - someone with great equipment is going to win most of their fights regardless of stat point allotment. The actual equation is unknown, but it definitely relies a lot more on equipment then it used to.

Honestly, I think that in theory this was a good change - stat points accounted for way too much and equipment accounted for way too little when it came to fighting. However, the problem is that currently players can easily boost their total equipment attack score to over 56,000 attack points by simply collecting 500 track loaders, TNT/Canonazos, and Guerrilla Squads. However, players can only boost their defense equipment score to around 49,000 points. As a result, even the best players can not win every fight on defense.

For example on my level 220 fighter account above, I have almost the best equipment, and a moderate amount of attack and defense (about 400 of each). I win literally every fight on offense even though I put a decent amount of points into energy and stamina and the account has no bonus godfather points. However, I sometimes notice that I lose fights on defense, other people are able to rob me, and so on and so forth. This is because I (and other players as well) can not boost my defense to match up against a well geared players offensive capabilities.

One strategy you could use it to put more stat points into defense then you do in offense. Because the equipment is better for offense, you do not need as many stat points in attack as it is. However, if Russia comes out and balances out the equipment, or worse, makes better equipment available for defense then there is for offense, this could backfire in a bad way. I think that stacking the odds slightly in favor of offense is a good thing - everyone wants to win fights on offense - but right now the difference is so significant that if someone has the best offensive items you are going to lose all your fights on defense even if you have a lot of +defense stat points and great defensive equipment.

For now, the only real fix is to wait until Russia and hope they add better defensive weapons.
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September 15, 2009

Next 3 Mafia Wars Expansions Planned; Strategy Guide

As I am sure many of you have seen, the "Fly to Cuba" button has been replaced by a "Travel" button.

So, it looks like we will see Moscow shortly, then Asia, then the Western U.S. I wonder what "coming soon" means? It was many months before Cuba came out after Mafia Wars release - can we really expect to see 3 new expansions to be "coming soon"?

As one poster in the comments section pointed out, if you copy and paste the text from the graphic it turns into a lot more:

New York
Moscow Coming Soon
Bangkok Coming Soon
Tokyo Coming Soon
Hong Kong Coming Soon
Asia Coming Soon
Western U.S.Coming Soon

Now that makes more sense - I thought it was weird that "Asia" got lumped into one category rather than making distinctions between Yakuza and Triads.

Also, some odds and ends:

Some people have reported their heist (robbing) tab. When I checked this out, mine was gone as well. However, as soon as I clicked on "declare war" it came back. So if you are missing it, you can click on declare war to get it back.. for now. With this whole "New York business" thing, they might just get rid of property (and as a result, heists) altogether!
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September 11, 2009

New York Businesses; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Saw this over on the Mafia Wars forums. Basically, a poster by the name of Syithe said he made a new account and the old New York property tab was replaced by a "Businesses" tab just like Cuba. Here are some screen shots he put up (click to see full size):

From what I understand, there's a new stat called influence, and it allows you to "Shakedown" the businesses. Basically, when you shake down a business, in however many hours it is "ready" in, you will get the payout and some experience points. That is about it. This seems very much in beta, and it seems like there will be a lot more options as you get higher level, so a lot is subject to change.

It is too early to call how exactly this is going to be implemented. I mean, on one hand, it would be really weird if only new players had aspect to this side of the game. On the other hand, these businesses really don't seem to produce a lot of cash compared to the current New York properties and jobs.

What is the alternative for rolling this system out? Are they really going to just get rid of all the old property on a whim and leave the players with billions (or trillions) in NY cash? What would be the point of taking over these new business that offer a measly $13,000 every 4 hours? Now, while I realize New York money has no real value as it is, the idea of regression does not appeal to any player in an MMORPG type game. People hate losing what they feel like they worked for (even if by "worked for" they were playing the game while at work and supposed to be actually doing their job :P).
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Mafia Wars: Moscow Preview

Directly from the Mafia Wars Application:


Mafia Wars: Moscow
Privet and welcome to Moskva! From this old and storied city, two rival groups - the Vory v Zakone and the Russian Mafiya - pull the strings of illegal enterprise across the globe.

