September 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Hidden Tiger Loot; Strategy Guide

For this weekend only, as I am sure you have seen, there are 8 pieces of limited edition tiger loot to be found in game. These items drop completely randomly from fights and jobs. Here is the list:


Pro's 2 Iron (nice Tiger Woods reference): 24 attack, 12 defense
Tora Assault Rifle: 28 attack, 12 defense
Siberian Tiger: 36 attack, 14 defense
Liger: 45 attack, 12 defense


Tigerskin Armored Vest: 12 attack, 30 defense


Le Tigre: 26 attack, 15 defense
Tigershark Submersible: 37 attack, 18 defense
Tiger Tank: 18 attack, 43 defense


With that said, turns out there are two good items here, the Liger (45 attack weapon) and the Tiger Tank (43 defense vehicle). Don't worry about trying to collect these in large quantities though - I am pretty sure that these items will be outdated by the later Moscow episodes.
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  1. RE fighting: it's still the same. dunno if i'm just hoping, but it seems like xp points are higher and more loot is dropped per fight in Moscow. i've been getting a lot more +3/4/6's when fighting in moscow than cuba or NY provide. money won seems to be up to $65k...with a +13% safecracker it pulls in 73k max. made a few hundred thousand fighting so far..

  2. Finally managed to get them all on both accounts! 700 energy + 25 fights on my first account, and 1200 + 50 fights on my second account! At least they're easier than the Labor Day loots.

  3. so what's the deal with bribery penalties in moscow? i see none attached to items, etc but notice i'm losing cash during jobs.

  4. Can't seem to loot anything doing the thug tier in NY. the 1 energy...

  5. i have them all i used 1000 engergy on the 1 energy job and got them all gl to u :]

  6. Over 1000 energy and 120 fights and still need Tank and Liger!!

  7. Don't know how much I've used but it's taking forever.

  8. Over 1500energy and 200fights and still need Tank and Liger...SUX SUX SUX

  9. lol mix it around a bit in the thug tier, thats what worked for me, got over 35 tiger loots but only 1 liger and 1 tank

  10. I was lucky my first 2 items were the tank and the liger then I got the other 6 on the 1 energy job and fighting. It did not take long. This was much easier than the Labor Day items.

  11. i think there is a limit to the number of items you can own.
    I got alot of them at the begnining but in the last three hours i got none whatsoever

  12. What's the deal with the anti-robbing boost... There useless now.

    Anybody wants te trade them for some TNT?

  13. limit on tiger loot is 33 pieces. the loot drop seems faster than labor day/russia/4th of july. i went 8/8 on the first day :) :)

  14. Too bad I've been fighting and switching from Moscow to Cuba and NY I still cant have Liger and Tank..

  15. i can't seem to get the Pro's 2 iron, been trying for 2 days :(

  16. I got:
    3 Pro's 2 Irons
    16 Tora Assault Rifles
    13 Le Tigres
    3 Siberian Tigers
    4 Tigerskin Armored Vests
    5 Tigershark Submersibles
    1 Tiger Tank
    But I still haven't received the Liger..... sigh...... :-(
    Now I have given up hopes of finding the Liger...... :-(

  17. lol.....I only have 4 of them,
    Assault Rifles
    Siberian Tigers
    Le Tigre

    don't how many of each, haha

  18. tiger tank seems to be the most difficult item to find! any suggestions?

  19. any suggestions on Pro's 2 iron? yes, i know its random but anything that makes it more probable to drop would be nice

  20. I cant get the tigers to drop, have everything else, I have the tank so guess i should be happy with that!

  21. I have two tips for finding Tigers Unleashed Loot:

    1) Go to your news feed and click on the "Look for loot" link at the bottom of a posting by someone that just found one of the special items. The item your friend found will have no impact on the item you find.

    2) My luck seems to be very streaking. I will do fifty missions and get nothing, but then get three items in the next ten jobs I do.

    Here's my inventory of Tiger loot, gained almost exclusively through the "Mugging" mission and fighting ...

    Siberian Tiger - 6
    Liger - 3
    Tora Assault Rifle - 10
    Pro's 2 Iron - 5

    Tigerskin Armored Vest - 2

    Tigershark Submersible - 1
    Le Tigre - 4
    Tiger Tank - 2

  22. Got 3 Tiger Tank but haven't find the Liger...

  23. Myself and a few friends noticed that once we got all 8, loot drops became few and far between, or none at all.

  24. I have spent over 2000 energy & 400 stamina in the last 2 days... no TANK! I have 7 of the 8. Last night & today nothing has dropped at all. Spent it all in NY thug tier and fighting. Won most in fighting in Moscow... now nothing. It seems like some get it fast and then others are just screwed no matter what they do.

  25. yea i am in the getting screwed no matter what i do phase...I have not looted one item today!

  26. i got all of them the first day. It wasnt hard. but i only have 1 liger, and 1 tank, and 2 tigers. I got like 5-10 of each of the others. I just hit the first mission in new york that costs 1 energy. i used like 800 energy.

  27. What about the bonus?? Haven't the other ones provided a bonus to collecting all 8?

  28. I guess there was no Bonus this time around......
    Only the 8 items to collect.

  29. no bonus Noches? LOL

  30. I GOT 7 OF 8 ITTEMS!!!!!!!!!

  31. I got them all except the Tiger even though that is the easiest one

  32. i didn't get any of the tiger items and i had over 1200 energy. bogus

  33. i m late
    to have them
    now how can i got them?

  34. i was not able to recieved all of them... but im still completing all the master reward