October 21, 2009

Mafia Wars Best Weapons, Vehicles, and Armor List; Strategy Guide

Edit: Updated for Bangkok beta.

Due to the partial releases of Mafia Wars Moscow, the recent upgrades to some old equipment, and the several more expansions on the horizon, it seems like it would be a good idea to maintain a running "Best Of" list to outline the best offensive and defensive weapons, armor, and vehicles in game.

Note, to qualify for the list, it must be an item that drops from jobs (job mastery items (like the cazador assault rifle, godfather points items and limited edition items like the Red Coat will be excluded from the list).

Best Offensive Weapons:

Ubijca Assault Rifle: 43 attack, 18 defense - from the "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only) in Episode 5 in Moscow.


Tanto: 43 attack, 28 defense - from the Yakuza Only Episode 5A, Chapter 3 job.

Best Defensive Weapon:

Cheng-Wei X94 Machine Gun: 25 attack, 45 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Triad).

Best Offensive Armor:

Yakuza Assassin: 50 attack, 26 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Yakuza).

Best Defensive Armor:

Shaolin Bodyguard: 27 attack, 51 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Triad).

Best Offensive Vehicle:

Fugama Hasu: 46 attack, 23 defense. Sold in the Mafia Wars Bangkok faction store (Yakuza).

Best Defensive Vehicle:

Lloyds Spectre: 18 Attack 45 Defense - from the Yakuza only job in Episode 5B, Chapter 2 of Moscow.


Currently, most of the best items in game are now available in the Bangkok faction store. I am assuming there will also be some good drops from jobs in later episodes of Bangkok. More details to come.
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  1. Special loot received tonight. "Ex KBG Body guard" 48 attk/30 def

  2. that's just the job mastery reward from episode 3

  3. Why are there no Moscow Loot items being dropped from fighting?

  4. It took a long time for Cuba items to drop from fighting - I am assuming this is the same case for Moscow. I doubt we'll see Moscow items drop from fighting until they release episodes 5 and 6.

  5. EP 5 and 6 are online!

    Also Bangkok is announced for the Holiday!

    And there is a Halloween event coming up!

  6. lol hopefully your quick to finding all the loot. i wasted like so much energy getting g squads and then i got screwed when ep 4 came out anywat this time im gonna wait till 5 and 6 are done to finish 4 and then do 5 and 6 getting the best loot get 501 of the best loot and then speed level till the new city comes out or ill procrastonate on doing moscow some more (:

  7. ^ Actually, anon, in my opinion it'd be wiser to carve through episodes 4 and 5 (lvl 1 mastery) to get at the much-improved ruble:energy rate in episode 6. It'll save you a lot of time and help ya out with money issues which seem to crop up very frequently in Moscow.

  8. If you would choose mafiya on episode 1 lv 1 and then you choose vory on episode 1 lv 2 what will happen to those loot?

  9. Hi Mafia Wars Guide,

    I think you should modify the conclusion of this article because it is outdated for now.


  10. if i am reading this right mafya only has one exclusive item while vory has 3????

  11. So basically you should do the episodes as such (for those of us who haven't yet maxed out the best previous items):
    1 = Mafiya
    2 = Vory
    3 = Vory
    4 = Either, but probably Vory (since I am STILL using my Private Jets)
    5 = Vory
    6 = Either

    Looks like I'm glad I have alt accounts. ;-)

  12. Some of the limited loot items (labor day loot, halloween loot, tiger loot) have higher stats than the best equipments, yet some players fight by only using TNTs, ASCs and Guerillas. Is it because they do not have any limited loot items in their inventory? Or are they able to dispose these loot items?

  13. you know, no one should be looking to get 501 of any of these because we have two more cities coming in a few months, and with those, much higher stat items. We'll probably have to be level 150 to go to Bangkok and 250 to go to western us. Save your energy and just finish the tiers however way you want to

  14. The best offensive weapon in my loot list is Boss Karpov's Pistol 50 attack 38 defense. I dont remember where i got that. I think in one Russian job. Only have one and can not be transfered.

  15. Boss Karpov's Pistol is a tier mastery reward. As such, you'll only ever get one.

  16. Pick
    1) Mafiya
    2) Vory
    3) Mafiya
    4) Vory
    5) Vory
    6) Either

    Ignore the dumbass who wrote pick vory in episode 3. Volk luxury sedan is clearly better than taiga shotgun.

  17. as of this moment i dont have those items but what items should i buy from inventory that are enough to win fights?

  18. so if u pick mafiya on episode 6 u cant get any cargo carriers?? so best bet is armored state cars after that?

  19. Is there a marked difference in drop rate between the Klyk and the Blade? The Klyk has only 1 less defense, but a barely crappier energy ratio to obtain.

  20. Is there a chance to get an update on this list now that Bangkok is live?

  21. Could we also get the list of non faction store, best in slot?

  22. Why isn't this list accurate?

  23. You might wanna change the vehicles here, since the cool upgrades of Chop Shop were released :) it's a damn good addition

  24. the best non-faction store offensive lootitems are in my opinion:

    Tantos (43 Attack 28 Defense)
    Bangkok Episode 5A
    Job: Gather More Evidence Of A Betrayal

    Shturmovik (45 Attack 28 Defense)
    Moskau Episode 4
    Job: Rob A Troop Convoy

    Zoloto Sports Cars (43 Attack 22 Defense)
    Moskau Episode 6
    Job: Ship Black-Market Caviar To London

  25. there is now the mugati

  26. TEAM The DonutmanApril 7, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Just to update anyone, the best offensive vehicle is now the Hunter 'Spy' XS. It is obtained by mastering the chop shop to level 12 and using 155 car parts and 2 High Tech car parts. Attack - 52 Defense - 29 Also, +3 Max Attack

  27. Can you please update the original post with the latest BEST WEapons and armor and vehicles.. pleaseeeee.... I rely mostly on this as Zynga is going mad with updates !!

  28. update by episode 6 and 7 bangkok:


    Offensive: Nak Kha Shotgun (47 attack) - Episode 6, Chapter 3 (Triad-only)

    Defensive: Titanium Katar (50 defense) - Episode 7, Chapter 2 (no faction requirement)


    Offensive: Lamang Motorcycle (49 attack) - Episode 7, Chapter 2 (no faction requirement)

    Defensive: Raed Armored Sedan (47 defense) - Episode 6, Chapter 2 (Triad-only)


    Offensive: Ninja (47 attack) - Episode 6, Chapter 3 (Yakuza-only)

    Defensive: Royal Thai Marine (49 defense) - Episode 7, Chapter 1 (no faction requirement)

  29. Best buyable animals-----

    Best Offensive Animal:

    Killer Bee Swarm: 29 attack, 20 defense. Sold in the Animals section of the Cuba Inventory.

    Best Defensive Animal:

    Inland Taipan: 21 attack, 30 defense. Sold in the Animals section of the Bangkok Inventory.

  30. If they sell a single make of RV they will probably have a great deal of information to share-but they may be limited on what they know about other makes to offer a comparison class a diesel motorhomes for sale