October 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Loot List; Strategy Guide

Here are the new weapons, armor, and vehicles from episodes 5 and 6 in Mafia Wars Moscow:

Episode 5:


Klyk-9 Machine Pistol: 21 attack, 43 defense - from the "Kill a Lookout" job (Mafiya Only)

Ubijca Assault Rifle: 43 attack, 18 defense - from the "Help "Plan" The Next Attack" job (Vory Only)


Arkticheskij Gus': 22 attack, 42 defense - from the "Discover Who Was Responsible" job (both sides)

Osa 17 Snowmobile: 38 attack, 24 defense - from the "Look for the Boss' Mountain Hideout" job (both sides)

Episode 6:


Zmeya Carbon Blade: 28 attack, 44 defense - from the "Hit a Vory Nightclub" job (Mafiya Only)


Executive Overcoat: 22 attack, 45 defense - from the "Acquire Classified Files On Crime Syndicates" job (both sides)


Zoloto Sports Car: 43 attack, 22 defense - from the "Ship Black-Market Caviar To London" job (both sides)

Konstantin Cargo Carrier: 18 Attack 44 Defense - from the "Hijack a Mafiya Cargo" job (Vory only).

List is complete. Thanks everyone!
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  1. Hi - the Job that drops the Ubijca Assault Rifle is called 'Help "Plan" The Next Attack'.

  2. Thanks, updated! Still need a pic and info on episode 6 vory only loot

  3. Konstantin Cargo Carrier
    18 Attack 44 Defense
    Zmeya Carbon Blade
    28 Attack 44 Defense

    Arkticheskij Gus'
    22 Attack 42 Defense
    Good as an ASC

    Ubijca Assault Rifle
    43 Attack 18 Defense
    Better then TNT

    Osa 17 Snowmobile
    38 Attack 24 Defense
    Better then Track Loader

    Klyk-9 Machine Pistol
    21 Attack 43 Defense

    Konstantin Cargo Carrier
    18 Attack 44 Defense

    Zoloto Sports Car
    43 Attack 22 Defense


    Soviet Memorabilia Collection
    Vault was successful. You were given 10 Health points.

    Fabergé Egg Collection (Pakhan Episode)
    Vault was successful. You were given 8 Energy points.

  4. Thanks - guessing the Konstantin Cargo Carrier is the Vory-only piece in episode 6. Now we just need pictures of the vory only episode 5 and 6 loot.

  5. Any info on the Konstantinn Cargo Carrier? (18,44)

    Picture of Ubija rifle is:

  6. any pics from the inventory screen? (like the style of the rest of the post)

  7. just noticed prices on equipment is a bit cheaper now...
    Forest and Arctic camo was 11.2M, not only 9.9M each

  8. Just a question here, so it doesn't really matter who answers; do the item requirements for vory/mafiya differ a lot from each other in each episode? (referencing 5&6)
    By differ a lot I mean like the difference between the forest/arctic camo suit in Ep. 4.

  9. What I really want to see is a list of all equipment required for episodes 5 and 6 so I can figure out what I can sell from earlier episodes to descrease those pesky bribes.

  10. On a side note, it seems like Cuba and Moscow (maybe) may also have rackets now. A little glitch got me to the racket screen on cuba, except there were no rackets you could do.

  11. I second the request for a list of purchased items needed in Episodes 5 & 6. I want to dump my excess, but don't want to choke on having to buy a bunch of it back. Much appreciated, as is all the work you do on this blog!

  12. one guy was asking for this:
    45 RAS-28 @ 7.5 mill = 337.5 mill additional 135 mill from ep 4
    18 Arctic Camo @ 11.8 mill = 212.40 mill additional 70.8 mill from ep 4
    18 Forest Camo @ 11.8 mill = 212.40 mill additional 70.8 mill from ep 4
    12 KRz8 @ 16.5 mill = 198 mill additional 49.5 mill from ep 4
    12 BYK-922 at 14.2 mill = 170.4 additional 85.2 mill from ep 4
    30 Riot Helmets @ 7.2 mill = 216 mill additional 64.8 mill from ep 4
    30 Bronezhilit @ 5.4 mill = 162 mill additional 32.4 mill from ep 4
    36 Shturmovayas @ 5.2 mill = 187.2 mill additional 62.4 mill from ep 4
    18 Lasistsa 32 @ 6.8 mill = 122.4 mill additional 20 mill from ep 4
    15 Snayperskyas @ 21.5 mill = 322.50 all additional
    12 Sokel Helis @ 24.5 mill = 294.0 mill all additional

    Grand Total = 2,434,800,000 Rubles to clear Ep 5
    Amount if you kept all the gear from Ep 4 = 1,207,400,000 rubles
    NOTE: dont waste $$ or energy looting stuff in ep. 5, all is replaced with better stuff in ep. 6!

  13. sorry, those prices are wrong, forgot they went down, but the numbers needed are correct. that's for Vory equip

  14. credit King Kobun

    Episode 5 Level 1 Mafiya: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode ... el%201.png
    Episode 5 Level 2 Vory: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode%205%20Vory.png

    Episode 6 Level 1 Mafiya: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode ... el%201.png
    Episode 6 Level 2 Vory: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode ... el%202.png

    Don't bother farming anything in Mafiya Episode 5.
    The Episode 6 Mafiya Zoloto Sports Car (best attack vehicle), Carbon Blade (best def weapon), and Executive Overcoat (best def armor) are what you want.

    Suggested path:
    * Episode One: doesn't matter
    * Episode Two: doesn't matter
    * Episode Three: doesn't matter
    * Episode Four: Vory (for the Shturm, new top defensive armor HEL; Mafiya Orel is useless)
    * Episode Five: Vory (for the Ubjica Assault Rifle, new top offensive weapon HEL)
    * Episode Six: Mafiya (for the Zmeya Carbon Blade, new top defensive weapon; Vori Konstantin Cargo Carrier is also excellent but less of a boost)

  15. oops, links are broken!
    Ep 5 Mafiya: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode%205%20Mafiya%20Level%201.png

    ep 5 L2: Vory: http://zachd.com/images/mw/MW%20Episode%205%20Vory.png

    Ep. 6 L1: Mafiya:

    Ep.6 L2 Vory:

    by the way, you can zoom in on these for pics of the bonus for completing Ep. 5

    A vehicle called the Drakon 54A/ 22D

    no word yet on the bonus for Ep6

  16. I pick vory - any mafiya interested in loot exchange?

  17. I'm lossing interest in this game, as all I do is repeat jobs over and over again. I was hoping that one of the businesses would be a currency converter.

  18. don't lose interest just yet, get the mafia wars autoplayer greasemonkey script.

    i can't see any other way to grind to get R$2.4 bill, other than having a script play through vor, and all the other bonus items in moscow , repeatedly for 2 months until you can afford lvl 3 mastery.

  19. i am still on level 3 first tier moscow, and i wanted to know whether the jobs get locked or can we do them even after mastering the whole tier and getting the reward...
    what i mean is, considering the cherepakha is available in vory eps 1. after i get the Barsuk SUV, will i still be able to do those jobs if i wanted to?? or will they be locked and i will be forced to trade??
    i dont want this to happen in further episodes where i get the viks and all...

  20. Ep 6 mastery gives: The Drakon... vehicle, 54A 22D

  21. Once you complete level 3 mastery of an episode it remains completely open (although locked on the Mafias / Vory choice you made during l3v3l 3 mastery) Good Hunting.

  22. Where is the pirate loot drop in MW?

  23. How can i improve my mafia attack/defense?... and what item do i need..?