October 23, 2009

Mafia Wars Moscow Episodes 5 and 6 - Vory vs Mafiya; Strategy Guide

Episodes 5 and 6 contain 5 out of the 6 best-in-slot weapons, vehicles, and armor, so choose between Mafiya and Vory carefully! For information on loot requirements, see the Job List post.

Episode 5:

In episode 5, if you pick Vory, your Chapter 2 will look like this:

If you choose Mafiya, it will look like this:

Note: Please be aware that the Vory screenshot is only 2nd level of mastery while the Mafiya screenshot is the third level of mastery. As a result, the Mafiya screenshot shows a higher item requirement.

Loot Differences:

Help "Plan" the Attack (Vory Only) drops:

Ubijca Assault is Vory Only.

Kill A Lookout (Mafiya Only) drops:

Klyk-9 Machine Pistol is Mafiya Only.

Episode 6:

If you choose Vory, your chapter 2 will look like this:

If you choose Mafiya, your chapter 2 will look like this:

Note: Please be aware that the Vory screenshot is only 2nd level of mastery while the Mafiya screenshot is the third level of mastery. As a result, the Mafiya screenshot shows a higher item requirement.

Loot Differences:

Hijack a Mafiya Cargo (Vory only) drops:

Konstantin Cargo Carrier is Vory Only

Hit a Vory Nightclub (Mafiya only) drops:

Zmeya Carbon Blade is Mafiya Only

Picking Your Side:

There are two viable options here, and which option you pick depends on your playstyle. In Episode 6, the best defensive weapon in game is Mafiya only, while the best defensive vehicle in game is Vory only. As a result, you will have to pick which one is more important to you. If you are a perfectionist and plan on trading (either with other players or a second account) to get 501 of the fully optimal set, I would recommend a different path from someone who does not want to trade for items.

Perfectionist Path:

The perfectionist should pick Vory in Episode 5 and Mafiya in Episode 6. You will have access to the Ubijca Assault Rifle (best offensive weapon) and the best defensive weapon (Zmeya Carbon Blade). You will have to trade for the Konstantin Cargo Carrier (Mafiya only, episode 6).

Alternatively (thanks to the contributor!) you can do both. Pick Vory for Episode 5, and as you are working through episode 6, stop before your second level of mastery on either side. Collect 500 Zmeya Carbon Blades or 500 Konstantin Cargo Carriers, then master the tier. As you go through the third time, pick the other side. This way, you can get them all without trading. The only downside is the items have a very low drop rate (no 10% bonus), so it will take you awhile. Makes the lotto collection look a lot better!

Path of Least Resistance:

If you do not want to do any trading to collect your set, I would recommend the opposite path - Mafiya in Episode 5 and Vory in Episode 6. Why?

Well, the Kylk-9 Machine Pistol is only 1 defense point less than the Zmeya Carbon Blade - not a big deal. Collect those from episode 5 instead of from episode 6. The Ubijca Assault Rifle is only a 1 attack upgrade over TNT and Canonazos, also not a great upgrade. You can get the Konstantin Cargo Carrier which is a 2 defense upgrade over armored state cars.

With this path, you do not need to worry about collecting replacing your TNT, which will save you time and energy. The Konstantine Cargo Carrier, with +2 defense, is a bigger upgrade and is just a better use of your time. By opting for this order, you do not need to collect an additional 500 items that the perfectionist would (assuming you already have TNT or Canonazos).


If you are the type of person that must have the optimal set (I am), master Vory in Episode 5, Mafiya in episode 6, and trade for the Konstantin Cargo Carriers. If you do not want to go out of your way and trade and already have 500 TNT or Canonazo, master Mafiya in Episode 5 and Vory in Episode 6. This way, you will save a bit of time and not need to upgrade your weapons.

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  1. The other option is to get enough Vory items before finishing lvl 2 mastery and then get Mafiya stuff at lvl 3.

  2. @anon above, thanks for that idea. doing that hadn't occurred to me, but it's a smart idea.

  3. Sir,can you provide us a screenshots of whole jobs on moscow episode 3 and episode 4 job tiers? in order to sell items that are not needed for 5 & 6 episodes.. please...

  4. for episode 5 and 6:
    is it ok to master level 1 and 2 of vory side to collect 501 items, then pick mafiya on level 3 then collect 501?


  5. well, for episode 5, the only item you want is vory only.

    for episode 6, you can, but you can't master the tier twice - it automatically resets. you don't get the 5% bonus unless you master the whole tier.

  6. Waiting for bangkok job... maybe will give even higher attack or defence loot.. ^^

  7. just wantd to know if i am missing soomthing, I am a level 540 Fearless with 11 wheelman an 11 mastermind, my stats points are health 139 Energy 3302 Stamina 18 all of my stat points earned went to energy and I cant seem to keep level. I am over 400 points behind and cant cacth up. Im speending almost all of my energy in cuba just to level, Is it impossible to continue to power level at this point? Also how did u get though 5 and 6 so quick with the money issuses?

  8. are you doing the job in NY settle a beef? do that job untill you hit your moscow job ratio, then go to moscow, you will only do the job between 4-10 times depending on your master mind and wheelman procs, kinda slow, but its the only way if you want to continue to lvl, if you want to take a day off.... just start using engergy packs, but who wants to do that? =P

  9. now i'm at episode 4 and i'm collecting shturmovik...
    to get the 10% loot drops of shturmovik, do i have to master all the episode 1-4, or do i have to master all the episode (1-6)???

  10. Well, choosing sides is totally what u need to collect... Knowing Sturmovik, best in Episode 4.. i choosed Mafia and played for 20(1st lvl) of Orel Armored and 2nd lvl also i would play Mafia collect somemore.. then 3rd lvl would choose Vory.. so you can play that for ever! :) Get as many sturmoviks u need..isnt it right?

  11. Also, IF you've already done the "Raid the Docks" (like me) then go with Mafiya for Episode 6! Neither the KCC nor the Cargo ship are good for Attack and the Cargo ship has better defense (D46 compared to D44)...and I have 5 Cargo ships myself!

  12. Thanks for all the info digging you do. I've read every single article you've posted on here. Its helped me level up faster and get better gear.

    I especially liked the link that automatically added people to your mafia. I wish I would have added up to at least 600 people. I've had over 50 or so drop off since then and now I'm not at 501 :/

    Brown Leather Chairs
    Brown Leather Chair

  13. went from l 130-> 950+ in 3 weeks after working out the leveling trick with settle the beef and have finished all of Moscow <<< bored. nothing to do. Only got a 140 mafia. Is there any speedy way to get to 501 that you could share with me?

  14. thanks 4 this bro.. :)

  15. I just finished all three chapters and the finale of Episode 6, Moscow. Now what? Is that it? Do I sit and wait for Bangkok to open up?

  16. i mastered all the jobs that are unlocked in Moscow. Is that it for Moscow?

  17. Is there a way to unlock the jobs that are locked and confront the leaders?

  18. Here's a link to unlock the boss jobs in Moscow that are locked:


  19. guys, I have 14 Zmeya Carbon Blade, but when I'm fightin my Mafia don't use these...???

  20. The link to unlock the boss jobs in Moscow doesnt work, just get a blank screen when i click on the link

  21. Questions ??

    now sthurmovik cant up my attack again??