October 30, 2009

Mafia Wars Halloween Loot; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Halloween loot weekend started as expected this morning. These are 8 limited edition items that drop randomly from any job in game. The easiest way to collect these is to do the "Mugging" job in the "Street Thug" tier. These have a chance to drop every time you do a job. You also have a chance to collect these during fighting. Here is the item list:


Edit: Bloody Poker Chips have been changed to "Frankenstein Poker Chips". If you had Bloody Poker Chips, these have simply turned into Frankenstein Poker Chips. The Lonely Plague Cow is now a Lonely Zombie Cow as well.

Frankenstein Poker Chips: 22 attack, 10 defense

Bloody Poker Chips:22 attack, 10 defense. Note: Bloody Poker Chips no longer exist. This item has been changed to Frankenstein Poker Chips in what was (I think) an attempt to make Mafia Wars more family friendly, which is odd, considering the game revolves around killing, looting, and other forms of crime and debauchery.

Fake Vampire Teeth: 34 attack, 15 defense

Laser Squirrel: 43 attack , 12 defense

Thanks Tony for the Laser Squirrel picture!


YoZombie: 21 attack, 18 defense

Monkey Brain Stew: 2 attack, 27 defense


Lonely Zombie Cow (the name was original Plague Cow as pictured below, but was changed to Zombie): 25 attack, 15 defense

Dead End: 32 attack, 20 defense

Kraken 24/41

Important Edit:

Apparently, the amount of Halloween items you can get caps at 32, so if you happened to get 10 YoZombies (like me) and gather 32 total items before completing the set, you are out of luck! How nice..

The laser squirrel is the best item, tying the Ubijca Assault Rifle which is the best offensive weapon in Moscow. There appears to be no bonus for completing the set.
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October 29, 2009

Mafia Wars Halloween Candy Truck; Strategy Guide

Well, due to a game change (or some sort of bug or another) the once a day cap came off of the Rob a Candy Truck job in Mafia Wars. For mastering the job, you get a Halloween Candy Truck, which is a vehicle with 20 attack and 35 defense:

Unless the once-a-day cap comes back on, it appears that this job can be done an unlimited number of times for more Halloween Candy Trucks. This could be really good for low level players. For a higher level player like myself, I have better vehicles, so I am okay with just one.


...and the cap is back on!

When the other Halloween limited edition loot comes out I will post up more information.
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October 28, 2009

Mafia Wars Halloween Event - Rob a Candy Truck; Guide

Looks like Halloween came early this year. Tonight, the limited time only job "Rob a Candy Truck" was added to the game.

The job pays out 2 xp for every 1 energy it costs, and the cost of the job appears to vary based on your level. The reward for completing the job is a Treat Bag (weapon, 15 attack 18 defense) and 25% job mastery.

You can only do the job once per day, so you will presumably have to do it four times over the Halloween weekend to get the mastery reward (probably a pretty good LEL Halloween item). On the second day I robbed the truck, I got another treat bag.

Also, available via the free gifts function (enter Mafia Wars via bookmark for a good chance to go to this screen), you can send and receive treat bags in addition to two more items:

Ghost Thug (armor, 10 attack, 20 defense):

Mystery Van (vehicle, 15 attack, 15 defense):

I am assuming the treat bag and "Rob the Candy Truck" will be in addition to another series of 8 limited edition loot pieces dropping randomly from jobs, so when those are released, expect another post!
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Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event; Strategy Guide

Starting Friday at Midnight (PT), we will have another holiday limited edition loot weekend for Mafia Wars, this time for Halloween. Items will be related to Halloween but also themed around other Zynga games, so we can expect FarmVille, Cafe World, and other similar items.

Based on previous trends, these items are likely to randomly drop from jobs and total 8 in the set.

I also suspect that by "Midnight" this means that items will not start dropping until late Friday night (rather than early Friday morning).

According to the Mafia Wars Twitter page, these items will now start dropping Friday morning at 12:01 AM due to popular demand. This gives us an extra 24 hours to collect items!
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October 26, 2009

Mafia Wars Bugs; Strategy Guide

Couple of weird things that have been happening to me over the past few days:

A lot of my progress on tiers has been "erased", or so it would appear in the user interface. For a few tiers I had mastered completely in Cuba all of my level 3 mastery is gone. However, when I try to do those jobs, I can not get any new mastery. The only gameplay issue I get from this is that in the achievements section is says I am 3/6 for "Next!" when I have finished it before.

The more annoying thing though is that when I "Get Help" in Moscow, my "help" is not counting. I had 10 people help me on the first time through the Episode 6.

