October 30, 2009

Mafia Wars Halloween Loot; Strategy Guide

The Mafia Wars Halloween loot weekend started as expected this morning. These are 8 limited edition items that drop randomly from any job in game. The easiest way to collect these is to do the "Mugging" job in the "Street Thug" tier. These have a chance to drop every time you do a job. You also have a chance to collect these during fighting. Here is the item list:


Edit: Bloody Poker Chips have been changed to "Frankenstein Poker Chips". If you had Bloody Poker Chips, these have simply turned into Frankenstein Poker Chips. The Lonely Plague Cow is now a Lonely Zombie Cow as well.

Frankenstein Poker Chips: 22 attack, 10 defense

Bloody Poker Chips:22 attack, 10 defense. Note: Bloody Poker Chips no longer exist. This item has been changed to Frankenstein Poker Chips in what was (I think) an attempt to make Mafia Wars more family friendly, which is odd, considering the game revolves around killing, looting, and other forms of crime and debauchery.

Fake Vampire Teeth: 34 attack, 15 defense

Laser Squirrel: 43 attack , 12 defense

Thanks Tony for the Laser Squirrel picture!


YoZombie: 21 attack, 18 defense

Monkey Brain Stew: 2 attack, 27 defense


Lonely Zombie Cow (the name was original Plague Cow as pictured below, but was changed to Zombie): 25 attack, 15 defense

Dead End: 32 attack, 20 defense

Kraken 24/41

Important Edit:

Apparently, the amount of Halloween items you can get caps at 32, so if you happened to get 10 YoZombies (like me) and gather 32 total items before completing the set, you are out of luck! How nice..

The laser squirrel is the best item, tying the Ubijca Assault Rifle which is the best offensive weapon in Moscow. There appears to be no bonus for completing the set.
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  1. It took me about 2250 energy to get them all with the mugging job :)

  2. Lazer Squirrel 43 Attack 12 Defense is the one you do not have

  3. Unless you can get more than 30, I was screwed out of one item...you'd think that Zynga would get this right for their weekend drops.

    Plague Cow- 9
    Bloody Poker Chips- 2
    YoZombie- 5
    Monkey Brain Stew- 7
    Laser Squirrel- 1
    Fake Vampire Teeth- 3
    Dead End- 3

    All in about 2,000 Energy with the Mugging Job. I'll try for another 500 energy to see if I get another drop, but if I don't then I'm ****ED!

  4. Figures...as soon as I type my list, I use about 50 energy and find the Kraken. -_-

    At least I have a full set, and it didn't stop at 30. I'll still try to see if anymore drop once you get a full set.

  5. I'm in the same boat as MLD, i'm patiently waiting for the Kraken to fall to me. I've put about 2500 energy into it...

  6. Do you guys click the do job again button as fast as possible? I'm through 4000 energy and still don't have the damn Kraken...

  7. i got all including laser squerrel

  8. Anonymous X2:

    How many items do you have? Are you close to 30?

    I would do some fast, some slow. I would also leave the game, and then come back...in hopes that the drops would be quicker. Or at least refresh them some.

  9. Think it's 30 and that's your lot... (no Kraken here... bugger)

  10. Scrub previous message, just gone back to doing normal jobs and lo and behold got KRAKEN!!! That's 31!!!

  11. if someone wants to post a pic of the laser squirrel I'll throw it up - haven't found it yet.

  12. Looks like Mafia Job Help requests are not working....
    Anybody able to ask for help on moscow jobs?

  13. Here you go:


  14. here is a pick of the squirrel:

    i am still looking for kraken.

  15. I haven't been able to ask for a help in moscow since Wendsday.

  16. This is like the Dillinger's Wooden Gun catastrophe all over again, I just can't find that squirrel

  17. I got 8 Yozombies and 1 dead end, but now that i got em all, i don't care

  18. I can't ask for Moscow help. I wish they'd focus on that rather than the lame-ass Halloween items they put out to promote their other games. The Kraken was the first thing I got. Wish I could trade it to one of you so I wouldn't have these dumb items in my inventory. What does brain stew have to do with organized crime?

