October 6, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 3 & 4 to be Released Thursday; Strategy Guide

From the Mafia Wars Twitter page:

"T-2 days till Moscow Episodes 3 & 4 premiere."

Pretty quick turn-around from the first two episodes, not too shabby! Episode 3 will be called Bragadir and Episode 4 will be called Avtoritet (not that I speak Russian and actually know what this means) according to a games.com preview.

I predict that during these two episodes we will finally see good loot upgrades over Cuba items. Stay tuned for updates - I will outline new loot, Vory vs Mafiya differences, new job mastery reward items, achievements, and businesses as soon as the content goes live!

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  1. Ugh gotta get some Rubles for equipment. Which items did you keep and which job did you spam for rubles?

  2. I spammed "kill an investigative reporter" (or something like that) for mafiya, and for vory I picked "Fix a local election for the Vory"

    I didn't do any actual math but they both seemed decent (and didn't require a lot of equipment).

    On the account where I sold my equipment I'll have around 200,000,000 rubles for Thursday.

  3. Bragadir = Brigadier?
    Avtoritet = Authority?

  4. OMG........Bank heist job got nerfed for exp??????
    im getting 15 now instead of 17

  5. I have episode 3 Brigadier. Anyone else? New armor - Armored Briefcase, trumps Guerrillas for defense with a 36 defense. 2 new vehicles are no better than what we have already.

    Medal collection gives you +4 Attack.

  6. Holy crap, bank heist got cut! Good thing I leveled up huge on bank heist to finish NY this past week, but it'll be sorely missed..

  7. I'm pissed. I just started a new account hoping to hit 100 before the weekend. Damn.

  8. I can't get episode three unlocked. What's the magic formula? I have had my mafia help me "Confront Gang Leader Dmitri Leonov" a million times.

  9. I'm having the same problem - I will be done with Episode 1 and ready to fight the boss in episode 2 after I beat leader D. Leonov, but can't get it done - it's out of our control...HELP!