September 17, 2009

New Mafia Wars Combat Formula; Strategy Guide

As some of you may have noticed, when Mafia Wars put in the new combat screen which tallies item equipment scores and displays them on the fight screen, they changed the combat formula.

These were not just minor tweaks either. Under the previous system, testing had shown that for some reason on certain servers, attack and defense did not matter and all stat points were lumped together. Clearly this is no longer the case - attack is used for attack, and defense is used for defending.

Additionally, under the old system, attack and defense stat points were weighted much heavier then weapon and armor attack and defense points. In other words, under the old system, someone with weak equipment and a very high attack and defense stat score could beat someone with great equipment and poor stats. This is no longer the case. Under the new system, equipment scores are weighted very heavily - someone with great equipment is going to win most of their fights regardless of stat point allotment. The actual equation is unknown, but it definitely relies a lot more on equipment then it used to.

Honestly, I think that in theory this was a good change - stat points accounted for way too much and equipment accounted for way too little when it came to fighting. However, the problem is that currently players can easily boost their total equipment attack score to over 56,000 attack points by simply collecting 500 track loaders, TNT/Canonazos, and Guerrilla Squads. However, players can only boost their defense equipment score to around 49,000 points. As a result, even the best players can not win every fight on defense.

For example on my level 220 fighter account above, I have almost the best equipment, and a moderate amount of attack and defense (about 400 of each). I win literally every fight on offense even though I put a decent amount of points into energy and stamina and the account has no bonus godfather points. However, I sometimes notice that I lose fights on defense, other people are able to rob me, and so on and so forth. This is because I (and other players as well) can not boost my defense to match up against a well geared players offensive capabilities.

One strategy you could use it to put more stat points into defense then you do in offense. Because the equipment is better for offense, you do not need as many stat points in attack as it is. However, if Russia comes out and balances out the equipment, or worse, makes better equipment available for defense then there is for offense, this could backfire in a bad way. I think that stacking the odds slightly in favor of offense is a good thing - everyone wants to win fights on offense - but right now the difference is so significant that if someone has the best offensive items you are going to lose all your fights on defense even if you have a lot of +defense stat points and great defensive equipment.

For now, the only real fix is to wait until Russia and hope they add better defensive weapons.
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  1. You can also start selling, for example, Bonus Weapons and Town Cars, untill you see your total defensive going down and then you should stop. Good for your cash flow. Buying Rebel Snipers, and you see your offensive going up, till you run out of pesos or already have 501 Rebel Snipers

  2. Anonymous, if you have all or mostly the best weapons, etc, you're not using any of those things anyway, as the top Cuba loot is way better than these. Thus selling stuff (or buying rebel snipers) will only affect your income and not your fighting ability.

  3. @ Ace.. If you have 500 Town Cars & Bonus Weapons and you don't need them because you have (mostly) the best weapons... Whats the point in keeping them? Selling them makes your dollar cash flow go up a bit again. Every bit counts! And for Cuba.. Cash flow with jobs sucks anyways because you need to have all those items for the last Job Tier. Main income is from your business anyways. Last check is you don't pay bribe penalty on that. Or am I wrong? So if buying Snipers for me, brings up my offensive total (cuz seems like it, I'm not maxed out yet) I'm fine with it... :)

  4. Some time ago, I set up a spreadsheet to easily see how my attack score was generated. This was easy because the fighting results allow you to see what was used in the fight. On the other hand, there is no current way to see what defensive weapons were used.

    I pasted and copied my loot items into the spreadsheet and manipulated it - adding Mafia Store Inventory items.

    The result was a ranking, and eventual table of defensive items that maintain accountability of what is being used and setting a point where I can "gift" lower quality items to my Mafia family members.

    Here is "my" list of items that currently give me over 40,000 defensive points as a level 257 Maniac. NOTE: for those with C$ profits, Inventory purchases of "Bonus Weapons", "Rebel Snipers", and Commercial Helicopters" assist in both attack and defense early - with Rebel Snipers the most lasting.

    Gaff hook
    Cane Knife
    Ru-38 Pistol
    Baby Face Nelson's .351
    Pretty Boy Floyd's .45
    Ma Barker's Machine Gun
    Bonus Weapon

    Guerrilla Squad
    Falsified Documents
    Camouflage Body Armor
    Federal Agent
    Flak Jacket
    Ness' Fedora
    Rebel Snipers

    Armored State Car
    Private Jet
    Armored Limousine
    Track Loader
    Si-14 Cargo Plane
    Police Cruiser
    Ocelot Armored Truck
    Hu-9 Helicopter
    Cigarette Boat
    Commercial Helicopter

  5. I forgot to add that the items are ranked defensively, with the best item at the top of each list.

  6. I think its safe to assume that Russia will release a new defensive armor (most likely the bonus armor that they gave out) since it will be very easy for players to just get 501 Guerilla squads and be done with it.

  7. Focus your energy on the top 1 items.. its very rewarding. as soon as you unlocked the top 1 items. concentrate on it..

  8. A/D points do matter - I'm level 340 and kicked a level 1720's ass a couple weeks ago. He was maxed out on equipment, had the best of everything, but obviously didn't have squat in A/D points. That was my first clue that the stat points count more than I had originally thought (after the change).

    I'm winning almost all fights on defense now, except to very strong, much higher level players. I've got 49.1K points, maxed on Cuba equipment (only some Moscow stuff, of course), but I also have 805 stat points in defense, 715 on attack. I think those stat points count a lot more than we all originally thought, just based on my experience, plus what others are telling me as well.

    I like your guide here - most are full of crap tips for people who only want to level up fast for some stupid reason. LOL

  9. Your stats need updated.

  10. best weapon hills heavy weapon
    best armor bidwells suit
    best vehicle jacksons motorcycle
    best animal eagle
    total attack power in my mafia 90,000
    total defensive power in my mafia 83,000

  11. stat points matter just as much as weaponry

    if u are 1 1/2 times the power of ur opponents weaponry but his secret defense stats are twice that much of urs and u both have the same mafia hes gonno win.

    attack still plays a role in the combat formula and determines how much damage someone will take when attacking u as ur defending.......while defense plays a role in attacking by determining how much damage u will take when attacking another player

    overall u need at least 600 attack and defense and 80,000 + in ur weaponry and im level 165 and i see LOTS of people in the 80 to 90 thousands