  19. i enjoy it, they do it for the community to make it more fun, and some of these items aren't half-bad, it's just a game, although i wish i could call for help on the least efficient, high-energy jobs.

  20. I like the item events, I just wish they would stick more to the the brutal-crime-syndicate theme that they've set up for themselves. Can you really see Tony Soprano riding a zombie cow?

  21. I'm almost positive that 30 is the max halloween items you can have. I have 30 and can't get another one dropped to me. Guess I'm not getting the Kraken

  22. Can someone tell me what game the squirrel is from?

  23. Anonymous at 2:29 PM

    Myself and another poster here have reached 31. Don't give up. Keep trying, and you should get your final piece.

  24. Yeah, Moscow help is screwed up still. Glad to see I'm not the only one.

  25. i managed to get the kraken,when i finally finished the boss tier of new york!!!

  26. I'm pretty sure that your chances of getting items decreases as you get more of them. Many people probably can't get past 30 because at that point, the odds of getting the next one are extremely low. Once you get a few, it seems that it's harder to get the next one. Maybe it just seems like there is a limit when there isn't one.

  27. hmmm.... everyone seems to be forgetting about the 8th item, the Frankenstein Poker Chips..

  28. i just found a frankenstiean poker chips same stats as the other

    wouldn't that make 9?

  29. Don't you mean bloody poker chips? I haven't heard of the frankenstein poker chips.

  30. Just a reminder, 'bloody poker chips' is offically replaced by 'frankenstein poker chips'. They only change the name and the picture but not the att/def.

  31. Nevermind...i saw it on a facebook announcement. I got the real looking hand and not the green hand. Maybe they changed it up. Remember the humvee....it is now called something else.

  32. yup... the 'bloody poker chips' i got suddenly changed to 'frankenstein poker chips' just now..

  33. Bloody Chips Changed to Frankenstein Chips - Stats Just the Same - Picture is Different

  34. You forgot about the Frankenstein Poker Chips. 22 Attack, 10 Defense. Just earned them fighting in Cuba!!

  35. I thought the pic looked different for the poker chips and hand...good thing the image here is for the original. Wonder why they changed it? Was the blood too much?!

  36. ...and Lonely Plague Cow has become Zombie Cow. Pfft.

  37. yea nd i got 7 of the 8 items....guess wats still missing...the KRAKEN ofcourse...i fought nd done jobs a lot...still no KRAKEN...where can i get it?

  38. 2 laser squirrels!!!!! yeah...thats how i like it.one kraken as well...30 in all...will still get two more.

  39. the first job i do today drop the kraken :)

  40. Got 30 but no kraken and squirrel. And after another 1000 energy, the kraken and squirrel. Lucky me. That makes 32.

  41. two days....000's clicks....energy packs lost....maxed out at 32 nd yet no sign of that bluddy squirrel....nd 2moro i have to go to my office....great

  42. why is kraken eluding me?? i now have:

    2 x fake vampire teeth
    5 x frankenstein poker chips
    1 x laser squirrel
    4 x monkey brain stew
    6 x yozombie
    4 x zombie cow
    1 x dead end

    zynga, can we have a whole week to complete our halloween collection? please??

  43. aw squirel to go!!! please delay the halloween event to more days!!

  44. I can't find the Kraken :(

  45. It took A LOT of energy to collect all the hidden items. I'm glad my patience paid off (:

  46. but the thing is tat ,there r many hu gets these all 8 items without much work....my frnd is an xample...4 me "Kraken" still missing...wat the f@*?

  47. 9 x Frankenstein Poker Chips
    2 x Fake Vampire Teeth
    7 x Monkey Brain Stew
    2 x YoZombie
    3 x Zombie Cow
    2 x Dead End
    1 x Kraken

    26 items already need squirrel and more krakens

  48. 3 kraken and No Laser squirl =.= dam it

  49. I got the laser squirrel and after my next attack it was gone... odd

  50. 32 items got laser squirrel on the last one...its like MW tries to make it so that you get all 8...

