September 11, 2009

Mafia Wars: Moscow Preview

Directly from the Mafia Wars Application:


Mafia Wars: Moscow
Privet and welcome to Moskva! From this old and storied city, two rival groups - the Vory v Zakone and the Russian Mafiya - pull the strings of illegal enterprise across the globe.

However, your arrival in the city has upset the balance of power. Will you side with the Vory, the princes of thieves and the Old Guard of the Russian underworld? Or maybe you'd prefer the company of the brutally ruthless and efficient Mafiya? The decisions you make will have consequences, so choose carefully. Udachi!
Welcome to Moscow
The challenges in Moscow may be greater than those you faced in New York or Cuba, but so are the rewards. Once released Moscow will be available to those level 70 or greater.

Directly from the Mafia Wars application. Looks like Moscow is just around the corner, and the minimum level is 70.. a bit higher level than I originally had thought! Interesting twist as it looks like you will have to choose a side between the two mafias. I am guessing each side has different job options and loot rewards. As soon as some updates come around, I will be sure to post them.
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  1. What is the maximum points to be applied to your character? example: attack + defense + strength + energy + stamina = 900 points total
    to be spread amoung those stats. Do you know what that maximum amount of points would be?

  2. Ow yeah, is there an email I can send to the "owner" of the website. I have some stuff to send that can actually help other people.

    Gaining experience - Maximizing the Cuban job earnings

  3. Can people go into Moscow on beta?

  4. i made a new account today, and it was totally different from my other.
    1. jobs don't yield money anymore
    2. there are no properties
    3. you have another stat called influence
    4. you use influence to racket some businesses
    5. racketting businesses takes from anywhere to 4 h to 48 h, and nicks you 25.000+ from the very beginning
    i'm not joking, try it for yourselves. i'm surprised i haven't read about it before

  5. yeah I saw it.. I tried making a new account but still got the same old property stuff.

  6. i made 2 accounts on facebook yesterday one had it one didnt glad i play on myspace more thought they dont change shit on that also did u notice the addition if the west coast as the next exspansion seems like a fun idea