This is the second day in a row this has happened to me on this same job. So, twenty people have helped me on it so far and I have only gotten 42% experience. Pretty annoying


I think I figured it out. If you call for help for the Moscow job, you can NOT click the "home" link. For some reason this force ends the period for which you can get credit. People can still help you on the job (up to 10), but you can no longer get mastery %.

Personally, I have been clicking "get help" then hitting the "home" button so I can see my news feed, see when my energy pack was up, so on and so forth, which is why this has been happening to me consistently I think.

I noticed that once after I got help, I waited in Moscow until 1 person helped me, then clicked "Home" and I got a message saying "Congratulations, your mafia was eager to help you" and the picture pop-up flashed up and only had one friend on it.

I only got 6 XP and a little bit of money (just as if only one friend helped me), even though the job had only been open 60 seconds. I got 21% mastery on the job as well from doing that. Despite this, 10 friends were able to help me, but no extra mastery or xp or money was given.

I think that what happens is if you click "home" right after you call for help (as I had been doing), not only can your friends no longer contribute to your job mastery, but also the job request ends and no window pops up because no one has responded yet. I typically click "home" right after I call for help so this fits the scenario perfectly.

I think the only thing you can do now is to wait for the developers to fix it, and in the mean time, after you call for help, go away from the keyboard for 15 minutes while staying at the same screen.
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October 24, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 and 4 Job List; Strategy Guide

Due to popular demand, here are the screenshots of the level 3 job tiers of episodes 3 and 4 in Mafia Wars Moscow. I chose Mafiya for episode 3 (does not particularly matter which side you chose) and Vory for episode 4 (this is a must since Shturmovik is Vory-only).

Episode 3 Job List (Mafiya):

Episode 4 Job List (Vory):

As you can see, the only episodes 1 and 2 item you need once you hit episode 4 is the tracksuit pants. However, there are a few episode 1 and 2 items still used in Episode 3.

On a side note, I decided to mess around with the "double New York mastery" weekend and all I have to say is wow. If you do not have a high level account yet, take advantage of this weekend. I literally finished New York start to finish in 3 hours, and that's including the time I spent going to the grocery store and eating dinner.

I got robbed on the screenshot though. For some reason, it awarded me the achievement for completing New York on October 25th. As you can see by the timing on this post, it is clearly still the 24th.

Weird. The guide is getting closer to completion, Moscow has really thrown a kink into things and I am still working around it. Will update soon!
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Mafia Wars Special Weekend - Double Mastery on New York Jobs; Strategy Guide

For all those who have not yet finished New York, this just in from the Mafia Wars twitter page:

"For this weekend only, double mastery on all New York jobs."

In other words, each job in New York is going to pay double job mastery (i.e. finish in half the time). Very nice!
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October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 - Vory vs Mafiya; Strategy Guide

Episodes 5 and 6 contain 5 out of the 6 best-in-slot weapons, vehicles, and armor, so choose between Mafiya and Vory carefully! For information on loot requirements, see the Job List post.

Episode 5:

In episode 5, if you pick Vory, your Chapter 2 will look like this:

If you choose Mafiya, it will look like this:

Note: Please be aware that the Vory screenshot is only 2nd level of mastery while the Mafiya screenshot is the third level of mastery. As a result, the Mafiya screenshot shows a higher item requirement.

Loot Differences:

Help "Plan" the Attack (Vory Only) drops:

Ubijca Assault is Vory Only.

Kill A Lookout (Mafiya Only) drops:

Klyk-9 Machine Pistol is Mafiya Only.

Episode 6:

If you choose Vory, your chapter 2 will look like this:

If you choose Mafiya, your chapter 2 will look like this:

Note: Please be aware that the Vory screenshot is only 2nd level of mastery while the Mafiya screenshot is the third level of mastery. As a result, the Mafiya screenshot shows a higher item requirement.

Loot Differences:

Hijack a Mafiya Cargo (Vory only) drops:

Konstantin Cargo Carrier is Vory Only

Hit a Vory Nightclub (Mafiya only) drops:

Zmeya Carbon Blade is Mafiya Only

Picking Your Side:

There are two viable options here, and which option you pick depends on your playstyle. In Episode 6, the best defensive weapon in game is Mafiya only, while the best defensive vehicle in game is Vory only. As a result, you will have to pick which one is more important to you. If you are a perfectionist and plan on trading (either with other players or a second account) to get 501 of the fully optimal set, I would recommend a different path from someone who does not want to trade for items.

Perfectionist Path:

The perfectionist should pick Vory in Episode 5 and Mafiya in Episode 6. You will have access to the Ubijca Assault Rifle (best offensive weapon) and the best defensive weapon (Zmeya Carbon Blade). You will have to trade for the Konstantin Cargo Carrier (Mafiya only, episode 6).