  51. stop complaining you cant find a kracken or laser squirrel i got two zombie cows and that all and i spent 1000's of energy!count yourselves lucky

  52. i spent 100 energy and still have got 6 items with 10 chips 8 cows and 3 stews with 5 zombies and 1 dead end

  53. still no kraken.... :-(

    why, zynga? stop tormenting me and make with the kraken...

  54. This is the 1st time I got 8/8 last time I got 6/8 and didn't get the best two. (got 10x Tigerskin Armored Vest instead) But this time I got a total of 5 of the best two items. Last event was pretty bad and this time I got everything I could have wanted for one of these events.

    Laser Squirrel x3
    Kraken x2
    Frankenstein Poker Chips x3
    Fake Vampire Teeth x1
    Monkey Brain Stew x8
    YoZombie x5
    Zombie Cow x7
    Dead End x1

    Total = 30

  55. all i need is the damn squirrel...alas, no energy to spend =[

  56. damn i need a squirrel and i got : spent over 500

    poker chips=1
    vampire teeth=1
    zombie cow=1
    dead end=3
    monkey brain stew=1

  57. o and did any1 else get the candy truck its awesome :)

  58. My MW Halloween so far:

    1 Kraken
    2 Laser Squirrel
    5 Dead End
    7 Zombie Cow
    1 Fake Vampire Teeth
    8 Frankenstein Poker Chips
    4 YoZombie
    4 Monkey Brain Stew

    Achieved this yesterday. Today I've done 1200 mugging jobs and 400 fights but no more loot. So, it could be capped after loot nr. 32 or after completing the 8/8.

    I also got 10 Ghost Thugs, 7 Mystery Vans, 8 Treat Bags and.... 2 Halloween Candy Trucks. I agree that some/most items look awful and/or dont belong in a Mafia War but the Candy Truck (although not as strong in att or def as the Squirrel resp. the Kraken) beats Pimp my Ride!!!

  59. I got everything except the laser squirel... :(
    will keep trying...

  60. I have 31 already without the laser squirel. Am I doomed?
    poker chips 8
    fake vampire teeth 1
    yo zombie 9
    monkey brain stew 3
    zombie cow 6
    dead end 2
    kraken 2

  61. Ended up getting the laser squirrel (last piece I needed) as my last item lol

  62. last time i got 7/8 and now 7/8 im out of luck

  63. I got all 8 of them :) guess what, got the laser squirell as the 32nd item..ufff damn luckey!!!

  64. I've had better luck doing a high energy job every once in awhile instead of doing mugging over and over.
    I'll do 10 muggings, then do a couple 3-4 energy jobs, then an 11-13 energy job, then start the process over again.
    Also don't forget to use your stamina and fight. I won the Laser Squirel by fighting.

  65. like the guy above me mentioned, i think that higher-energy costing jobs drop the event loot more often. like, when they did the moscow drops, i got 3 ppd's off of 1 job, in 5 times. So has anyone done certain jobs (besides muggng) that seem to drop more often?

  66. I have 5 squirels, and only 1 kraken :/
    but i have the complete set :D (I mugged about 2300 times)

  67. I've found the limit of 32 items, but without the Kraken and the squirrel :@ What is the chanse to be dropped, I spent almost 2000E on mugging, but never saw these 2 items

  68. 3 squirrels and no Kraken. I got three items right off the bat including a dead end and squirrel doing consigliere

  69. the dates are fucked as well, i had zynga telling me it was a day ahead of my time, thus i was cut back a days time to get everything. which is almost impossible unless you have 1000s of energy, i can hardly get anything to drop as it is let alone the kraken that i need. i know i'm going to waste all stamina and energy and have nothing.This is the same kind of thing that happened for the release of moscow, i got screwed on the shturmovik, couldn't find the dragunov....

  70. If you didnt finish the collection with the first 32, you can still get more after 32, it will only give you the items you dont have though, ive got 33 items both times because of that from the past 2 events, halloween/tiger.