However, your arrival in the city has upset the balance of power. Will you side with the Vory, the princes of thieves and the Old Guard of the Russian underworld? Or maybe you'd prefer the company of the brutally ruthless and efficient Mafiya? The decisions you make will have consequences, so choose carefully. Udachi!
Welcome to Moscow
The challenges in Moscow may be greater than those you faced in New York or Cuba, but so are the rewards. Once released Moscow will be available to those level 70 or greater.

Directly from the Mafia Wars application. Looks like Moscow is just around the corner, and the minimum level is 70.. a bit higher level than I originally had thought! Interesting twist as it looks like you will have to choose a side between the two mafias. I am guessing each side has different job options and loot rewards. As soon as some updates come around, I will be sure to post them.
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September 10, 2009

Mafia Wars Strategy Guide - Extra Experience Points Tip

Here's a quick tip to snag some extra experience points that many players often forget about:

Once every 24 hours or so, you have the option to ask your friends for help on a job. When 10 people help you out on the job, you get a nice experience points bonus (to ensure the biggest bonus, pick high energy cost jobs).

Just remember that the New York call for help and Cuba call for help are on two separate timers. In other words, you can call for help in New York and in Cuba at the same time. So even though you may have mastered New York already and are working through Cuba(or vice versa), don't forget to do a job in New York every day or two so that you can call for help and get an experience points bonus!
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September 6, 2009

Some Useful Links; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Here are some useful links for you all:

First off, is a link to delete your news. Sometimes the "Invite People to Your Mafia" covers up the delete news option, so this can be helpful if you want to clear your news.

Mafia Wars Character Analyzer - This site will analyze your character and tell you what items you need to pick up in order to strengthen your character. Pretty convenient tool.
The party is over, the second link got patched. It was fun while it lasted!
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September 5, 2009

Mafia Wars Hard Labor Day Loot List; Strategy Guide

Here is a list of the loot drops you have a chance of getting this labor day weekend:


Dillinger's Wooden Gun 12 Attack 42 Defense

Ma Barker's Machine Gun 30 Attack 20 Defense

Pretty Boy Floyd's .45 22 Attack 22 Defense

Machine Gun Kelly's Gun 25 Attack 14 Defense

Baby Face Nelson's .351 21 Attack 24 Defense


Ness' Fedora 28 Attack 22 Defense


Bonnie & Clyde's B-400 32 Attack 19 Defense

Capone's Armored 341A 14 Attack 38 Defense

Eight total items in the set. There is no bonus for collecting all 8 other than bragging rights. The item that sticks out the most right away is "Dillinger's Wooden Gun" piece. It has 42 defense which is way higher than the Gaff Hook, the otherwise highest defense item in game (not counting LEL).

These items will drop randomly from all jobs and fights until Monday night at midnight PST. Good Luck!
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September 3, 2009

Mafia Wars Hard Labor Day Loot; Strategy Guide

In order to celebrate the Labor Day weekend, Mafia Wars is adding temporary loot drops much like they did with the 4th of July and Moscow weekends. Starting Friday at midnight, you will be able to find a set of 8 rare items. Repeat, these will not drop until Friday at midnight. Start looking for them late tonight. These drops will be available until September 7th. Here is a preview picture of the items (click to see full size):

I do not have any stats for these items just yet because they will not start dropping until Friday. Expect an update Saturday morning with the loot list and stats!
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September 2, 2009

Extra Experience Points Tips; Mafia Wars Strategy Guide

Here is a pretty simple way to get extra experience points on your Mafia Wars character.

1. Make a new account.

2. Level it up a few times to level 10 and put all your points into stamina. Once you are level 10 or 11 you will be allowed to attack random people.

3. Find out the link to your first account's mafia wars profile page. To find it, have a friend (or a second account) log into their "My Mafia" page, right click on your name on their mafia list and click "open in new window." That link location is the location to your account. Bookmark this link.

4. Now, on your second account, open up the bookmarked link and attack your own account over and over again. You will lose every fight, but as a result, your first account will get experience points for winning the fight on defense.

If you are a high level character with a full mafia and good stats, you can use this strategy to list your first account on the hitlist over and over again. If you can win the majority of the fights, you will get a lot of experience points from doing this!

Alternatively, if you have 2 accounts, make one account only have 1 mafia member - that member being your other account. When first account finds items from doing jobs, your other account will get a few exp for "finding" the item. I find that the "Collect Protection Money" job in the Associate tier to have a really high drop rate. Do this job a few hundred times and your main account will get a few hundred extra experience points as well!
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