October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 Tier Screenshots; Strategy Guide

Here are episode 5 and 6 job tier screenshots so you can see what equipment you need to sell and which pieces you want to keep (click to see full size):

First picture is Episode 5, Mafiya, all three times mastered:

Second picture is Episode 5, Vory, mastered two times:

As you can see, for episodes 5, Vory and Mafiya use mostly the same equipment. The two jobs in Chapter two that are different:

Help "Plan" The Next Attack: Vory tier uses Forest Camo Suits while Mafiya uses Artic Camo Suits. I think the Vory tier is a bit better in Episode 5, so I would go with Vory and sell off all my arctic camo suits.

Episode 6 is a bit different - it uses ALL new equipment:

Mafiya Episode 6, completely mastered:

Vory tier is very similar - it is all new equipment, episode 6 only. So, once you finish off the previous episodes, you can sell all your old equipment except the stuff you need for Episode 6 (save the pieces you need to collect the best armor and weapons in game).
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  1. Thanks so much, it's appreciated!

    ~The Mo

  2. thx a lot,,,
    can u make guide for selling Moscow item who not used after mastery level 3 per episode

  3. Can you make a job list for the first 4 Episodes if that's okay?

  4. "Episode 6 is a bit different - it uses ALL new equipment:"

    OUCH! really NOT true!! You need 15 Sokel Helicopters!!!

    "So, once you finish off the previous episodes, you can sell all your old equipment"
    Once i got to the finale in 5 (before mastering last job or killing boss), i've sold all my equipment and started ep. 6. MUCH better loot there, plus i will be able to start the final business quicker and generate more rubles. Sure, I realize i'll lose 300M rubles, but so what?! It's the equipment that matters at this point!

  5. correction to my previous post: If you choose Mafiya, you only need 5 sokels!

  6. Just sell off everything and do first job in Episode 6...you only need 3 items, almost no bribes, earn over 1.6 mill per 105 energy...then accumulate enough cash to do all 3 levels of chapters 5 and 6.

    I estimate around 6 billion, but i am not sure...does anyone have firm figures?

  7. Could you post a summary of ep 6 Vory as well? Thank you!!! I chose the non-perfectionist strategy - playing often 'nough anyways :)

  8. I added up 5&6 and managed to get 4,861,200,000 as the final cost for both episodes. You can double check if you want but I'm 99% sure I didn't screw up the math lol...

    Total Equips for both episodes:

    15 Dubina
    24 Boevoy Nozh
    36 Shturmovaya Vintovka
    45 RAS-28 SMG
    15 Snayperskaya Vintovka
    45 RAS-55

    30 Bronezhilet
    30 Riot Helmet
    30(18 if Mafiya chosen) Forest Camo Suit
    18(30 if Mafiya chosen) Arctic Camo Suit
    54 Enforcer

    12 BYK-922
    12 KRZ8
    15 Sokel Helicopter
    15 Zharpesta Sedan
    15 Tracked Truck

  9. what do i get if i when i complete som of ep.1-6 what are bonuses

  10. Previous Anon: Just better equips.

    So just a question here; is it safe to assume that both sides of Ep. 6 have the same equip requirements?

  11. Hi.

    I finished with Vor Level 1 Mastery and now starting Level 2.

    However, how come chapter 2 cannot or does not unlock? I've fully mastered all of the Chapter 1 Jobs, Why is chapter 2 not unlocking?

    Please help!