September 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Achievements; Strategy Guide

Here are the new achievements for Mafia Wars Moscow:

Rossiya Matushka: Earned by traveling to Moscow.

Pank n' Spank: Earned by defeating Dmitri Leonov.

Edit (thanks anon user):

Only 2 achievements that I've seen so far - I'll keep an eye out for new achievements.
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  1. The "X new achievements to earn" simply refers to the total number of achievements that are lefy in your profile. I compared my message there as well as a couple of my buddies.

  2. Should i join vory or mafiya? who has better loot?

  3. i have a new account and i dont have properties option. how can i get this achievement slum lord and cashing out when i can't buy properties? this new update of zynga is a total ****

  4. just look on the side navigation bar to see vory v mafiya

    @ other poster - not sure!

  5. @other poster, properties and fight tab will not open until move up some levels... level up say some 20 levels and see if u have properties tab....

  6. that poster has rackets

  7. I too have rackets, but my cousin who started a new character about a week ago has properties...and there are no achievements geared toward rackets, any clue yet?

  8. we need some more achievements in Moscow e.g. when you upgrade all the businesses.
    The achivements not relevant to players with rackets should be dropped and replaced with some other rackets relevent ones

  9. I have reached the boss on both episodes 1 and 2 in Moscow. Both of them are locked. What do I need to do to be able to confront them?