September 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Post!; Strategy Guide

Well, Mafia Wars Moscow is set to come around perhaps as soon as tomorrow, so let's use this thread to collect as much information as we can. If you have anything else, feel free to post it in the comments section!

Moscow to out in a few hours!

From the Mafia Wars Twitter page:

Are your papers in order for Moscow? Word on the street is, the planes will land in a few short hours.


East coast mafiosos, enjoy your dinner, and don't stay up because of MW. Moscow will be there when you wake up tomorrow morning. :D

Looks like we're not getting Moscow until late tonight.

Testing Account's Loot Page (no stats though):

Mafia Wars Moscow Preview, even with some pictures of the new tier:

Some pics of the first tier. Additionally, looks like the first collection will be a set of 8 Russian dolls.

Mafia Wars Tiger Limited Edition Loot:

To celebrate the release of Moscow, there will be some limited edition loot drops to collect this weekend only in addition to all the new stuff in the expansion. More information here.

Travel Button Has Changed:

It keeps changing a lot, so who knows what could be next.

New Boost - Hidden Matryushka

Found this on the testing account's loot list. New boost from Moscow.

As more information becomes available, I will continue to update this thread (until Moscow is actually released at which point I will make a new post). Feel free to contribute!
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  1. It looks like the top 10 or so players of the game (based on overall experience, level 3600 and up) must have received a private invitation to Moscow, as most of them already have Moscow weapons, armor, and vehicles.

  2. The travel button keeps changing, it replaced Asia with Hong Kong earlier.

  3. The travel button replaced Asia with Bangkok for me temporarily

  4. asia was temporarily replaced with "hong kong" for me too

  5. The image link is not working.....
    It says "404- Not Found"
    Yesterday I had a stupid looking silver lock image button above my travel button...... Tried clicking it but it was useless. Don't want what Zynga is up to......

  6. Some new weapons: Sodium Pentathol, Molotok Pistol, RU-7 .45 Pistol, Ballistic Knife, and Boss Karpov's Knife.

    New vehicles look to be: Zeppelin, Cherepakha Compact, Servernyy Olen Snowbike, and Barsuk SUV

    taking from the testing account loot thing. The account is active, just the picture on this blog isn't

  7. Sodium Pentothal and Zeppelin aren't new; former's the "mafia members" purchase, latter the GP purchase. The others are.

    Boss Karpov's Knife, though, lets me speculate. We know from NY, we got the useless "proof" of beating a boss; from Cuba, the tier mastery items. It seems to me that Moscow will mix the two; i.e., you get a combat loot after beating the boss.

    And then there's still the mystery over the Moscow promotional items. Running around with a 501 Shturmovik sounds mighty intimidating right around now.

  8. Nice, love this blog. Keep up the good work mate!!!

  9. no moscow yet for me, lvl 254. anyone have it?

  10. Thursday Night september 24th still no moscow

    are they fucking kidding me?

  11. Yep, very lame. I'm going to bed, I'll just have to check it out in the morning.

  12. strange i even didn't got travel button renewed, there's no Tokyo in mine :( seem i have to wait a bit longer then most of you :(

  13. LOL. Yes moscow here:
    some of the info so far that i get

    Prison Tattoo collection :+6 defense
    revault +42 fight defense skill

    I choose mafiya faction for now.
    Molotok pistol:22atk 26 def
    RU-7 .45 Pistol:25atk 23def

    Tiger loot
    Tora assault rifle:28atk 12 def

  14. The "Fight Off an Ultra-National Gang" job takes 99 exp and will only get you 1% per attempt at tier 3. Unless you have a straight energy account and are at a very high level that's just brutal.

  15. how dau choose ur side?

  16. ask for help for that job, if somebody helps it adds 21 % of that job, i event didnt have to do that

  17. Choose a side in Chapter 2 of Ep 1. The harsh looking job on chapter one has a "call for help" that gives YOU no experience, but gives 21% completion for each friend that responds (ie, you don't do it if you have 5 friends) - episode two gives you two jobs - one to work for each, that's where you make your first "choice" - the developers said it'll be choose your own adventure and friend heavy - expect a lot of "check back", ask friends for help, and chapters with jobs that lead to several different loot percentages.
    Tiger loots so far:
    Liger 45 att 12 def
    Tora Assault 28 att 12 def

  18. The only really annoying thing about Moscow's proliferation of "Call for Help" jobs is that I don't tend to put MW content on my Wall very often (I've only done it... twice: one for the Shturmovik and one for my 255th icing). Ever since they took out the Mafia Favors rotating window at the home page, I can barely get anyone to help me out on jobs or even help out my friends (even myself), which sucks. Now I have to whore myself out to MW for limited periods of time to make Moscow life easier... though I have to wait because I essentially wasted my first alert.

    As for additional Tiger loot info, I've gotten the following:
    Weapon: Pro's 2 Iron (24/19)
    Armor: Tigerskin Armor Vest (12/30)
    Vehicle: Le Tigre (26/15)
    Vehicle: Tigershark Submersible (37/18)

    So far, it looks like the Liger is the weapon to look for, 3 over a Canonazo/TNT; with the exception of the Siberian Tiger, the other weapons might just be mid-to-low-tier. The sub is basically a Track Loader with bleh defense. From a battle, though, the Tiger Tank has at least 38 Def, which may make that the worthwhile vehicle.

  19. Tiger Tank is 18A/43D.

  20. Please make a list for all 8 loot items with Att/def stats please

  21. new godfather item, "russian bear" for 25GP's. 22A/45D. counts as a defense yet!! new LEL for 10k(NY).."lefty guns' leather coat"...10A/24D

  22. The fastest level up in this gamem is start off only doing that jobs will net you the ost experice, And then do same jobs over and over agaon. Forget about trying to master tier, Instead focus on only jobs that will net you the most experience.