Alternatively (thanks to the contributor!) you can do both. Pick Vory for Episode 5, and as you are working through episode 6, stop before your second level of mastery on either side. Collect 500 Zmeya Carbon Blades or 500 Konstantin Cargo Carriers, then master the tier. As you go through the third time, pick the other side. This way, you can get them all without trading. The only downside is the items have a very low drop rate (no 10% bonus), so it will take you awhile. Makes the lotto collection look a lot better!

Path of Least Resistance:

If you do not want to do any trading to collect your set, I would recommend the opposite path - Mafiya in Episode 5 and Vory in Episode 6. Why?

Well, the Kylk-9 Machine Pistol is only 1 defense point less than the Zmeya Carbon Blade - not a big deal. Collect those from episode 5 instead of from episode 6. The Ubijca Assault Rifle is only a 1 attack upgrade over TNT and Canonazos, also not a great upgrade. You can get the Konstantin Cargo Carrier which is a 2 defense upgrade over armored state cars.

With this path, you do not need to worry about collecting replacing your TNT, which will save you time and energy. The Konstantine Cargo Carrier, with +2 defense, is a bigger upgrade and is just a better use of your time. By opting for this order, you do not need to collect an additional 500 items that the perfectionist would (assuming you already have TNT or Canonazos).


If you are the type of person that must have the optimal set (I am), master Vory in Episode 5, Mafiya in episode 6, and trade for the Konstantin Cargo Carriers. If you do not want to go out of your way and trade and already have 500 TNT or Canonazo, master Mafiya in Episode 5 and Vory in Episode 6. This way, you will save a bit of time and not need to upgrade your weapons.

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Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Job Mastery Items; Strategy Guide

Here are the job mastery items for Mafia Wars Moscow episodes 5 and 6:

Episode 5 (V0r):

ZPR Pulemut (Weapon): 28 attack, 65 defense

Episode 6 (Pakhan):

The Drakon: 54 attack, 22 defense


Wow, a 54 attack, 22 defense vehicle is the reward for collecting the 6,000,000,000 Rubles needed to finish Moscow? Spending 3 times as much energy as is required to finish off the Boss tier in New York? Disappointed to say the least..
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Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Tier Screenshots; Strategy Guide

Here are episode 5 and 6 job tier screenshots so you can see what equipment you need to sell and which pieces you want to keep (click to see full size):

First picture is Episode 5, Mafiya, all three times mastered:

Second picture is Episode 5, Vory, mastered two times:

As you can see, for episodes 5, Vory and Mafiya use mostly the same equipment. The two jobs in Chapter two that are different:

Help "Plan" The Next Attack: Vory tier uses Forest Camo Suits while Mafiya uses Artic Camo Suits. I think the Vory tier is a bit better in Episode 5, so I would go with Vory and sell off all my arctic camo suits.

Episode 6 is a bit different - it uses ALL new equipment:

Mafiya Episode 6, completely mastered:

Vory tier is very similar - it is all new equipment, episode 6 only. So, once you finish off the previous episodes, you can sell all your old equipment except the stuff you need for Episode 6 (save the pieces you need to collect the best armor and weapons in game).
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October 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Collections and Boosts; Strategy Guide

Here are the new collections and boosts for Mafia Wars Moscow episodes 5 and 6:

Episode 5 (Vor):

Soviet Memorabilia Collection: +10 Health

Boost: Berlin Wall Section (+46 fight defense skill)
Items in Collection: Red Star, Kremlin, Communist Manifesto, Propaganda Poster, Hammer, Sickle, Bust of Lennin

Episode 6 (Pakhan):

Faberge Egg Collection: +8 Energy

Boost: Faberge Hen: -24 job energy cost
Items in Collection: Diamond Trellis Egg, Jade Egg, Military Egg, Pansy Egg, Rainbow Egg, Winter Egg, Peter the Great Egg

Nice to see a -24 job energy cost boost from the final tier for once!
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Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Loot List; Strategy Guide

Here are the new weapons, armor, and vehicles from episodes 5 and 6 in Mafia Wars Moscow:

Episode 5:


Klyk-9 Machine Pistol: 21 attack, 43 defense - from the "Kill a Lookout" job (Mafiya Only)

Ubijca Assault Rifle: 43 attack, 18 defense - from the "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only)


Arkticheskij Gus': 22 attack, 42 defense - from the "Discover Who Was Responsible" job (both sides)

Osa 17 Snowmobile: 38 attack, 24 defense - from the "Look for the Boss' Mountain Hideout" job (both sides)

Episode 6:


Zmeya Carbon Blade: 28 attack, 44 defense - from the "Hit a Vory Nightclub" job (Mafiya Only)


Executive Overcoat: 22 attack, 45 defense - from the "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job (both sides)


Zoloto Sports Car: 43 attack, 22 defense - from the "Ship Black-Market Caviar To London" job (both sides)

Konstantin Cargo Carrier: 18 Attack 44 Defense - from the "Hijack a Mafiya Cargo" job (Vory only).

