October 22, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Now Live; Strategy Guide

Episodes 5, called "Vor" and Episode 6, called "Pakhan" were finally released tonight in Mafia Wars Moscow.

Episode 5 follows a similar progression to the previous episodes. The first three jobs pay out a little bit better than their predecessors:

If you have not finished all three tiers of Episode 3 or 4 yet, the job that pays 1,000,000 in Episode 5 is a nice boost. I'm sure there will be jobs that pay even more in episode 6.

Here's the new items you can purchase at the Mafia Store:

Ouch - all three new vehicles you will need for jobs run cost over 24 million rubles a piece. I started working through Episode 5 - even more expensive then the previous two episodes.

Here's some new loot from Episode 5 (looks like the Best Of list is already getting upgraded:

From "Discover Who Was Responsible" (Vehicle)

From "Kill A Lookout" - Mafiya Only Episode 5

Have not seen all the loot yet, but the Klyk-9 Machine pistol is a clear upgrade over the Gaff Hook for best defensive weapon.

I will post up information on Vory vs Mafiya, the new collections (there are 2), the new business (I have only seen 1), loot lists, and job requirements soon. Keep an eye on the Mafia Wars Guide homepage for updates.
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  1. Now that episodes 5 and 6 are out, do you suggest that we don't finish 3 and 4 just yet and just focus on raising money in 5 and 6 try to max both episodes out before finishing 3 and 4?

    Basically my question is, would it be better to finish 5 and 6 first before i finish 3 and 4.

    Also, now that you're doing 5 and 6 are you going to sell some stuff that you needed in 3 and 4?


  2. the Arkticheskij Gus' is not an upgrade... it's a waste of time! They updated the Armored State Car to have 42 defense just like this loot item.

  3. I would try to get to Episode 6 as soon as possible, sell off your goods and collect a ton of cash from the first job in the tier (to the tune of 5,000,000,000 to complete all the tiers), then go back, and work through the rest of the tiers.

  4. Thought so. Any info on if the new business is worthwhile or just as useless as the others?

  5. executive overcoat is 22/45 at the beginning of episode 6

    osa 17 snowmobile is 38/24 and ubijca assault rifle is 43/18... i believe those were both episode 5

  6. Yeah, just posted about that. Need info on the vory-only episode 6 item and a picture of the ubijca assault rifle and the job it comes from at the moment!

  7. We finally have some good defensive items. Why the hell did it take this long? Then again, we're talking about the people who developed a game that allows you to perpetually progress in level.

  8. Look at this, Zmeya Carbon Blade 28/44 looks like this is going to be the new gaff hook. Moscow Pakhan Loot

  9. So here's a question for you. you've mentioned in passing that there are certain items in Moscow that you only need for a couple job/levels. ANy chance of compiling a list of when you can sell off extra items (taxi's, etc)? That would help immensely.

    The site is very helpful. thanks for all your work.


  10. I also have the same question as Scott above.

    It's why I came here actually, but see there is none.

  11. any news about the last businesson moscow trafficking operation ?

  12. at 1st:
    it's a really great job u r doing here!
    thanks a lot :)

    i have only one question:
    in moscow, there's this bribe money liek in cuba, too.
    is it also 0,5% per shopitem and the maximum is 80%??
    (because there's nowhere a display for it :( )

  13. Has anyone else noticed, that if you are Top Wheelman or Mastermind, that for the Moscow jobs, the bonuses happen a lot less than for the other cities?

    I thought that it was coincidence due to the nature of randomness, but since I started with Moscow (5 days ago) I click through jobs with full energy (1946) and I only got the bonuses once or twice, whereas before I had it like 6-7 times, so I could level in one go.

  14. Oh I have noticed!!
    Worse than that, the drop rate for the Cuba items was cut in half or so!!
    This really hurts the newer players who didn't amass all of the good loot like the long-time players.
    The Moscow expansion is the worst thing to happen to mafia wars. I hope they make the new expansions more like Cuba. The bribes should definitely be gone in Moscow and the equiment cost a LOT less.

  15. the bonus of being wheelman or mastermind are really crap in moscow....

  16. HELP lol- I have supposedly finished all of moscow which said congratulations -finish off the boss BUT it is locked and I cannot unlock it. I have mastered all 3 tiers of each and notice each one has a locked boss job. How the heck do I unlock the last boss job or am I completely done AND do I have to unlock all of the others-they will not unlock UGH TY

  17. Hi. I finished Vor Level 1 Mastery and now doing level 2.

    However, I mastered all jobs in Chapter 1.How come chapter 2 is not unlocked? (The request help job is finished also)!

    PLease help! Thanks

  18. The request help job really isn't finished. You have to hit "do job" once and see the real % completed. Mine showed 100% until i clicked it then it showed 86% So I had to complete the job on my own to unlock the next level.

  19. i finished Chapter 1 in the Pakhan(episode 6). but its not taking me to the next chapter. Im still stuck as a "Pahkan" in my profile name. All bars are completed and says "level two" mastered". Anyone having similar issues or know what the problen and fix is for this? thanks a ton

  20. I've finished all 3 tiers on pahkan, what now? Am I missing something I seem to be at a dead end

  21. After you finish all jobs and tiers in Moscow, what is the bonus you will get?

  22. I'm stuck on chapter 6 pakhan. I've finished all the jobs on lvl 1 and the boss fight is locked. How do I get to lvl 2. This is getting really boring.

  23. Same problem here - can't get onto level 2 mastery in Pakhan. Tried hitting all of the jobs at least once again, didn't help...

  24. same with me too..............nice some guide

  25. Now what do you do with Moscow after it is done?
    I have over 1,000,000,000R and over 4200 Politico Corrupto and it just keeps growing!