October 13, 2009

FarmVille Strategy Guide and Mafia Wars Guide Housekeeping

I'm pleased to that I am launching another blog covering FarmVille, another one of Zynga's games for Facebook. The site, FarmVille Strategy, is now up and running, with a tutorial up and running.

If you have yet to play FarmVille, check out the tutorial on my new page at http://www.farmville-strategy.com and then head over to Facebook and get started. It's pretty fun so far and a lot more laid back than Mafia Wars.

Don't fret though - this blog will still be running strong. Today I posted covering Defense Rackets and within the next day or two expect my first video blog addressing the best way to get money in Moscow in addition to a post covering attack rackets.

Also, I am still working on the Mafia Wars guide. The speed-leveling guide is almost complete so expect the 6 e-mails to go out in a week (seriously this time!) if all goes to plan.
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