September 25, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Overview; Strategy Guide

I have had a chance to play through Moscow now and here is an overview of the new jobs, items, businesses, and mechanics of the new expansion. For some of the pictures I loaded a mod that shows the exp/energy job ratio if you are wondering about the numbers. Note: They only released 2 episodes so far (so really only 1/3 of the expansion is out). It says they will "release a new episode each week" or something along those lines.

Also, I don't know if it is just me, but I still have property instead of rackets.


All in all, Moscow is pretty similar to early Cuba. Money, although you get more of it for jobs, is still very tight, and you will have to end up repeating jobs to buy the items to complete the next tier.

There are two primary differences:

One is that one job and the boss fight in each tier have a "Get Help" button attached to them. The one job is very inefficient, around 1.3ish XP/energy cost. For level one mastery, you have to do the job 34 times to get through, for level 2 mastery, 50 times, and for level three mastery, 100 times (3%/2%/1%). You can "Get Help" on the job and completely skip it if enough friends help. The catch? You can only do this once every 24 hours. However, if you have an energy account, you can still power through it. In fact, if you have an energy account, I would recommend it - money is so tight you will need to repeat jobs anyway just to get the items for the next tier.

For example, on my energy account I powered through that job both at level 2 and 3 mastery in episode 1 and I had just barely enough money to buy all the items for Episode 1 and Episode 2.

The boss fight works a similar way - during the first and third level masteries, you have to click a "Get Help" button to do the job. You can only do this once every 24 hours. The downside? Well, you can not power through it and you can only do it once every 24 hours, so it takes at least 1 full day to master the first job tier, another couple days to master the 2nd episode, so on and so forth.


So here are some pictures (click to see full size) detailing the first set of jobs if you pick Mafiya (I did!):

So, as you can see, the EXP ratios are similar to starting out in Cuba. Also interesting is that for the first few jobs you need New York items. There is some consumable use in Moscow; you need a Dossier on Dmitri (found by doing the Buy Mafia Intel on Dmitri) to do the final job (Hospitalize Some Nationalists) leading up to the boss fight. Was not really a road block though, I did the Dossier job a few extra times when I needed money to reach the next tier.

Right now, there does not seem to be much of an advantage in choosing sides. I guess the job mastery rewards could be different, but we will not be able to tell until a full 24 hours passes from Moscow release so someone can complete a tier.

Other New Things:

There are new collections, businesses, and items. I will cover those in additional posts so that I can link to them and make them easy for everyone to find and see rather than lumping it all in one post.
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  1. i still have properties too, producing @ the same rate/time

  2. i'm going for the vory

  3. How do you know which side you pick. I visited Moscow, but did not choose anything and now I am able to do jobs. Does this mean a side was set picked for me?

  4. I didn't get asked which side either...does that show up later? I'm still just working through the first tier of jobs.

  5. chapter 2 , is when you choose

  6. pick sides in chpt 2 of ea eps.

    for eps. 1, chpt 2:

    vory allows you to collect a car:
    Cherepakha Compact
    18 Attack 25 Defense

    mafiya allows you to collect a gun:
    Molotok Pistol
    22 Attack 26 Defense

    Not sure if you require different items to do each side or if they just increase the number of items you require (e.g. delivery truck goes from 5 - 8 in tier 2), but you will need to buy more items the second time around.


  7. the job requirement depends on your level... i'm 151 and the requirements of chapter 2 is 1 times each item and 2 for motorcycle(english??) however it give out the same amount of money

  8. My "get help" button isnt working... it says that people responded but the percentage is not going up. Anyone know whats wrong?

  9. on my mafia wars job requirements are not the same amount as the ones shown above and i picked only requires at most 2 of w/e type of inventory (2 taksis for chapter 2 not 6)...why is it different for me? btw iam from Canada in case the geography has anything to with it...

  10. to the person above me the higher your teir the more items needed as pre reqs for some jobs, but does anyone know why my black market car lot wont open ive finished the 2nd chapter through tier 1 and im starting teir 2 but the business wont open =\

  11. it seems to be that Moguls will fare much better in moscow than fearlesses...they will be able to accumulate cash really quick

  12. the "get help" option is really insufficient! even if there ARE friends helping you out, the job mastery is still 10%, any help on that?

  13. I mastered all the Moscow level 1 jobs and nothing reset for me to master level 2. I can't do anything until I complete episode 1 but can't figure out what I need to do?