List is complete. Thanks everyone!
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Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Now Live; Strategy Guide

Episodes 5, called "Vor" and Episode 6, called "Pakhan" were finally released tonight in Mafia Wars Moscow.

Episode 5 follows a similar progression to the previous episodes. The first three jobs pay out a little bit better than their predecessors:

If you have not finished all three tiers of Episode 3 or 4 yet, the job that pays 1,000,000 in Episode 5 is a nice boost. I'm sure there will be jobs that pay even more in episode 6.

Here's the new items you can purchase at the Mafia Store:

Ouch - all three new vehicles you will need for jobs run cost over 24 million rubles a piece. I started working through Episode 5 - even more expensive then the previous two episodes.

Here's some new loot from Episode 5 (looks like the Best Of list is already getting upgraded:

From "Discover Who Was Responsible" (Vehicle)

From "Kill A Lookout" - Mafiya Only Episode 5

Have not seen all the loot yet, but the Klyk-9 Machine pistol is a clear upgrade over the Gaff Hook for best defensive weapon.

I will post up information on Vory vs Mafiya, the new collections (there are 2), the new business (I have only seen 1), loot lists, and job requirements soon. Keep an eye on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates.
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October 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Best Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor List; Strategy Guide

Edit: Updated for Bangkok beta.

Due to the partial releases of Mafia Wars Moscow, the recent upgrades to some old equipment, and the several more expansions on the horizon, it seems like it would be a good idea to maintain a running "Best Of" list to outline the best offensive and defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles in game.

Note, to qualify for the list, it must be an item that drops from jobs (job mastery items (like the cazador assault rifle, godfather points items and limited edition items like the Red Coat will be excluded from the list).

Best Offensive Weapons:

Ubijca Assault Rifle: 43 attack, 18 defense - from the "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only) in Episode 5 in Moscow.


Tanto: 43 attack, 28 defense - from the Yakuza Only Episode 5A, Chapter 3 job.

Best Defensive Weapon:

Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun: 25 attack, 45 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Triad).

Best Offensive Armor:

Yakuza Assassin: 50 attack, 26 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Yakuza).

Best Defensive Armor:

Shaolin Bodyguard: 27 attack, 51 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Triad).

Best Offensive Vehicle:

Fugama Hasu: 46 attack, 23 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Yakuza).

Best Defensive Vehicle:

Lloyds Spectre: 18 Attack 45 Defense - from the Yakuza only job in Episode 5B, Chapter 2 of Moscow.


Currently, most of the best items in game are now available in the Bangkok faction store. I am assuming there will also be some good drops from jobs in later episodes of Bangkok. More details to come.
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October 17, 2009

Mafia Wars Attack Rackets; Strategy Guide

There are currently 3 attack-oriented rackets in Mafia Wars. Just like the job rackets and defense rackets, they are in a 3-tier structure, where mastering an earlier racket allows you access to the more advanced racket. There were a few other updates to rackets - there are no more "22 hour", "44 hour", or "66 hour" rackets - these numbers have been replaced by 1 day, 2 days, and 3 days respectively. With that said, I am under the impression that the hours until completion is still 22, 44, and 66 for the prospective rackets - I think the change was to just for aesthetics rather than an actual change in gameplay.

Oh, they also added an icon that lets you know you have rackets ready:

With that said, here are the attack rackets:

Hardware Store (master this racket to unlock Knife Shop):

Cost: 10 Influence
Time until completion: 1 day
Reward: Handy Man x3 (x4 if racket is mastered): +38 attack bonus
1 Experience point
10 Influence
+7% Racket Mastery

Knife Shop (master to unlock Gun Shop):

Cost: 26 Influence
Time until completion: 1 day
Reward: Throwing Knives x3 (x4 if racket is mastered): +65 attack bonus
1 Experience point
26 Influence
+4% Racket Mastery

Gun Shop (final racket in the category):

Cost: 75 Influence
Time until completion: 1 day
Reward: Hollow Points x3 (x4 if racket is mastered): +100 attack bonus
1 Experience point
75 Influence
+2% Racket Mastery


The attack rackets are pretty much an exact mirror of the defense rackets except that the attack rackets finish in half the time and cost less influence, making them significantly better in my opinion. Expect the final racket post covering cash rackets up soon.
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